Log of what of Ibrahim Choudhury has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Analyst Tecie youth

Today I learned about being a analyst and what they do. What is a analyst? The analyst is someone who Gathers data interprets and uses complex data to develop actionable steps that will improve and optimize results for a company. There are two types of analysts, one is a business analyst and one is a data analyst. A business analyst is basically the problem solver of a company they find ways to help improve the company's performance and they offer advice for what the company requires and the solutions that they need. Within business analyst there are two other types of analysts. One is external analyst and another is internal analyst. External analyst is basically a contractor who has an outside perspective meaning they do not work for the company and they come to help solve the problem and they do not leave until the problem is solved. On the other hand internal analyst is an analyst who is already working within the company and continues to work even after the problem is solved. How much does a business analyst make? They typically make around 50K when they are just starting and the average yearly salary is 93k and it can go up to 163,000. Also business analysts can / should have degrees spending many different Majors such as finance, accounting, business administration, economics etc. They should also have problem solving skills the shop analytic skills they should have communication skills stuff like that. Also as a business analyst you can also work remotely from home there are some sites that offer these positions such as glassdoor, indeed and flex jobs. Business analysts so also have some sort of certification demonstrating a skill in business analysis, desertifications are offered by iiba who offers the certification of competency in business analysis. One thing to keep in mind if you do not like solving a lot of problems this might not be the job for you.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Virtual assistant Techie youth

Today I learned about virtual assistant. Will virtual assistant is a person who helps or has a service online with questions that the consumers might have. For example if someone wanted a book a hotel somewhere there would be a virtual assistant helping with booking the hotel. Virtual assistants Respond to emails and phone calls scheduling meetings and help booking travel accommodations. Some other responsibilities that virtual assistants have are managing contact lists they should be able to prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records they should organize managers calendars they should be able to perform market research create presentations Etc. The requirements and skill needed to become a virtual assistant are proving that you have experience as a virtual assistant or a relevant role. You have to have familiarity with current Technologies like desktop sharing, cloud services and volp. You should also have experience with word processing software and spreadsheets E.G given MS Office, excellent time management skills, solid organizational skills and you should also have high school diploma and additional qualifications as an administrator or executive assistant. You can do a lot of things as a virtual assistant. You can work for a travel agency you could do scheduling you could do office work you can help with productivity apps you could do social media Etc. The best sites to find virtual assistant jobs our job get, Flex jobs and ZipRecruiter. On ZipRecruiter you can get 10 to $20 per hour on upwork you can get 7 to $40 per hour and Dawn Flex jobs you can get $12 to $15 per hour. On Flex jobs there are over 50 categories available members get exclusive deals and discounts and all jobs are guaranteed to be legit. On up work you can earn up to 34 per hour as a freelancer you can get 10 free connects every month and there are other things/benefits that you can get. And I forgot to mention as a virtual assistant you can work from home you could practically work anywhere you just need to go to internet so if you like to be at home where it's comfortable this might be the job for you.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Recruiter Techie youth

Today I learned about recruiting. Recruiting is a job where you find people or the right people for a position that is open in your company. You'd say you're looking for a web developer you would hire a recruiter to put out job descriptions. However just putting out a job description won't be enough you have to be a little creative so that people will engage with your job description and you can potentially find your next slash best candidate. When you write your job description you should use action verbs that will make the reader or the candidate engaged. Also there are some websites that can help you find candidates, like LinkedIn. This is actually the most popular recruiting tool and the best one. Captain makes it easy for recruiters to search for the best/qualified candidates. Plus on LinkedIn you can filter your searches so that you have a more refined candidate. All right so now to talk about how much recruiters make, typically they make around 60 to $70,000 and sometimes they can make even more but this all depends on how long they have been working and how much experience they have. There's even instances where people get paid up to hundreds of thousands of dollars because of their years of work and experiences that they have.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Fundraising Techie youth

Today I learned about fundraising and how to make a earning from it. So what is fundraising, fundraising? Fundraising is a a process of building relationships with people and companies or other organizations who might want to help you in your "mission". By the way fundraising is non-profit. There are certain approaches you could take when fundraising. One way is warm fundraising. Warm fundraising is when you ask people that you already know or you have connections with to help you reach a certain amount of money and to help your "cause". Another one is cold fundraising, cold fundraising is when you approach people that you do not know and you just met them for the first time. However cold fundraising should be your last resort because a lot of people are not successful in getting money from people that they do not already know. Now let's talk about the best practices for nonprofit fund development or "fundraising". Number 1 "prospecting"

number 2 "cultivation"

number 3 "asking"

number 4 "stewardship"

Prospecting is all about identifying people who might be interested in your "mission". Cultivation is once you have approached a person/ Prospect for the first time you'll want to "cultivate" them. Cultivating means to communicate with them and build a strong relationship with them on regular basis. Now on to asking, asking all comes down to the appropriate timing. What you want to do is ask the prospect / person to make a gift to your nonprofit development/ fundraiser. Lastly stewardship stewardship is when you keep building the relationship with them even after they sent you money and he keep on talking until the next time you ask them for a "gift".

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Video editor Techie youth

Today I learned how to become a video editor and I can make money from it. Do things before we start you have to ask yourself do you really want to become a video editor. When you work as a video editor you can make money remotely from anywhere you can practically just work home. So if you're looking for a pretty flexible schedule and you could work anywhere you want then this might be for you. All right so now to talk about video editors, what do they do exactly? Video editors they communicate a story or a message by combining video clips and audio together. All right so now how much does a video editor exactly make. Well this exactly depends on their skill level in video editing and how fast they can finish a project some people can get up to thousands of dollars for one project. Now there are two types of video editors that you could be, you can be a freelancer or you could be a staff video editor. The difference between a freelancer and a staff editor is that a freelancer can get his own hours he can earn more from that if it picks higher hours of working you could pick his own projects and he doesn't really need much experience to start working whereas staff video editors they have a steady income and they get assigned to certain projects and they can learn more from their co-workers and it's harder for anyone to get a job in that certain type of video editing without having established portfolio. Some content that you can make if your video editor is film and documentary you can make commercials you could do your own personal project / YouTube. All right so now to talk about some of the highest paying video editing jobs. Animation/ 3D animations, 2D infographics, Advanced effects , explainers etc. In my opinion I feel like animation will get you a lot of money so if you enjoy it you should probably go for that out of all of the things that I mentioned.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Writing Techie youth

Today learn about writing and how to make money coming. There's a lot of different rolls that you could take on in the writing industry. For example you could write about magazines and journals you could publish books you could do copywriting you could do blogging you could even write for your own website to do guest blogging goals writing stuff like that. You would need some sort of writing skills the skills required for writing jobs are accountability and reliability. So let's talk about magazines and journals, typically they write about articles for a few small magazines on a regular basis. Writing for magazines doesn't require specific expertise of any topic but you do need to be concise and you need to be able to put information into short sentences that will grab the readers attention. All right so now about journals to become a journal writer you typically need to have studied the certain topic that you want to write about and you have to become an expert in that certain field. Journal articles are typically a little longer than magazines and they contain a lot of information the contain statistics charts they require more time and more effort and they are more narrowed information wise unlike magazines which talk about a broad spectrum of things.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Providing Services Techie youth

Today I learned how to provide services and how to make money off of it. What providing Services is you exchange your time/skills for money. Your not selling a product or anything like that. Things to keep in mind if you think about doing this you should have a quiet work environment you should have good internet etc. There are a few easy to learn minimal skill required jobs. For example there is writing and content creation there's tutoring there is digital marketing there's online data entry there's research jobs there's SEO services there's online campaign management Etc. Now keep this in mind these types of jobs wont make you millions but you will be able to work immediately if you have the skills required for the job. Not only that they will pay you lots of money for it if you have those certain valuable skillsets. So if you would like to get a job ASAP and you want something that's pretty easy then this could be the right job for you

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Artificial intelligence Techie youth

Today I learned about artificial intelligence and how to make money from it. Few things to keep in mind before trying to get into the AI industry. There are a couple of major branches in the artificial intelligence industry, such as machine learning there is neural network and there's robotics Etc. Artificial intelligence has a very broad spectrum. For you to get hired as a artificial intelligence worker you have to know math you have to know stuff about data science you have to know calculus and a bunch of other stuff. There are a couple of ways that you can get hired for a AI company. You should try going to hackathons this will show that you have a basic understanding of AI. Some people who don't have much experience can do this exact same thing. All you need is experience and understanding of AI and you have to be specialized in something so that you could stand so that people would consider hiring you. Other things that you could do to help your portfolio is to do personal projects you should also do coding challenges also do open source projects these things will be a good addition to your portfolio. Open source projects will show that you can work with the team and companies will look at that and that will make them hire you. Now about coding challenges, they're similar to hackathons but coding challenges forces you to build a practical application of what you learned and it will look good when applying for ML jobs.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Creating mobile apps Techie youth

Today I learned about creating mobile apps and how you can make money from it. I learned that mobile app developers make around 78,000, but this all depends on the level of experience that the mobile app developer has and how much work he puts in and education qualifications certificates Etc. I learned that if you want to make apps on Android you have to use something called Java or kotil, and for ios you use Swift or C+. There are other few things that you could do to get your next client, such as getting referrals because people want to see how credible your work is and by getting a referral from someone it gives your next client the reassurance they need to allow them to hire you. Another thing is to attend events start meeting new people and that will allow you to find more people to work with and possibly open up a new opportunity for your next client or " next big thing". You should also build social media relationships because it will help you grow your business and spread the word about yout work and how credible you are.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Web development techie youth

Today I learned about web development and how you can make a earning from it. The cool thing about web development is that you can work from home you could work from anywhere in the world and you have a very flexible schedule. I also learned the fundamentals of working as a remote web developer. You have to be focused and it might get hard at times but you have to push through and if you're doing it for the money you're most likely to fail. I learned a few things about developing a website there are things called HTML tags there's something that's called CSS "cascading style sheets". Okay, so what is a html? A HTML is hypertext markup language that is used in websites such as Google and they use the HTML to structure a web page and the content in it. A CSS is something that is used to style the pages in a website such as colors, fonts and how the page looks overall. Oh and another thing I forgot to mention that web development is not you just developing websites. You can be many different type of web Developers such as frontend developers or back-end Developers Etc

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Music production techie youth

Today I learned about music production and how to make money from it. There are a lot of rolls that you could play Within the Music Industry/ sector and there are a lot of music business opportunities. Some of the music business opportunities that you could pursue are marketing promotion and PR you can also pursue to have a record label you could also run social media platforms for artists and you can also have a streaming platform and make money off of that too. You can also sell Beats online and you could also do DJing. These are just some of the things that you can do Within the Music Industry. Back then a lot of people would not have access to a lot of equipment they would have to be in certain record labels to access Studio but now things have changed technology has come a far away and you can make music from your own home on your own computer. So if you have a passion for music then this might be the right career for you.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Selling art techie youth

Today I learned how to sell art online. A few things to keep in mind when you sell art is you should decide what art to sell you should decide if you want to sell Originals or reproductions of Art you should choose a printer you should build your brand as an artist try getting your art into exhibitions and galleries so that people can see and people may be interested in your art. Because also try promoting your art on social media such as Instagram. Another thing that you should be thinking about is if you want to boost your career as an artist you might want to hire an agent so that they could represent your work or help you promote your work. Should also look for a art consultant. Be wary of scammers when selling your art or promoting your art online. Another thing is that you should always come with the perspective of business to business so that you may get your value flash worth of your artwork. Also as an artist try getting to our competitions so that you can attract people and other artists or collectors and so that you can "break into the art world" also as an artist start small/local then slowly you will get into big corporations

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Selling digital goods techie youth

Today I learned how to sell digital goods online. I learned that a digital good is a non-tangible thing or product. It might sound like a bad thing but there are a lot of Pros to this. Some digital products are ebooks, images, movies, videos. A digital product can also be a service to someone or it could be a online course. What I also learned today is how to sell these digital products effectively. Some of those ways are to use something called email blast marketing. You can also buy ads and you can also use subscription membership websites. Now Back to the pros of selling digital assets. One of the pros of selling or buying a digital asset is that once the consumer buys the digital asset or thing they immediately receive it there is no wait time whereas when you sell a tangible thing it takes time to deliver and it takes time for the consumer to receive it

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Computer design objects techie youth

Today i learned how to make computer designed objects and technological crafts and make money from it. I learned that you first have to think of a product and learn how to make it. Open a E commerce store, and do a lot of others things to help sell your product. If your product idea is already made by other companies there will more than likely be more competition to get your product sold and the market will be highly saturated. I forgot to mention i learned how i would make the 3d objects on "tinkercad" .

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

social media theme pages techie youth

Today i learned about how to make money on social media.

The social media platform i learned about today was instagram.

First off, before you make money you will have to gain a decent amount of followers.

After that you have to do certain things that will help boost your page and algorithim so that your page could be visible to more people. Such as using geo tags and the right hashtags. When you use hashtags it will more than likely have more eyes on your posts and in return gain more traction. Now that you gained attention you can reach out to brand ambassadors and ask to promote their product for a certain price. Your price will depend on how much time you put in to making content and it also depends on the engagement on your page. After that you can put ads but be sure not to over promote because people will get annoyed and start to unfollow you.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

informational niche websites techie youth

Today i learned about how to make a informational niche website.

i learned the things that would make my informational niche website more attracting.

For example you need a ssl certificate so that people would feel safer making transactions on your website, like paying for products.

i also learned about the "main domain" of a website is where people would find your website, its basically your "home address". I learned a few ways to see which type of informational niches would bring the most "traffic". For example using google trends to compare different web search results to see which one would be more likely to go "down" or "fall off.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Stocks, Cryptocurrencies & Other Types of Online Trading techie youth

What i learned is that there are different ways to invest or different type of investors. there are traders and there are investors. traders are people who trade to get money quickly and they focus on the volatility on that certain stock.

investors are people that stay with stock for a long period of time for example 10 years. they dont focus on the volatility in the market and they are not worried about the highs and lows