Log of what of Jenny Liu has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Social Network Community Organizing

Today, I learned about social network community organizing. Organizing a community on any social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is essential to earning income. It may also be beneficial to target a specific demographic that will be interested in your content. Building up a following on these social networks is challenging if you are just getting started. It requires a lot of time and effort for potentially little success. Ways to get started building a community would be to get into content creation. It can be about anything you like, such as talking about your favorite things or performing a certain action. These will engage viewers to interact with your content, who will also introduce your content to others. Once you have built a substantial following, then companies may contact you for paid promotions.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Creating Digital Assets

Today, I learned about creating digital assets. There are many types of digital goods that one can create, such as e-books, webinars, and podcasts. People can also create their own courses online for others to learn from. One such platform for doing this is Udemy. In order to create a successful course, you must utilize effective teaching methods specialized for online learning and select assignments that allow for students to gain more insight beyond the course. Besides online courses, you can develop mobile apps and video games. These platforms require experience in various programming languages such as Python and C++, but depending on how successful your app/game is, you can earn a large amount of money.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

How Recruiters Work

Today, I learned about recruiters. Recruiters look for potential candidates for a company. There are several skills a recruiter must have, such as strong communication skills, confidence, and good listening skills. In addition, recruiters must be comfortable with social media to look for candidates. LinkedIn is a popular platform in which recruiters can see the work experience of potential candidates. Since finding candidates can be tedious, companies will often use application tracking systems (ATS), which allow for better organization. Recruiters can easily search keywords to pick out specific candidates.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Mobile App Development

Today, I learned about mobile app developers. People can develop apps for iOS or Android platforms. For iOS apps, they are natively coded in Xcode using a programming language known as SwiftUI. For Apple Watches specifically, watchOS integration is important for your app to function on them. To test out an app, you can either use your own Apple device or use an emulator to ensure the app is functioning properly. Meanwhile, for Android, their apps are typically encoded in Android Studio and can be written in several programming languages. Popular programming languages for Android apps include Java and Kotlin. Android smartwatches have their own OS known as Wear OS, and apps must be optimized to run on them.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Fundraising Careers and Techniques

Today, I learned about fundraising. Fundraisers organize events to raise money for an organization. They typically work for nonprofit organizations, such as educational institutions or research foundations. There are several methods to fundraise online, such as crowdfunding, social media campaigns, and promotion from celebrities influencers. People can also get media attention to further spread awareness of a cause. Another way to raise funds is to apply for grants, which involves writing proposals asking foundations for money that can be used to fund charities and nonprofit organizations.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Today, I learned about artificial intelligence. Knowledge of different mathematical concepts such as probability, statistics, and algorithms, are important for AI engineers. Knowledge of math and computer skills form the backbone of artificial intelligence programs, and as a result, help develop analytical thought processes and problem solving skills. AI engineers must have the technical skills to design and repair software, while also translating this technical information for others to understand. People can get machine learning jobs without a degree by learning the skills through coding and math courses on the Internet. Competing in machine learning competitions, building your own projects, and contributing to open source projects helps you gain experience in machine learning.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Creating Niche Websites

Today, I learned about niche websites. People can use Google Trends to pick a specific niche that people may be interested in and search up. Niche websites can be built on platforms such as Wordpress and Wix. However, web hosting is necessary for these websites. Hostgator is one web hosting service where you can enable SSL certificates to ensure that your website's data is encrypted and secured. In addition, your website can be monetized through different ways. Affiliate marketing programs and membership lists are two such ways to earn money from your website.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Quality Assurance Testers

Today, I learned about quality assurance testers and technicians. They test software for businesses and ensure the software works the way the client expects it to. QA testers can be hired to either create new projects or upgrade existing software. Many QA testers utilize the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) to improve their QA efforts. The 6 phases of STLC are Requirement Analysis, Test Planning, Test Case Development, Test Environment Setup, Test Execution, and Test Closure. Software testing can also be classified into two categories - Black Box Testing, which tests the external design and structure of software, and White Box Testing, which tests the implementation and impact of the code.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Transcriptionist Jobs and Grant Writing

Today, I learned about transcriptionist jobs. These jobs require a minimum typing speed and typing accuracy. Some skills associated with transcriptionist jobs are strong listening skills, finishing work on time, strong language proficiency, and strong understanding of grammar. There are many websites for people to get started on transcribing videos, such as Rev, Scribie, and TranscribeMe. Grant writing is another type of writing career. It involves writing proposals asking foundations and corporations for grant money that will be used to fund charities and non-profit organizations.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Customer Service Jobs and Technical Writing

Today, I learned about customer service jobs. Customer service jobs aim to interact with customers through email, text, or live chat to solve problems and answer questions. These types of jobs require patience and empathy, since there may be difficult-to-handle customers. Another type of writing career is technical writing, which is focused on providing detailed descriptions and instructions on what a product does and how to install or use it. Unlike creative writing, technical writing has limited creativity, so it will be difficult for writers who focus on creative writing to transition to technical writing.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Careers in Writing - Guest Blogging and Ghostwriting

Today, I learned about guest blogging, which involves writing content for someone else's website. This allows for your content to be seen by a different audience and possibly attract them to your own website. Bloggers can be paid for writing guest posts, depending on how many words and what content it involves. I also learned about ghostwriting. Like guest blogging, this career involves writing content for someone else, but the person hiring you has full copyright over your writing.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Careers in Writing - Copywriting and Blogging

Today, I learned about copywriting. Copywriting is a career geared towards marketing a company's product or service. Thus, their writing must be persuasive and clear. Copywriters help companies share their story and business through written content and marketing practices (such as social media, email marketing, and sales pages). I also learned about blogging careers, which involve writing content for themselves or for others. There are different platforms to host blogs, such as Wix, Wordpress, and Weebly.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Careers in Writing - Magazine/Journal Writers and Book Authors

Today, I learned about careers that involve writing. Such careers include magazine writers, journal writers, and book authors. Magazine writers usually write articles for one or several magazines regularly. They must be able to write concise and factually correct articles. Journal writers differ from magazine writers in that journal articles are longer, contain a lot of statistics and/or charts, and take longer to write. Journal articles are typically geared towards academics, while magazines are geared towards entertainment. Meanwhile, book authors can work independently or through a publishing process that requires agents, editors, and publishers.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Business Analysts vs Data Analysts

Today, I learned about business analysts and data analysts. A business analyst offers guidance and advice on what requirements are necessary for a company to improve their performance. There are two types of business analysts: external (which is a contracted position and leaves after the problem is solved) and internal (a company employee and continues to work with the company even after solving the problem). A data analyst differs from a business analyst in that they often deal with data sets and must have mastery in computer skills such as Microsoft Excel and coding languages (R, SQL, Python, and more).

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Coding in Python and Java

Today, I learned how to code in Python and Java. Python and Java are both the most in-demand programming languages in web development and can lead to a variety of career opportunities. Java is used in many fields, such as finance, e-commerce, enterprise, or mobile applications. It is considered more challenging because of its syntax containing many broad features and capability of being integrating into many platforms.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Learning How to Code in Different Programming Languages

Today, I learned how to code websites in different coding languages, such as JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and Python. JavaScript is frequently used for the front-end of websites and is the basis of other Java-based languages (such as Node.js). PHP is another coding language and shares similarities in syntax with JavaScript. Python is another coding language and its syntax differs from JavaScript and PHP, but has relatively the same principles of programming.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Designing a Relational Database Using SQL

Today, I learned about designing and planning a relational database using SQL. Designing a relational database consists of several steps, which are to define relations and attributes, define primary keys, define relationships, and then normalization of the data. The tables in data represent entities, and attributes represent the properties of these entities. Primary keys are assigned a set of attributes that can uniquely identify a record. The relationships between tables can be established with foreign keys, or attributes in a table that are primary keys of another. Lastly, normalization is a technique to simplify the database design.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Learning About SQL and Web Design

Today, I learned about using SQL, which is an interface language that is often used to interact with most relational databases. For non-relational databases, they are referred to as NoSQL and do not use the same language that relational databases do. In addition, I also learned about web design, which requires creative skills that many people lack. Creating well-designed websites is a good way to earn money. Even if someone is just starting their web design business, they can still get clients by working for free, carving out a niche, or through networking.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Learning About WordPress and Databases

Today, I learned about WordPress, a free content management system which is often used to create and maintain websites. Themes can be added onto WordPress websites to make them more enticing to visitors. In addition, I learned about the two categories of databases - relational data and non-relational data. Non-relational data lumps each block of related content into a single record referred to as "denormalized data." Meanwhile, relational databases normalize data by splitting it into small chunks and places each chunk into a table containing similar data.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Web Development - Creating Websites and Different Career Paths

Today, I learned about web development, primarily on how to get started with creating my own website. Websites are typically written using HTML, but the aesthetic formatting of the site utilizes CSS. HTML and CSS can be used to customize images, such as adding borders and text to them. I also learned about different web development roles. For instance, a front-end developer is responsible for the interface of a website, while a back-end developer focuses on maintaining databases and the communication between different applications.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Funding and MVPs in Businesses

Today, I learned that obtaining funding is important for businesses. Calculating estimated venture costs and profit margins are vital for planning a new company. Dividing expenses into several categories, such as recurring expenses (rent, website hosting fees), per-customer expenses, and other arbitrary costs, can help with this estimation. In addition, I learned what the purpose of a minimally viable product (MVP) is. MVPs are used to minimize business launch costs until profitability is achieved.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Profit Models and Branding

Today, I learned about profit models, which lays out a company's plans on what to manufacture, how sales will be generated, and all the expenses that the business will need to spend. There are several types of profit models, such as production, renting/leasing, advertising, and commission. In a business, it is also important to identify what the target customer and market is. Another important part of businesses are to use a unique brand name that does not have any copyright infringement. Creating a mission statement, company logo, and website all contribute to a business' branding.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Productivity Tips and Business Models

Today, I learned about methods to be productive and stay on top of tasks. One such way is to use a Kanban board, which is a visual tool to help with the organization of tasks, thus increasing efficiency. In addition, I also learned about entrepreneurship and different types of business models. Having a solid business model is a key factor for success. Once a potential business model is identified, one must consult with experts in the sector to determine whether the idea has potential. It is also important to consult with customers to see if they have any interest in the product.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Types of Jobs, How to Avoid Job Scams, and The Significance of Financial Literacy

Today, I learned about the different types of remote work one can do, such as graphic design or writing jobs. Sites such as Upwork can help someone work in these types of fields. In addition, I learned how to tell the difference between a real job and a scam job. For instance, a scam job typically sounds too good to be true, such as offering high salaries than what is typically expected of that field. Also, if jobs require upfront payment, then it is also an indication of a scam. In order to attain real jobs, one must read the fine print of every opportunity and research the company and people ahead of time to ensure they are trustworthy. Lastly, I also learned how important financial awareness and management are. Minimizing unnecessary spending is important to lower lifestyle costs and maximize finances in the long run.