Log of what of Duane Gomez has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

AI- Ai employment

I learned about Ai, I learned that in order to get employed and have a great career in Ai you need an analytical thought process meaning that you have to be able to make decisions based on analytics and act upon those results I also learned that you need the ability to solve problems with cost-effective, efficient solutions. It also requires that you have foresight about technological inventions that translate to the state-of-the-art program that allows businesses to remain competitive. Also, Ai pursuers are also expected to have technological skills to design and maintain and repair technology and software programs. Also, Ai professionals must learn how to translate highly technical information in ways that others can understand in order to carry out their jobs. Also, the education requirements to be an Ai professional are basic computer and technology and math background. For entry-level positions, it requires at least a bachelor's degree while positions entailing supervision, leadership, or adminstive roles fequentily require masters or doctoral degrees.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

fundraising- press

Today I learned about fundraising and press, I learned that one of the best ways to spread the word about your cause is through the press or local media to cover what you are campaigning for and first you get them interested in your idea, Ways to do this is getting to know the media that are most likely to cover you, another is getting to know reporters and producers personally but don't forget to become a pest, This will help you because you will spread connections and get a better understanding of the media also other ways to to get campaigning interested in your idea is by sending complimentary copies of your publications to reporters, and keeping up with the personal changes at your favorite media outlets this helps you, also always give the media a good story, by giving the media a good story you make sure the media remembers you which boost your likeability, another way to get more people on board with your idea is developing a vrtual media kit that resides on your organization's website and taking advantage of breaking news stories to promote Your Organization, Making Yourself Available to the Media at Any Time and last but not least thanking the cover for their time. All of these will help you get local media interested in you.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Fundraising- Approaching donors

Today I learned about fundraising approaching donors, I learned about appeals which is a way to approach donors, and I learned that finical appeals are the first impression your donors will have of your cause and ultimately determine whether or not they choose to support you. I learned that giving different pitches is another great form of approaching donors, I learned that basing your approach based on your leads is a good way to start how your gonna approach them. Also learned that persuading your donors is a way to approach donors, You can persuade your donors by storytelling, or talking about something that will relate to the person based on your leads, you can also think appeal to the person's emotions. I also learned the difference between cold and warm leads, cold leads are basically when a random person calls you and ask you to sign up for something this is basically cold lead, and a warm lead is when a customer has shown interest in your product. Cold leads or more commonly used but there are better ways to go about using cold leads besides warm and cold like qualified leads which are the best type of lead because these people tend to be the closest to the buying stage, Which means a person who does a google search for a specific product or service and leads to your company.

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022

online trading-forex

Today I learned about online trading forex, I learned that forex is a global electronic marketplace for trading international currencies and currency derivatives. Also, I learned that the forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world by trading volume and has no central physical location, Also I Learned that the forex marketplace is open 24 hours a day five days a week except for holidays. Also, most of the trading goes through banks and brokers, and financial institutions. I also learned about what a forex forward transaction is, It is basically when you settle for a date later that isn't on the spot it is considered forward. I also learned that the forward points reflect only the interest rate between two markets and that they aren't a forecast of how the spot market will trade at data in the future. Also the difference between the forex market and the US stock market is, The forex market has fewer rules, which means that investors aren't held to as strict standards or regulations as those in the stock. Another difference is the fees and commissions which means that the fees are widely among brokers. Also, another difference is that the market is more open than the stock market because it is open the full 24 hours a day of the whole week.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

online trading-block chain / cryptocurrency trades.

Today I learned about trading cryptocurrency trades, I learned that unlike stocks cryptocurrency is actively traded 24 hours every day and has no after-hours or holiday breaks also cryptocurrency can be bought at a fraction of the coin price meaning that you can theoretically invest any amount into the cryptocurrency, Also I learned that on some trading apps like Robinhood wanna trading with cryptocurrency there is a free unlike if you were trading with stocks also some cryptocurrency is completely unregulated which can lead to more risk. I also learned that most cryptocurrencies are much more volatile which means it is rapidly shifting values than most stocks. Also when you buy cryptocurrency its not like buying stocks because in stocks you have a portion of that company but in cryptocurrency, you have no backing assets its more like money. I also learned that blockchain is the fueling source of cryptocurrency by this I mean that because of blockchain cryptocurrency is thriving. I also learned that blockchain and cryptocurrency brought important digital innovations like smart contracts which are basically a traction protocol that is intended to automatically execute control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of the contract or the agreement.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

online trading- stock trades

Today I learned that about online trading and stock trades, I learned that there are many different markets that stocks trade on like the new york stock exchange and nasdaq. I also learned that nyse (new york stock exchange) is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and the Nasdaq is a computerized trading system that was initially an alternative to the inefficient specialist system that had been the prevalent model for almost a century. I also learned that each stock market has specific trading hours and for new york it's 9:30am to 4:00pm I also learned that on some holidays the stock market is closed. And that some stock markets have after-hours trading . I also learned that being able to understand how interpret stock charts which communicate information about stocks over time, The elements you should know are How to identify the lowest and highest stock prices and The time interval on a chart also the The difference between weekly and intra-day charts, Identifying spikes and trends, How to determine whether there is "support" for a stock, When it is a good time to sell stock and when it is a good time to buy stock.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

selling digital goods- sales channels/business models

Today I learned about sales channels and business models for selling digital goods, I learned the 7 tactics to sell online products first is to grow your email subscribers list and build an audience of potential customers the second is to utilize pop-ups or opt-in forms by using pop-ups to ask costumers for information, This has shown to create 44% increase in email subscriptions also it's not always enough to ask the customer to opt-in you have to give a reason to like offering the costumer something in return if they subscribe or opt-in, You can also time opt-in just before the user leaves the website so it doesn't interfere with the user experience. The third tactic is referral programs, You do this by creating a high-quality email that offers real value to your customers then they'll tell their friends if you apply that little push, and that little push is referral programs a referral program is basically offering the user a bonus if they invite their friend. The fourth is podcast sponsors, It's basically when you become a sponsor for a podcast and have them promote your product or website. The fifth is leveraging user-generated content, which Is when you create a product that ties in with the user-generated content. The sixth is sharing eCommerce marking offers on social media, which is when you use social media to promote your products. And the seventh is running PPC ads to convert visitors, This is basically using the google ads system. Also partnering with influencers can help create more visitors with for your website.

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

selling digital goods- how to sale digital goods

Today I learned how to sell digital goods, I learned the different sales channels like email-blast, which is basically when you send people emails about your product that you're selling. Also buying ads and calculating conversions is a good way to sell stuff and is a type of sell channel, By buying ads on youtube or google or any site even a billboard you can show you're the product that you're selling to thousands of people, Also I learned that when trying to get ads on youtube or google the more money that you invest in the ad the more people that will see your add. I also learned the different types of conversion metrics like total site traffic which is the total site traffic which can come from referrals, and social which is visitors that come from social networks, also organic which is visitors who come from the search engine, also paid search which are visitors that come from ads, also email which are people that come from email, and other and direct. Another metric system I learned was bounce rate which is the number of percentage of users that perform no actions and leave. Another google metric is page value and impressions, CPM which is the cost per thousand impressions meaning how much you pay for every thousand people to see your ad. More google metric is, conversions, CPC (cost per conversion), the average cost per acquisition, LTV, conversation rates by channel ROAS (return on advertising spend), engaged visit rate, you comparisons, quality score, cost per view, earned actions, video viewship.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

selling digital goods

Today I learned about digital goods, I learned that since the world is becoming more virtual the market for digital goods is in high demand, I realized that creating digital assets is the first step to earning income from digital goods, and I learned that you could sell stuff like e-books which is basically books but online and you sell it, You can also sell webinars which is basically an online event hosted by someone. You can also sell online courses for anything you are good at. You can also sell podcasts which is basically when you talk about something and people watch you interesting topics for podcasts is a comedy, true crime, sports also health and fitness, and news. You can also sell stock photos and other media this is basically you can take a photo of something and sell it for other people to use and see or you can create content and sell that. You can also sell mobile apps by creating an app and asking people to buy the app or you can have stuff in the app that people can buy. you can also sell video games. And you can also sell video game assets. You can sell WordPress themes and HTML5 templates and you can sell music downloads on cd baby and TuneCore. Also, you can sell Instagram ar filters.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

mobile apps- overview - ios developement

I learned how to make and what it takes to make mobile apps, I learned that on average a mobile app creator makes around 79k I also learned that you need to be well versed in many programming languages because the market for mobile apps is becoming more diverse which is why you need to learn muiliaple programming languages to succeed in creating mobile apps and the different programming languages suggested that you should know is java,kotline, objective -c and swift. I also learned that information security is important for creating mobile apps because all mobile apps uses people's datas and so every mobile developer needs experience in cyber security. Also, Creativity is important for mobile development and the ability to be analytical. Also, communication is important because you will have to communicate with your team to come up with ideas and solutions. I also learned that iPhone apps are mainly creating with code on the app store. I also learned how to download xcode and how to puch updates also realse a app to the app store.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022


Today I took a 6-hour python course, I learned how to make variables in python by giving doing varible= what you want inside the variable. I also learned how to revise input and the different types of conversations in python Also learned about strings and another string called formated strings also I learned how to use arithmetic operations also I learned how to do math with python code called math operations. I also learned about if statements basically meaning if something is true then something will happen if not then something else will happen. Also Learned about logical operations and I learned how to add a weight converter program. Also I learned how to add loops to the code. And I learned how to build a guessing game using python code only you do this by adding a variable with that number and using if statements also learned how to build a car game. I learned that there are different loops like for loops and nested loops, nested loops are basically adding one loop inside another loop. I also learned how to make list and 2D lists and I learned the different ways to make list. I learned how to add an emoji converter and also learned how to add perimeters and keyword arguments. I also learned how to create a reusable function also learned how to use exceptions I also learned how to add comments. And I learned how to add classes also constructors. I learned what inheritance was and how to add it. I also know how to add modules with python code also I learned what packages were in python code. I also learned how to generate new modules and I learned how to work with directions also I learned what pyi and pip is. I also learned the steps to make a automation with python code.

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022

web development- jobs

Today I learned about how to get hired as a web developer, I learned that the first thing you need is a portfolio, You can build a portfolio by going to yutimi and making one for yourself. Also, I know that uploading your portfolio to GitHub is important because they want to see if you are familiar with Github. And If a job says it requires 2-3 years of interlevel experience, submit your application anyway. Also, I know that you should always add a cover letter saying what you are interested in. Also getting your co-workers from your job to support your values that'll increase your chances of getting hired. I also know the different websites to apply for jobs are indeed, zip , google, and more. Also making a project based on what the job is looking for will increase your chances of hiring. I also learned that tech companies will always reject people and that you're going to get rejected a lot but that this shouldn't discourage you. Also If a company says that they want a senior developer this is not always true because sometimes they want 2 junior developers so you should still apply. I also know that it's a common mistake to think that algorithms and data structure are necessary for web development but it isn't because they use a system to do it for them.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Web development-coding

Today I learned about coding, I Learned what the fundamentals of javascript are, and I learned that javascript is the most popular scripting language out there. I know that you can use javascript to make web pages and make mobile apps and network applications and you can also make games and commend line tools. I know that javascript runs on browsers and every browser has a javascript engine. I also know that node is a mix of javascript and c++ code. I also learned what ECMAScript is I learned that it is almost like javascript but ECMAscript is specification and javascript is a command language. I also know that In order to write javascript code you need an editor. Also, I know that you need a script element to write your first javascript code you can write it in the body or head. Also when starting javascript you should have operations of concerns which is basically how the website behavior and looks by I also learned how to put javascript code in a node, First, you have to open a command prompt and open the folder that the javascript code is in and that embed it into the node, I also learned that variables are values that you give something. I also know there are different values that you can assign which are primitives/value types and reference types, Primitives are strings, numbers, and nodes and reference types are words. I also know that javascript is a dynamic language which means that it has two types of programming langouge which are static and dynamic, Static is when the variable can't be changed and dynamic is when it can be changed. Also to add to reference types there are also objects and arrays and functions. I also know when dealing with different objects you use arrays. I also know that in javascript there are functions which is a set of statements that performs a task or calculate a value. There are also node fundamentals like global objects, modules, and event arguments.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Web development-web design

Today I learned about web design for web development, I learned about the different sites that inspire people to do web design like Siteinspire.com and web design-inspirestion.com and awwwards.com, and templatemonster.com, These sites help inspire people for web design. I also learned how to get web design clients when you don't have a profile, you can do this by working for free or cheap, this helps because it makes you stand out from the crowd and you alleviate all of your client's concerns and anxiety about hiring an inexperienced web designer and also by doing this you build a good website that you can add to your profile which can draw in a new future business also by working for free or cheap you get relationships to add to your network you also get a 5-star review that you can add to your google places profile and you get feedback about your work. Another thing you can do to get clients when you don't have a profile you can make a niche it helps spread your name and ranks you higher in the Google system. Also telling your story will help you get more clients because it helps the customers understand you which will help them trust you. Also, networking helps with clients. Also, you can find a business that doesn't have a website and make it for them and sell it to them. I also learned how to market your web design and development services you can do this by telling your friends and family and meeting new people also calling and emailing people and asking small businesses. I also learned a common mistake that web developers make which is buttons should stand out meaning so that more customers know to click on them. Another mistake is too many called actions. And Another mistake is too little or too much space. And another is poor or miswritten letters. Also poor tracking and leading. Tracking is the space between letters and leading is the amount of space between lines of text. Another mistake is a lack of consistency. Also using the right image is a big mistake that first-time developers make, Also too long paragraphs is another common mistake also so is logo centering not being appealing to the eye. The last mistake is not a responsive web design which means looking good on all platforms.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Web development-databases continued

I went further in depth about databases, I watched my SQL Tutorial, and I learned that a database is a collection of data stored in a format that can easily be accessed. And To manage a database we use DBMS, By connecting and giving it instructions to change the data. I also learned that there are two categories for databases relational and NoSQL aka non-relational. In relational databases, we store data in tables using relationships and we use SQL to modify the data we put in. I also learned that there are different relational database management systems like MySQL, SQL server, and oracle. And For noSQL we don't use relations or tables, NoSQL doesn't understand SQL language systems. I also learned that SQL stands for the structure query language. I also learned how to download MySQL through the website MySQL, I know how to create databases for MySQL, How to select a statement for my database, and how to add a clause to my database, And I also know how to add and or and not operators using MySQL, And how to add null operator, And how to use the limit operator. I also learned how to join across different databases by using SQL language Also from this I also know to join multiple tables into a database.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Web Development-databass

I learned more about web development, I learned about databases and that databases are used to store data from your website and that usually databases are used for dynamic data, I also know that databases fall into two categories based on how the data is internally stored and structured those categories are non-relational data and rational data. Also, normalized relational data would split the data into the smallest pieces of information into a table of similer data.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Web Development-getting started-roles

I learned more about Web development, I went in-depth on getting started with web development, I learned how to install visual studios code and, I learned the basics of HTML like body head and HTML code, I know that both body and head have to be in the HTML code and I also learned the basic of CSS in Html code, like how CSS is the style of a website. Also, I learned Html and CSS layouts, I also know how to do layouts with flexbox, And I learned how to do HTML and CSS on multiple pages and add images, Also how to make a responsive website design with CSS and HTML. I also went more in-depth into the roles of web development like the front and back-end developer. Front-end developer is basically the people that work on the way the site looks and the back end is basically the people that work on how it works. Also learned the difference between a web designer and a web developer, And what a web architect is, a Data architect is, a system administrator is, a QA engineer is, a release manager is, a product manager is and what a CTO is.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Providing Services, Exchanging Your Skilled-Time for Money

I learned about services, I learned that services is basically learning service-originated skills that enable you to exchange your skilled time for an hourly wage. I learnt that you need a quiet work environment and high-speed internet connection connected to an ethernet cable, landline phone, up yo date operating system on your computer, ability to download and use specified software also basic computer skills. And examples of easy-to-learn skills that you can use for hourly wages are writing and content creation, online tutoring, digital marketing, online data entry, paid research jobs, public relations and press releases, SEO services, online ad campaign management, and transcription.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Virtual Assistant

I learned about virtual assistants, I learned that a virtual assistant handles clerical day to to day administrative duties and that they are technically savvy having experience in saas products like g-suite, facebook, and linked. And the different skills you need to be a virtual assistant are the ability to know how to travel and how to schedule also you need office skills and the ability to use productive apps also the ability to understand how to navigate social media and be good with literary also know to be in a virtual meeting and last but not least e-commerce.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022


I learned about Entrepreneurship, I learned about profit models, I learned that they are the most important factors of starting up a business because income is the main factor people create a business. And profit models are basically plans for how your business will earn revenue and identify any risk that would be a barrier to your profitability. Also, I learned that it is suggested that should incorporate several revenue models as a contingency. And I learned that there are different types of profit models like the recurring profit model and longtail-profit.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership

I learned Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership at techie youth today, I learned about business models, Which are a designed format for a business and it is important because it helps business be more successful and that the products you choose for your business has to solve a problem or improve a problem Also the product can be targeted to a direct demographic of people. I also learned that it isn't uncommon for a business to fail and that failure shouldn't be seen as a negative thing, it should be seen as a positive or an opportunity to improve, especially when a business fails early because less energy and time will be wasted. Also, I learned that it is important to set realistic goals when you are in the field of entrepreneurship. And when making a product you have to consider whether or not it is in demand.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Niche Informational website

https://free568605017.wordpress.com/ - link to blog

I Learned What a Niche website is, It is an Informational website about a specific theme or topic, or item. I also learned that a Niche could bring in money but is mainly dependent on the theme that you choose and how good it goes with SEO, I also learned what a SEO is basically the search engine way of determining what goes into the search engine. I learned that The way to make money with niche is to have ads, this is a great way to make passive income from a niche website, But depending on your theme and how good your website goes with SEO it can be a great success or great failure, Meaning that you can put a lot of work into a niche website and not get paid anything because people aren’t interested in that topic or the website doesn’t go well with the SEO.- By Duane Gomez https://www.TechieYouth.org