Log of what of Bena Gilot has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

The Different Aspects of Writing

I completely forgot that I had to complete these at the end of each work day but last week I learned a lot about the different aspects of writing. Many people assume that there's simply authoring magazines, journals, and books; but there are also a number of other positions that require the same amount of persuasion and methods used when it comes to novels and books. For example, there's copywriting which is essentially one of the most important jobs when it comes to advertising and marketing. Copy writers are responsible for writing ads or text with the purpose of persuading someone. They increase brand awareness through strategies that are made to appeal to people not push them away. - all of last week

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Writing - Authoring Books (Publishing Tactics)

Today I took the "Magazine vs Journal" quiz and I ventured off to the next section which is "Authoring Books" which mainly discussed the basic between publishing and self-publishing. It's interesting to see how much goes into publishing a book whether it's self published or not. Although not necessary it's highly recommended to have an editor and to gain the opinions of others. There are pros and cons when it comes to traditional publishing and self-publishing. For one, you don't have as much creative control over your piece if you were to publish it traditionally and it's typically a slower process. You will however gain validation and critics to improve you work and although it's a slow process book distribution is easier. With self-publishing it's important to keep in mind that it's kind of like a business that's starting from scratch and a business that solely has one person. Although asking for help can be necessary so that things don't get too overwhelming. Unlike traditional publishing it's a bit harder to distribute your books and there is no validation or proofing. Although you may view your book as great it's also important to keep the audience in mind. I didn't realize how hectic it is to write a book and publish it, it reminds me of the process to put a movie out there.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Writing - The Basics, Differences, and Structure between Magazines and Journals

Today I spent all my time on just one elective - Writing. More specially writing when it comes to magazines and journals. I learned the differences between the two, how to compose a magazine/journal, and what they usually consist of. I always thought that magazines were more factually based as opposed to journals, often because I typically correlate journals with journalism or a diary entry when in fact magazines tend to hit that criteria instead. Magazines are often used for entertainment purposes and solely require you to have great writing skills whereas a journal often comes directly from an expert who also happens to be a good writer. I'm excited to learn more about this topic because I have always wondered what it would take to be an extremely good writer especially since I've always done pretty well when it came to school assignments such as essays.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Web Development Roles and Quality Assurance

Today I focused on the different roles encircled around web development. Most of the videos made an emphasis on design and development and choosing something that suits me. that's something I still need to find out - I don't know whether I'd enjoy the external and aesthetic of the website as opposed to the internal and machine working aspect but I'm sure ll figure it out as I continue to learn through the Web development elective. I also learned a lot about Quality Assurance, I didn't know that there was so much enlisted in that career. I'll learn more about it tomorrow.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Web Developing, Digital Marketing, and Side Hustle Careers

Today I spent the majority of my time on Khan Academy and studying HTML and CSS. It's definitely something that I will continue to go back to. Repetition helps when it comes to retaining information. This made me remember how useful Khan academy is. Everything is explained in such nice and clearcut manner. I also took a closer look at digital marketing since I know that it's a common job for those who are interested in technology and arts. I'm not all that interested in it but I will explore it some more. I'm just super grateful that I'm able to explore different career options for FREE.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Virtual Assistant - Potential Job?

The visual studio code matter got resolved! But today I was more focused on the "Virtual Assistant" elective. Although I don't see myself being a virtual assistant as a potential lifelong career it is something that I could see myself doing for the time being (something temporary). I watched a couple of videos and read a lot of articles on what it takes to be a virtual assistant. I did however lose track of time and got super invested in the videos about organization and scheduling as well as travel tips for when it comes to virtual assisting and trips for my family and I. I didn't know that Google had so many options in order to keep track of everything. I spent a lot of my time organizing my email and learning how to use Google Calendar for myself and if I do get a job as a virtual assistant. I love organization videos and those videos really helped me to see that being a virtual assistant is something that I would like to do part-time starting now or up until I really get involved in my career choice and I'm done with school. I also spent a lot of my time playing some of the word games enlisted in the Literary Skills section which I will get into more. Now I plan on building a resume and hopefully applying for some virtual assistant jobs for teenagers. I don't want to get ahead of myself but the articles and organization videos gave me the confidence I need!

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Exploring Web Development, Analysts, and Video Editing

Yesterday after I signed off and took a break I followed through on researching the CS50 program by Harvard. Great reviews but pretty pricey for someone like me. I hope to take the course eventually but I don't see that happening just yet. I had a little trouble today finding the correct website to install visual studio code but I can't wait to resolve the matter and try it out tommorow. In the midst of that I delved into other electives such as "Analysts" and "Video Editing". I didn't know that there were two main aspects to being an analyst - there are Data Analysts and Business Analysts. I pretty much assumed that there were only data analysts which is more focused on the statistics and the computing of data for a business meanwhile a business analyst focuses on expanding the business by observing others and the necessities of the company. The way business analysts were described kind of reminds me of an HR position which I don't see myself doing. I'm glad I was able to review that because I now know that an analyst position is not for me, you are more than likely working under someone else and really having to be social or really involved in the company meanwhile I'd rather be the person who does play a great role but from the sidelines. It wasn't as intriguing as Web Developing. As for video editing I still have a bit more research to make on that but I can't see myself doing that as a career, maybe as a side hustle. But tomorrow is a new day and I hope to explore more!

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Fundamentals of Web Development

Today I watched a tutorial on how the Techie youth website works and I immediately knew which elective I wanted to take a look at - WEB DEVELOPING! I watched two and half videos on web developing. The first video gave me a slight introduction on what web developing is and the starting salary. The second video gave me a real life example of a predicament that happens to many yet is turned around by learning basic web developing skills/languages. Very encouraging because I don't see myself going to college. It really proved that anyone is capable of making money as long as they have good work ethic. And the last video which I did not complete yet (I still have another hour left) was super helpful in regards to how to get started. I've been learning through books and crash courses on Youtube but little did I know that crash courses do more harm them good because you're not really learning the fundamentals, everything is being rushed. So as of today after I'm done writing this blog I plan on checking out the CS50 course by Harvard and spending about 50 hrs over the course on that. I took lots of notes and I'm excited to finally have a step by step walkthrough of everything. I dislike tutorials that don't give me step by step directions, I like it when the information is clear cut and easy to understand instead of having to read through the lines. Today was a very informative day. Tomorrow I'll finish that video and take the quiz/test and move on to the next section.