Log of what of Emperess Wright has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Sell and packaging products

Today at Techie Youth, I learned about where to sell my products. Techie youth gave me examples of where to sell like “ Esty or eBay”. I learned that the pros of using these sites are that there is no start-up cost, and paying for ads is unnecessary for this. The cons are having competition within the sites, it's not customizable, and “On most platforms, customer experience is favored over merchant satisfaction, so customers can usually return items at will even after using them when there is nothing wrong with them”. I also learned that you can sell from your own website. Doing it from your website can make customers have a professional appearance and the competition is not as visible. The cons to this are “Typically there are recurring fees for hosting as well as your site's domain name, but there are very-low-cost options that exist”. I was informed about the secure sales practices to basically be aware and avoid scams. I also learned about shipping out products today. When packaging them, having bubble wrap or sealed air around the product can protect it from breaking if placed down wrong. When you’re getting ready to ship the package you have to weigh it accurately because there can be a fee if it's overweight. You also have to measure the height and length correctly with a ruler or something similar to that.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Robotic/Digital art

Today at Techie Youth, one of the exciting things I learned about is Robotic products. I stay interesting because it drew my attention, personally because i like electronics. Robotic products are basically objects that are functional and are able to interact with. To start having a robotic product, they should have a product idea already planned out, and figure out if it's something that they want to sell or to gain money from it. Then they would need to purchase some “programmable prototyping board and various electronic accessories.” according to the information, having an “iron kit” can contain most of the steps. I learned that with robotic products people can use a “microcontroller”. A microcontroller basically helps control the product that you have. Another thing at Techie Youth that I learned about is Digital art. I learned the different methods like computer sketching, retouching photos, video installations, etc…those were the main things i learned at Techie Youth.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022


Today at Techie Youth I learned about 3D printing products. I was guided to the sights i would need to use for the printing. Such as tinkercad. I used Tinkercad in the past for a 3D printing project and as everyone says it's a good website. You dont have to pay the price or anything to start. I also learned that when printing the least expensive tools to use is “one color, one piece, small and plastic.” also it can be the quickest thing to print out. Another website that Techie Youth mentioned was Blender. For me, it looks a little more complicated than tickercad but it's also free and is easier for curvy shapes that people would want to make. In blender you can have animations and story art, all the other cool stuff people want to try. Techie Youth gave me an article that allowed me to find out that having an online 3D printing service is better than having a 3D printer and learning how to use it. Having it online can prevent people from spending a lot of money and it also won’t waste anybody’s time.