Log of what of Allen Loten has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022


What I learned:

When starting a business you need a business summary, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, you need to hire people based on value not relations and you need to have at least 2 people. You also need to know how you are going to make money before you start working. You know you have a good start when your ideas are based on concrete methods rather than if statements.

Profit Models:

There are four types of profit models:





There are many more profit models but the list is extensive, and majority of them involve the internet such as affiliate marketing and data selling.

Each of which produces outcomes in different ways. Each of these models must have plans for three following things which are:

Production: Keeping production at high efficiency and low cost

Advertising: Getting your product out there through word of mouth, advertisements etc

Delivery: Delivering the product in a timely fashion, and providing ways for customers to contact someone in case they need help.

I also learned that consumer and customer mean two different things. Customer is whoever buys a product, and consumer is the end user. So a customer can be a consumer but a consumer isn’t always the customer. Part of a wholesales person’s job is to be a customer, and then to sell what they bought to a consumer.

I am still figuring out the answers to the quiz.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Struggling to start a website

For most of this morning I was trying to fix the issue you had with viewing my website. I watched a couple of videos and found nothing so I decided to see if I can get a free website domain and ended up with iPage. What I learned from this is that setting up a website is actually pretty easy. though I struggled because iPage was having issues with sending a verification email to gmail.com emails so I had to make an outlook.com email. After that, all I needed to do was drag my html and css files into Hosting > File Manager > (create a new folder called public_html). I also found out that some websites do allow me to use TLS over FTP in FileZilla, which causes a major security issue as trying to connect to FileZilla without FTP would cause my information to be leaked to the internet. This is because i would have to connect using plain ftp which does not encrypt data.

I also tried to re attempt learning mobile development but was not really interested.

Finally I watched the beginner video for being a data analyst and learned the difference between a data analyst and a business analyst. This being that a data analyst uses certain skills in order to understand data and find ways to improve the overall business. While business analysts talk to the people within the business to understand what is going on and try to find ways to improve the business. In other words data analysts work with data and business analyst works with the workers.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Finished blog 7/26

Today I tried to closely replicate the website I made on figma in visual studi0o code, uploaded it to github and then connected the github to my netlify website. I also reuploaded the resume assignment.



Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

7/25/2022 finishing prerequisites and working on the website

Today I finished my cover letter, resume and submitted the assignment for the first pre requisite. I also found out about a website called figma which allows me to design a website, which I will be using for the web development course. With figma I create a visual design, and then when I am happy with the product I can then code the product in html, which is very helpful because i struggle with making web designs. The design i made can be seen at:


and tomorrow i plan to spend my time converting the design into html as accurately as I can, and also at the bottom I will put a techie youth video in.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

7/18 and 7/19

7/18 Becoming a better person

On this day I watched videos teaching me how to improve my health, and my life. Some of the most notable things I've learned is that:

I should exercise to build muscle not lose fat

Progress in physical appearance is typically seen at around 6 months of consistent working out

Cardio increases your VO2 max which is how efficiently your muscles can use the oxygen you take in

And from Gary Vee I've learned things such as

Working as hard as I can early on

Stop comparing myself to people I see on social media

Learn to enjoy the journey, and do not focus on proving anything to anyone

7/19 Working on website

On this day I did not really watch any videos because I was focusing on finishing a website for the web development assignment. During this day I realized that making a website design is incredibly difficult as it took me hours to settle on a singular design, and the design that I did settle on is not even that good. I also learned how to use git hub desktop and the git command console in order to upload my website to github. After that I uploaded my website onto Netlify. The website link is: https://inspiring-figolla-b8dd0b.netlify.app/ incase you want to see the updates over the next few days. I also learned how to make a button that connects to a separate website which you can test out with the "find out more" button that I placed to link to the techie youth website.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

7/15 Budgeting and saving time

On this day I learned a couple of ways to not only save money but to save time and make more money. Some of the things I learned are that:

Our needs are :





And that sometimes a used luxury car can be cheaper to own than a new economic car. Used luxury cars also keep their value better than economic cars because their value already took a hit after it was used.

Also, when people are in debt there are two used methods known to get people out of it, the snowball method and the avalanche method. With the snowball method people tackle the debt with the lowest amount owed first, with the avalanche method people tackle the debt with the highest amount of interest.

There are also some baselines to see how much your time is worth, if you cannot afford to pay for someone to drive you around in order for you to be more productive, then your time is worth less than how much it costs to hire that person. How much your time is worth can be seen by how much you can spend to make your life more productive. Also because of tax and commute times, the amount people make from their hourly salary is significantly less. $15 an hour is really valued at around $9 an hour.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Mobile Development

Today I experimented with mobile app development, and learned a couple of things.

For instance I learned about the differences in ios and android development:

IOS uses objective C and Swift

Android uses Kotlin and Java

Also, Android is more popular world wide, but IOS takes the cake in America.

There was also information about salaries, with entry level mobile developers making an average of 78k and experienced ones making over 100k.

I also gained a little experience with using Android Studio, and it is alot like Visual Studio in which you can make an app design and then attach code to everything that you see and dont see.

I also tried to use the google tutorial which was very annoying to get behind.

Finally I learned about ways to get my mobile app out there such as getting customer feedback, paying for translators to help make my app more accessible, and analyzing other similar brands to figure out what makes their logo interesting.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Days 7/6 - 7/13 all I learned

7/6 remote jobs, online payments, scams and networking

On this day I learned a little bit about remote jobs, online payments, scams and networking. Somethings in particular are how to set up payment walls with paypal, using the code provided by paypal and pasting it onto your website, or using another payment website. The different being that the paypal wall would redirect you to paypal to do the purchase, which other payment sites will encrypt the customer's data in the website that they are using. Though there are fees with this which brings up the custom payment wall method which is more expensive to keep running unless you are a big company. Scammers use many tricks to try and deceive, but typically when it comes to work related cams they offer things that seem bigger than life. An "employer" may offer you a salary that is way too high compared to other salaries for what you are applying to, or they may ask for un needed information during the interview like your credentials. Also, I learned that in order to find out if a business is a scam I type in that busniness's name and type scam after. With networking you want to go to events and try to filter out people by how useful they will be to your success, and the most b eneficial you woant to try and make them remember you and want to be acquainted with you. Things like finding out about the person speaking at the event, or putting people's cards in different pockets based off of how valuable they aree to you, and being ready to leave conversations with people that aren't beneficial to you is key. You also want to make sure you quickly email or try to contact the people that are beneficial to you so that they will remember you after the day of the event.

7/7 resumes, html

I learned a little bit about linked in and writing resumes, though to be honest I need to revisit this because I still cannot write a proper resume. Resumes typically should contain information about you in a list. Typically starting from relevant work experience, skills, your school achievements, hobbies and referals. For someone like me that has NO job experience, hobbies or extracurricular activies can make up for this. I lack both of these though so I still have to work on getting some form of experience. On your cover paper you want to write short paragraphs that show why you will be valuable to the employer. When you speak you want to start off with how you can benefit their business with your skills and your experience. And if you are like me and you lack experience in work, you can put extracurricular experience that may contribute, or that you are willing to learn. I also was able to unrust my html skills a little bit after around three years of not using it which was refreshing. I also learned a little about css which I did not touch on prior, and I like how including css in the head tag is looks like a function in code. I also learned how to import css from a ceparate file into html using <link>

7/11 Wordpress and Jobs

On this day I learned a couple things about wordpress, one those thins being: how effective it is for designing. It allows you to install many themes and plugins to your website and also change your website from static to dynamic pretty easily. There is also the option to run a website with wordpress, or use it's software on another hosting site which gives you the option to monetize the content on your website. I've also learned a few tips related to getting a coding job such as taking the harvard coding course online, learning a little bit of front end and back end development, specializing in one language before switching, applying to alot of jobs, and using github to build up a portfolio. I've also learned a little bit about certain roles like a data analyst which is a very high paying job in which you are tasked with managing and improving how data is received and handled.

7/12 Tech terms

On this day I leanred a little bit about hosting websites and a few terms related to websites. For example i've learned about a domain registrar, dns servers andd web hosts. A domain registrar allows you to make a domain name, and a web host allows you to make a website on a paid plan and connect your domain registrar name to it. I also learned how to use Cyberduck to upload your files to your host gater website, and the importance of SSL certificates. SSL certificates turn a website from http to https, with https being the more secure of the two as all teh data sent through a https is encrypted. I also learned about where to put the google analytics code and what google analytics can do, such as letitng you know the gender ratio of people that click your videos on your website or letting you know if your clickable imges perform better than your videos on your website. It will also let you know if you are attracting your intended audience etc.

7/13 coding with javascript!

On this day I gained some experience with coding in javascript using the multiple websites offered. This experience let me know how similar java is to other languages I have tried to learn in the past. One thing that it directly reminded me of is LUA C for roblox game scripting. I also learned about the term WYSIWYG )what you see is what you get) which is a way of editing simply. For example a color chooser in google docs is a wysiwyg editor because if you want to change a text to the color green, what you see is the color green and what you get is the color green. I've also learned a little bit about the dos and donts of resume creation via website. For example, include resume and the projects should be on the first page making them instantly visible. Also, long and boring explanations aren't needed.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

7/5/2022 Cuts, Audio and Colors

I learned a lot of things about video editing yesterday. First things I learned was about the many different types of cuts. For example: Clean cuts, Jump cuts, L cuts, J cuts, Cutting on action, Cross cuts, Cut aways, Match cuts, Smash cuts, Cross fades, Camera movement cut and Invisible cuts. I also learned a couple of tips to choose when to use these cuts and what their purposes are. Like jump cuts can help create a feeling of time passing, clean cuts are used when no other cut can be used, J cut adds a nice transition into the next clip using sound and etc. Also some rules like the 180 degree rule, where you imagine there is a 180 degree line between the two people being recorded and only making cuts on one side of the line. I also did not know what B roll was until this lesson.

I also learned some tips from top movie editors such as being able to work with the director, putting your ego aside and making every decision about the project and not you. Being able to understand why you do something, being able to organize, watching the whole video twice before editing and to form a relationship with the director or the owner of the clips.

I've learned that there are certain decibel levels that are good for audio. For example: Typically audio is between -24 and -6 db, dialogue is -18 to -9 db, music is -22 to -18db, sound fx is -20 to -10 db and any db 0 or more will lead to distortion. I also learned that while recording in an area it is vital to record empty space in that area to use between different audio clips. Otherwise sometimes the transition will sound weird and unnatural.

I've read a lot about color, like the many different terms used to refer to color. Hue being base colors like red blue green, saturation is the amount of the color that is present. Luminance everyone knows is brightness, but then there is stuff like white balance that can make images and videos look either more cool, more calm or neither. I also learned some beginner mistakes such as 1. do not get crazy with the editing, 2. always color correct before you actually edit, and 3. always match shots.