Log of what of Jeemonda Richards has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

journalism & magazines writing -what I learned in techie youth

writing is a skill that enlightens creativity, and is the process of most critical thinking. in addition, writing is a unique way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, as well as communicating with others and teaching. 2 popular formats of writing is journalism and magazine writing. although both require publication, journalism and magazine writing are different. magazine writing is more opinionated and can be flexible. when writing a magazine article, you should consider writing about something you are passionate about, do more research on the topic, follow an outline and guidelines for publication. Because magazine articles are more flexible writers are allowed to include anecdote whereas in journalism it is different. with journalism, it is similar to a research paper. you are collecting data and information on a topic that you would like to share, so therefore you need to gather enough information that supports your claim or argument. If I was to get a job in writing, I would prefer journalism because I would feel like I am educating others in a unique way and often I am talking about things that are often ignored or not discussed in magazine articles.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

How to earn easy money

online touring is a way to earn money while helping others. websites that offer tutoring opportunities are tutor.com and care.com. i'm aware of the website care.com for finding babysitters which is also another great opportune to help others and get easy profit from doing so. tutoring topics can be math, cooking, English, and teaching an instrument. all of these things can also be done remotely over zoom.

Another easy method of earning cash online is Digital marketing. Digital marketing is the use of the internet or social media to advertise and reach customers. ways of digital marketing include creating ads, sending graphic requests, and more.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

7/26-7/27: How to Earn profits online- tech youth

There are many opportunities that offer the possibility of earning money in a internet setting. For examples, completing surveys online, Apps or websites that allows you to play games to earn cash, or for example what i'm doing with techie youth right now. in addition there's also public writing for blogs or newsfeed that give you the chance to earn a profit from doing so. One website that does surveys for cash is swag bugs, where basically they send you surveys and in return based on the amount of surveys you complete you get paid.However, I do not trust the idea of taking surveys online to earn money because I consider it be be fraudulant behavior and there is a risk of me giving up important information. In addition, i've attempted before to use the apps that can give cash for playing games and the likelihood of me gaining any profit was very slim. I consider the best option to be writing for a newsfeed because you boost your chances of publicity in addition to gaining a profit. Also, there are other ways to gain money online with it being less risky to your identity.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

7/19-7/20 Intro to the virtual workplace- techie youth

intro to the virtual workplace was a focus on how I can adapt to working virtually. tips on how to successfully get a virtual job like my zoom etiquette was what I learned to day. I also learned about Scam Job opportunities which I really did not know existed. however, I have has a similar encounter with a school opportunity and I almost fell for it if I had not had contacted my Schoo for confirmation. this module also directed the importance of having a social environment when seeking jobs because once you build relationships, that increases your chances for job opportunities as well.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

how to create a balanced Life- I learned this at tech youth today 7/18

for my first day at tech youth I found it to be interesting. as one of the prerequisites I focused on the topic of "quality life". this topic focused on helping me build financial stability, productivity, mental health, mentoring, stress management, physical health ,and more. in financial stability I learned the difference between gross income (the amount you make) and net income ( the amount you have to spend after tax reduction and work related finances). this was an important contrast to learn and understand because it now allow me to better understand how to put my money to sue which has been a challenge for me. by understanding that my net income is not the same as gross, I can now create a better plan on how to budget my money and save ultimately.

the most exciting part of toys topic was, mentoring. although I have heard the term before, I never fully understood what it meant but because of techie youth I was able to gain tips on how I can get advice form a mentor and how I should my relationship with one. for all that, I am now considering getting a mentor because I believe they would be very helpful in helping me maintain my academic productivity.