Log of what of Amena Kake has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

how to fire/terminated or laid off

Today I learned many things about being fired, laid off and terminated. When you lay someone off this means you don't have the job for the person but they didn't do anything wrong. When a business terminates a person it's because they don't want to work with the person anymore. When you are trying to terminate a person you have to be ready for anything. You shouldn't do it alone make sure there is a trustworthy witness so that the person being terminated cant lie on you. If the person become angry and causes damage to your belongings you will have the witness for proof if you want to press charges. Don't terminate someone in a crowded place take them away from the environment so that they don't damage anything. You can also terminate for any reason. You want to make sure your really protected and escort them out to ensure everyone is okay and the working environment,

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Why investors reject pitches and how not to get rejected

Today I learned why most people's investor pitches fail. Sometimes our investor pitches can fail because we might speak to the wrong Investor. Another thing that we need to pay attention to the investors personality and if it matches with you. We should also take a look at the companies portfolio to see if they've already invested in a company like yours. Another thing that we should make sure we have is a team because business's will not invest in a company without a committed and strong team. The product that you are selling should also be compelling so that the investor is intrigued and will most likely invest in your business. You should also make sure you don't have holes in your business plan. If you do have a hole make sure you have a contingency plan this will also look good on selling yourself to the investor. Make sure you are confident when telling the investors your plan and how you will go about this business.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

what can you learn from your competition

Today I learned many things about competition and how business's can learn from competitors. Business owners come up with a business idea and pay close attention to their environment which consists of competitors and their business's which helps business owners make decisions. One thing we can learn from competitors is market standards. One thing you can do is pay attention o their prices or where to find your target market. Another thing we can do is pay attention to what their customer service is like. Pay attention to the problems or mistakes or what they aren't doing. This can help you include these things in your business in order to meet customer needs. Another thing we can learn from this is if they have certain social media skill that will help you learn more about the people you are selling to.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

how to win people over and get them to like you

Today I learned how to win people over for the purpose of doing business in order for these consumers to choose you when buying products. One thing you should do is take interest in other people. People might have things in common with you that you both can speak about and enjoy the time. The person that you are talking with might be happy or content that you are taking interest in something they like talk about. We should always keep a mindset that every last person can be valuable to your potential future deals. You have to make sure you leave a god impression on everyone in a business or environment. Another thing you can do is give people advice and be thick skinned. When you give someone a lesson or advice they might look at you better or even appreciate the advice you gave them.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

How to analyze if your startup will fail or have potential success

Today i learned how to know if a startup will fail or succeed. First we need to figure out the minimum effort to get your product out there. Without this you wont know if your product is viable. The next thing to determine if your idea is good is to ask people who might buy your product [target market] or people who invest in companies. These people will give you ideas and even advise you. If people most people are telling you no you shouldn't disregard their advice. You should also ask yourself if someone has ever thought of this idea or not. You can still pursue this if people have done it just try to find something those other another business's don't have. Another thing you should do is have contingency plans for any point of failure. If that plan could fail just make sure you have a back plan. Have a service that might replace the one you have now in order to not loose as much profit and instead gain. Make sure you get advice from people who actually know the in and outs of the business.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

What you must do first to launch a new start up business

Today I learned important steps we must take in order to launch a new start up business. First we need to figure out who we are doing the business with . If you do it only you might not see a very successful ending to your business. We should find a parter who can help us with our business. Instead of a business plan we should create an executive summary. A summary of your business idea and whats your business about. Another thing we should also include in our executive summary is but your marketing approach which is how you will sell your product. Another thing we can do is write financial projections which is like an estimate of how much your product might make. We have to decide who we want to work on our team people who will benefit our project and help bring success. An executive summary basically allows us to figure everything out on paper. So we can see all the things that we might need to improve.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

What makes someone an entrepreneur

Th video informs us on who can be an entrepreneur. She says anyone can be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who sees a need and takes on the financial risk to start a business to fulfill that need. She also goes into informing us who isn't an entrepreneur. People who have the idea of starting a business but don't take on the financial responsibility to fulfill that need aren't entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur usually enjoy having freedom and being able to work for themselves and on their own time. The gig economy is where people can find temporary work. These people provide services to the companies. Entrepreneurs run on the idea that yes there is financial risk in starting a business but there is profit in running a successful one. And with entrepreneurship there will be failures you will just have to be passionate enough to keep on trying for your business to succeed.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

What is a profit model

Today i learned what a profit model is. A profit model is basically a plan that makes it so that the company will be able to make a profit as well as the company successfully working. It basically is showing what the business expects in order for the business to not just entering blindly. The site also breaks down the meaning of profit model and how there are certain things we need to understand before trying to understand it. We need to understand the products and the services and the details behind them. This will help the company stand out from other competitors or corporations with the same goal. We also need ti understand the production and operating components. This is basically the process the product undergoes before consumers like us can buy it. This allows for people to be able to trust and buy things that are of good quality.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

how to stop art scams

Today i learned how to stop art scams. One thing you can do to identify an art scam is when you receive a random number that tries to make you click on a link. If you don't know the source this is likely to be a scam and once you click on it the scammers are able to obtain private information that you have on your phone. Another type of scam that we should watch out for is a ransom type of scam. This is when the scammers will say the have incriminating proof of you and if you don't give them money they will hand it to the police or showcase on the internet. We should never believe these scams ask yourself how could these people have gotten any of the things they have claimed that they have against you. If there is no way possible then hang up delete or even report the message. Another thing that we should do to keep ourselves safe from scams is learn what a scam email or message is.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

what is Fundraising

Today i read an article about what is fundraising and learned a lot about it. In the article it states the fundraising is the process of building relationships with people, organizations that will contribute to your nonprofit organization. The site also gives us tips on fundraising. One being that when you are fundraising you should focus and fundraising from people instead of corporations or other non profits because it is said that 80% of the money comes from people. So if you are focusing on just that 80% you will get more money. I also learned the difference between cold fundraising and warm fundraising. Cold fundraising is when a nonprofit tries to get fundraise through mail or the internet. As well as to people who aren't familiar with the organization. Cold fundraising is less successful because if people don't know what your organization is about they might not be willing to help. While warm fundraising is the opposite this is when nonprofits fundraise to people who they know or people who have volunteered or just people that the organization has a relationship with. These people are more likely to help the organization.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

How leaders never panic and stay cool under pressure

I learned that when a person is running an organization that things happen that you do not expect. You shouldn't panic or do anything without rational thought in order to keep balance in your organization. One thing you should have is contingency plans which means just think out solutions to things that might happen. A client can see when a business is good when under stress this might cause the client to talk about the business and even bring attraction while continuing to be a client as well. Another thing business leaders need to perfect is their communication. A company relies on a leader who can speak to them when they are in a conflict or if something is happening within the business. This makes the working environment balanced and cool for the employees as well as the employer. Leaders need to learn how to keep their cool when put under stress this is the only way a business can succeed.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Most profitable niches for instagram theme pages

Today I learned that there are many niches on instagram and that the people who run these account are able to make a profit off of it. One example of a niche page that he used was health. One tip that he gave is that we should get affiliate link to large companies this will make it easier for people to find what product they've seen you using. Once the person does use your link you get some profit from the sale. Another niche is financial advice and quotes. People use these post to find new ways to help people mange their money. This niche makes money because they've attached a course to their lessons which people will pay for in order to learn more about finance. Another niche page idea is posting makeup artist and rating them. People who are interested in being sponsored on your page might pay you to even show their work in order to bring more attraction to their business.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Tips on how to network at social events

In order to network you need to be able to communicate and not be shy when approaching people who can help you professionally. When you are in a crowded place and can't recognize the people you should search up their name and find out who they are and if that person can possibly become a connection. Collecting business cards is very important. Having someones business card can help you contact the person that you did meet at the function in order to show how interested you really are in what they do. You also need to have an exit strategy if this person cant help/benefit you in any way you might want to have a way to leave the conversation in order not to waste your time. Networking can happen anywhere and when you are approaching people make sure to say hello and be polite and respectful while speaking to them.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Mastering the job interview & getting hired

Today I read a lot about tips on how to get jobs and mastering a job interview. One thing we should do is familiarize ourselves with the company. Meaning that we should do our homework/research on the company we want to be employed by. We should prepare for questions that will take place during the interview. Another tip that i found handy is reading advice from recruiters. This can help you understand what the expectations are and how you can work to achieve that. Prepare your cover letter and have your resume with you. Know who will be interviewing you for your job offer. We should also make sure to understand that we are selling ourselves to the company so accomplishments/rewards will be in your favor if you have them. Arrive with questions this shows the recruiter or the hiring manger this shows that you've been preparing for the job and are interested in the roll. Another very important thing that we should do is dress for the part hiring mangers do pay attention to attire during an interview.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

How to increase your instagram followers

Today i watched a video by Alex Toby and she gave tips on how to grow our instagram following. She explains to us that all followers aren't equal and in order to get followers who engage in your business we need to find our target market. People who will benefit from your product. Another thing we should do is expose our followers to our own content. Exposing them to your content includes rearranging your headline in order for it be easily found when your target market is looking for it. Another thing we can do is engage with highly specific content & people. This will help people find you easier and people will be able to engage in your content that might help them with their needs. Use Instagram features like polls, questions and quizzes. Speaking from experience i've seen how Instagram features like polls and questions have increased engagement for myself and has made people in my target market enjoy watching my stories and engaging with me on social media.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Reasons to work remotely

Today I read reasons why working remotely is good. The first reason would be no commute. Many of the times I've been late or had to leave my house extremely early would be because of the commute time to get to my destination. With remote work you don't have to take any transportation anywhere because you work from home or any place you feel comfortable. At times people feel like they not in control of their work environment. Working from home allows for employees to be in control fo their working environment. when you work remotely in most cases you can choose your own schedule what time you want to work or what time you want to take breaks you can achieve this with remote work. But one thing we have to master when it comes to working remotely is time management. Once you do master time management it'll be easier for you to do the things you love with time you have when working remotely.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Chat handling fundamentals.

Today i learned four fundamentals for chat interaction. We must write in complete sentences as well as keeping our sentences short so its easier for the receiver to read and understand We should address no more than one issue per chat exchange. I personally need to take note of this because looking back to my emails i notice a lot of this. I mention multiple problems at once and at times this can irritate the receiver or pass over their head causing them to miss some points you've made. The video also recommends us to use the receivers name she says this helps us sound more human. This is another thing that i will be doing most of my professional emails don't include the receivers name this might cause them to feel that you are coming off stern or even rude. We must fix the way we talk to other in chats in order for it be easy on us and the person who is receiving the message.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

improving your life quality- health and productivity

Today i learned that health and productivity go hand in hand. when we don't take care of our health/mental state it effects our productivity. I read about ways that i can help my mental and health. One thing the article speaks about is how sleep can better us. This is something that i need to take note of because since it summer i really neglect how much sleep i get. Another thing that i should consider is taking digital breaks. I n the article it says that when we are on our electronic devices it constantly leaves us hyperstimulated and exhausted. I understand that in this day and age we all might struggle from leaving our phones alone or taking breaks from our phones. Another thing the site suggested was for us to do exercise, exercise prevents many health problems that one might face. We should also look for things that relax us like hobbies this can help your mental state and help you find what you enjoy doing in life.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How to promote your art on social media

I learned that there are many way for people to promote their art on social platforms. When selling art online we should know how to self promote our work. In the video he talked about things that we should and shouldn't do when it comes to promoting art online.We shouldn't convince people to support our work instead we should just make it available. If we constantly bug people about supporting our work it might cause people to unfollow and become annoyed with the content you are putting out. We should pay attention to analytics in order to know what time your audience is browsing and this can help you determine what time you should post. Another thing we shouldn't do is just be a business and what he means by this is that we should show some of our personality. People are more likely to engage in your business with your posts because they can communicate with their audience. People/ your audience will feel more apart of your business.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

warren buffet how to invest for beginners

Warren made very good points during his video. one pointer that he advised the audience is that when investing we should invest by facts and not just emotions. Our emotions might get in the way of investing and that can jeopardize the money we could possibly make in the future. While buying stocks we should look at wonderful businesses in order to receive a good outcome. When buying stocks we should buy stocks that we understand. When you understand the economics of that specific stock it'll help you grow your income because of the knowledge you have of that stock. When we see great opportunities we should take them because these big opportunities might not be there forever. We should understand stats and how they might change overtime in order to make decisions that will help us grow our own income. When investing in stocks we should always ask ourselves if investing in this business will grow our income and how soon we can obtain that money.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

your public image online

I've learned that our public image online does effects employers decisions so it's important to keep track of what you put on the internet. Employers do this to get a sense of who you are and what type of habits and behaviors you have as an individual. Employers will look to see if you are professional or if you have characteristics and morals that align with the job you are looking to be hired to. One thing we can do is go look up our own names to see if we have anything up that might jeopardize getting employed. We can remove these things and try to be more mindful of what we put out there on the media. I also did the assignment where i opened a private browser in order to see if my public image could jeopardize me from getting hired or even from getting an interview with employers. I didn't really find anything on me expect for a few photos that i've posted of myself. I've even went to the website and read about how some students had lost opportunities to attend college because of things they had posted online that went against what their schools/ organization believed in. This shows how important it is to control what we put out on the internet and how much of an impact it can have on an individual.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

life quality Time management

I learned many things about time management. One thing i could do to mange my time is is pan my day out. This way I can hold myself accountable as well as knowing what i'll be doing for the day. Doing this while produce more productivity during my days. Learn more ways to make money in my free time or time i don't use productively. I also need to learn how to prioritize my time and do the things that need to be done urgently. I watched the video How to be hyper productive where he informs us on how to not waste time and how we can grow ourselves financially. One thing we can do is learn more skills like learning how to work a computer you can make income from skills that you have. We should also learn skills to do something we like and enjoy to do on a day to day basis . Another thing we can do is find people who might be able to help us get money. We should find people that we can help in the process of helping ourselves. Overall in the extra time that we have we should be productive and try to make money instead of wasting our time.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Identifying positive role models

Today I learned how important mentors and role models are. These people {Roles models, mentors]. Role models help us understand the world and the way the live their lives gives people a sense of direction as well as something for us to look at when we are in need. Role models give people an idea of who we can become later in life. Mentors help us with advice that would probably help us get to where we want to be in life. Mentors usually has to form a connection with the mentee and thats what helps the mentee become more comfortable and more easier for them to open up. When picking a role model we should always look at the persons talent and how they are human and their intentions in life.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

financial awareness and financial management

I learned that many things we do and use on a day to day basis can be reasons why we aren't financially responsible. One thing that we can do to save more money is not eat out as much. Instead we should buy fresh foods from the grocery store that'll last longer and save more of the profit you make. Another thing we can do is try and avoid wasteful purchases. Things like subscriptions that you don't use, wasting food, wasting things like toilet paper and constantly rebuying these items. In this case you could buy a reusable cloth instead of using tissue which would save you lots of money. Another thing we should do is invest in excess funds.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How to use Pinterest for business. Pinterest is a way / source of income.

How to use Pinterest for business. Pinterest is a way / source of income. You would need to make pins for all of the things on your website. Or for the products you are trying to sell. While making sure that these pins are simple and descriptive in order for your target media/ niche to find your products. Another way to sell or find your niche and for your products to have more exposure is through group board.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

how he save 100% of his income

This assignment is for Tuesday July 5 . I was reading on a website https://www.moneycrashers.com/difference-between-needs-wants-luxuries] that was informing the difference between needs and wants. In order for us to have healthy finance management we need to understand that buying what we want might make it harder to keep money. Instead we should understand our basic needs like food, housing, and health. As well as saving as much money as you can and investing on things that will help grow your income. Another thing i earned from this website is that we should learn how to budget. A budget is a plan that basically estimates how much you will spend over a time and budgeting also helps you keep track of your money. The website also goes into informing us what luxuries are. People buy luxurious things when they're income goes up and this can be a problem because it causes us to do unnecessary spending.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

zelle sending and receiving money

Sending money with Zelle If you have a bank account its very easy to send money right from home or anywhere you are. When you setting up your bank account you can attach your information to any banking app like chase or bank of America or even zelle. This would help people have easy access to their money and much easier to keep track of where the money is going.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

today i learned how to pick a target market.

One thing that that we should do when picking a target audience is trying to choose one audience per marketing channel. When searching for a target market you have to know their pains and problems in order to find a useful product for them. Another thing we should do when we are choosing a target market is to pick something that you are passionate about. This will help with being more determined to helping these people because you enjoy doing it.