Log of what of Aniya Thomas has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Successfully working a remote job

Today I learned how to successfully work with a remote job and also manage.Sometimes working at home can be difficult because your environment can be a distraction not allowing you to focus on work.Distractions can include things we see, things we hear, movements and vibrations (think about trying to focus or read on a moving train), physical factors like how comfortable the seat is, and the room's temperature.But to solve this particular problem you should sit in a room that you know that are not distraction triggers.Using Use task Lists and time management tools can help you with stress levels.I really enjoyed this unit it help me understand if in-person or remote work is better for me when developing a career.Yesterday, I even learned how to get paid through different good online checking accounts and which one good be a good fit for someone.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts

I learned that when making custom crafts you could do a lot of things to make profit by basically creating your own object.But sometimes the questions you should ask yourself is how to sell it.Meaning what platform to sell it and how to sell it so customers can buy.Usually you should also focus on how to sell it (the product)effectively.To figure out the best price for your product you should estimate the time spent, supplies, tools and etc for the product.I really didn't enjoy this unit so I didn't complete it.