Log of what of Astrid Reynoso has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 8-12-2022

Today I learned about Transcription and Grant Writing. The Transcription section dealt with teaching about the job of a Transcriptionist, a person whom writes transcribes letters and other documents for official use. Usually the person has to have a minimum typing speed, dictated through a measurement of words per minute (WPM). Transcriptionist have to have an open mind, be able to listen to instructions, have great time management skills, and be proficient in their language abd grammar. Grant Writing is the job a person will have, in which they write to cooperations which have the ability to give money to those in need.

I'm glad I was able to cover all the parts of the Roles For Writers section before my last day was over, and was able to cover a section that I love to do myself in my personal life: Writing! It was fun to do Techie Youth as my summer job and I'm happy I was given the opportunity to be given a remote job to work both while in NYC and on my vacation! I'd love to work again and work at Techie Youth again later on if given the chance!

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 8-10-2022

Today I learned about Guest Blogging, Ghostwriting, and SEO Banklink Content.

As I wasn't able to work Monday and Tuesday, today I worked for both working shifts and had time to finish 2 sections and nearly 3. Guest Blogging, as previously mentioned, is a way for a blogger to get their names exposed to other people's websites and audiences through writing for other writer's blogs.

Ghostwriting was a very short section, but the section was about a writing position similar to Guest Blogging. Instead, you are writing content for another person who will ve recieving full credit for your writing.

And lastly, SEO Backlink, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a promotional tool that will get your website listed higher in searchs, thus resulting in more people visiting your website and learning about you.

I currently got up to the earnings section here.

Tomorrow I plan to finish SEO, finish Customer Service, and get up to Technical Writing!

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 8-5-2022

Today I learned about Blogging & Writing For Your Own Website and Guest Blogging. As previously mentioned in my last blog, the Blogging section covered what it means to have a blog, which would be to create text content filled with your personal interestes and the information of your life you want to share with the world. Blogs don't just need to come in the shape of text, as in modern times, the concept of vlogs, aka, video blogs, have overcome original blogs. Many people in the internet would rather partake in this, or blogging through posting pictures of their lives with captions similarly to an Instagram post. I have gone over this section and took the quiz. As for Guest Blogging, this section I've yet to finish, although I have learned what it means. Guest Blogging is to write content for other people's websites and personal blogs, allowing room for your audience to expand and to create connections with others persuing your same field. I'm happy with what I've accomplished this week, as I've gone through half of the links in "Roles For Writers" section in the Writing Chapter. Next week I hope to either fully get through the last hf of the Roles For Writers section or nearly complete it!

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 8-4-2022

Today I learned about Copywriting and a bit of Blogging & Writing For Your Own Website.

The Copywriter section involved what a copywriter does, they have the job of being given a topic to bring awareness to. They write emails, advertisements, magazine articles, and anything other marketing strategy used to rise brand awareness for small and big companies/people seeling a type of service. I also learned the difference between a content writer and a copy writer. Content writing is made to be informative and entertain, while Copywriting is meant to persuade people. Blogging and Writing, I got up to the resources section. It was generalizing what it's like to make your income via the internet, specificallt reaching out to people on social media websites such as blooding and vlogging or even making your own website!

Tomorrow I plan to finish the Blogging and Writing section and moving onto Guest Blogging.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 8-3-2022

Today I finished the Books, Published & self Published curriculum! Sadly today, I don't believe I have much I can add on about today as I was finishing and reviewing the chapter, and it was mostly the same things I had already known or learned in the prior days. Reguardless, I submitted the quiz and finished this curriculum and I enjoyed it so much reguardless! As a writer I'm happy to see the process of writing being more widely known and information being spread about it! Tomorrow I plan to move onto the Copywriting chapter!

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-29-2022

Today I Learned About Magazines & Journals. It's actually one of the chapters in the Writing curriculum! I was able to get through the majority of that section of the curriculum today. Magazines & Journals covered one of the many jobs a writer can find themselves editing. From what I've read, this part covers the general idea of being a magazine and journalist, as it usually is the said writer being told news stories or even investigating them on their own documenting them, and publishing them. These jobs tend to not be for freelancers, as most writers tend to be paired with a company that pays them. The articles and videos highlighted the differences between both jobs, the main difference being that magazine writers only need to have good writing skills, while journalists need to have been experts in writing. Next week, I plan to finish this part of the curriculum and move onto the Books, Published & Self-Published part! I hope to finish a good amount of each of these parts of the curriculum by the end of the week!

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-28-2022

Today I Learned About Entrepreneurship, Selling Digital Goods, and Creating Digital Assets. Today I submitted my final assignment for the Improving Your Quality Off Life Unit! All my prerequisites have been completed! And I learned soon after that the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Unit that I was focussing on for quite some time is equal to 6 total credits! I'm glad to know that I'm at 14 credits now, bit I do plan to work still until my final week! Today I focused mostly on the Creating Digital Assets Chapter of the Selling Digital Goods Unit, and went to the Writing curriculum. Writing is a passion of mine so most of the things mentioned I know about already but it's great to have a refresher and reminder of all the tools I have at my disposal to help in my potential career as a writer!

Tomorrow I plan to continue with the Writing curriculum, though it does seem like it will take me a while, this and the entire Selling Digital Goods Unit, which is good since I'd rather not rush into getting my last credits!

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-26 & 27-2022

Today I learned about Improving Your Quality of Life! I phrase this in such a manner because sadly my work log from yesterday didn't save and my work from both yesterday and today combined is the equivalent of finishing the Improving Your Quality of Life Unit! On Tuesday I learned about Time Management and Health and Productivity. Today I learned about Stress Management, Identifying Positive Role Models & Mentors, and Earning Income By Living A Jet Setter Life. Along with this I had also went over What Really Matters on the main page of the unit and read over the assignment. Tomorrow I plan to finish my assignment for this Unit and now properly move on from the prerequisites to the now Elective Units!

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-25-2022

Today I learned about Financial Awareness & Time Management. I picked up where I had left off for Financial Awareness, the chapter covering how to properly manage your earnings and spending, learning about the necessary expenses, items that can still guarentee you money if sold later on after use, and just general knowledge needed on how what you buy effects its resale value and any items that can be sold. I only got through the first half of Time Management, but I have learned about time productivity and how to plan out my day in order to help with my time management. Tomorrow, I hope to fionish Time Management and move onto the Health chapter!

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-22-2022

Today I learned about Financial Awareness & Financial Management. I was only able to get through about half of it since I worked a few extra hours this week in order to assure that I'd finish the first prerequisite unit before the end of this week, so I only had about 2.5 hours to work today. Added on with this, I didn't want to go over the hours I'm meant to work each week either. I learned in the first half of this chapter the money I will be spending based on my income, job, and where I live, or plan to live, and how to properly manage it. Next week, I will be focussing on getting through as much of the second prerequisite unit as possible, and a stretch goal is to finish it completely by the end of the week!

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-21-2022

Today I learned about being Wary Of Scams and Networking with Other People. Through the Scams chapter, I learned what scams look like, how to tell them apart from good offers, and how to avoid becoming a victim to scams. In the Networking chapter, I learned about learning how to work properly with others, stay connected with coworkers and bosses, and how to manage keeping connectivity to those who will help me alongside the career path I'd like to persue. Due to finishing these chapters, I am very pleased to announce that I have finally finished Welcome To Techie Youth, the first 4 prerequisite credits! Tomorrow,. my goal is to begin focusing on the next 4 credits!

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-20-2022

Today I learned I had more work to complete in the How To Sucessfully Work a Remote Job. About everything I mentioned in my last post summarizes this, and I was able to submit the given quiz, watch all the videos, and read all of the articles given in the unit. I'm still working on my goal to get the entire Introduction unit done by the end of this week!

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-19-2022

Today I learned about Successfully Working A Remote Job. Although it took me my entire shift to get through this unit, I learned about the fundementals on working online. This includes finding companies willing to allow training for you to properly do your job, how to collaborate with a team of remote workers, how to manage your time well and be productive in order to both do your job well and get what needs to be done in a timely fashion, and many more. It covered everything I've learned thus far with my job and the units mentioning remote work, with more detail and explanation placed in to it. I've decided that I will work on finishing the Welcome unite in general tomorrow, and once done with that, I will review the entrepeneurship unit and finish the final assignment for it. I hope with this, I will be able to be completely done with the Welcome unit and earn my first 4 credits by the end of the week!

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-18-2022

Today I learned about Social Media, Searching For Remote Opportunities, and Mastering The Job Interview & Getting Hired. For Social Media, I was instructed to make social media profiles for all of the given accounts and share them, but I'm not too comfortable sharing my social media with my job or just making an account simply for a job since I'm not too creative with how I'd make it look. I did go through each of the social media and went through the unit as normal though. Searching for Remote Opportunities helped me connect to so many websites and worksites that help me figure out where I can work remotely, which was a great thing to learn about all of these different opportunities and positions I could have working remotely! As for Mastering The Job, it gave excellent advice on how to prepare for interviews, researching your job, and giving good yet honest impressions for your job! I've yet to finish the final assignment for the Entrepreneurship unit, but my goal is to focus on that tomorrow and finally finish the introduction unite and earn my first 4 credits!

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-15-2022

Today I learned about Getting Clients/Sales and Hiring. The getting clients/sales section 1wss about learning how to get potential loyal customers/consistent clients to buy your product, be it through using effective psychological methods, negotiating tactics, how much brevity can impact your sales success, and how to properly manage your inventory for said sales you'll be making. The hiring section and videos dealt with the topic of figuring out your business' priority and what it plans to sell/achieve and hire employees within that range of talents/use. Along with this, it dealt with knowing how to properly treat and care for your employees, mentioning how important psychology plays a role into work and how much it will impact an employee's work ethic and motivation towards their job. It even mentioned how you should go about firing an employee, and how to do so in a respectable manner. Accompanied with these topics, I had also had the pleasure of finishing the entire Entrepreneurship Unit, save the final assignment. Although I didn't get through 100% of the unit, I'm glad to have gotten the majority of it done, and I'll be ready to fully finish it starting next week and get to the next topics in the prerequisite unit I'm on and hope to receive those first 4 credits!

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-14-2022

Today I learned about How To Obtain Funding and Creating Your Product. In the Obtain Funding section, the topic went over the importance of figuring out what sales pitch you will be using to help your business recieve the attention of potential investors. They will in turn help your business grow and help you earn enough money to eventually get to the Break-Even Point. The Break-Even Point is the point in where your business is earning more money than it is spending. Creating Your Product is the idea you are pitching in the first place that will get people invested in your business and products. It is important to think long and hard about this sales pitch and product, as it is the entire reason why people will support your business. You have to make sure there is some demand or greater interest in the product you wish to sell. Along with this, I'm proud to say that I have finished that all I've left for the Entrepreneurship Unit is to finish reading the articles and videos in the main page! My goal for tomorrow is to finish the Entrepreneurship Unit in total, and hope that the most I have left to do by the end of Friday is the assignment, which is to create and share my executive summary.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-13-2022

Today learned more about Branding. As mentioned before, I have read the instructions of this course, but have yet to watch all the videos and read all the articles relating to the Entrepreneurship topic. I was successfully able to both finish the branding unit and take the branding quiz. Coupled with this, I took the time to go over the Prerequisites To Getting Employed unit, rewrote my cover, and resubmitted required assignment that needed reviewing. Most of today was going over topics I already understood so I sadly cannot reeport on anything new I've learned. My goal for tomorrow is to try finishing the Entrepeneurship & Buisness Leadership unit, the only thing I hope to leave for Friday is sharing my executive summary, and then moving onto the Social Media portion of the prerequisite unit.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-12-22

Today I learned about Branding. Although I've went over the instructions of this course, I learned late last week that the Fundementals of Entrepreneurship topic had a lot to read about and look into, which is what I've been working on for the past couple of days, and today I've gotten to the branding unit. Branding was about how you make your business appear and appeal towards others, a heavy focus being placed on what people will first see, such as the name for the company, a possible slogan, the logo for the company, and ways for the customers to become more invested in the company. Examples are making sure there are easy and accessable manners for your target audience to contact your company, having an FAQ open, creating a mission statemnt so your audience knows what your motives are. As these are all ideas that the audence puts their attention towards first, it is important to make a great first impression by working on making your branding stand out yet peak interest. Although I've yet to complete the assignment branding quiz as there was so much information on this topic alone, I will continue from where I left odd tomorrow and hope to pass the quiz along with getting to my cover letter!

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Astrid Reynoso Work Log 7-11-22

This past week, I have learned about the instuctions for using this course, reasons and motivations to work remotely, The fundementals of working remotely, How to get paid, Prerequisites to getting employed, and my public image. Each of these topics provided a great deal of information to help beginner remote workers learn about how due to the pandemic along with modern technology, the workforce has altered greatly from traditional 9-5 shifts. Working remotely provides a great amount of flexibility in your schedule, less time spent on commute, saves you money in many ways, and all you need is simply a working internet connection. I've completed many activities and quizzes, such as creating a LinkedIn Profile and creating a cover letter and submitting my resume! I do need to revise my cover letter, as I learned it wasn't accessable to who was grading my assignment. From every topic I've immersed myself into, I was able to understand the articles I was given, every page given on the direct Techie Youth website to read, the videos I watched helped me further understand each topic, and so far I've passed all of my quizzes. I hope to learn more helpful information as the days go by, as remote working is not new to me and I'd love to learn any way I could immerse myself in this genre of work.