Log of what of Farhodbek Anorkulov has learned at Techie Youth

Sun. May. 1, 2022

Learning to code websites

Today I learned the fundamentals of coding websites. I learned about the process of using JavaScript and Node.js. The videos were extremely beneficial as i learned about topics such as code structure, variables, data types, “if” statements, and many other fundamentals. I hope to apply this knowledge one day to make my own website.

Sat. Apr. 30, 2022

Website Administration - I learned this at Techie Youth Today

Today I learned about the process of setting up a website so people on the internet can still access it. I learned about things such as domain names, SSL, FTP, DNS, HTML, etc. I learned specifically on how to set up websites by watching many tutorials on the process.

Sun. Apr. 24, 2022

Where to sell your product- I learned this at Techie Youth Today!

Today I learned about multiple marketplaces to sell products in. For example, I learned about eBay, Etsy, Tindie, Bonanza. Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, and about Sales Funnels. Incorporating what I learned today with the product making techniques I learned earlier on will be extremely beneficial. I can see myself using eBay to sell certain clothing pieces, jewlery, wearable tech, etc. To add on, the whole process of making your own sales website was extremely interesting. However, one should still consider the Pros and Cons of doing so.

Sat. Apr. 23, 2022

Clothing, Jewelry, Fashion Items, & Wearable Tech

Today I learned mainly about clothing. I learned specifically about professional screen-printed garments and how to design and create pieces of clothing at the comfort of your home. I learned about "bleach drawing", on-demand garment production, the pros and cons of pursuing a clothing business, etc. I also learned that there are computer designed products such as CAD or Computer Aided Design which helps design objects in a realistic scale. I can see this type of software being extremely useful if I were to pursue a clothing business in the future. I am personally interested in fashion so I am interested in learning more about this tomorrow.

Sun. Apr. 17, 2022

Laser Cut Products - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

Today I learned about an interesting activity: Laser Cutting. Laser cutting consists of using lasers to precisely cut shapes from materials. Using laser cutting, you can create 3D objects. There are also different types of software packages for laser cutting. For example, my day consisted of learning mainly about using adobe illustrator and Librecad. Similar to 3D printing, laser cutting is extremely lucrative and challenging to learn. Nevertheless, it is extremely interesting to learn about.

Sat. Apr. 16, 2022

3D Printed Products - I learned this at Techie Youth Today

Today I learned about the utilization of 3D Printed Products to earn money. There are many types of different softwares that can be used to print 3D objects. This includes but is not limited to TinkerCad, Blender, AutoDesk Meshmixer, AutoCad, and Solidworks. Softwares such as SolidWorks and AutoCad cost money and is challenging to learn. In my opinion, attempting to sell products by 3D printing is extremely risky as the cost of a printer is extremely expensive and printing in general is error-prone. However, it was definitely interesting to learn about 3D printing and how to use certain softwares.