Log of what of Elyce Afrifa has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Executive Summary with Techie Youth

Today I learned more about how to do an executive summary and more about being an entrepreneur and how to make a good business model for success. I created my own executive summary for a cookie brand I have been thinking of making and it was a good experience to start thinking about questions I hadn't thought of to bing this brand into fruition. After I finished I just bounced around and tried to learn about other things like music production. I don't want to be a producer but the process fascinated me so I watched a video series of someone making a song and it was great.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Entrepreneurship by techie youth

Today I did the entrepreneurship intro course because I believe it is valuable information for the future. I learned about how to make a good business model and the steps you need to take to ensure the most success. Also that failures are not always a bad thing and entrepreneurs are not born but rather are made. I also learned about customers and building that. This is valuable because ultimately that;'s how you make money.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Tying up Lose Ends with Techie Youth

I started with stress management. I totally believe happiness is a choice. I think I already have great handles on my emotions. You can always do things to de-stress and self care and don’t let other peoples opinions bother you. I started web development just to see what it was about and the basics was actually interesting. Then finished the Life Quality course. I enjoyed this course because it is all about improving yourself and I am in this phase of my life to do just that. All the tips I learned are very useful and the most useful thing I found so far. Then I decided to fix some of the issues in the work I have done like quizzes and assignments. Then I focused on entrepreneurship because even though I don’t want to be one right now, I would like to in the future when I have more money to invest into it so this is valuable information.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Techie Youth Time Management and Personal Finance

Today I started with personal finance, saving money, and budgeting. I was happy to see Graham Stephan as one of the videos I love his videos. I also really love this kind of content because I just graduated college so now I have to go into the real world and get a place to live and stuff. So this information is useful. This is why I love techie youth and I can access this information. I really want to save 100% of my income like Graham and other people from the videos. I think the investments tips I learned will help. GaryVee is scary but he tells the truth. I am the same age as the girl in the video so I will use all the advice stated in that video. Next thing I focused on was time management. I am really good at time management. I majored in biology in college and always had a full load and I still got everything done. I just use a planner, reminder notes and sticky notes. All the tools provided like canvas personal planner or my study life is cool and all but those just make more work for me inputting all my information on there. But good to know that they exist.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Techie Youth Foundational Courses

Learned about finding remote jobs. I have used linked in and indeed before but never thought of searching up remote jobs on there before. It was actually pretty helpful and I saved a lot of jobs I can apply for. I also learned about scams and how people can steal your identity and your money and information. I knew most of the information. I am very distrustful of people on the internet in general. I always vet things before I give personal information. I learned tp network. Linked in is great help because I can use my colleges alumni network to meet people. I also learned how to interview for jobs. This portion of the lesson was the most interesting. I plan on interviewing soon for jobs. I need help on what questions they will ask and what I can expect so I can ace the interview. I will definitely be back to check out the content. I’m happy I have access to Techie Youth where all the information is in one place.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Product Management and Learning about Remote Work From Techie Youth

I tried to fix up the product management section of work but for some reason even though I read the articles and I think I have the right answers it keeps saying I need to review the content. I have decided to give-up on the product management stuff now because I can’t. I also went back to the introductory courses today and learned more about why Remote work is good for companies, your health, and gives you more freedom. Personally, I need an in person job to give me a sense of routine and a reason to look nice. But a remote job as a side hustle or passive income is a great idea to make a few extra bucks. I would love to travel while working remotely. I wasn’t able to go abroad because of Covid and remote work will offer me this. This also went over checking accounts and how it works. I already have one so it was just review for me. I found the how to write a check super useful because I have never had to. I also did the stuff on Social Media and followed Techie youth on all platforms.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Exploring Job Options With Techie Youth

I finished crafts by creating an ad for a laptop sponsored by techie youth. I added the logo pretty big and a drawing of a woman using the laptop. I also added that it was on sale because this seems to help a lot when advertising something. I also decided to hop around back into stocks.Although it is a little confusing and I am not that interested in it I will continue to learn and finish the course because stocks and crypto is a lot of how people get rich. When they have extra income they invest it instead of it sitting in their account collecting dust so the more I understand the better it is for my future. Cypto is very confusing and too risky so I don’t think I will partake. But stocks and using robin hood seems less risky and I will do that.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Techie Youth Teaches me How to be a Virtual Assisitant and Digital Art Seller

I forgot to log on some days so below are the things I did on the other days.

Monday 7/25

I almost the virtual assistant curriculum. It was really fun. It basically is the work that I love to do and I recently just did a job where I did the same things like make phone calls, manage bookings, etc. I find doing things like that fun. However, the pay isn’t that great. It wouldn’t be enough to survive in NYC without any help but its a great remote option to do while I do something else.

Tuesday 7/26

Today was simple and finished the virtual assistant assignment by making a website. I decided to come up with an original idea for a business. An escape room molded after the game Among Us. I think it shows that I have great original ideas. I have great insight in what fits in a theme for a website. Someone looking to hire me can see that I am skilled.

Wednesday 7/27

I have considered making t shirts. I recently took a sewing class so I can sew. I know people sell on redbubble and eBay and its a great passive income source. I know the how and where I just always needed help with the creative side and learning how to make digital art, clothing, or jewelry in the first place to sell. Techie youth taught me I really need to think about my market and if people will actually buy what I am selling. People make the most unique things. I saw a bling bra on the project hub. Apparently there is market for that. I just need to be creative.

Monday 8/1

I learned about making 3D things. The tinker cad was interesting but a little hard to understand. I was never interested in 3D printing anyway. Other software like Blender, AutoDesk, AutoCad, solidworks are also hard to understand. I also don’t want to invest in my own 3D printing machine. it is not that interesting to me. Too much upfront work learning the software and doing it. The same sentiment about laser drawing.

Tues 8/2

Today I continued the selling digital art course and before I said I didn’t like 3D printing but I LOVE the Adobe Illustrater free course. I started it and made the penguin outlined in the video and I felt so cool. Its going to take some time to remember how to do everything though. A lot of these cost money too so I have to put in a lot of investment to do them. But I think abode’s free trial is worth using and its software thats very common. Robotics and opening old products and collecting parts goes right over my head despite the videos being pretty clear. Selling digital art is for me. Maybe on Redbubble. I just need to learn how to use these sites like Adobe illustrator well so I can make unique things.

Today 8/3

Making profit selling digital art or real art is really hard. There are so many costs associated with making something and you want profit but people won’t buy your product if its too expensive. There is also competition. I learned its better to start high and move lower later because its hard to increase the price when its already low. Also having things ready to ship so people get their products fast is good to build good customer base. I have always wanted to learn how to screen print onto clothes. I can even use my own designs and make money. I have seen people do it. I am not into the tech wear like a light up bra or anything like that. I am pretty basic. I know there is a market for perch for TV shows and movies. The screen printing is a lot easier than I thought and relatively low cost.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Artificial Intelligence from Techie Youth

Today I decided to look into artificial intelligence because I was just curious about it. I have to enjoy tech and engineering. I like that its global and you can work from many different countries.I learned that it isn’t for the faint of heart. I like that you get to create state of the art and go to highly esteemed academic conferences. Unfortunately I don’t think I am interested that much in tech do possibly do this as a career. However, I feel learning from this will give me some information and a basic understanding of tech I can use to help me in other professions. I don’t need to be perfect at it but I can put it on my resume.

Sun. Jul. 24, 2022

Music Production by Techie Youth

Music production is interesting to me. I’ve seen Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas use Jack hammer sounds to make the hit song Bad Guy. The creative aspect of this career is interesting to me. It seems like this is a highly competitive field and is hard to get money from it if you have no customers. However seeing how timberland creates music is so interesting to me. This is hard. I hope when I learn more I will see if the creative aspect outweighs how hard of a career it is to break into

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Learning About being a virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant seems interesting. According to the material from Techie Youth, I just help with getting the best prices for flights, making phone calls, and whatever is necessary for the person. I am currently doing a job similar to this right now. It was said it doesn't pay that well. I have seen people making six figures from it. I guess it depends on who you work for. But it's quick and simple and maybe something I can do to make money while working another job. Like a side hustle.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Figuring out Which topics I want to focus on

Today I learned about Analytics within product management. It wasn’t hitting for me. It was quite boring even though I really want to know more about product management. I think I will still finish the course. But I think I am going to venture out into other topics like Virtual Assistant and see what they are about.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Learning About Project Management From Techie Youth

I decided to learn more about product management because I saw that it has high salary. I learned about development, the different softwares I have to use. I also learned about Quality Assurance, and … I think when I read the difference between product and project management the project one seems more interesting to me. Product management is too much about selling a product and is business and marketing based and user surveys and all that. I don’t like those industries so I don’t want to be apart of that.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Learning about Buying and Trading Stocks by Techie Youth

I decided to look more into stock because I know people make a lot of money from it. But after having to go through all the terms like common stock, preferred stocks, selling short, and all the government regulations I no longer am interested in getting into stocks. I don’t even have the money to invest so maybe when I am making more money I will learn all the jargon that goes along with understanding stocks. But for now I am not having fun learning about it.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

What is A Niche Informational Blog by Techie Youth

Today I learned about what a blog website is for niche subjects. I realized that I can make a website on whatever content I want and people might be interested in it and I can make around 5K a month from it. This sounds really cool, especially since you can sell it for $50,000 or even more just because of google monetizations and ads and such. However, I personally don't think I want to go and learn more about this career path because you have to put a lot of work in on the front end without any guarantee that people will actually see it. It is great passive income if it works but I don't want to risk that. I am going to move on to another money making lesson. Maybe I will come back to it. It can be something I work on while doing another job.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Trading Stocks and Cryptocurrency from Techie Youth

I wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency because I have been seeing people do it. I currently don't have much money and I don't know if it's worth it. It is so high risk. I know people who have lost 5 million dollars in cryptocurrency. I don't think I will continue with this even though the reward is high if it all goes well. Stock on the other hand are more interesting to me and I think I will continue with those lessons.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

How to sell art online by Techie Youth

I have always loved making art but the "starving artist" stereotype made me stray away from that form of work. I also love seeing art so art curation is also of interest to me. After learning more about it from Techie Youth, this career path seems plausible. There are so many social media sites that can help you get buyers and a loyal customer base. There was a lot of information about making this a full time job which I don't feel like this is for me so I will come back to this topic after I find something I am considering for more full time. This will be a hobby I will make money from.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Selling Digital Goods By techie Youth

I decided to learn a little about selling digital goods and I realized I am not interested in this. There is too much of "getting the equation right" and it is not a fulfilling job to me. I decided I am not going to return to learn more about selling digital goods after what I learned today, despite it being very lucrative.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Learning what a Video Editor is from techie youth

I have heard about this Final Cut Pro and I have edited stuff on iMovie and have enjoyed it. After learning more, there is too much upfront looking for clients and freelancing involved and I think I prefer making my own videos for money that editing other people's stuff for money. Too much work, I don't get to have as much creative freedom, and not enough pay for me.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

I decided to learn about entrepreneurship because it is a term thrown around. I know it makes a lot of money and you are your own boss. This job has too much business jargon included in it and doesn't seem fulfilling. I rather have a fan base before starting a business because the marketing part of it doesn't seem fun to me.