Log of what of Justin Andino has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Mentors are the new guidance consolers

Mentors can be the guidance we all might need, when trying to figure ourselves out or figure out what career and lifestyle choices. Whether researching a job position and its right for you, or in guiding you in physical or mental health like a lifestyle / fitness coach. A mentor can be older figure in your community verses a celebrity who you can't possibly interact with. A mentor can give you a sense of drive to push yourself forward, to achieve and reach new accomplishments. Usually, you can mentor in the fields that you want to work, most mentors are professionals in that desired field. But just because you found someone to teach you certain new skills or advice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be hungry or have a hustler's ambition. Don’t expect to be spoon-feed you're not a baby if you could push yourself to find a mentor that also means that HE/SHE see’s something in you that see in themselves to want to teach you. Since most of your mentors are professionals in that field TIME IS IMPORTANT, DONT WASTE THIER TIME come to your meetings prepared and ON TIME. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that’s what your there for to gain knowledge and guidance so take full advantage. Mentors should attract you with their character traits like Inspirational, Understanding, Knowledgeable and have positive ethics like respecting other and keeping a strong sense of morals.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Time Management

Time is something we’re all given in life but that doesn’t mean we all know how to use it to our full benefit. Learning time management can help everyone from business to personal leisure. It is son important now a days that it is a critical skills jobs look for when looking for new applicants. There are many time management techniques that can be used to enhance your skills and help you improve your efficiency and productivity. Finding a time management strategy that works best for you depends on your personality, ability to self-motivate and level of self-discipline. Key factors in managing your time efficiently are organization and planning. Some of the most valuable time management skills that will help you manage your time better are Organization, Prioritization, Goal setting, Communication, Planning, Stress management. Knowing how to use these skills will help you improve your productivity and efficiency. Finding a strategy that works for you is based on personality, ability to self-motivate and level of self-discipline.

Being more productive with your time doesn’t mean to start over working or multitasking every minute and hour of your life, it means making smarter decisions with your time knowing how to work within your strengths. Sometimes people end up wasting a lot of time through well-intentioned efforts to save money, which in-effect costs them money, but typically they do not realize it. For example, people will buy a bottle of water for the day and not a case to last them the rest of the week, just because the bottle of water looks like a cheaper purchase in the moment. But in reality, you're spending more money a week but the individual product instead of purchasing it in bulk. In cost spending more money and time making trips to the store. Time is an irreplaceable asset; the richest people in the world cannot buy back time that they have wasted. So, it is important that you try to use that time wisely.

Set goals for yourself, a best way to improve your productiveness is setting goals for yourself, team or company. Better to start with short-term goals, goals that are in arms reach of achieving so that you have the motivation to push for bigger goals and to keep improving on your skills. Every day is a new opportunity to expand your skills, increase your assets and advance yourself. Your daily free time that remains after completing responsibilities should be used for advancing yourself and for your personal growth in ways that are fun and exciting. your career should be both lucrative and something that you take pleasure in; most people spend many hours in each day performing their job role so you should enjoy it. a key factor in life-happiness is enjoying this process of earning income. If you dislike going to work, then you need to explore other professional directions that you will be passionate about as this will improve your happiness.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Managing stress

Stress management is a key factor in your mental health as well as your overall health. Learning how to deal with stress can help you have better control over your thought processes and emotions. It could build or break you; it could show people what type of leader you are: what kind of boss you and most importantly what kind of person you are. Stress and emotions can affect your business life exponentially if not controlled properly. But it is not to say be a complete robot, but it is important to let people see what you want them to see. Look at leaders around you from Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs are great people when looking at self-control. They must deal with and be at fault for many things even for things that is not in their control, but how they deal with it is why they are notable examples. How many times have you seen Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Former President Obama lose themselves or cry on national tv, you will never find it, why? Because all these men know that as leaders that are the face of their organization, so they have plenty of people depending on their decision-making skills, calm and level headedness. So, its couple of things to remember when trying to deal with stress or a stressful environment, is that YOUR HAPPINESS IS YOUR CHOICE first. It is common to hear people say, "you are making me mad," but indeed this is never true - nobody can make you mad - only you can choose to get mad, and it is a choice. People can do things that you do not like, and you may wish they would not do, but it is you who controls your own emotions and how you respond to these undesirable situations. Try giving yourself a 10 sec break or a quick breathing exercise and see how that can help give you a better resolution to the problem. Next is to LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS for things, Life is hard. It is not supposed to be this hard, but it is. This is the reality, and it will not help you to focus on what you don't have. It is important to have dreams and aspirations, and to aim to achieve greatness, but it is also important to expect that things will not always work out, and that it is okay when there are setbacks, life-challenges are to be expected and are normal. Every person has positive traits and something to be grateful for. Every person can achieve something within the context of your situation and abilities. It is important to have realistic dreams based on your reality, otherwise you will set yourself up for disappointment. And most importantly DONT LET POEPLE CONTROL YOU!! When you get mad in response to someone else's actions, that person is controlling you. For example, how would you react if someone whom you did not know would pass you in the street and blurt out an offensive remark to you, whatever your answer, it is a "reaction" to that person, so that person controlled you and manipulated your emotions to generate your reaction. A logical person would not answer at all, because what this person said has absolutely no relevance or impact to you or the world. Those words simply do not matter, and do not deserve your attention. So you must think to yourself, that person is very unhappy and has no real goals to set for themselves to elevate. Just keep these things in mind when you find yourself in a undesirable situation, and to keep in mind that your actions come from your mental and that you need to keep both in check if you want to succeed in a leadership role.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Your public image and how it could affect you

Your public image has a lot to deal with your social, political and financial life. And could possibly affect who you associate with. The things you post on the internet is stuck on the internet FOREVER!! Is a key rule to remember, from future employers to anybody who browse your webpage. We live in a society where looks matter. People will judge you based on your appearance either physically or through social media. Want to know what 80 percent of employers do during the hiring process before they want to interview you? They Google and do background checks on you. today’s workforce, employers value transparency when recruiting and hiring candidates, so you need to make sure your online presence is clean and honest. Employers don’t do it to intentionally find negative things about you, they do it to better understand their applicants for a more informed interview. That’s why you should take these tips in consideration for what employers look for. A professional headshot, employers want to know what their applicants look like and who could be representing the company. A professional headshot can consist of appropriate clothing (button up shirts, polo shirts), good lighting and presentable looking face (close-up, look in the camera and smile). Your online portfolio is a way employers want to find out is how much of your work and accomplishments can be found online. An online portfolio is a great way to showcase what you’ve displayed on your resume and build credibility for yourself. The size of your digital footprint is how to present yourself and interact with others online, most recruiters use sites like LinkedIn to search for new candidates. Not only do employers want to know your qualifications for the position, but they also want to know how you’d fit in with their culture. These little tips could help set you apart from other competitors trying to apply for same job/position as you.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Practice Executive Summary

AstroWorld Game Studios

Is a studio I see pushing the front line of gaming and technology, a future competitor to companies like Sony or Microsoft. A studio striving to inspire and hire all types of creative talent. To bring our dreams and imagination to reality.

Product Description

Provide a more interactive way of entertainment

Building games with multiple ways of completion

Having a game that makes you feel every choice matters

Making an addictive story/gameplay that brings the player back for more

Mostly solo driven games where you get lost in the world

Online/Co-Op features to allow players to connect with others nationwide and play with friends

Target Audience

Diverse age groups but mostly for mature audiences

Topics that can appeal to most people no matter their racial/financial background

Will try and branch out and diversify to young and mature audiences making different forms of entertainment for everyone, young and old


Other gaming industries like Bethesda, EA, Rockstar Games etc.

Other Independent developers and crowd funded projects,

Ex. (Star Citizen, No Mans Sky)

Most game companies nowadays focus on monetization of their products and online services than catering to core audiences, which leads to a lack of trust and hype for the next generation of games and gaming products

We focus on creating addictive game worlds that makes the player want to come back. A studio that listens to its fans and supporters for feedback and to add the necessary value in our games that each of you would want to play, spend time and spend money on.


Breaking into an industry with lots of competitors

Game development is subject to tight deadlines and publishing schedules

If promises aren't upheld could affect company reputation and future funding for next projects


Video games are now bigger than the movie and music industries combined! The world’s largest companies like Google, Facebook (now Meta) and Apple along with dozens and maybe hundreds of other companies are investing in video games.

The video game industry generated $160 Billion in revenue in 2020. That is larger than the movie and music industries combined. Mobile video games were the most popular … capturing $77 Billion of 48% of the total. Other major categories include console games at $45 Billion and PC games at $37 Billion

Marketing Plan

In order to attract as many players as possible and generate a rapid return on investment, the marketing strategy will take shape in several facets.

The website showcases, among other things, the latest news about the company and games. Text content and articles will help the company to stand out on search engines for its own games and products, but also for certain concepts associated with them such as genre, style and universe. It will also be the ideal place to issue press releases so that bloggers, journalists, and the media can access all the information needed to disclose it.

Social media


Streamers & Influencers


Steam Curators

Press Releases


The climate of technology and entertainment is constantly changing, and we are striving to contribute to that change. Pushing the limits of modern technology to the edge and bringing about a strong community of developers and consumers. With precise actions we will build trust with our core audience and investors. Having a fantastic team to help us build a long-term franchise will breed a loyal fanbase and great return on our hard work and investments.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Leadership Life Lessons

1.Life is hard (Don’t try comparing yourself to those more fortunate than you)

2.You got to be hungry enough to want it (you have to challenge yourself, take yourself out your comfort zone)

3.Laziness is a disease (Don’t let yourself get complacent or stagnated keep striving for more.)

4.Don’t just work hard, work smarter. You can work harder than a mule and still be in the same position if don’t have an attended goal or set achievement.

5.Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Forget about yesterday (Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. That’s why it's called a present.)

6.If you want it and I mean really want you got to-go get it, can't let opportunity slip away from you. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

List of areas I need to improve in

Time Management- Time block your schedule, start off by learning what habits to cut short, like if you spend a lot of time playing video games or going out to parties. Set SMART goals for yourself, set goals that you can realistically accomplish within a certain time frame. Set weekly priorities, try to make a list of things you want to get done by the end of the week. Short term goals like waking up early or sending out a certain emails and meeting with X number of clients, can be short term goals you can try to achieve each week.

Health- Like the old saying goes “Health is Wealth” to be at top performance you need to feed your body with the right fuel. Eating a healthy diet is a terrific way to stay healthy, simple ways to stay healthy consume less salt and sugar, reduce intake of harmful fats. Get regularly tested, check your blood pressure and sugar levels, maintain a steady weight, and try to be more physically active.

Productivity- Finding smarter ways to be more productive. Try to keep things simple. While having a productivity strategy is key, it doesn't have to be elaborate or complex. Set deadlines and reminders for yourself. Review goals daily (or at least regularly) to stay on track. Minimize time-wasting activities, like going out often or procrastinating.

Stress- As important it is to successful and productive it is also important to keep a good mental health. Take time out your day to detox your mind and body. Practice self-care routines like yoga and breathing exercise. Reduce your caffeine intake. Spend time with friends and family, try enjoying the moment and not thinking about the unknown future or thinking about work all the time.

Financial Responsibility- Learning what to save and spend is one of the most useful skills any of us can learn. Stabilize your income. If you are a young person, get a job. And if you already have job, try to find a way to bring in a second source of income. Make a budget, set financial goals for yourself whether short term (3-6 months) or long term (1-2 years). Educate yourself by surrounding yourself with like-minded people, role models and professionals in that field. Save money, set aside money for saving and / or investments to give yourself more financial flexibility and freedom in the long run.

There are plenty of ways that we can improve ourselves, but it takes certain actions and levels of discipline to get to the goals we want to achieve.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

First Day to a New Life

Today Techie Youth's Program has instilled so much knowledge to me about, fianacial literacy from ways to cut down on spending to negotiating for better prices on items I wish to purchase. The introduction to this program has been clean and smooth in the ways they present the topics to the delivery of information. I feel as if I'm learning new things at my own pace and have plenty assistant along the way.

I learned to look at my purchases more than something i want in the moment, to now as an investment. From the newest smartphone or the hot new ride in the dealership. I now understand that buying the newest product isn't always what's best for me or my wallet, that certain items depreciate over a short period of time. Like a car for example most popular or well-known car brands tend to lose value in their vehicles the second it sold to you and sometimes you would find a better deal going for the older model on the lot, because at the end of the day both cars will get the same job done taking you to point A to point B, only difference is the year the model was made in.

But here's the double-edged sword because some purchases you make can be smart ones. Like the example with the cars earlier some cars are built a little better than others or maybe be a collector's item, so it is worth purchasing especially if looking into reselling that item again to make a return on your investment. If the said item is in good enough condition and has been maintained well, it could still be useful or desired in the market you're selling it in.

The second thing I want to talk about is Saving and this program has helped me look at saving money. That it's more of a lifestyle than some in the moment type of phase. That you have to be willing to dedicate yourself and sacrifice somethings to achieve a goal whether its saying or getting to a certain financial point in your life. Its more than just saying "Make more money." because you can make more money but if you're not saving any your spending/throwing away that increased income. Speaking on making more money that is one keyway to start saving is to find ways to increase your income or find a way to bring in at least two sources of income and to learn how to live of your lesser or most passive income. But even that would be hard if you don't learn how to track your bills/expenses to the penny, figure out how much you're making / spending. And decide which of these expenses you can cut down on or cut out completely from your budget. And if that sounds hard then put it into a timescale for example if you like going out to eat often see how many times you go out in a week and see if you can put most of that time into being more productive in making in your work / skill set. It takes a lot of dedication but like I said earlier saving is more of a lifestyle choice and with many choices comes a certain level of sacrifices but its for the long-term achievements. Such as seeing the increased value of a stock investment or price spike in the retail market.