Log of what of Jason Colon has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Learning about business plans from Techie Youth

I learned that creating a business takes a considerable amount of planning and budgeting. I learned that an executive summary is one of the biggest starting points of making a business. A business idea I had was to create a game company that produces high quality games at a more accessible price. While researching about the game producing business, I learned that starting a game business usually takes about $1 million. A game making business has a large hierarchy that consists multiple teams of game designers, testers, animators, artists, producers and programmers. When dealing with competitors in the game business making game that are unique and use mechanics that are not used are one of the best ways to compete against the larger companies.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

I was taught the different types of craft by Techie Youth

I learned that you can salvage old or unused electronics to get pieces of an electronic that you can use for a different project. Despite some of the salvaged items being old it can still be used to create a modern day device. Another way you can use salvaged electronics is to retrofit an antique device to make it more updated with better utility. One of the projects that I saw that you can do using a spare PlayStation 3 controller is to use the pieces and the sensor that sense and simulate vibrations on a chair. The product was a chair that would vibrate when certain interactions would occur in a game. I also learned about designer crafts and wearable techs, this includes designing clothes and accessories such as watches, and shirts. When dealing with clothes design some things to consider are the material of the clothes, the color, embellishments and the overall design.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Techie Youth teaching me about laser cutter and robotic products

I learned about planning for a project and what it takes. When planning a project, some of the things to remember is a resource list, where you plan to sell the product and the skills to create the product. Other things to consider when planning the product is to estimate the costs of creating the initial product, the estimated cost of a individual product, estimating the recurring cost of doing business, and how much profit made in selling one product. There are many different software that can be used to make images that can then be created using a laser cutter. Inkscape is one of those software that can make vector drawings, Adobe Illustrator is another software that is the industry standard for vector drawings in 2D. Both of these software can be used to create images that can be printed out using a laser cutter. I also learned about robotic products, which are products that contain a set of electronics that are both aesthetic and functional. Raspberry Pi projects is a good example of what can be made when dealing with robotic products. Despite some of the projects requiring more skill, there are some projects that even beginners can do and can still have similar functionality.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Learning about 3D modeling, and tips for using a laser cutter from Techie Youth

Techie Youth has taught me about multiple ways to go about 3D designing and tips for using a laser cutter. Tinkercad is one of those software that is used from 3D designing. I learned about the different tools and ways I can create and move around the objects the objects I create. The group, hole align, and flip tools were some of the tools I learned about when watching tutorial videos for Tinkercad. Another software for 3D modeling I learned about is Blender. Blender, similarly to Tinkercad has tools that will create, rotate, and finalize a 3D object for a 3D printer. The boolean tool was one of the tool in Blender that I learned about. By using the boolean tool I can mesh two different objects together without having them overlap. I learned that when creating a 3D object, I should make the bottom flat so its more suitable for the 3D printer to create. I also learned about ways to save money when using a laser cutter. When using a laser cutter, the material thickness, density, how intricate of a design and overall how much time it takes to finish affects how much money it costs.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Learning how to correctly fire people and 3D imaging by Techie Youth

Techie Youth taught me to always have a witness when firing someone. There are three types of letting someone go; firing, terminating, or laying them off. Firing someone happens when they did a crime or a legal offense in the office. Terminating someone occurs when they are not worth the salary that they get paid. Laying someone off usually means that the company laying the person off does not have the money to keep supporting that person. When terminating someone, escort them out of the building after they collect their possessions; they are not allowed back into the building. When firing someone, get a witness and escort them out of the building; they are not allowed to get their own possessions have someone bring it to them. I was taught that there are various software that I can use to get into 3D imaging. Tinkercad is one of those software that is free and relatively beginner friendly and easy to use. I learned about the different types of laser cutters and what materials they can cut as well as what they are generally used for. I also learned about vector and Raster images as well as the difference they have have.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

I learned about financing and getting clients from Techie Youth

I learned to be observative when renting out a space for business. Doing things like knowing who controls the temperature systems, and knowing the amount of noise and commotion that will come with the location contribute to being observative. When talking about renting a commercial building, the price goes by annual cost per square foot. When asking questions be specific when asking them; rather than asking the cost, ask how many square feet. Additionally I should always be aware if I am given the option of renewal of the space and if the renewal price would be at the same rate or higher. When renting a space I should always be careful with clauses that state the landlord can evict at will. I have learned what it takes to have a good minimally viable product and its purpose. I have learned about premature optimization and how it can possibly break a business idea. I have learned how to have a lean startup operation. I learned not to gold plate my products or sites because it is an unnecessary expense. I have learned that asking the right amount of money; not too much or not too little is imperative. I learned that staying healthy and energetic is a very strong way of staying productive and maintaining an image.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Learning more about entrepreneurship from Techie Youth

I learned that it is better to drop/"kill" a business sooner rather than later. This is because the time will be wasted on a failed idea when it could be used to rebuild with a better idea. I have learned to tell people your business ideas, since it is better to get feedback on if it would work or not. I learned what it takes to have a strong slogan, such as the requirement to have an impact and timeless. I learned how to create my own prop value propositions . I learned of different company propositions and why they are effective. I learned that I can look at what my competitors don't have to and use that knowledge to have what they don't.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Learning how to become a strong entrepreneur from Techie Youth

I have learned what skills I need to become a strong entrepreneur. I learned about the fundamentals of being a entrepreneur. I learned about the attributes of a great leader and what I need to do to be a exceptional leader. I learned the distinguishing qualities that define strong leadership and what I need to do to have those traits. I learned how to present myself as a leader, how to confidently make a public presentation, and how to speak prolifically in front of an audience. I learned how to speak professionally and engage my listeners. I also learned about soft and hard skills and how they are examined.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

I learned how to improve my quality of life from Techie Youth

I learned that I should cut back on unnecessary expenses and should always keep saving money. I learned that I should inflate the amount of money I save along with any pay raises I get. I learned some methods and tips to conduct time management. Time management is imperative so I can work efficiently and spend my time productively.

I learned that health is directly related to productivity, so I should always make sure my health is in good shape. I learned some tips to project myself as a leader such as having a straight posture, speaking clearly, staying in good health, and not showing negative emotions. I also learned how to find and use a mentor, things like asking them specific questions based on their experiences can help with my learning and productivity.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Learning about how to successfully work remotely and connecting at Techie Youth

At Techie Youth I learned that there are different ways to say the phrase "remote work". I also learned about certain "red flag" phrases that can lead to being scammed. I learned about the courtesies of interviews and the most common interview questions to prepare for. I learned of some tips on how to set up and be courteous during a online meeting using a phone. I learned to not state your expected salary, don't let people take a package deal and divide it, always be opportunistic, and proactive, and to "work smart, not hard". I learned about remote working etiquette, and to beware of scams that ask for a large amount of money upfront and in one installment. I learned to know which people are "strategic contacts" and to be proactive when approaching them.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Techie Youth teaching me about money

I learned that the definition of digital goods as well as the taxes that are applied to them are different in every country. I also learned how to write a check, sign for Square, how to make a PayPal account, and ways to store and handle cryptocurrency with both physical and digital methods.