Log of what of Animesh Nath has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

How to Prepare for an Interview - Learned at Techie Youth

One of the biggest aspects of employee selection process is the interview. So one must land an excellent first impression to increase their chances for getting the job.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

How to Get the Best Remote Jobs - Learned at Techie Youth

It can be hard to find jobs that are convenient to ones schedule, location, or comfort. This is why Remote jobs open up a world of opportunities.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

How to Create a Great Resume - Learned at Techie youth

To get a job one must apply using their experience from one's life. Thus, it is important how one displays one's accomplishments, which highlights the importance of a good resume.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Different Ways to Get Paid and Benefits of Each - Learned at Techie Youth

There are several ways to get paid and earn money from the methods. However many of them have their downsides as well.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Benefits and Skills of Remote Working - Learned at Techie Youth

Remote Working offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities. But before obtaining such opportunities, one must decide on a job to suit one's passion and interest. However, if one hesitates to choose their interest due to the fear of being judged by others, one will be miserable in life. Hence, one must be confident in one's ability and ensure that others have no control over one. Taking control of one's life can change everything, and it can make one's life easier. If one loses control over one's life decisions, one will be pathetic and regret their decisions.

Additionally, if financial circumstances cause one to doubt their decision, it shouldn't be a huge concern. One can have a fantastic quality of life without increasing income. A person's quality of life is determined by their habits, attitude, and perspective. Thus, one must be happy with everything and with life. Also, one must make wise decisions with one's purchases so that one can optimize their quality of life by buying cheaper old items that are rich quality. For example, it is wise to buy an old luxury car instead of a latest model because one can save a lot of money on a good quality car that is beautiful even though it is old. Furthermore, being content with life is a blessing since it makes one appreciate things, and everything will seem like a luxury.

Once one decides on their passion, one should be courageous enough to take intelligent risks for their dreams. One should invest one's time and attention to develop one's vision slowly while preserving one's well-being. That said, one should create a plan and stick to it without hesitating. If one has a dream, one should be confident in their ability to make it happen and be happy with life. Everyone deserves happiness, so they should reach their goals by planning and doing what they love.

Online jobs allow people to achieve such goals and provide opportunities. In a company, online working allows room for a distributed workforce where the company can hire several employees. Thus, more job opportunities for people in any place. In addition to this, it gives people the option of choosing a perfect schedule and place to focus so that they can optimize their productivity. Granting such autonomy allows employees to take their jobs seriously and enjoy their job promoting the progress of the company.

The tools available online are also a huge blessing since it helps shorten laborious tasks using apps, extensions, and websites. Such improvement in efficiency encourages workers to work harder and better. Furthermore, tools can help workers stay on track and have the freedom to get tasks done. Occasionally meeting up also promotes online coordination so that a company can achieve its goal. However, even if a company doesn't offer online alternatives, physical tasks can be documented, and any ideas and work can be shared through an online platform.

Aside from that, online work also gives employees the chance to travel and enjoy their life while working. Without the restrictions of a specific location, work can be enjoyed with a vacation. Such easement and relaxation can boost workers' morale and productivity.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

How to Safely Sell art Online - Learned at Techie Youth

Selling art online can be very risky if you don't know where to go.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What is Virtual Assistance and what Skills are needed? - Learned at Techie Youth

Virtual assistance is a form of customer service done through the computer, phone, or virtual contact. However, different skills are required depending on the assistance provided. The most important skills are communication skills that help converse with various consumers. The other type of skill is computer skills to manage several kinds of software without any problems while conversing with the customer.

Some types of virtual assistance include travel assistance, email/contact management, calendar management, personal assistance, accounting, and personal errands. Travel assistance requires the knowledge of proper apps, websites, locations, and agencies that can provide cheap and easy routes to several places. For example, some tools available are tablethotels.com, tripadviso.com, kayak.com, and google.com/hotels. These tools help find hotels where people can rest when they are on a vacation or short stop during their travel.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

How to Benefit from a Niche Website - Learned at Techie Youth

Niche websites are websites that are about a specific concept or object. These websites usually contain several articles and resources that give people access to information, products, and contact related to the niche. Therefore, more precise niches are more beneficial for niche website creators.

When creating a niche website, people must first brainstorm about things they are passionate about and willing to risk their time and effort. If there isn't a niche that a person is passionate about, it is unlikely they will successfully create an opulent website. Otherwise, a person should also research various industries and trending searches to find profitable niches. Google trend gives information on how frequently people search keywords in the google search engine. It helps collect data on the most trending niches and narrow down a perfect niche topic that can help anyone profit. However, despite a trending niche, one should ensure that the niche isn't too broad because there may be much competition regarding the topic/industry. Also, it is tiresome to create an SEO for the website due to the multitude of words.

After a person creates the website, they can make money from the site from affiliate links and programs that connect the website to other products or organizations. For example, ads, amazon links, web stores, and more. But the website should be continuously updated and active to ensure customer satisfaction and keep users of the website engaged. It helps build the reputation of the website and helps google believe that the website is trustworthy enough to be at the top of the searches. Thus the more popular the website becomes the more profit that can be obtained.

Lastly, after one creates the website they must be patient because it takes a lot of time for people to trust the website and be familiar with it. After a few months or years, the website will grow to become stable and profitable. Furthermore, regularly maintaining the website and web traffic helps sustain the popularity of the site and opulence.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

What is Copy Writing - Learned at Techie Youth

Copywriting helps for marketing a product or servicing a company, so the writing must be persuasive, clear, and concise. Some examples of copywriting are: writing short advertisements, mass emails, or other forms of raising brand awareness. It helps entrepreneurs and visionaries share their stories, business, and brand in a big-way online through engaging written content and authentic marketing practices. Some marketing practices are social media/content strategizing, creating an online voice for clients, and presence within email marketing, sales pages, and other distributed materials.

Copywriting helps communicate goals and products of a business to its consumers or general user. Copywriting doesn’t need special training, but there are specific skills required. Copywriting requires simplicity and rich vocabulary. When copywriting, the writer must get to the point of what they want the reader to do and do it persuasively and smartly so that their instructions seem dependable. Good copy is easily readable, clearly communicates an essential idea, and persuades the reader for a precise action in their mind.

Copywriters are writers who write strategic things to compel their writers to take action. This type of writing persuades readers to do something based on what a company or organization wants. So to successfully create a copywriting article, you must attain the readers' attention by addressing a solution to a problem they may need to fix. Then you talk about the benefits the reader may have from the services the company or product will provide. Then you give precise instructions on how to obtain the product or service. This way, readers stay interested in the service provided and are compelled to try it out through the easy instructions.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Magazine skills - learned at Techie youth

Magazines offer a broad amount of topics to choose from. With this comes several skills and writing styles which are essential for this career. The types of magazine articles include Longform investigative pieces, which are composed of research and information, character profiles that describe people or things, commentaries that give a person's view on sports or current events, criticisms that review certain forms of work, fiction magazines that are short stories, and humor magazines.

After you pick a topic/niche that intrigues you, you start researching it. You develop sources to prove the credibility of your writing, and you may interview people to fortify the validation of your magazine. Various research is required before a magazine writer starts writing so that they can back up with evidence and write an informative and in-depth magazine article.

Once you have researched, you have to create a compelling story with the information. You can make your writing creative and unique by taking inspiration from events in your life that you can relate to your topic or take inspiration from other articles while avoiding copying them exactly. While writing, keep the writing style of the magazine you wish to submit to in mind so that you have a better chance of getting your magazine published.

Use that first iteration of writing as a draft since it holds all your ideas and style. After you finish your draft, double-check the grammar, and read it from an outsider's perspective. Ask for feedback from anyone you trust to make your writing more attractive to your readers. Rewrite your draft after edits and make it as professional and compelling as possible.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

How to Profit from Snapchat - Learned from Techie Youth

First choose what type of content you wish to show. Selecting a niche helps keep your account be more simpler and compelling to viewers. Now collect as many followers using tactics such as using snapchat filters. You can use bitmoji an Augmented Realty filter to make funny and interesting content. Spread your Snapchat using other social media and constantly stay active on your account. Upload on your story to get the attention of your followers and to attract others. Start creating videos and vlogging to become an influencer to maximize the amount of followers.

After you reach a decent amount of popularity a lot of companies will reach out to you to advertise their online domain. You can use his opportunity to make money for advertising in your platform and make a lot of money. You can also get sponsored by products to show in your content and make money from that too.

In addition to this you can go to snapchat manage ads page and create a campaign for ads. Then you can find an affiliate managers to find ads that will pay you commission for every consumer that clicks your ad. Such affiliate managers include Max Bounty and Click bank. After you choose a few ads you want to show in your campaign you use the affiliate link to show in your story or anything else. Hence, when you have several followers such ads increases your possibility of getting a lot of commission.

This summarizes the simplest way to profit from snapchat. 1st build an audience through a compelling niche and content. Then advertise the niche to gain people's trust and popularity. The commissions from the advertisement help you make a lot of money. Aside form that you can advertise your own products or services. That requires more work but if you can do this you can make more money by suggesting other products and expand your account and make more profit.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

How to Attract Followers in Instagram and Profit off of Them - Learned in Techie Youth

First brainstorm categories that you are interested in. For example, art, music, sports, cooking, fashion and etc. List content you can create for each of them or products you want to feature in each. The category that has the most content or features can be the niche of your Instagram page. If your Instagram page has a niche or theme then it makes it easy for followers to know what your account is going to be about. Once you have the niche down start creating content or feature products related to your niche to hook your followers in.

If you feature products in your page you can profit off of them by selling them yourself using drop shipping links or use amazon affiliated links that pay you a percentage for each item purchased. This can lead to companies noticing you and reaching out to sponsor you.

If you create your own content then you will have to work very hard to build your reputation. First you have to produce a lot of content frequently until you have about 10000 followers. This attracts the attention of companies and sponsors that will pay you to feature their products in your page. You can also include links in your bio to websites that gives exclusive content for which followers will pay for if they are really interested in your content. Your content should be related to a business if not a business opportunity itself. For example if your content is photography you can include personal information in your bio for customers or followers who want pictures taken for a price. If your content is the work of other Instagram content creators to admire you can form a partnership with those creators and get a percentage of the profit they make for the content they feature on your page.

As your Instagram page grows you can slowly expand the type of content you chose to include in your page to get more customers, money, ads, and sponsors. This step should only be take once you have the trust of several followers. However, you should reduce diversity of your content to keep a main focus of your page so that followers don't lose interest in your page.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

How to Get Started in Your Career as a Web Developer- Learned Today at Techie Youth

Web developers have several types of responsibilities and opportunities. There are three types of web developers. Front-end developers are responsible for behavior and visuals that run in the user browser. Back-end developers deal with the servers and full-stack developers are responsible for both. Despite which career path you choose there are 3 types of programming languages you should know to understand the basics of creating a proper website. You should learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These are the fundamental skills that web developers must know to create a website and understand its functions. HTML is the code in which the browser understands the structure of the website such as paragraphs, headings, titles, bolding, listing, italics, and etc. CSS is the code that help design these attributes such as the size, color, image, background, fonts, style, position, etc. JavaScript is the logical aspect of web design where it helps the users of the website interact with the website. Using JavaScript you can enable the users to input commands through which you can make the website take them to another website, or control an aspect of the website. This can be seen on websites that have online games.

HTML is basically a code that uses tags to define the attributes of text to create the code. For example, "<h1>Hello</h1>" the tags "<h1>" and "</h1>" act as parenthesis that label the text between them as a heading that would be displayed as a large bolded text in the website. Like wise there are other tags that go between the "<" and ">" symbols to define the attribute of the text the tags will surround.

CSS is the code that changes the way the text or body of texts appear on the website. The code for CSS is written in the format as "Select{attribute: value or description;}" . The "Select" in this example is just a place holder to represents the body of text or section that is going to be defined. The words in this example have no specific value. the "attribute" can be anything like size or color. The value or description is the type of size or color. In a real example you may see something like this "body{background: blue;}" In this case a certain body of text is being defined. The attribute being defined is the background of the body of text. The description of the attribute is blue which can also be a number when converted into its RGB value.

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language that deals with logic based programming. For example it deals with calculations and logical commands like what happens if there is a certain input. JavaScript is much more complex but in simpler terms it enables you to create variables that act as place holders of information that would be input by the user. Once a certain information is inputted in the place of the variable that information would be interpreted by the code and you would get a certain output. For example, in a calculator if you input the digits, and operator you receive an answer.

These fundamentals of coding will help you get started in as a frontend Web developer but in order to be a successful web developer you must be willing to continuously learn and not be greedy. You must be willing to work alone in an isolated workspace. Through these fundamentals and principles you can become a successful web developer.