Log of what of Alana Douglas has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Finding Clients as a Web Developer

As a web developer, you should start with someone local. You should try to start off with someone you have a connection with, whether it’s friends, family, or a place you used to work before reaching out to a stranger. Approach potential clients with a sense of causality to grab their attention, build trust, and form a connection. You need to come off as motivated but not arrogant. You should never try pitching through email as a beginner if you do not have any experience. If you have experience, you can pitch in an email through your portfolio of work.

Your pitch should establish trust and emphasize what you can do for them. Learn about their business and come up with solutions to their problems. These problems can be problems you have noticed with their website or any recurring issues you have heard about their website. Remember that most websites want to make their website look new, clarify their services, rank higher on Google, generate leads, and have whatever else they may require.

A Google analysis is an existing good feature you should add to an existing website. Google analysis tells people how many people are on top of your website, where they are on top of your website, and which platforms they are coming from to view your website.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Digital Keys

Superkey ensures that everything happens to be one-of-a-kind. Candidate 'keys' enforce uniqueness more succinctly. An existing foreign key establishes an existing relationship between an existing primary key and an existing child key. Foreign keys establish connections between objects. An existing surrogate key or an existing natural key has the ability to exist as an existing primary key. Natural keys define something within the data, whereas surrogate keys have no real value.

Primary as well as foreign keys happen to be further subdivided into surrogate, natural, simple, composite, as well as compound keys. In an existing program, surrogate as well as natural keys happen to be typically used. Simple, composite, and compound keys happen to be every single one of the advisable ones. Surrogate as well as natural keys happen to be typically used at the same time that they are needed throughout an existing program. There happens to be no need to specify which category belongs to the primary or foreign key you happen to be using; it happens to be simply intended to make web design easier.

An existing key has the ability to be used as a means to prevent data integrity being called into question. There happens to be an existing parent-child relationship between the columns on the possibility that it is not null. It ensures that each piece of data has an existing direct relationship with another, which has the ability to be used to prevent issues with data integrity. Data integrity ensures that data is stored accurately as well as consistently.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

A Dig Deeper into Databases

A database stores data, and RDMS, Relational Database Management System, and DMS, Database Management System, use queries to categorize the data. Despite their differences in data sorting, both databases work well together. Both databases allow access to both the front and back ends. The front end is what visitors to the website see, while the back end is computer code. People can change how data is displayed on the back end while keeping the website looking the same to visitors. However, relational database management systems allow people to access a specific table, so personal information is only accessible to the database's owner.

Good databases are up to date and do not contain duplicate data. Schema is divided into three parts: conception, logic, and physicality. Conception is a collection of general data relationship concepts. When you structure ideas, you use logic, and when you use physical, you put the logical scheme into a database. This can now appear on a server and be accessed by anyone. During this process, you should be concerned with how to protect your database from database integrity issues. If you're storing a lot of personal information, don't put it all in one table because it gives anyone who gets into your database access to everything.

In a database, keys distinguish between rows that should not be duplicated. For example, email verification is important because most websites only allow you to use one email address for one account. If two people have the same name or password, the email address distinguishes them. The key is what differentiates one user's account from another, therefore the key should never change.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Storing Data

Many businesses organize data into databases using SQL or NoSQL. Databases electronically categorize information. These databases can assist in keeping track of inventory. However, databases should be used to store personal information because that information can change at any time. SQL can be used to monitor rapidly changing data, while NoSQL should be used to monitor a large collection of data.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a data system composed of SQL Syntax/Keywords and Data/Parameters. To generate a table, each record is entered into a code similar to "SELECT id, name, price FROM products." Because SQL is relational, you will work with multiple tables that are related to each topic.

SQL tables contain numerous relationships. A One-to-One table is one in which a user has only one contact data. When a person can have multiple products, this is referred to as one-to-many. Finally, when a user can have multiple roles and multiple roles can have multiple users, a Many-to-Many relationship exists.

NoSQL databases are MongoDB databases that use collections rather than tables. The collection contains documents and can have multiple schemas within it. In a NOSQL system, there are no relationships. This can lead to duplicate data that needs to be changed everywhere it is written.

SQL and NoSQL are both effective and efficient methods of data organization. One system is not superior to another; it all depends on your needs and which system you are most comfortable with. There is, however, no need to choose between the two. Both systems can be used simultaneously.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Collaborative Websites

Many companies require a lot of workers to work on a website at one time. With many people working on the same website, there are many possible errors to come. However, programs like SVN (subversion) repository, Git repository, and WordPress have developed ways to approach that problem.

The subversion repository and git repository both work to store versions of collaborative websites. However, Git is a distributed version control system, whereas SVN is a centralized version control system. Both programs work to store codes.

WordPress is a more user-friendly version used to create websites. WordPress stores codes but, unlike subversion and git repositories, it is run with a content management system (CMS). WordPress is continuously updated to cater to the user’s experience.

Instead of having to learn how to code, you can edit the website, which changes the website's code without having to code. There are two versions of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com comes with limited customization as it is not under your domain name, so WordPress can take down your website at any time if it feels as though you are going against their image and what they represent. So, if you want to monetize with ads, install plugins, and upload a customized theme, you should consider switching to WordPress.org.

WordPress.org gives users access to thousands of plugins, their own domain name, options to create an online store, and complete customization with the ability to monetize ads. If you are thinking about creating a website, I would highly recommend that you do so on WordPress.org, as this gives you more control over your website and eliminates the fear of it being shut down at any time, so if you are thinking about creating a website, I would highly recommend that you do so on WordPress.org.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Web Design and Developer Jobs

Designs can be taught. The ability to design is not something you inherit or are born with. You can learn web design whether you consider yourself creative or not.

Front-end developers send applications to back-end developers, who render and return the request to the client. Front-end jobs are more visual in nature and are the most prevalent in web development. Backend jobs are more lucrative, but becoming a full stack developer should be your ultimate goal. Job skills and team participation aid in advancing to the full stack position.

Web designers are not required to learn to code. However, it would be beneficial if they knew how to code so that they could understand the capabilities of web design. They spend the majority of their time visualizing, which can include creating mood boards or simply looking up images to inspire them.

Client-side codes are used by web developers. They study various types of code languages. They primarily employ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They collaborate with the web designer to realize the web designer's vision.

You are in luck if you want to work in a computer-related field. A computer science degree is not required for all computer-related jobs. If you do not have a computer science degree and want to work in data architecture, you may be able to get the job. A data architect is in charge of leading multiple, highly complex efforts, establishing standards and guidelines, keying architecture solutions, researching data management technologies, presenting technical concepts, being self-sufficient, having strong problem-solving skills, and paying meticulous attention to detail. You may be qualified for a job as a data architect if you have experience in database architecture, data warehousing, and data governance.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Intro to Web Design

The Internet is a communication hub that computers use to communicate via TCP/IP. Curate a list of micro-components and learn how to make them to learn how to make a website. Learning to make a website from a video gives you a false sense of accomplishment because you are only learning how to replicate that specific website.

You will never know everything, so you must learn as you go. Do not try to learn everything before creating a website. It will be overwhelming, and you will fully comprehend what you are doing or how you are doing it. You should watch a video on how to make a small project and then use what you learned from that video to modify what you made in order to learn what you are doing. Learning web development requires a lot of repetition and trial and error.

To begin, you should learn HTML and CSS. HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is used for web page development and is made visually appealing with CSS, or cascading style sheets. You should practice every day and upload your projects to GitHub so that employers can see your process.

JavaScript is a language and can only be ran through JavaScript runtime or a web browser. JavaScript is simpler to learn but more difficult to understand, and it is more widely used. It is used to make websites interactive. JavaScript is difficult to learn but can be learned through books. Read the book, then go to YouTube and watch a video about the topic, and finally practice creating a project.

To hone your skills, you should try to solve algorithmic challenges and build projects. You will begin to feel accomplished and ready to take on any challenge as algorithmic challenges become easier.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

How to Profit off Your Creativity?

There is no instant way to make money. Many people believe that galleries have a lot of money and that having their work in one can make them a lot of money. Galleries provide a venue for artists to display their work. However, galleries face the same difficulties as artists. If you are thinking about applying to a gallery, you should get to know the gallerist.

Every piece of art in a gallery is not for sale. Furthermore, not every artwork submitted to a gallery is displayed in the gallery. Galleries have specific styles that they prefer based on their established market, and they will not accept your work if your image clashes with theirs. When artists profit, gallerists profit as well, so working together would benefit both parties.

Galleries take time to establish, so many people apply to art competitions or fall for the vanity gallery scam. Our competitions are popularity contests, with the winners determined by popular vote. If someone with a more prestigious or higher-quality job has a smaller fan base, they are less likely to win due to a lack of fans.

A vanity gallery is a scam in which artists pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have their work displayed in a gallery with no guarantee of a buyer. As an artist, it is critical to be wary of scams. Many people will pretend to order art from you but will send a higher amount and then demand a refund. If this occurs, do not fall for the trick and always look up the person requesting an artwork because if they send you a fake check and you deposit it, you will face the consequences of depositing a counterfeit check.

If you are an artist interested in having your designs printed on clothing or other objects, there are numerous websites where you can see how it will look. There are also several methods for bringing your design to life, ranging from screen printing to 3-D printing.

Whatever option you select, make sure it is feasible and within your competitors' price range. You will not be wealthy when you first start a business. However, there is no point in developing your product if you are not going to be able to break even.

If the price you’re selling your product for is far lower than competitors, you might want to look into why your price is that low to make sure it is still profitable. Furthermore, if your product is significantly more expensive than competitors, you may want to ensure that your product has superior features and quality.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

How to Sell Art?

The value of art is determined by the beholder. People buy art because of the story it tells and how it makes them feel. If you intend to sell an art project, first look it up online to see how much similar products are selling to help you decide on a price. Keep in mind that people with the largest followings can sell their art for higher prices because there is a high demand for it.

There are numerous platforms available for promoting your artwork if you want to build a community of people who support it. You can engage with people as a member of their community by posting on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook on a regular basis. You don't want to constantly promote your product; instead, you want to connect with your followers so they understand you better and want to buy your products.

Your social media should be focused on a single niche, with specific enough headlines to entice people to follow you. People will find it more difficult to recognize your work or even know what type of work you sell if your social media is disorganized and inconsistent.

There are thousands of websites where you can sell your artwork. There are some websites that can help you gain exposure to artists and art enthusiasts. When it comes to selling your artwork, you should take clear photos of the front and back of your work so that people buying online know how they are supposed to hang it up and can see what it looks like before it arrives. You can also post photos of the artwork in a gallery or a furnished room to give you an idea of how the artwork would look in their home.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Repurposing Electronics

Electronics lose value as they age. However, there are ways to repurchase electronics and profit from outdated electronics. If the product is still valuable, you can sell it or sell parts of it. To determine which route is best for your device, you should research electronics and find out what valuable parts people might buy. Whatever option you choose, recording your process and uploading it to a social media app platform can generate income.

If you choose to disassemble an electronic device, follow all safety precautions. Since soldering can produce toxic fumes, there are products available to assist you in soldering without inhaling those toxic fumes. Other considerations include always discharging large capacitors before touching them, especially if they have been in use within a year before you disassemble them; ensuring that electrical contacts always have resistance; correctly identifying the polarity of polarized capacitors; and using a step-down transformer to reduce the voltage on any device powered by "mains electricity" that is plugged directly into the wall before it is operated with a power supply.

There are many things to salvage when salvaging a device. Voltage regulators, electrolytic capacitors, foam capacitors, motors, switches, push buttons, screws, transformers, power supplies, and lenses are some items you may want to salvage and sell. You should be cautious during this process to avoid breaking anything by performing actions that could destroy a component of the device.

Today at Techie Youth I also learned about digital art. Anyone is welcome to become a digital artist with a low investment. Digital art does not require a lot of money however, people are less willing to pay for this art.

People can also sell physical art whether they make it or choose to buy then sell. This form or art is based on how well you value art and has the potential to appreciate.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

How Electricity Works

Open circuits allow electrical currents to flow through them, whereas closed circuits prevent electrical currents from flowing. Electricity is the flow of electrons. Voltage is the pressure of electrons flowing through a wire. The current is defined as the number of electrons pushed through the wire in amperes. Resistance when talking about elections is directly related to the resistance of electrons.

Every electronic circuit requires a power source, such as a battery. In order to achieve equilibrium, energy will always flow from the positive to the negative side of the battery. A closed-circuit drains energy from your power source, even if it is not easily visible. As previously stated, electricity is very selective; electrons flow differently through materials. This electrical path is made of conductive, low-resistance material.

I also learned the definitions of power and watts in today's lesson. Power is the rate at which work is done, also known as energy usage, and watts are a unit of measurement for power. Power, or wattage, is calculated by multiplying voltage by current. Power and wattage are proportional to resistor size, the larger the resistor, the higher the wattage rating.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Transform Programmable Inventions

The Raspberry Pi and Arduino are programmable prototyping circuit boards that can be used to develop a variety of innovations. They are easy to use and have programmable microcontrollers. People can use the Raspberry Pi or Arduino to build an interactive project that combines hardware and software.

Many elements go into simplifying, combining it into a project, synchronizing with it, and integrating it to electronic accessories or other components and sensors so that the project can function. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi are better suited for low-volume production. Unlike Arduino and Raspberry Pi, most companies that mass produce products using more advanced inventions would use all of the microcontroller parts to increase difficulty while simultaneously lowering part costs.

The type of board you choose is determined by the difficulty of your idea and your level of confidence in setting it up as a microcontroller board. Although Arduino and Raspberry Pi are significantly less expensive than the more well-known brands, they are commonly indistinguishable.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Innovating the World of Innovations

Adobe is a company that provides users with digital media resources. Adobe offers services ranging from video editing to photoshop and digital drawing.

Adobe Illustrator is a piece of software for creating digital art. Adobe Illustrator is available for $20.99 per month. This may appear to be a large sum of money, but it can be a very good investment. Logos can be created using Adobe Illustrator. Logos are an important part of your business that are used to identify it. Logos should remain consistent or similar so that customers can identify your brand or company.

With Adobe Illustrator's limitless features, you must position yourself to create logos that you are proud of. Digital software is rapidly evolving as an innovative tool for assisting a company's evolution.

Laser cutting is a machine that can cut through material to create precise cuts. Laser cutting is spreading in the industrial industries, further innovating the world of technology.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Understanding People's Differences

It is critical to have a consistent persona when running a business. Being a dynamic leader can cause confusion and animosity among employees. People must choose between playing the good cop and the bad cop when leading a being. Neither role is superior to the other, but each has its own set of drawbacks. However, you must ensure that whatever role you choose does not create a hostile environment or one in which no one is motivated to work.

If an employee becomes less productive or you need to cut back on employees, you have three options for getting rid of them. The first option is to release them. This is the least extreme option and is typically used when a company needs to let some employees go. The second option is to end the relationship. People in New York do not need a detailed reason for being fired, but if a person is terminated and given a specific reason for being terminated, they can contest the termination. When a person is fired, they are no longer permitted to return unless they are escorted onto the premises. The final and most extreme option for terminating an employee is firing, and people are frequently fired if they violate a legal contract.

People react differently when they are fired, terminated, or let go. When letting someone go, it is critical to have a manager or a human resources representative present. Fire them away from people and collect important objects from them before releasing them in case they do something dangerous or try to damage something. It is critical to consider the potentially dangerous situation you may be putting the person in. However, this does not imply that you must tolerate any destructive behavior.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

The Power of Proposition

It is critical to be precise and strategic when selecting the people you work with or even a website for your business. Businesses, as we all know, cannot be run by a single person. There must be a hustler, a techie, and a hacker. Each person brings their own set of skills and perspectives to the company, which makes them so valuable. When these three people come together, their business has the potential to take off.

However, how should the company be divided among these three individuals? Positioning is an important practice in business. Make it clear what people are expected to do and the consequences for failing to complete their tasks. Because of the way the business funnels money, it is difficult to have more than one president.

There should always be a backup plan in place in case your business fails. You can choose whether an LLC, corporation, or sole proprietorship is best for your company. The amount of risk you are willing to take will help you decide whether to form an LLC, corporation, or sole proprietorship, depending on the size of your business.

Your logo and website are two factors that may have an impact on the success of your business. Logos should be memorable and catch the attention of the viewer. Logos do not have to be overly detailed to be effective. The color of your logo is one factor that many people overlook that has an impact on its success. People's perceptions of your company are influenced by the color and style of your logo.

Websites can also have an impact on the success of your website. If someone visits your website and finds it disorganized and difficult to navigate, you may lose potential customers. If you add a feature to your website, make sure it is visually appealing across all sites and that the features you add are manageable. When using a website builder like Wix, it is critical to create a domain website in order to have complete control over your website. Additionally, use simple key phrases so that Google can begin to recognize your website.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Successful Business

There are numerous competitors in the business world. It is your responsibility to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The value proposition of a company is what distinguishes it from competitors in the same industry. Companies identify gaps in competing companies in order to solve a problem within their industry and differentiate themselves from the competition.

When starting a business, it is critical to ensure that you are what sets you apart from the competition. The most difficult part is deciding how your product can help others. Unless a new problem arises, almost every product to assist people has already been developed. There could be a reason why you are attempting to compete in a field with no competitors.

Solicit feedback on your product from friends, family, and potential customers. To obtain an actual account of someone who believes in your product, ask them if they would like to purchase it from you at a discounted price. If no one takes you up on your offer, your business is unlikely to succeed.

Lack of customers and no competition are signs that you should reconsider your business, no matter how passionate you are about it. If you really want to read something, don't be afraid to ask for advice. Because most people do not capitalize on their own ideas and create their own products, they will never try to steal yours. However, if there is no competition, the product may be unfeasible or have no demographic willing to pay.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is an acquired skill, in contrast to the popular belief that people are born entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can either work to create an invention, a process, a business model, or more. You have to be passionate and be able to execute your ideas. Most entrepreneurs rely on trusted people to take their inventions to the next level.

Knowledge, capability, connections, financial assets, name recognition, passion, past work experience, and commitment are all things that affect the projection of your business. If you are broke and have all those traits, it can transform your business and financial status. However, your business is only a business if you have paying customers.

It is hard to find customers. So many people give up on business endeavors after being rejected so many times. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly being told no and are forced to persuade people to take you seriously and convince people to work with you or buy your product. You have to be passionate and really enjoy your business to be an entrepreneur, because anyone else would give up on their entrepreneurialism if they weren’t seeing progress.

Stories help sell your business. If you have no purpose behind creating your business or goal, you will maintain customers. People are attracted to the story behind your inventions. They need to connect with you to buy from you if you are not an established business. People can also say they are the best, but what happens when companies within your industry start to advance? There is nothing to make you special besides your story.

However, you still have to find a way to compete with others if you have a story, whether that be you have better quality than competitors or a compelling price and the price has to be reasonable enough to eventually fund your business.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

How to Manage Time?

I learned how to live a happy and balanced life today at Techie Youth. It is critical to keep track of how you spend your time while working. Be truthful with yourself so that you can accurately assess your schedule's productivity.

There are numerous apps available for organizing and scheduling. You can learn how to prioritize tasks and accurately assess your working patterns by creating a schedule. Besides that, schedules assign deadlines to projects to help you avoid wasting time on them or adding unnecessary features. Work-related tasks should not dominate your schedule. Your schedule should include both work and leisure activities.

Taking breaks can help people relax so they can concentrate on their next tasks. It is recommended that you take a fifteen-minute break after an hour of work to give yourself an incentive to work. There are numerous ways to plan your breaks, such as spending time with friends and family or reading a book.

Taking time out of your day to care for your mental health should also be considered when making to-do lists. Exercise, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and interaction with people you enjoy spending time with are all activities that can benefit your mental health.

Mentors can be an unexpected source of motivation and support for your mental health. Mentors can help answer questions about their profession and form friendships. As a result of seeing the positive effects of their advice, working with them may inspire or even encourage you.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Increasing Productivity

Improve the quality of life by managing your money. Budgeting is more than just sticking to tight budgets; it is also about living comfortably. Budgeting helps people develop financial literacy to sustain and maintain enjoyable standards of living.

Budgeting can be different for everybody. Although there are some basic necessities that people should take into consideration when creating a budget, like food, shelter, and clothing. However, everyone can decide in which order to prioritize their needs and wants.

Some people get pressured into wasting their money by peer pressure or comparison. Luxury can be broken down into clothes, leather goods, and jewelry. Luxury items are expensive, unnecessary items. A lot of people want to feel accomplished, but this is often misconstrued as a sign of snobbishness.

When financially literate, you are able to identify objects with a high resale value. Buying an object with a high resale value can be a better investment than buying trends that depreciate over time. When you are financially literate, you may also pick up the skill of negotiating.

The best situation to take advantage of while negotiating is when a person is desperate for money. They are more likely to be willing to make compromises to benefit if they need cash fast. However, do not take advantage of the person’s weak state by making them wait too long, or you may lose your deal.

Just like when networking with people, people offering negotiations do not like to feel tricked out of their skills or items. Networking only works when there is a genuine relationship between the people involved.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

How to Form Relationships at Work?

It is critical to establish working relationships in virtual jobs, especially during the onboarding process. The onboarding process involves making an employee feel at ease as a member of their company's team. Remote jobs make it more difficult to form work relationships with coworkers and can often leave people isolated.

The onboarding process should acquaint the newly hired employee with the company's team. You most likely communicate with your coworkers through the use of written communication as a remote employee. People may struggle to interpret your emotions through this mode of communication. People should then realize it's time to talk on the phone to clear up any confusion.

Virtual meetings should be held in order for employees to form social connections with their coworkers. When people are more at ease, it is easier to cultivate an environment of open communication. Furthermore, work relationships can make employees feel more accepted in the workplace, causing them to produce better work.

Making office friends should not keep you from completing your tasks. There are numerous distractions when working from home, and coworkers should not add to that. To-do lists can help people stay organized. Working online relieves the burden of having to commute to work every day. As a remote employee, you can use the time you would have spent commuting to work to catch up on your distractions instead of working.

Your job should be something that you appreciate. When you begin a new job, you should have a goal in mind. If you choose a virtual job, it should be one that you are passionate about, or else you will become inadequate at your remote job.

If you have a job with an unreasonable boss, you might want to consider leaving. For example, if someone is being passive aggressive, penalized for kind gestures, or overloading you with work without giving overtime.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

How to Handle an Interview

Not all remote jobs can be done from any location. There are rules and regulations that apply to different areas, which is why some companies don’t allow people to live anywhere and work remotely. Some virtual companies may want virtual employees to be able to travel frequently and prefer people who live close to transportation.

Whether or not you have a virtual interview or an interview in person, there are some tips that can help you in both avenues. During any interview, you should be prepared to tell the interviewer about yourself. When telling the interviewer about yourself, be sure to convey to the interviewer how your hobbies, interests, and/or previous job experience make you an applicable candidate for the position.

Come to the interview dressed professionally and 15 minutes early to demonstrate your enthusiasm and time management skills. waiting for your interview to start, converse with everyone you see in a polite and respectful manner. Anyone who you run into before or after your interview can attest to the company’s stance on whether you are worthy enough for the position.

Bring a copy of your resume or any projects you might want to reference during your interview. You should also come prepared with a notebook with any topics you might want to bring up or some notes about the company. During the interview, you should be asking questions, taking notes, and smiling. If you have any questions regarding the company’s mission or work environment, then this is the time to bring them up.

After the interview, you should remember to send a thank you email to anyone you ran into during the interview. Do bring up salary during the interview. In fact, it is more respectful the longer you wait to bring up your potential earning salary. Once the company reaches out to you about your potential salary, you are able to negotiate the price. Do not feel pressured to accept a salary lower than what you feel you are worth.

Do not be unrealistic when it comes to negotiating your salary. Your worth as a worker should be within the range of the range of salaries in that position. Once you have negotiated a salary that is acceptable to you, get ready for your first day of work.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

How to use LinkedIn

Today at Techie Youth, I got a more in-depth run of the job application process. People can use LinkedIn as a way to put themselves out there for job recruiters and to look for jobs.

Your LinkedIn profile can help employers assess what type of public persona you give off to make sure you are professional and reputable. Jobs don’t search for incriminating evidence against people seeking jobs. However, if they find any inappropriate material, you could lose your job opportunities.

Today I learned how to set up a LinkedIn profile and how to write a cover letter and resume. LinkedIn profiles should be professional and have clear, appropriate photos that relay likability, competence, and influence. Your headline should include your job title, and your summary should convey to job recruits what makes you a good candidate for their job.

Your LinkedIn profile should not tell employers everything about you. It should leave the employer wanting to learn more about you. Once they reach out to you, they will likely ask for your resume. And if you are interested in that job, you can send them a cover letter tailored to that job that ties your resume to the job description and proves how your skills can translate to the job and how applicable your skills are.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Options and Commodities

Options are unique to everyone’s financial situation. There is no clear-cut risk or reward when investing in options. However, there are some tips that can help you make desirable decisions.

Trading monthly is not for everyone. Only people with a deep understanding of options have the potential to earn a monthly income from trading. The process of understanding options to their full capacity is mentally taxing and can take years to learn.

Time and volatility are your best friends during trading. The longer you are invested in a stock, the more the movement of your stock increases. When someone holds a stock for a short time, they limit their chances of stock movements, consequently limiting their rewards. It is suggested for anyone attempting to get involved in trading options to hold their shares for 3 to 5 years. Holding stocks limits your risks and gives investors a chance to experience a full up and down cycle.

When stocks are in an up cycle, it is suggested that the investor hold the stock and let the stock give the investor a return. It is advised to sell calls during the down cycle.

There are contracts when trading to help limit risk when trading. Stop options allow you to limit your risk by the same amount you're willing to possibly gain as an award. There are also strategies that include, but are not limited to, protective collar, long straddle, and iron condor.

Another form of investment I learned about at Techie Youth was commodities. Commodities are physical goods that can be categorized as energy, metals, agricultural products, and livestock stock. The price of commodities is determined by supply and demand. Similar to options, you can sell or buy contracts by a set expiration date. Commodities are bets on price changes; you don’t get to take physical possession of goods unless you are trading in precious metals, and they are usually traded for a short time.

Investing in options and commodities involves intensive research and crucial understanding to be successful in the process. Risk and rewards are possible with both forms of investment, although commodities involve greater risks and rewards. Before you decide to invest, consult with a financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

A Deep Look into Stock Options

An option is a contract that allows people to buy or sell a stock by a certain date. Options are A stock option is a contract that allows people to buy or sell a stock on a specific date. Options are purchased in a multitude of 100 shares, also known as stocks. Options are desirable in the event of stock market gains or losses. People who invest in call options benefit as interest, volume, and bids rise. People who invest in put options benefit from decreases in interest, volume, and bids. Volatility is a consistent factor for both put and call options that indicate hope in an investment.

It is advised to invest in a call option when you believe the price of a stock will rise and to invest in a put option when you believe the price of a stock will fall. When you invest in a stock option, a variety of outcomes are possible. Short-term options, depending on the market's investment, can be useful if you believe a stock's market will rapidly increase or decrease in a short period of time. Long-term stocks are good if you expect the stock price to rise or fall steadily.

Options can provide a large reward while also posing a large risk of loss. Before you decide to invest in an option, you should first understand the basics of a stock option and research the company in which you are interested. Stay up to date with the news. If the company's owner has recently made any controversial statements, the news can provide investors with foresight into how the stock will perform.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Three Forms of Investments

Similar to stocks, real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a type of investment. People who don't already own real estate can invest in real estate through this investment. Real estate properties are not more cost-effective than REITs, and in contrast, the markets for REITs are liquid. REITs are liable to ordinary income tax and can be put into different accounts to lower the amount of tax being taken out of your investment

Investing in stocks enables people to own shares of a company. The corporation decides how many shares will be made accessible to the general public. More people will desire to purchase shares of a successful company as it grows. The value of stocks increases because there are fewer shares available compared to a higher demand. People receive compensation through the company's dividend, a voice in corporate decisions, and a return on their investment when purchasing stock.

The last investment I learned about today was stock options. Options allow investors to buy or sell a set number of stocks by a particular date. With this kind of investment, there is never any direct ownership of investor over the company involved. Investors that make this kind of investment may see capital gains. If a person decides to place an investment known as the premium to keep their investment off the market, then come back and pay for what they took off the market in full price that person would be an example of an option.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

What is Cryptocurrency?

Today at Techie Youth I learned the logistics behind cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a form of decentralized currency, meaning that they are not fiat. Although cryptocurrency is not run by the government, it is taxable. The value of cryptocurrencies is volatile due to their newness and the scarcity of the cryptocurrency. People solve intense mathematical problems in exchange for coins. Coins are created by people's own blockchain, while tokens are built upon an existing blockchain.

Blockchains enable networks to monitor and track transactions and transfer information, and value. Blockchains can be used for more than just cryptocurrencies to store data and eliminate human mistakes. The blockchain is quite secure, but cryptocurrency wallets are very vulnerable to scammers and hackers.

People are paid by mining Bitcoin, a form of cryptocurrency. The difficulty of mining is dependent on the number of people on the website. Mining is the process of guessing solutions to difficult math situations. When people guess correctly, they are rewarded with a set amount of money for solving the problem and temporarily becoming bankers. This process requires a computer that can extort high amounts of energy.

Another cryptocurrency is Litecoin, which, in contrast to Bitcoin, is primarily mined by businesses. Exchanges for cryptocurrencies allow for the purchase of coins. Due to the Securities and Exchange Commission's regulation and enforcement of trading, those who reside in the United States are restricted in who they can trade with. The locations where you can go to buy or sell Litecoin are continually changing as a result of the creation of new regulations.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Financial Advisory

Today at Techie Youth, I learnt how to select the best payment plan for your online business and bank for your personal requirements, as well as how to boost staff efficiency and learnt about investments.

Many aspects influence your selection when determining which payment plan is ideal for your business, making the process unique to each individual. The frequency of transactions, the volume sold, account activity, and the software required may all be utilized to guide individuals to the best plan.

Similar to business payment plans, personal preference is utilized to decide which bank best meets your demands when picking a bank. There are several banks from which to pick. However, each bank offers distinct perks that are incredibly advantageous to one person's difficulties but not appropriate or beneficial to another person's problems. I also discovered that checking accounts are used to pay for day-to-day costs. You are in overdraft when you spend more money than you have in your checking account. Some banks have different processes for dealing with such circumstances, therefore you should look for a bank with reasonable and rational safety protection prices. If you don't trust yourself enough to manage a checking account, you might want to look for a bank that gives good deals to people who have savings accounts. Savings can help you limit the amount of money you spend if you don't trust yourself enough to manage a savings account, which allows you to spend money with less restrictions.

Today at Techie Youth, I also learnt how to increase staff productivity. People think emotionally rather than logically. When you witness someone struggle to do a task, you sympathize with them and admire their dedication to their profession more than the person who comes in effortlessly, works the needed hours, and finishes within those hours. However, the individual who effortlessly completes chores has better time management abilities and is therefore more helpful to the organization. Another example of how people think with their emotions rather than their reasoning is that people feel more valued at work when they are given items to make them feel more comfortable rather than when they are given a raise. As a result, if you want to boost productivity, you must treat people with dignity and recruit individuals who are effective time managers.

Finally, I learned about the risk associated with investments and how that risk can either benefit you or harm you. The power of an investment's effects is determined by the value you place on it. Investments include stocks and cryptocurrency. The prices of stocks and cryptocurrencies are volatile and change frequently.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Different Paths to Success

Today at Techie Youth, I gained a lot of knowledge about limitless potential the internet holds. The internet is filled with thousands of remote jobs, and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Remote jobs give people the freedom to travel whenever they want. With no set job site, people are able to work in the comfort of where ever they like. They are exposed to less germs and can work without distraction from coworkers.

With the remote outlet of work, it opens a larger field of entrepreneurs. People can now work as freelance artists or as social media influencers. Social media influencers then have the ability to get paid to motivate, be a comedic relief, or teach their fanbases. Niches are tailored to a community of people with similar interests, and social media influencers put in a lot of effort to satisfy their niches.

However, even with the ability to work online, there are some disadvantages. For example, not being able to focus on you are work because your working at a place where you relax.

Techie Youth has shown me both sides of remote learning as well as exposed me to new opportunities.