Log of what of Johansel Rosario has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Mondays reflections

Today Monday August 10, 2022, I learned Zoom meetings, setting up meetings, and tips on how to have a great Zoom meeting. As a virtual assistant I would be working remotely which includes virtual meetings and proper remote communication between me and my employer. A few of the tips I learned about working remotely, is that I have to make sure that I have a good background, lighting and audio is working well. The most common ways of communication used in remote jobs are Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts, and bluejeans. Thanks to what I learned today, I am able to use Zoom better and will be using the tips I learned like having good lighting, using a professional background, and making sure my audio works perfectly.

Today Monday August 1st, 2022, I learned how to create an app in under 10 minutes for free. The tips to create an app is to create an empty folder, download Notepad++, create phonegap build account, copy example config.xml, paste config.xml code and save, edit config.xml, copy minimal html code, save index.html file, edit index.html code, preview app in local browser, and zip and upload, build the app, download app and upload. These steps will help me create the app without having to know any coding languages from top of my head.

Today, Monday July 25, 2022, I learned about four different business processes that we will be using in the future. These languages are; Neural machine translation, Chatbots, Hiring tools, Conversational search. These languages will help businesses with translation, order stuff through chat with robots, and will display any information from the business and its financial data. These new inventions will help many firms in the long-run in the future and improve with technology.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Website developing

Today Wednesday July 20, 2022, I learned about different WordPress websites. WordPresses helps me build my own website. The ones that were recommended were Shapely, Mezmerize, Optimizer, Ocean WP, and Hestia. I was able to learn a little about each one and what are the pros/cons that each one has. Optimizer is the best WordPress that was recommended because it makes it easier for me to edit the website. Thanks to what I learned today, I am able to create my own website in the future on my own. Hope to use the knowledge I learned today in the future.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Python and Web Developing

Today Monday July 18, 2022, I learned how to install Python and how to learn the basics of coding. The Python course is through LearnX which teaches me how to use a loop and variable. The first thing I learned was Hello World! Where I learned how to use loops. For example; print(“Hello,/my name is Johansel.”) , learning Python helps me gain hand-on learning experience in a coding language which I could use to learn other programs.

Today Tuesday July 19, 2022, I learned how to create webpages with Khan Academy. To create a website I need three language programs. 1st, HTML which helps me create the website's content. 2nd, CSS which is used to style the website we are trying to create. Lastly, JavaScript, this coding program allows me to make the website interactive. Thanks to these three programs, we are able to create our own websites about whatever we want.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Job interviews - Jun 14th, 2022

Today, Thursday Jun 14th, 2022, I learned about; job interviews, how to ease a job interview and tips and tricks to give a good first impression. In today's society, employers are looking for people experienced in the field that they are applying which makes it difficult for new graduate students with no experiences to be hired. The best advised I learned is that I should be involved in something related to the job I am applying for, so I can have something to talk about when I get asked about my experience in the field I am applying for. Another tip I learned is that I should research the company, the position, current activities the team is working for so I can be seen as I need what I am talking about during the interview. Lastly, I learned that 79% of businesses reject applicants because of their public image in the internet. Applicants have to make sure that they have a positive image in the internet that would show employers that you will bring and have a positive image for the company.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Improving your quality life

Today, I learned how to be financially aware, have stress management, and how to earn money by working remotely from anywhere in the world at my own pace.

Financial awareness taught me how to budget my expending, and only use money for necessities. I was also introduced to different resale values such as; smart purchases that can help me resale recover the amount I invested in these items, wasteful purchases and lastly consumables.

Stress management taught me that happiness is a choice and to never let others keep you away from being happy.