Log of what of Jason Singh has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Day 26 - 08/11/2022

Today, while continuing to learn about video editing, I have watched some videos explain the process of how to create a video. This includes the editing process, which can be how a scene can be played out at different angles, the correct sound and back ground music to have on, and even the lighting of a video to truly bring out the entire message of the video. Today however, I am on the subject of actually learning how to land a video editor job and what steps should be taken prior to this. There are some methods in which a person who are honed their skills can take to reach out to companies in order to land a job. This can be by cold calling, which isn't likely to get you back results as it is tough. However, when you are on the job hunt, you must try all new things in order to get the highest chance possible of getting one. This means that you will be reaching a company, getting their contact info like a phone number or email. You also make an offer to show off your skills to clients, if you want to start a video editing business, or even a employer for a potential job. This will let people know what your skills are like and what they can expect from you as an individual. What also can get you access to jobs is by using a referral from anyone who you have with from the past. With this in hand, you are able to have people who have trusted your work as an individual. Once you are able to get hired and land a job or even have clients for your business idea, it is very important you stay professional and friendly. This is due to the fact that you also want to keep in mind that you can be able to build your network with others when you are in good terms. When opening up a business, you need to show that you are passionate about their project, by staying on top of their needs and being flexible. This goes for working at a company because you don't want to go out their to make a bad name for yourself. It is also a good thing to stay in contact with clients when you are working on a project of theirs to show that you are willingly putting in the work. I do have to say myself that doing video editing as a job isn't really a good thing because it can be hard. But being a freelance, which can eventually start into a business one day can be beneficial. You can do this by going on freelancer websites and starting up an account with your information to get yourself out their. From there, you can receive potential clients that will ask for your work, which you will dead what best suits your skills. This is because you don't want to end up doing something that you can't do. After that, you will let up your prices that you will charge and how you can charge based upon the work that you will be trying to do. I may have to continue on a next time, as this is all the stuff that I have for today.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Day 25 - 08/10/2022

Today, I finished up with creating mobile apps and how to move about getting it through the App Store for IOS and Play Store for Android. So, I started to learn about video editing and how the process really is like. Well, we can start off with that, video editing's purpose is to basically creating a meaning through the sounds and images that a video usually has. An example of this would be in the movie named "Lord of the Rings", where Gollum/Smeagol is having a mental breakdown in the second movie after being captured by soldiers. His master, Frodo Baggins was also captured by these soldiers but he doesn't realized that and his other twisted personality Gollum is telling him to kill him and take the ring of power. It's honestly a crazy scene, as you can see him twisting his head left to right to show the two personalities. Well let's get back into topic, I found an article that talked about the basics of video editing, and since I am not too familiar with it let's dive in. First things first, you have to create a script that will be eye catching to an audiences you would like to share your content with. This means that before you even make a video to edit, you must figure out your end goals, like the targeted audience, videos purpose, message of video, etc. Once you got like lay of this idea, you can then start to work on things piece by piece, which can be filming something or getting an image or music. Once you get this you can move onto the next step, which is to choose a color combination for your video. Colors can affect the audiences perspective and mood of what they are watching, like dark colors can be gloomy or sad while brighter colors can seem more happy and even exciting. This means that you will be needing to have a good understanding of RGB colors, which how your phone, laptop, tv or any other electronic screen displays. This means you will in a sense need to learn about HEX codes, which are the colors for RGB colors. When using images in a video, these images must be of great quality, and the reason for that is the fact that you want your project to stand out more. A good software to use would be Biteable, which can automatically change the color profile to RGB, ensuring that pictures and images are in good quality. Audio, a valuable thing that is a part of a video, like our music. We like to listen or hear something that is off great quality and not having any issues at all. That is why when adding sound to your video, you are using sounds that are in HD quality. After this, and after all other components are done within the video, you must format your video as a MP4, FLV, or WMV. These three formats are the best because of the fact that they are compatible will all online streaming platforms, which can in turn get your work out to a lot of viewers.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Day 24 - 08/09/2022

Today, so far, I have learned the basics of publishing an app on the play store, but today, I am came across an article that talks about how to market an app. First things first is that it may take a while to even market your mobile app because of money and other factors. However, you can start by reaching out to customers and talk to them about their interests and needs, so that way you can incorporate new ideas into your app to make it even more successful. But, its not like you can just up to someone and say "hey... can I ask you some questions?", because most people won't give you their attention that way. In order to for you grasp the of audience, you must approach with some sort of incentive, like a discount, gift card, or some sort of thing that will do some time of impact on their lives. Then with that, you can sneak in some of your questions an motives in order to further grow yourself. Another way to market a mobile app is by developing relationships with influencers on social media. Let's say you have some sort of fitness app, you would most likely want to reach out to influencers who are gym enthusiasts and offer them a deal. Something that comes up into my mind with this is that by creating a mobile app, you can create a affiliate marketing program to have influencers join which gives them a small commission for every person that influence directs to your app. This is just a thought, but it has the potential to really drive large traffic to your mobile app. With that being said, lets get into another way, like most mobile apps, they have corresponding website on the web that gives off a lot information pertaining to the app. So, you can leverage a website of yours that has the features to promote your app. This is because customers will find out a company's website and do a lot of digging in order to see if a company's product is worth their while. Also, to make this even more better for your potential audience members, you should put links that direct a person to your socials, to build an overall community. This should be the ultimate end goal for every successful business idea. Let's look at another perfect idea that can make your life a bit better, and that is by creating a little video that showcases your app. We see a lot of mobile game ads of videos all over social media and they do this in order to have a bigger audience and to profit in more. A simple 30 to 60 minute video can bring in a lot of views and possible traffic. This video should be posted on your influencers socials, yours, and even your website; also, it can be showcased on any other platform of marketing idea you have developed. This was very interesting to learn, and I will continue learn more.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Day 23 - 08/08/2022

Today, I have been learning about the android development app process, as I have moved away from the IOS development interface for apps. I came across a good article on how to start the process of publishing and app on the Play Store. The steps are similar to the IOS app store, but I thought it was be nice to talk about it, and even see if there is a difference between both of them. Just like IOS, you must also meet the standards of Content Restrictions that will apply to any app that you decide to publish on the Play Store. This means you shouldn't develop and app that has inappropriate content like violence, sexual sensitive events, hate, etc. Remember, these are big platforms, which means that they are trying to keep their business running, as both the app store on IOS and play store on Android are a business. This means that for them to have a good audience, they must have apps that aren't posing as a threat to their business to give them any backlash. Anyways, you must also restrain yourself from using other peoples ideas, meaning you must have an original content in mind with your app as it will not appear to be published at all. You must also test your apps user data of privacy and security with an audience using your app, which means you must inform your audience on how you will use their data. Make sure to also test out your apps malware functions so that there will not be a future in where your whole system gets corrupted or hacks by some third party intervention. There are many ads that many apps may uses a way of getting more money for what they actually making on the apps, so it is wise to consider that whatever ads you use on your apps, that it is well within the Google Play Store guidelines. Well, before even publishing your app, you must create a Google Play Console account where you will set up your location, store, app category, pricing and distribution. Then you will follow the set up process and manage APK files and publish your app will all bugs fixed, where then it will be reviewed by the Google console team. After review, the status will either be stated as Published, Rejected, or Suspended. If it shows rejected, your app has not competed any steps, if suspended, it has violated guidelines. You also have the ability to unpublish an app anytime and do something else. Well, this is all have for today, and more to follow tomorrow.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Day 22 - 08/03/2022

Today, while learning about the app development unit, I found a good article on getting your app into the Apple App Store once everything is set and sound. You will need to submit your app to the App Store, and from there, it will be processed. However, according to Apple, 62% of common app rejections occur due to non-compliance with the main Apple guidelines. So, with that in mind, you must make sure that you prep everything up so that there is a successful process for getting your app in the App Store. First, you will need to make sure that you are able to pass apple's guidelines. This means that you must have an understanding of what apple expects because a small hitch can cause your app to be rejected in the process. This means that your app is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, etc and due to this, it will be deemed objective content. After doing this, you must test your app to ensure that its performance is flawless with no issues, ensuring that there is no bug or glitch found. What I never knew is that you must become a member of Apple's developer program in order to submit your app. This program gives your access to Apple tools, where you can literally have access to testing your app, ensuring that it works well. Another piece of important information is that you should create an iTunes account to allow yourself to be in a good position for better app management. As a member of Apple's developer's program, you will have access to this account where you will be able to create records of your app before you are able to upload it for processing on the app store. This is just a small process of what to expect, as an app developer when having to upload your app to the app store. Soon, I will come across the Android play store on how to do that process.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Day 21 - 08/02/2022

Today, while finishing up with the music production section, and even looking back at some other units, I started to look in the mobile apps unit. I came across an article about careers concerning mobile app developers, and what skills may be required of a mobile app developer. Here are the basics of what I uncovered, which are that when becoming one of these guys, you must be knowledgeable on the subject, while also being able to adapt and acquire a constant set of skills. This is due to technology changing every day, week, month, and year. With that in mind, companies will be seeking people who are very versatile in this line of work. Other than that, there is the idea of learning coding languages, meaning that you will be learning multiple languages. A word of advice, I have taken a class on a coding language known as python, although it was something great to learn, I also struggled a lot with the material. However, this wasn't because I didn't have the work ethic, it was because I wasn't really as passionate about it as others may be. With that in mind, you must enter against an obstacle with the passion that you will get through it or you won't. Anyways, let's talk about diversity, meaning two different systems of programs like android and ios. Based on this article, it seems that it is best to be able to have a good understanding of both of these programs because, in the future, this will be a key skill that many companies are looking for, even today. I always believed that skills, adaptability, and communications are better than what you learn in a classroom because they can take you places. As an app developer, you need to have some kind of marketing skills, and the reason for that is as follows, the app store and play store will only put up apps on their system if they are deemed in demand. Demand creates more attention, and attention is what you will be seeking as an app developer, so having a sense of marketing skills will come in handy. As for creating an app, you must have a sense of being creative because the fact thinking outside of the box is something that many companies desire. This is all I have for today, but I will continue tomorrow, by learning about app developers.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Day 20 - 08/01/2022

Looks like today is the first day of August, and now marks 20 days since this program started. Well, anyways, today I came across some freelance writing techniques and what jobs you can get while doing so. I was more or so interested in the jobs you could get and how you can get them. So first off, we have article/feature writing, which is a job in that you are able to write about things that you are interested in. The topics that you write about most things that pertain to your passion or expertise. One thing to keep in mind about this job is the fact that you will need to diversify your income stream, from making money on articles or feature writing. This can be seen as writing magazines/newspapers, where you'll be writing these things. However, one thing to keep in mind about this job is that it isn't as widespread as it used to be, as technology has revolutionized how we get our information. But, this can be seen as a side hustle on top of another job you are doing, so the money is there to make. Magazines and newspapers are all about different topics and niches, so they rely heavily on a condensed amount of information from just about everything. Another job is copy/content writing, where you'll most likely be working with a business in order to promote their product and brand. This will be a job where you will be needed to engage consumers and clients, and market products and services. You can get one of these jobs by applying online in advertised ads, or cold call business but this method of action may be difficult. Writing isn't something that sparks any interest in me in any way because it has always been something that I hated, but it was interesting to learn about some jobs you could get.

Sun. Jul. 31, 2022

Day 19 - 07/31/2022

Today marks my first time working with Techie Youth on a Sunday, but I had my reasons. Anyway, while I was continuing to work with the music production section, I found a very interesting article that I read. As a musician, you may not just want to create your music to have others listen to it, but also, you would want to have a profit around it. We do live in some sort of capitalist society, so everything that is a skill and can potentially earn you a living is worth-well to put it to use. The first method of selling your music is through digital distribution, where you will try to earn a large stream across the world. In order to do this, you must have your music streamed through two of the most popular streaming services, apple music, and Spotify. To get that done, you need to have your music go through a streaming network, where they distribute your music and collect royalties from the streaming services (apple music, Spotify). But it is important to keep in mind that some of these distribution services do operate differently, as some will charge you a monthly fee or will just be free. Some of these networks are Landr, TuneCore, CD Baby, and Amuse, where Amuse is the only free distribution network. Another method how you can distribute your music is by having some gigs that will make you profits and even build you an audience with your music. This would mean that you would be performing in person at a concert-like event, where you can host a large enough scale to raise awareness around your music. You would first need to find a good local venue to play if you would want to build an audience, that means booking a place to have your fans come out and support you. I have to say myself, this isn't easy as it sounds, but I will keep on learning about it in the days to come.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Day 18 - 07/27/2022

Today, while continuing to learn about music production, there was this article that sounded very important to me reading it. It talks about the Music Theory that producers should know about. With that in mind, this is what I got from it, which is, that music theory is something that electronic music producers find challenging. However difficult it is, you still can learn a thing or two about it if you commit to it. Having a sense of music theory training is important, as I stated before because in the future it will make you a more effective music producer in general. This is because if you learn the music theory, you are more likely as a music producer to come up with new unique material without doubting your own ability. This is basically like a basketball player, the more you discipline yourself to take a three-point shot, the more likely you are to be able to always hit it. Anyways, the basics of this theory with a piano are the use of White Keys, Black Keys, Intervals, Major Scales, Minor Scales, etc. It is a lot, considering that this theory is very abstract, and is the main reason why many find it hard to learn. By using White Keys, they are the keys on your keyboard that play "natural" notes, which are C, D, E, F, G, A, and B, which are the notes on a piano. There is also, the Black Keys, that focus on playing sharp and flat notes, which basically opens up the possibility to write in additional keys other than C major and minor. There are also the major and Minor scales, where the major scales play more light tones of music that can have an emotional feeling, while the minor scales play more darker tones of music that have a melancholic feeling. I am learning a bit of this, however, it is still quite confusing to me, and I can see why it is very difficult for many to learn. I am not very interested in a music career, but this was something nice to learn about, as I never knew that music had some type of theory that involves it. I will continue to keep learning about it a bit by bit.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Day 17 - 07/27/2022

Today, while continuing to learn about music production, I came across an article that talks about how to create beats using software on computers. The idea and process of making a simple unique beat can be abstract for many beginners as it can be a challenge. To begin making beats you need some tools first, like a sample library where you will record some beats and store time in a folder to later use. You will also need a DAW (digital audio workstation), which is software used for recording, editing, and producing beats. Some advice on this is that you will need to do some research beforehand so that you pick out the best DAW software on the market that suits your needs. With that in mind, you will be able to use this software to create a beat that is unique to yourself and your work which can be used for other things. On top of this, you will need a beat sequencer to allow you to arrange samples on a grid where you can drag, copy, paste, etc all your samples to create a beat. It saves you a lot of time and stress as everything is right in front of you; also, some DAW does come with a built-in beat sequencer. Then you will need a MIDI controller to plug into your computer to create rhythms with drum grooves to create beats to make your audience resonate with your beat. And lastly, you will need mixing and mastering software to assist you with bringing in a polished beat that has extra levels of professionalism to it. Now making a beat is simple as this, which is to define a vibe, like what you intentionally going for in the beat by thinking about the tempo. Then, you will create a bass line to provide a tonality and outline of the chord progression within the beat, which can differ based on the genre of music. After that, add some drums to the bass line you just created which can be high pitch to low pitch depending on the bass line beat you have. Then, you will need to add some melodic elements to make a harmonic sense that brings everything together. After that, you will then fill in the gaps with other sounds that can be as a rhythm and vibe where it will lead you to expand you beat into a full song to be finished.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Day 16 - 07/26/2022

Today, after learning about niche websites, I decided to explore something I had never explored before. I went to the music production section and found something about music careers and how they operate. Before talking about this career, I must say that music isn't something I would pursue as a career, but it is interesting to learn about something new. From the article, 10 Great Jobs for Music Lovers, I learned that the music industry and business require an underling of finance, macro and microeconomics, and data analytics. This is something new to know because the way music is made and released to the public is different than it used to be; now we used music apps to gain access to millions of songs compared to back then when others used CDs as a way of accessing music. This is because of the influence of social media like TikTok and Instagram, and apps like SoundCloud, Spotify, and AppleMusic. With this in mind, artists have more control over how their music is released, advertised, and promoted, which brings the idea of marketing being involved way more than ever before. If you plan to get into the music industry, you don't always need a degree for this, however, it can be something that would assist you a lot in this career. This is because it is something hard to make a name for yourself if you trying to pursuing to open a studio as you won't really have experience of what to expect in this line of work. Going to college and getting a degree can get you into internships and etc, but also, you don't need a degree at the same time. Having experiences with a network of people you have been with prior to ever entering college can help you to get up to the next level. I am not experienced in this field of work at all but it is something that many tend to pursue, which is to become a rapper, DJ, singer, or even make beats as a living which can be hard at times.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Day 15 - 07/25/2022

Today, I came across something new that I didn't know about beforehand, which is to earn money by selling email newsletters to sponsorships. The first step in having an effective process with this side hustle, you will need to have an email list that is attractive to sponsors. This means that you must have an engaging audience that is big enough to have sponsors to pay you to promote your product. This could be a difficult first step, but it is worthwhile if you are able to carry this out properly beforehand. After that, you would create a sponsorship proposal, where you will create your offer that must be about 3 things. The first thing is your offer, where you will basically be asking questions on how you will present your sponsor's product in your newsletter online, like how will you write it, will it have any images, etc. Then there is the frequency, which is the idea of asking how many times shall you promote their product in a week in regards to them. Lastly, there is the price of the matter, where you will choose how you will charge your sponsor. This can solely be based on the fact that you will charge a fixed price per month, or offer a pay-per-click option, to charge them on the number of clicks on links a newsletter will receive. After figuring that out, you will try to find sponsors, and you can do that by doing a simple google search that will give you a list of sponsors you may be interested in. Then, you will find their contact information, like an email or phone number, and contact them by doing the final step, which is to reach out to them and offer your proposal based on all the work you have done up until now. This was very interesting to know because I never knew you could potentially earn a few hundred off of something as so little as this.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Day 14 - 07/22/2022

From my experience, while scrolling through social media, I have come across many entrepreneurs profiting from an online course they have made. From these courses, you can find valuable information pertaining to their line of profession, and how you could pursue the same thing. With their knowledge and experience in their field of work, they have made these courses a blueprint for someone like me or you to follow along without running into the problems that come along. Today, I have come across an article that has given me some valuable information on how to actually do something like this, if I ever came across it one day. This article is mostly about how to create a membership website and how it can actually grow your business as a whole. One valuable thing I got from this article was that this idea is for anyone from any profession of work, as long as you are creating a business around it. The benefits of this are very valuable, as you don't need a large audience, revenue is sustainable/predictable, you have total control, your members are a part of your specific niche, and you can build a network from your members. Before even getting into this, you will need to think about some things before going ahead and going with it. For example, since this is an online business, you need to rely on some tools, like platforms to share content, protect content, and take payments so you receive your revenue. You will need something to create a website, which isn't hard because there are many websites creating sites out there, and may charge you a monthly fee or may sometimes be free. Remember, as long as it works for you, you don't need to worry about it. Then, you would need to figure out how much you are going to charge, based on the content you are going to make on your site. There can be multiple membership types, which give access to what your member's needs will be. Once you get these basic things down, you will need to do some research and what other people are doing. I am bringing this up because it is important to look at what others are doing so that you can bring your own uniqueness. It will also give you an idea of what to expect when you start this online business membership. As an entrepreneur, you have to think and then act, always look for ways on how you can do better than what others are doing. This is the basics of how to get this membership site started, but after that, you are going to need a way how to gain some members. At the current moment, you can use social media as a good way to attract some members.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Day 13 - 07/21/2022

As a business owner or a marketer, you must always think of different ways in order to drive traffic towards your business in order to make the most profits as you possibly can. This is honestly the most difficult thing an entrepreneur could encounter in their future endeavors, as it plays an important role in well and successful your business will become. We live in a new age, and most businesses that are highly successful are online, while having some in-person stores, but that is for really high-end income businesses. Anyways, there are some ways you can drive traffic to your business and that is being able to do that with some sort of content. On your website, you would most likely need some sort of blog because it gives your consumers a sense of high-quality content that will lead them to come back for more. To do this, you would want to create content that is lasting and sustainable to the audience that you so desire to target. These are known as evergreen topics because much incoming traffic of consumers will notice this content is been there for a while and being to come back for more. Over time, these topics will bring in a huge amount of traffic that will be with you for a long time. With that aside, there are also other ways to promote your business online, which is through social media. I have talked about this before, but it is worth bringing up again. You can use the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, which in most cases, will have the audience you are looking for. I like to think that Twitter is used by more serious people in society in a sense, while every other platform is just everyone else. You could also advertise ads on google, where you are targeting audiences based on intended keywords that are searched. However, it is a paid strategy to use these ads, just like on some social media platforms, but it can be worth a shot.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Day 12 - 07/18/2022

Today, I came across a very long article, but it was worth mentioning in today's blog. In today's society, content that is put out there is very valuable to many or doesn't spark a sense of interest in the needs of an audience. As a result of this, when trying to have a successful business, and especially trying to promote your brand or product, then, you must think about many different ways to put it out there. According to Sprout Worth, content creators/marketers, who are most successful and effective in their line of work, on a regular basis, put out a lot of new content. However, the most important thing is that it isn't just any content, it is content that is highly original, as many would say, original always wins in the end. Also, you must ensure that your content is information that your audience will not get tired and sick of and that it is content that your audience would like more information about while coming back for more. With that in mind, you must also know your audience, as it is any aspect that you must learn about in order to promote your content further. Things like age, status, education, background, etc, can all be something that helps you narrow the needs of your audience. Let's say that you have ideas of what you want to do, so you would want to create a blog post of some sort online, then that means you would have to put lots of content, that is original and also, make sure that you can handle your projects. I've read that many entrepreneurs often do much of their work themselves, while at the same time not having the interest of liking to do it. This can lead to a loss in profits, but you solve this by outsourcing your content creation, by hiring others from a different company to handle something that they would gladly do. Statistics show that outsourcing has the benefits of increasing profits to better heights. However, before even trying to attempt this, you must establish rules of what you want, so that the professional that does your work does it in a professional manner of your liking, and of course, in a way of keeping the attention of your audience.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Day 11 - 07/18/2022

Today, I came across a very informative article on what Niche Website is. What I got from it is that it is basically a website that focuses on a niche of the market type that provides content for answers and questions about a particular market. With that in mind, if a niche does indeed have enough demand, for example, real estate, it will surely provide lots of opportunities to make income. We all know that the real estate market is a really big one, and at the current moment it is kinda rough, however, it has many jobs that someone can choose from. A person could get their real estate license and start trying to sell houses or don't have to do this and start a whole selling business by yourself, where you are basically just making money from selling contracts. The best part is, is that, there is literally no risk, you just need to know how to talk to people and know how to land a perfect deal. Without me getting into this with too much detail, let's get back to niche websites. Basically, a niche website is a website that directly targets your interests as a person. Let's say I am a car guy (kinda am), I want to look up parts for my project car that I am trying to build, obliviously I am going to go on the web to search for that part. I would type something like a cold air intake for a 1995 Toyota Supra, and bam, I would instantly get something. These various websites that pop up are basically niche websites that were made in order to look for my desired market field. So in order words, they are websites built to fit my direct needs, and if the demand is high, you may see what you are looking for, but that all depends on the market.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Day 10 - 07/18/2022

Today, I was looking around ways how to build a brand in your business and found something that was quite interesting. I could surely do this with the use of social media, where I learn how to harness the tricks and tips that many big companies in clothes, tech, etc use to build their online businesses and stores. However, we must all start somewhere small, but with the sudden growth of social media and the pace it has gone up in the past decade, you can rest assured that there are ways you are about to blow up your brand all over social media. This has happened to many, and as a result of it occurring to them, it has led to building enormous amounts of profits and success. One way of getting your brand out there is by having your brand and social account be featured on a top following account, which guarantees that you will be able to gain enormous traffic towards your account. However, be aware that the bigger the following amount of the other user's account, you may see a fee as a result of them doing so. Since we live in a new age, everyone has their own ways of making money online, and this is one of them. After doing so, and paying a fee to be able to feature your brand, you can expect many to follow and check out your brand. Then there is the idea of hashtags, where you basically is #carsforlife or something and it basically ensures that the right audience and traffic are being targeted so that you may see potential followers on your page. This can be a great way of gaining followers because using the right tags can ensure that people you are interested in as consumers, will receive your message. Then there is the idea of a share user-generated content account, where many followers (real customers) will post your brand on their page, tag you and say something special about it which increases your credibility as a business. Many big stars and celebrities do these with brands like Nike, FashionNova, and even some luxury brands. With many people doing so, you are able to gain lots of followers and attention like never before because many people will be temped to buy your products for use.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Day 8 & 9 - 07/14-15/2022

On Thursday, I didn't get to make a blog about what I had picked up along the way. However, today in this blog, I will be covering yesterday and today's experience. First off, yesterday I was going over some Facebook ads and how you can use them as means of promoting your business to higher levels. For example, the use of an image ad can be something appealing to a specific audience that you are trying to reach out to. With these ads, the audience, who is on Facebook carelessly scrolling, will come across your image ad at some point in time. Once they come across your ad, you want to make sure that your ad isn't boring, that it doesn't make your audience intentionally scroll past it to the next thing on Facebook. Make sure that you are presenting these ads in a presentable manner. Another way that I learned about using ads on Facebook is the idea of combing two types of Facebook ads and creating a way of traffic for your online store. This can be seen with the collection ads being paired with the instant experience ads, where you are intentionally promoting your product to an audience, which will be compelled to click and being a transaction. On the other hand, these ads must be paid to be put up on Facebook, however, if you are able to figure out the algorithm, you can find a way to know how to drive traffic to your online store, and you will have succeeded where thousands have failed. This process is not easy, as it can be seen in many dropshipping online stores where many try and fail. The only thing that many fail at is driving traffic, but remember, Facebook isn't the only social media platform to do this. Today TikTok and Instagram are very big on audiences, especially TikTok.

I came across an interesting article today, and that is how you can use cryptocurrency to make money in many ways rather than just the traditional way. That being trading or buying cryptocurrency, you could just offer your clients cryptocurrency as an alternative to the dollar payment method. Many would be "people" might not like this idea but think about the future, and think as an entrepreneur, investing in the future is the only way to make money work out for you. The benefits of this can be high, think about it for a second, the government has no control over this type of currency, and looking at how good it is doing in the market today, it can be an eye opener for many. If you have a business that is up and running, you could always make your alternative payments to be the cryptocurrency method of payment. You would of course need a digital wallet and many people would not mind paying you with crypto. You could always browse the web and you would find people online who are willing to make the commitment in order to pay. The hard part is yet to come, you would have to figure out how bitcoin or any crypto would be linked with your products. For example, a shoe, which may cost $100, how would that transition to cryptocurrency and how would you figure that part out. Crypto is in some way worth more than the dollar so you would have to be reasonable and fair with your pricing on products.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Day 7 - 07/13/2022

Today was a busy day, but I picked up on something that I thought was very interesting and helpful. That is the strategy of a webinar, which is the preparation, comfortability, and collaboration when it comes to speaking to a ton of people. Whenever you try to be the host of a webinar, you would typically want to know what your webinar will be about and what people it will mostly attract. This can be something that is about business, sports, etc, and being able to pinpoint this part will make your webinar much easier to step up. Also, if you are trying to grow your brand with a webinar, you would like to use your audience as a way to strengthen your brand. Remember, webinars aren't only made to educate your audience on a chosen topic, as they most definitely can be a chance to increase your network. With this in mind, your brand will have the opportunity to grow to a bigger length; any event like this is an opportunity. The one thing that is important in preparing a webinar is that you need a team. Pulling off a one-man webinar can be possible, but if you cannot handle all the responsibilities yourself, then it would be wise to create a team that is able to operate with you on everything. There are a lot of things to consider when doing these events, but in the end, they can be worth all the trouble.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Day 6 - 07/12/2022

Today, I came across an interesting topic that talks about scams when it comes to art. For example, text messages that be randomly sent to your phone are really suspicious because they always seem to have a link attached to them. Also, there are many people out there who will in fact do this themselves, as they have no care for humanity or others. During this pandemic, we can clearly see that these scammers are using the fear of people against them, which they will type out a message and randomly insert some link to jump to. Once you click on that link, you don't even know if that person is able to mirror your screen and take all your secret information with them. Other than that, there are many other ways people can scam online, for example, doing dating/romance texts (using links as well), even contacting you over the phone, and playing an automated voice. From there, that voice literally tells you to enter some personal information and if you even think about doing that, that is the moment where you know that things are going to be bad for you. There isn't much to talk about this topic, but it was something I really wanted to talk about, even though many of us experience this on a day-to-day basis.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Day 5 - 07/11/2022

Today I was exploring the topics of art and how to earn money with it potentially. While reading an article, I have come to learn that being an artist isn't a walk in the park, because of the idea that you must find clients to sell your art to and know how to promote it. If you can't do that by any chance, then hiring an artist representative will do the job of having your side hustle in check. For example, they will present, promote and sell your work to potential clients who may be interested. Of course, since you are hiring them, you would have to pay them, but this can be negotiated before hiring an agent. My personal advice is to only hire someone who isn't looking to take your art and keep most of the profits or who would scam you of your work. You must always look and do your research on these things. There are a lot of agents who specialize in different fields private, agencies, and commercial. Making sure to always look into these things will benefit you in the long run.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Day 4 - 07/08/2022

Today is the end of the week for me, I have learned quite a few things and today I have been looking closely at cryptocurrency, and especially blockchain. Blockchains are basically databases that store information electronically through a sort of digital platform, and this is best used by many to store their cryptocurrency. Through this process, all the digital currency that is being stored is secured and maintained, so that the user of the database does not have to worry about if he/her currency is being compromised. You could think of this as an online cloud that is a secure way of saving and managing personal data and information, as every block is a new type of folder, like on the memory drive of a computer. What is very interesting about blockchain databases is the idea of decentralization, meaning that there is a bunch of locations where the data is being stored and saved. For example, if one location of the data that is stored is tampered with, then the other locations of the data would pick up on it, then cross-reference each other, and pinpoint the one "network node" that is with the incorrect information. From there, the system would be in tack and the previous, original information that was already there would altogether be saved. This was a very interesting concept to learn about, and I will try to go into more detail.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Day 3 - 07/07/2022

Today I learned quite a few things, but I will review something that piqued my interest. The topic surrounding bitcoin mining, which is the idea of using software programs on computers through algorithms to check bitcoin transactions. With Bitcoin being a digital currency, it may be a wise idea to get in on this process. By doing so, miners are able to record current bitcoin transactions in blocks, which are then added to blockchains. By doing so, a record of past transactions is added, and in this process, miners are rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoin per block. The crazy part is that there is no central authority who has control over this currency, and because of that, well there is an endless opportunity at hand. With this at hand, bitcoin mining creates more currency as more and more miners are out there doing this process. This was an interesting topic to learn about and hope to learn about it more in depth.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Day 2 - 07/06/2022

Second day here, I was so far exploring different subjects and I came across something that sparked some interest in me. The topic, Electronic Engineering, was something that was interesting to me, even though it is not something that I plan on looking forward to as a career. I went through the playlist of videos that were attached to the link, and I was able to learn about current, voltage, alternative current, direct current, and resistances so far. Basically, voltage is the amount of current that is flowing through a connected wire, that is connected to a light bulb, TV, radio, etc. Then there are the two different currents, AC and DC, where AC is basically current and electricity coming from wall outlets, while DC is current coming from batteries. An example of DC is your phone or computer as it has a battery that powers it to function properly. Then there is the idea of resistors, which are meanly placed into wires and wiring to prevent overload of currently being transferred to another device, which can prevent deadly accidents like a phone exploding.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Day 1 - 07/05/2022

Today was my first day with Techie Youth, and today was an interesting day. Today I mostly learned about how to start up a business and the one thing that stood out to me was the topic about laying off your employees. Through the video’s description, I learned that when you have to intentionally fire someone, you must know how to do it properly, as your course of actions can have drawbacks. For example, if that person is still on the computer working, then you may want to call them into your office for a little chat. From there, you shall example to them that you are laying them off and why, as it would be in a private place without them being embarrassed by everyone else in the work environment. Also, one thing to note, everyone reacts differently to these types of things because everyone has different feelings towards their jobs, so knowing how to get around that will be of assistance to you when having to fire a potential employee. This really stood out to me today, and I hope to learn more tomorrow.