Log of what of Alivia Hall has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

What I have Learned At Techie Youth In Week #2 (7/11 - 7/15)

The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship - Day 5 (7/11)

The definition of an entrepreneur is anyone with an idea who is willing to push to make, small term “business [wo]man”. Not so literally, anyone, it’s those who see a need and start a solution to fill such need. Several types of products as physical, encouragement, technical, etc.

To be such one you must be willing to rush time and effort for your product and incorporate the wants and needs of other without losing focus of what you wanted to create. Never stress yourself, there must be a work-to-life balance. With the mindset that failure will always be a possibility, believing in what you do will go far.

Cons: all money spent, waste of time

Pros: own boss, flexible hours, self-made, etc

Entrepreneurship Pt2 - Day 6 (7/12)

Consists of SME (small/medium) and IDE (innovation-driven) entrepreneurship, SME targeting local markets and IDE the global markets. SMEs are usually less risky and unclustered while IDEs require more cash flow and are very high risk.

3 Ways to Start Company:

Tech, idea, and passion; although passion will always involve one of the other two.

Question to ask self:

Are the effects being made resulting in a better product or service??

*Always limit unnecessary spending* TIME MANAGEMENT IS KEY* Have skills and improve self*

Entrepreneurship Myths Pt3 - Day 7A (7/14)

Smartest = High Achieving X

Individuals X - Teams are more likely to success

Born not made X - Built and educated

Risk X - calculated risks are made for the improvement of the product and its push

Selecting Beach-Head Market - Day 7B (7/14)

1. Well funded (doesn't depend on handouts)

2. Ready access

3. Compelling value prop (better (not 10%))

4. Whole product (essential, not just part of a product when the need is high demand)

5. Competition (customers reviews)

6. Leverage personal alignment

What is Innovation - Day 7C (7/14)

Innovation = invention* commercialization

Ideas = cheap (needs movement)

Varieties: technology, process, business models, position, other

Bonding - Day 8 (7/15)

Quick Screening Search

jot down potential names

in use

Fictitious Name Database

'Check for unregistered trademarks

create slogan

• catchphrase to grasp consumer attention

• be constant

'make it timeless

'get input How To Craft Mission Statement

How to design 1-090

'Check out competition

• Find the right type of logo

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

What I have Learned At Techie Youth In a Week (7/5 - 7/8)

What is Techie Youth - Day 1 (7/5)

A online learning experience about managing and making money online. Courses and units that allow you potentially earn credits and graduate with a certificate. Very easily instructed and explained to navigate the website.

Staff is very attentive and active in helping me with questions and directing me in the right direction of learning. Thank you!!

Film Editing Laws - Day 2 (7/ 6)

Editing a photo or video is not just a mere filter there or a sound effect here. It is actually a skill that anyone can do, but the key to phenomenal film editing is to be consistent and persistent in that skill.

Within every step in polishing material you must first watch the raw film at least twice, the second time will allow you to take notes and jot suggestions of your idea for how you want to portray scenes . Which goes into “Having a Natural Relationship with Director”, you should know and assume the intended tone of the film based on what the director is showing you; steer in positive direction with them. Take what they suggest but also have ideas and different ways of doing something to present to them. Those ideas that you attempt may possibly be the ideas that stick, sometimes mistake are usable; in the words of the late Bib Ross - “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents”. Although mistake like being unorganized are not so praised, everything you are showing especially shots that need to be pulled up quickly should be in close reach. There never should be a moment where you are trying to skim to find a piece, organization is equivalent to paramount, which makes unorganized equal to inconsequential. By far audio is probably the most dangerous and important part of a film (beside director relation), you never want there to be an overuse of lines unless they are significant and trying to emphasize something, nor do you want to have pops and clicks when cutting and fusing recordings together.


Understanding Profit Models - Day 3 (7/7)

Basically a profile model is an companies plan that aims towards making their business profitable and viable. Nothing is more important than having a line of work that functions successfully and smoothly. Although every plan will have their trails and errors, it just takes you to decide whether you and your team are willing to take that risk towards possibly greatness.

Some of those models include:

Production - the creation of product/ service for sale to consumers

Rental/Leasing - renting/leasing motorized vehicles, buildings, machinery, equipment etc.

Advertising - providing an advertising space the business can use to promote

Commission - generates revenue by charging a fee

Things that should be factor of the revenue model: market, competitors, value proposition, product positioning, and cost structures

Most important being: choosing and understanding how to pick your target audience. What fires you up should be your focus because doing something you don’t enjoy might lead to failed outcome, although you have consumers it’s your idea and passion. Yourself should be your target audience, one audience per market channel.

Being a Virtual Assistant - Day 4A (7/8)

To be an assistant virtually is pretty straightforward, basically helping people manage what they plan to do and or take care of small task. Those tasks can range from responding to emails to creating meetings etc.

An independent works that will assist with administrative business development, social media and marketing.

Traits a person must have to be a viable and good for for the job are: patience, personable, honesty professional, discretion, organized etc.

Being a Product Manager - Day 4B (7/8)

In charge of how the product is constructed and formed. Tasks that include wide variety of strategic and tactical duties.

Those are: coordinating development, acting on feedback and data, conducting research and developing strategy.

The importance of this job is viable with a product in place, where would there be any flow of money and success. They are essentially the voice besides reviews and star ratings to the improvement of products.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals - I learned this at Techie Youth (7/7/22)

There are several ups and downs to wanting to become your own boss, but none of those downs should kill your determination and dreams. Work smart, plan and look at positive outcomes while being considerate of risks.