Log of what of Hajara Abubakar has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Oct. 11, 2022

Health and productivity

What I have learn today at techie Youth

Poor health can limit productivity. Physical and mental well-being is an essential factor affecting an individual’s willingness to work and complete assigned tasks. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve an individual’s desire to work and hence their productivity and professional-success. Health has a direct correlation to your general output, effecting physical energy and mental focus as well as reducing "downtime" due to sickness.

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Tue. Oct. 4, 2022

Steps in making budget

Sun. Oct. 2, 2022

Networking with other people

What I have learn today at techie Youth

Best places to network

Professional meetings

The office

Cultural events

Health clubs / yoga



Religious events


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Fri. Sep. 30, 2022

Mastering the job interview and getting hired

What I have learn today at techie Youth

Make a research on the company

Dress properly

Have a good communication

Prepared smart questions

Be professional

Be an active listeners

Consider your salary expectations

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Thu. Sep. 22, 2022

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Wed. Sep. 21, 2022

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Tue. Sep. 20, 2022

How to get paid

Fri. Sep. 16, 2022

What is a remote job and benefits of working remotely