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Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned that grant writing is the practice of completing an application process for a financial grant provided by an institution such as a government department, corporation, foundation, or trust. Such application processes are often referred to as either a grant proposal or a grant submission.

Successful grant writing requires a clear understanding of grantsmanship. While the principles and fundamentals of grantsmanship apply broadly. consistently successful grant writers are able not only to mobilize knowledge about the form and content of the proposal documents, but also the intertextual relationships of the specific proposal to other, related documents. The elements of proposal-creation typically involve:

Analyzing the intended audience for the proposal Analyzing the purpose of the proposal Gathering information about the subject of the proposal Writing the proposal Formatting the proposal Revising, editing, and proofreading the proposal

Submitting the proposal As with any writing process, all elements are less discrete stages than they are overlapping and often recursive activities.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that digital art can either be understood as any artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation or more specifically as computational art that uses and engages with digital media. Since the 1960s, various names have been used to describe digital art, including computer art, multimedia art and new media art. History After some initial resistance, the impact of digital technology has transformed activities such as painting, literature, drawing, sculpture and music/sound art, while new techniques, such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, have emerged. Andy Warhol created digital art using a Commodore Amiga where the computer was publicly introduced at the Lincoln Center, New York in July 1985. An image of Debbie Harry was captured in monochrome from a video camera and digitized into a graphics program called ProPaint. Warhol manipulated the image adding co]our by using flood fills. Art that uses digital tools Digital art can be purely computer-generated or taken from other sources, such as a scanned photograph or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that Social media are interactive technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. due to the variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available, there are some common features: Social media are interactive Web 2.0 Internet-based applications. User-generated content - such as text posts or comments, digital photos or videos, and data generated through all online interactions- is the lifeblood of social media, Social media helps the development of online social networks by connecting a user's profile with those of other individuals or groups. Users usually access social media services through web-based apps on desktops or download services that offer social media functionality to their mobile devices. As users engage with these electronic services, they create highly interactive platforms which individuals, communities, and orgnaatons can Share, co-create, discuss, participate, and modify user-generated or self-curated content posted online.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned that In computing, a database is an organized collection of data stored and accessed electronically. Small databases can be stored on a file system, while large databases are hosted on computer clusters or cloud storage. The design of databases spans formal techniques and practical considerations,

including data modeling, efficient data representation and storage, query languages, security and privacy of sensitive data, and distributed computing issues, including supporting concurrent access and fault tolerance. A database management system is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze the data. The DBMS software additionally encompasses the core facilities provided to administer the database. The sum total of the database, the DBMS and the associated applications can be referred to as a database system. Often the term "database" is also used loosely to refer to any of the DBMS, the database system or an application associated with the database Computer scientists may classify database management systems according to the database models that they support. Relational databases became dominant in the 1980s.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of rigorous instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. Algorithms are used as specifications for performing calculations and data processing. By making use of

artificial intelligence, algorithms can perform automated deductions and use mathematical and logical tests to divert the code execution through various

routes. Using human characteristics as descriptors of machines in metaphorical ways was already practiced by Alan Turing with terms such as "memory" "search" and "stimulus in contrast, a heuristic is an approach to problem solving that may not be fully specified or may not guarantee correct or optimal results, especially in problem domains where there is no well-defined correct or optimal result. As an effective method, an algorithm can be expressed within a finite amount of space and time, and in a well-defined formal language for calculating a function.

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned that facebook is an online social media and social networking service owned by American company Meta Platforms. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskoyitz, and Chris Hughes, its name comes from the face book directories often given to American university students. Membership was initially limited to Harvard students, gradually

expanding to other North American universities and, since 2006, anyone over 13 years old. As of 2020, Facebook claimed 2.8 billion monthly active users, It was the most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s. Facebook can be accessed from devices with internet connectivity. such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones. After registering, Users Can create a profile revealing information about themselves. They can post text, photos and multimedia which are shared with any other users who have

agreed to be their "friend" or, with different privacy settings, publicly. Users can also communicate directly with each other with Facebook Messenger,

join common-interest groups, and receive notifications on the activities of their Facebook friends and the pages they follow.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned that Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content is "something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or an of various arts for self-expression

distribution, marketing and/or publication. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, article writing

photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that Data entry is the process of digitizing data by entering it into a computer system for organization and management purposes. It's a person-based process and is "one of the important basic" tasks needed when no machine-readable version of the information is readily available for planned computer-based analysis or processing. Sometimes what is needed is "information about information can be greater than the value of the information itself." It can also involve filling in required information which is then "data-entered" from what was written on the research document, such as the growth in available items in a category, than Metadata, "information about data " Common errors in data entry include transposition errors, misclassified data, duplicate data, and omitted data, which are similar to bookkeeping errors. Procedures data entry is often done with a keyboard and at times also using a mouse, although a manually-fed scanner may be involved.

Historically, devices lacking any pre-processing capabilities were used. Keypunching

Data entry using keypunches was related to the concept of Batch processing - there was no immediate feedback.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. Celebrities, executives, participants in timely news stories, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, memoirs, magazine articles, or other written material, Memoir ghostwriters often pride themselves in "disappearing" when impersonating others since such

disappearance signals the quality of their craftsmanship. In music, ghostwriters are often used to write songs, lyrics, and instrumental pieces. Screenplay authors can also use ghostwriters to either edit or rewrite their scripts to improve them. Usually, there is a confidentiality clause in the contract between the ghostwriter and the credited author that obligates the former to remain anonymous. Sometimes the ghostwriter is acknowledged by the author or publisher for his or her writing services, euphemistically called a "researcher" or "research assistant", but often the ghostwriter is not credited.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Its development during the 1990s and 2000s changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and

as people increasingly use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops, digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent, employing combinations of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, -bookS, and optical disks and games have become commonplace. Digital marketing extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital

media, such as television, mobile phones, callback, and on-hold mobile ring tones. The extension to non-Internet channels differentiates digital marketing from online advertising.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that in computing, cross-platform software is computer software that is designed to work in several computing platforms. Some cross-platform software requires a separate build for each platform, but some can be directly run on any platform without special preparation, being written in an

interpreted language or compiled to portable bytecode for which the interpreters or run-time packages are common or standard components of all

supported platforms. Most platforms can refer to the type of processor or other hardware on which an operating system or application runs, the type of OS, or a combination of the two.

Sun. Jul. 24, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned that mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These software applications are designed to run on mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms, or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing to provide an "application-like" experience within a web browser. Application software developers also must consider a long array of screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations because of intense competition in mobile software and changes within each of the platforms. Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues and jobs created. As part of the development process, mobile user interface design is also essential in the creation of mobile apps. Mobile UI considers constraints, contexts, screen, input, and mobility as outlines for design.

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned that fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Although fundraising typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations, it is

sometimes used to refer to the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of capital for-profit enterprises. Traditionally, fundraising has consisted mostly of asking for donations through face-to-face fundraising, such as door-knocking. In recent years, though, new forms such as online fundraising or reformed version of grassroots fundraising have emerged Organizations fundraising is a significant way that non-profit organizations may obtain the money for their operations.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

what I Learned Today

Today on the techie youth website i have learned Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products. It is also "any activity or enterprise entered into for profit." Having a business name does not separate the business entity from the owner, which means that the owner of the business is responsible and liable for debts incurred by the business. If the business acquires debts, the creditors can go after the owner's personal possessions. A business structure does not allow for corporate tax rates. The proprietor is personally taxed on all income from the business. The term is also often used colloquially to refer to a company. A company, on the other hand, is a separate legal entity and provides for limited liability, as well as corporate tax rates. A company structure is more complicated and expensive to set up, but offers more protection and benefits for the owner.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

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Today on the techie youth website i have learned a record producer is a recording project's creative and technical leader, commanding studio time and coaching artists, and in popular genres typically creates the song's very sound and structure. The record producer, or simply the producer, is likened to film director and art director. operating

the technology across the project: preproduction, recording, mixing, and mastering. Record producers' precursors were "A&R men", who likewise could blend entrepreneurial, creative, and technical roles, After the 1980s, production's move from analog to digital further expanded possibilities. In the 2010s, efforts began to increase the prevalence of producers and engineers who are women, heavily outnumbered by men and prominently accoladed only in classical music.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What i learned today

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. This market determines

foreign exchange rates for every currency: all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices, in terms

of trading volume, it is by far the largest market in the world, followed by the credit market.

The main participants in this market are the larger international banks. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a

wide range of multiple types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. Since currencies are always traded in pairs, the

foreign exchange market does not set a currency's absolute value but rather determines its relative value by setting the market price of one currency if

paid for with another.