Log of what of Ashanti Major has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

July 28th - Daily logging

Today I learned a lot about adobe and the products that they have available.

I watched a lengthy video explaining adobe illustrator for beginners.

I also learned about what robotic products are objects that are interactive and

powered by custom electronics or programs.

I learned about what products can be sold and what's needed to start.

Some things needed to start are electronic accessories, like an iron holder,

LED.s display boards.

I did not get to this part throughout but I also read

some information on how to program a "microcontroller".

Some things needed for this would be a power source, programming using your preferred language, etc.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

July 27th- daily logging

Today I continued again inside my previous segment, but instead began the "selling

computer designed objects and technological craft".

At first I was unaware of what I would be learning, but after skimming some of the sections.

I learned some information about 3D printing. Under 3D printed products. I was pretty excited to learn about this because I see 3D prints so often on places like TikTok.

So I learned that the least expensive objects are the objects that are printed in one color, prints that are small or plastic, mainly because they are easier and more swift to print. I also learned that it is pretty profitable to print something that some companies have yet to begin. An example would be the Pokemon go devices. Also that it could be beneficial to be aware that 3D printing has a lot of trail and error.

Which makes complete sense being that, it is something where the design for example can be wrong or there is a mistake.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

What I learned today july 25th

Today I reviewed subjects such as business models and selling virtual goods.

I learned that the market of virtual goods is in a higher demand due to how progressive technology

has become and how online businesses are allowed to flourish.

I learned how to make memembership websites, buy ads and email marketing.

I also learned how to properly right an email and what should be included in order to make sure

it will be an email someone will actually read.

In one of the videos I viewed I learned that instead of starting an email with

"to whom it may concern". It is more benefical to do your own research in order

to address the CEO or whoever is in charge of emails, properly.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

What I learned today on july 22nd

Today I learned somethings in the digital assets section,

One of the segments I learned was what are stock photos. Throughout all my years of social media

and probably using stock photos myself, I discovered that stock photos are just tools that media creators use.

They are images that photographers create and make available for the usage of others. Stock photos are used for a

number of things such as Commercial use and editorial usage. Some stock photos may be copyrighted as well, which I

did not know. I figrued that any photo you find on the internet can be used however.

I also learned about video game assets, this can include a number of things including 2D or even 3D designs.

This may include character, vehicles, etc. Assets also include audio, such as background music, special effects,

icons, etc. I learned that these things can be sold using a multitude of websites such as Unreal Engine Marketplace.

These source of income can be made available to people who compose music or sound effects or code.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

What I learned today july 20th

Today I learned about Web Hosting and more about Niche's for social media platforms.

One of the things I learned today was about Domain Name, a domain name is the address to your website.

In order for people to find their way to your website, they will need your domain name.

I learned that every website has an IP address. Your domain address is basically your IP simplified.

Which makes it easier for people to type in and find you instead of a string of numbers.

I learned that a DNS stands for Domain Name System, which looks up correct IP addresses and points you at the

correct website.

I also learned what an SSL is, an when you visit a site an encrypted link is created between

the web and your browser. Basically it ensures that there are no threats to your online data.

For example, google will now alert users when a site is not secure. HTTP and HTTPS are good

ways to see if your site is secure, the S signifies that your site is secure.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What I learned july 19th

Today I started a segment called social themes, which i figured i would enjoy because I am a user of a lot of social medias. Some of the social medias listed were the ones I used such as Instagram, twitter, tiktok, and Facebook. I was mainly interested in learning about WeChat. I have heard of WeChat but never learned what it is.

I learned how WeChat has a lot of features included in the app itself, for instance WeChat allows users to message, make video calls, has a feature similar to Instagram stories. But the one thing that was interesting was that WeChat allows its users to do online banking, including transferring money. Very similar to our banking apps such as zelle but instead its all in one place which is very convenient. Some other cool features, you can pay for your bills, and doctor appointments. Something fun about twitter that I learned, which is where I spend a lot of my time on, is that about 350,000 tweets are tweeted per minute.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

What I learned today July 18

Today I continued the unit that I began last week Friday on entrepreneurship.

So I will mention two or three things that stuck out to me.

First off would be the Logo Design Process, this stuck out to me because logos are everywhere. For instance, I use a lot of apple products, I use amazon, I use google, YouTube, all of these companies. So it made me wonder,, how did they come up with their own logo design? The video I watched gave me a lot of insight on what this process might look like. Firstly, it includes contacting a customer and discovering what the client wants. Clients should provide something called a mood board, which includes images related to the company, images of the company itself and the products and what the client might want. A few steps after this includes a contract being signed, which is just an agreement from both parties discussing the expectations between this transaction. I liked this because I imaged a lot of small business or graphic designers, who may follow this step as well. Another step in this process is researching, knowing what your client wants is helpful but research helps a lot in this process. Looking at other companies and their logos and receiving inspiration from. Sketching the logo is of course apart of this process, scanning the logo and then making the logo digital.

Something else I wanted to note about what I learned today was from the video "what you can learn from your competition". I enjoyed this video and even though I most likely will never have my own business, I still enjoyed having insight about the process bigger companies experience. Some of the things businesses may have to look into when it comes to their competition would be. Their price points, their marketing campaign, their supplies and their customers. Which I want to touch on the last one especially. The video explained ways in which you can use your competition to seek out potential customers. You can look at reviews of their company and see what it is, the customers want that your competition just isn't providing. For instance your competition may serve food but they don't offer vegan alternatives. You can take advantage of that and use this information to find potential customers. It was referred to as "a gap" in the video that I watched.

Lastly from the same video I learned about direct and indirect competition. An example of direct competition may be places that sells books, this includes companies such as amazon, barnes and nobles or an independent local bookstore. Indirect competition refers to the same companies that are targeting the same customer needs but offering other services and products. An example would be movies or video games.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

What I learned on july 15th

Today I began the chapter on entrepreneurship. Although i did not get far into this unit. One of the videos I recall watching was an hour long video discussing how to speak. It was an interesting take, I learned how to begin your own company. I watched a video on Elon Musk, talking about his personal motivations for his startup. Which I enjoyed watching mainly because Elon Musk is heavily known now and extremely wealthy.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

What I learned on july 14

I started the day by learning how to successfully work a remote job. This unit began by teaching me how valuable remote work is. I learned a new term called the onboarding process. Which I have underwent many times in all the jobs I had but never knew the term for it. Which was the process of being contacted by HR, learning what the company expects, etc.

I learned how to work remote, how to connect with colleagues while doing remote work, how to socialize, things such as group emails and video meetings.

Another unit I went over was networking, I learned how to meet people and network with them and figure out how I can they can be utilized for my business in the future. Basically I learned how to make connections in the work field.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

What I learned today

Today I learned a lot of skills regarding job interviewing, I learned skills that can be used to stand out to the hiring manager more. I learned how to prepare for an interview. Steps that can be taken after the interview such as sending a thank you letter or email.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

July 6th blog- Social Media July 7th - Writing

July 6th

Today on July 6th I learned a lot of random facts. One of my favorite random facts were that people are most likely to have a heart attack on Monday mornings. Some other things that I learned is that you can profit from social media. The instagram portion I did explained things like Niches. I learned that Health is the most profitable, as well as other niches such as beauty, luxury, and streetwear. Some other things I learned were the type of jobs you can have, online. Examples given were bookeeping jobs, graphic designing jobs, and proofreading jobs, which I was super surprised about.

July 7th

Today at techie youth I learned a lot about writing and what that may consist of. My favorite portion today was a video about the differences of being a self publisher vs a traditionally published other. I learned a lot about the process that going into publishing your own book. For instance as someone who publishes their own books, you have the ability to be published in 100+ countries. Whereas someone that is traditionally published may never be published outside of their origin country, for example the United States, because it would only be published in English.