Log of what of Judah Moore has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Music Production: Ending.

Today, I've finally been able to complete the music production unit (soon to complete the final unit assignment) and learn more about music related careers/jobs especially remote ones and what they do;

1. Music Producing, which was spoken on through earlier days, throughout the unit, but to reiterate, one who creates music for artists, or for professional use or even for personal use.

2. Disc Jokey (DJs), perfect example being those who are behind the control of music at a function or generally the person who is behind the control of the music playing somewhere would be considered as the DJ although for the actual job, it's a lot more than just moving buttons/knobs around but you have to have a good feel of what your doing.

3. Selling beats online, which takes time depending on how interested people may be into the beats being sold, it can catch attention and once it does, that's when money starts to come in; but everything can't be expensive for the very first time.

4. Film composing, which depends on your style but, is for the purpose of providing music for films, but can be challenging when starting out but, definitely needs your time and energy fully invested into the work and once you have an understanding of what's needed, things should become smoother.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Music Production: Monetization

Today, through technical struggles, I've been able to achieve learning about the monetization process of music, different methods/techniques in relation to being able to make money off the music you make;

1. Stock music; audio/music/sounds of professional quality and use, that can be profited off of,

2. Music licensing, which is highly important to (reliably) making music profit, such as licensing a site to use the music..,

3. Music Distribution; The services that music producers make agreements with that publicize on streaming sites/services (such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, YouTube etc.) that music that the producers make for the listeners and which are the best sites to use for this purpose.

4. Film Scoring (jobs) & portfolio making; These are jobs that are pretty easy to find nowadays due to most things being digital and to score a job, creating a demo reel is pretty helpful & important as you can/should display/showcase your best work of audio making/composing from earlier experiences. For these jobs, you get hired to make film music and music for games and apps.

So, in finality, I've been able to learn a quantity of different ways to be able to make money/profit off of music creation and the methods to doing it reliably along with methods that can make more profit as compared to other ways.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Music Production: continuation

Today, I've accomplished completing/learning how to produce music on a computer, though it may not seem like much, there is a lot to take in.

You have to have a good understanding of how things work and things seemingly can get confusing at times but that's why I always backtracked to make sure what I knew sticks with me. I've been able to complete a quiz relating to music production and have passed. Moving forward, I've been able to observe how to monetize music which, will be progressed further until finished along with music career resources.

I've also learned that once you have the basics and information necessary down pact, producing music won't be too difficult although it does come with cons because there are times good things aren't always perfect; such as things not always going the way they should, problems with audio etc. but, it all takes time and effort in order to produce good results with the work done.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Music Production: DAW

Today, though experiencing technical difficulties, I've achieved learning what Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) is along with it's basic functionalities, how to use it, and tips on how it can be made to use to the best of my ability.

In short summary, DAWs can make life much easier for music producers whereas if instruments cant be used to record sounds, you can just go online and be able to make the sounds that you want through the DAW. Basically, it's purpose is for editing, recording, and producing audio files.

Garageband is a perfect example of a DAW upon many, considering that it's purpose is for editing, recording and producing audio through technology.

There are many different programs that can be used but at the end of it all, this is all efficient to the music producing world and with enough time and effort, you can move from a beginners' level to a pro level at using DAWs and music production.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Music Production: continuation

Today, I've been able to progress further into learning about how music production works and have accomplished observing different processes of the creation of beats and music; making basic chord progressions along with the creation of melodies.

In summary, I've been able to learn different ways good music can be produced and how the creation of it looks through examples. Also, I learned how the perfect sounds were able to be used in order for the creation of a film and how they fit in different orders.

One final major thing I've learned for today was also that the editing and titling of tracks are also crucial to how good the production of it ends up, it's never really a good idea to not have a name for a track and just give it a plain name whereas it isn't attractive to the eye. A possible option to help out if a name can't be thought of would be to go on a song name generator, or just feed of the mood of the song, possibly what it's about and come up with a name from there.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Music Production.

Today, I've been able to accomplish learning about the process of music production to an extent and how things work within said area. I've also been able to observe the journey of one person; Leo Moracchioli process of creating a song within 5 days and how he used the items he had to help him create it all on his own.

There are apps that can be used to create beats whereas you can pick out instruments, use them in your own way and compile it all together to make a beat off of an app. Or, you can record instruments that you've used in real life in a set way, and can use the app to edit the sound to also create beats. So this helps to show how there aren't that many restrictions to prevent you from making music, but you can pretty much do it from wherever you please while on the go.

Though in the music business, just because you can make beats anywhere doesn't mean that there aren't general restrictions, copyright is a real thing and that can prevent music from being monetized if one person makes an original beat, you sample it, make numbers and they don't feel good about it (which likely nobody would feel good about that). But nevertheless, like said in the unit, barriers are generally extremely low in music production and talent is one thing that always is shown through music.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

The jet-setting lifestyle.

Over the course of the past week including today, I've been able to accomplish becoming more financially aware and how to manage finances especially for future reference, along with learning how the 'jet-setting' lifestyle can work and how I could make it possible to live that way.

There is a quantity of different options of being able to go abroad/country to country, be able to make money and not have to spend extreme finances. There are examples such as:

1. Being a Social Influencer;

sharing stories, and life occurrences; basically being a Youtuber in other words.

2. Travel vlogging;

Fairly similar to social influencing but just informing people over social media about what goes on/ is going during a day in your life.

3. Travel photography and literature;

You can monetize the things you have on record as you go about travelling somewhere, taking portraits, writing about your experience etc.

4. Digital Nomadism;

This is where one travels from one place to another consistently yet earning an online income from working online as doing so. For example, there are jobs for digital nomads like going to different countries, potentially foreign, learning about different cultures and yet being able to gain different job opportunities, and there are ways to be able to do these things affordably/ at minimal costs.

These are all examples of ways you can set yourself up to live a lit life and yet be able to earn income while at it also based on what I've consumed this unit.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

The Reality of the Working World.

Today, I've had a grasp of reality that nothing good comes by not putting in effort. I've also revisited interviewing and scams.

Some things that may have passed over my head were that it would be better off to have no opportunities and be prepared as compared to having opportunities but being unprepared which would be a recipe for disaster. Also, having a good interview would have a lasting effect on the interviewer/s and give you more of a chance of being hired. There is also one other highly important thing and that would be reading the terms under the job offer to make sure your agreeing to whatever possibilities of things that can occur.

Now when it comes to scams, you can be scammed for a job and it isn't something that happens infrequently. Though there are signs that you can look for in order to recognize whether or not something is a scam; parameters you can set to see whether they fit or not. There are tips such as:

1. "Always read the fine print on every opportunity before you sign up"

2. "As a general rule, if it sounds "too good to be true" then it is potentially a scam."

3. "If a job is advertised as providing much greater salary than is common for that role then it is likely a scam," etc..

These are just some things I've been able to take into consideration in order to avoid being scammed/loosing money over something that could likely be easily recognized. So it's important to beware of sending out important information and to whom it's being sent to.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Role models & Mentors.

Through the course of yesterday and to this day, I've been able to achieve learning more about what role models and mentors are, and how to tell them apart along with what they do each specifically.

Role models are people that we usually look up to and find confidence and build up their inspiration/motivation. To help recognize if someone who you believe is your role model and your unsure, ask yourself if the person motivates you; are you moved by their accomplishments/achievements in their life; what they've done or are doing. Do you agree/support their morals/beliefs/values?

Now, when it comes to mentors, these are people offering to give help/teach/provide support for people who don't have as much experience in something that they do or have done. For success to occur though, mentors and mentees have to grow a connection and make sure there aren't setbacks to providing info and sharing things necessary to help the process of whatever is being provided support for.

After all this is said and done, a mentorship is something where you have someone providing for you, although it wont be everything that's spoon-fed, you have to be ready to do the work and be prepared to get things done. Many who we consider as are role models no matter what, had at least some point where they had to put the work in to do what they've done.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Life Qualities: Mental & Physical

Over the span of yesterday and today, I've been educated more about Time and Stress management, and how to endure the betterment of health and productivity.

Time management is a key/critical factor of life especially when it comes to the things we do everyday. There are important skills that fall under the category of time management in order to better it, being:

1. Organization

2. Prioritization

3. Goal-setting

4. Communication

5. Planning

6. Stress management

All of these skills help to straighten out what needs to be done, when, how, and how to avoid stress while doing said things.

When it comes to stress management, I've learned that emotions can be a choice and that if your in a situation whereas somebody is doing something you don't like or an unexpected or general mishap happens, you choose to be angry. Your response to something negatively is basically showing that whatever it may be or whomever the person might be has control over you due to the intended reaction being given. To help things out, lowering your expectations causes you to not have a reaction that's as bad as how it would be with pretty high expectations on a situation.

Lastly, when it comes to health, according to what I've learned; if you have poor health, this can reduce productivity. This puts emphasis on the fact that it is a necessity to have good health in order to increase your productivity.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Life Qualities: Finances

Today, I've gained more financial awareness and knowledge within the topic of finances in general. Some things I haven't known about earlier on would be within the topic range of how to calculate net income/salary, budgeting, living costs, resale values, and generally money management.

The is more to budgeting than just choosing a range of money to be spending although it may seem like it may only be this, but you have to choose the things that you want to set a budget for, choose when to be spending said money etc. This helps to avoid debt and create better spending habits and to reduce unnecessary spending.

Everyone's daily cost of living is different and there is a way to be able to find out how much of an estimate you can get of your living costs.

For resale values, every item you have or what people have, the value of the item in marketing all depends on the condition of it or what the item may be and what it will do for people and how useful it can be. To be sure of the value, you can always search up the resale values of the same items or similar to get an idea of what things should be looking like in order for reselling whatever them item may be to become successful.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How to survive proficiently at online working

There are more factors to the world of work especially being online than just getting on, clocking in, completing work, attend meetings, being professional and clocking out/logging off;

Be it professionalism or working online in general, can be stressful but there are different ways to handle it. Being organized and having tactics to use throughout working are very helpful to the success of fulfilling the role you have within the workplace.

Communication is key and a heavy part of things along with

1. Scheduling,

2. Maintaining a positive experience,

3. Conflict avoidance,

4. Job loyalty.

These are all valued key factors within the success of working a job.

Also, just because of work being a more professional environment doesn't mean that there isn't room to bring positivity within it because there can also be plenty of stressors behind jobs.

Socializing is a pretty useful factor within the workplace especially with other coworkers because it counts as apart of communication and if there may be problems to be solved; socializing can be a form of helping to voice the concerns/problems or can be used in a positive form to enlighten the mood and make yourself known especially when doing so before and after meetings; this being an example of one of the topics I've learned more about today.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

The Online World of Work

Today, at work, I've learned about interviews and gained more intel on the basis of how they work, how to get help with them and how to attend an interview with the intent of being successful. Also, I've gained more knowledge about the onboarding process of jobs and how they usually work and how to go through said process to ensure that things move smoothly and be able to socialize early enough with coworkers and being a positive influence. Continuing another topic i covered in my learning progress today was about the different ways to work a remote job successfully along with being able to build social connections in a working environment and with people in relation to career interests. These skills are all of importance to learn because without them, I personally believe it would be a bit harder off for me to go about working environments not knowing the things that I'm slowly but surely gaining knowledge and becoming conscious of.