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Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Selling your craft

To be able to sell things to the public you need to know what the people want and if you can make it. A couple of things to check before making and selling a product are...

Next, you want to check your risk

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

Commodity Pt 2

Commodity futures are instruments that take a small amount of margin to control a large amount of a commodity. This kind of investing is risky for small traders but pros may get consistent returns. Commodities are the most volatile asset class stocks, bonds, and currencies have lower variance and higher liquidity rates compared to commodities. It is also common for the price of raw materials to increase in a matter of a short time.

Commodity cyclical trends are strong because compared to forex currencies they have 3x more of high volatility than the forex, also 35% more volatility than stocks. Supply and demand analysis is the main drivers while geopolitical factors also affect cyclical trends.

Each commodity has different levels of volatility so use your volatility to your advantage.

To do this you need to establish the price range of your most used commodity and trade it to fit your position size based on the level of volatility and help determine appropriate levels of your profits when trading in the commodity market.

Check your emotions when trading

It is wise to carefully analyze all your trading decisions or you can put yourself in danger by not being able to accept a loss. Some people will hold onto a contract in hope of profiting but it does more damage than good especially if you double the stakes you'll just end up losing more. It is also best not to try to make up for lost money by borrowing from others and losing their money will put you in an even bigger predicament.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Trading commodities

A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with similar goods often used as inputs in the production of other services, usually referenced as raw materials that are used to make goods. Investors and traders can buy and sell commodities directly in the cash market or through derivatives like futures and options. Hard commodities refer to energy and metal products while soft commodities are agricultural goods, though sales and purchases of commodities are carried out through futures contracts on exchanges. The types of traders who trade commodity futures are 1st the buyers and producers that use commodity futures contracts for hedging purposes and 2nd is a speculator who trades in commodities markets to profit from price movements, they never really intend to make or take commodity delivers when the future contract expires.

Commodity prices usually rise when inflation occurs which leads investors to seek protection behind them during times of an unexpected increase in inflation. The commodity index is an index that tracks the price of a basket of commodities. The value of the index is based upon the weight and the commodities they are composed of. The total return of the commodity index is dependent on capital gain, price performances, and commodities in the index. Commodity trading covers buying and selling oils, gas, metals, cocoa, coffee, wheat, and sugar. The commodity spreads strategy involves taking the opposite positions within the same or similar market it is also lower risk than future contracts. Commodity spread trading can be affected by season or external factors most commodity trading strategies use technical analysis averages and other metrics to decide when to enter or exit positions. Range trading focuses on buying when prices are at the bottom of a range and spelling prices are high but it can be hard to estimate correctly. Breakout trading or buying before a price goes up and selling it before the price drops dramatically is best for markets with strong trends. Fundamental trading strategies rely more on market than on technical trading dynamics to make decisions about buying and selling.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Binary Options

Binary options are a type of options contract in which the payout depends on the outcome of a yes/no proposition and relates to the price of a particular asset that rises above or falls below a specified amount. There are things you should know about specific binary options scams and how to protect yourself like "all or nothing options" if it is not clear by the name this can eventually lead to the loss of your personal money whether being a significant sum or small. SEC generally get complaints of customers who had deposited money into their own binary trading accounts while being encouraged by "brokers" over the phone to add additional funds into the customers' account and when the customers try to withdraw the money out of the account the "brokers" seem to ignore their withdrawal request and ghost them, that is why it is important to never put more money to receive it back. You should also be aware of hanging out your personal info on these trading sites, just like you would protect your credit, passport, driver's license, and social security. This can lead to a common crime called identity theft by trading platforms stealing personal information of you and using to be someone they are not. Lastly, trading operations can manipulate the software to make sure you don't profit, they will distort the option prices and payouts like manipulating expiration dates in any way to handicap the customer.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Risk of options

Risks are different for different roles in options such as writer/seller than a holder/buyer.

The call holder may buy a call that gives you the right to purchase the stock at a specific price. The upside potential is unlimited and the downside is the premium you spent you will need the price to go up so you can buy it at a lower price.

Put holders may buy a put which gives you the right to sell a stock at a specific price you will need the price to go down so you sell at a higher price. The upside potential and downside are the same formats as call holders.

Call writers if you sell a call you sell the right to purchase to someone else. The upside potential is the premium the downside potential is unlimited the goal is to have the price stay the same or drop a bit so you are not forced to sell.

Put writers when you sell a put you are selling these rights to sell to someone else the upside is a potential premium for the option the downside potential is the amount the stock is worth you want the price to stay above the strike price so your not force to sell at a higher price than the stock is worth.

use of options to offset the risk

Use of the covered calls- Protects you against relatively small price movements by providing the seller with the proceeds because when ones exchange these proceeds it gives up some of your upside rewards to the buyer.

A protective put is risk management using options contract investors employ to guard against the loss of owning stocks.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Option trading

Key parts of the trading system

Don't buy calls at the start of an up move you will need an established trending move.

Chart time frame will vary so stick to the time frame that suits you the best. It is recommended to start small then build up and take notes. Be aware of the fact that call buyers are fighting time and establishing a trending move will minimize any significant risk. Naked call writing refers to writing (selling) call options without owning an underlying stock owning no reliance stock but still, you write a sell call option of reliance. When selling call options without owning reliance stock you are writing Naked calls of reliance. The two types of write calls are called Naked call writing and covered call writing. The time decay in option trading causes traders to think selling naked option are the most optimum way to make money. The biggest misconception about professionals is that they sell naked options although they do by buying options or underlying stocks using their positions. Option sellers should be cautious of the time remaining expiration, before calculating potential profit by selling options to estimate potential losses. If you buy Naked call options 90% of the money you'll lose in 10% of trades, trade marking money 20%-30%. Writing Naked writing options 90% of the money is lost in 10% of trades, you will make small money while writing naked options but 10% of the time you will lose big.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

option trading

Options are financial derivatives that give buyers the right to sell an underlying asset that is agreed upon. Options trading can be used for both hedging and speculation ranging from simple to complex, although there are many opportunities to profit with options investors should carefully weigh the risk.

6 steps trading options

1. Option objective- The objective you want to achieve with your option trade

2. Risk/Reward- determine your risk/reward payoff which relies on your tolerance for risk. Aggressive strategies for conservative investors and traders are not compatible.

3. Check the volatility- implied volatility is an important factor in an option price. It lets you know the expectations from other traders of the stock movement.

4. Identify events- market-wide and stock-specific market-wide are those that impact broad markets stock-specific events like earning reports, product advances, or spin-offs.

5. Devise a strategy- Go through the first 4 steps and figure out what game plan will work best for you.

6. Establish parameters-Like expiration dates, strike prices, and deltas

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Trading options

Options vs Stocks


> An asset class that belongs to a group of derivatives.

>Consider 3 things before investing in options

> Active traders

>Advance investors

>Higher risk of loss

>Requires a lot of effort


>Owner in a company which is called share and you become a shareholder

>It is up to the company to decide how many shares can be bought

> Trading stocks is all about the supply and demand

> The more shares you own the more importance you hold

> Better for long-term investment

>Potential loss

>Slower returns

> Less hands-on work

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

REITs real estate

(Real Estate Investments Truths) REITs are an alternative choice for buying real estate directly, It helps bring exposure to the world of real estate for potential investors who don't have the capital for investments.

Good Qualities for Investing in REITs

Types of real estate

Industrial and office, retail, residential lodging, resorts, health care, self-storage, specialty, storage units, mortgages, and malls.

Buying REITs can be done by any investors

REITs Liquidity

Traded REITs can be bought and sold stock but unlike direct real estate, it's usually not easy to sell quickly which is one of its few cons.

International Investments

Easy to invest in international properties without buying foreign properties but there is still the possibility of loss always remember to calculate risk before adding foreign real estate.


Tax benefits such as investing in your retirement accounts can be invested in taxable accounts.

Guaranteed Dividend REITs must pay out at least 90% of their income as dividends


low minimums don't need a lot of money to invest.

Passive investment in owning and managing property takes time and effort but with REITs its easier.

Low stock market correlation


Declining value


taxing at an ordinary income rate

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Forex (fx) introduction

Forex (fx) refers to the global electronic market for the purpose of trading international currencies and currency derivatives. Most of the trading is done through banks, brokers, and financial institutions. It is open 24 hours 5 days a week and some holidays off. Individuals can buy and sell currencies on forex but currency traders don't deal in cash. Large amounts of money can be exchanged for the equivalent value in another currency. Forex is a merge of the words foreign exchange.

Business of Forex trading

mini trading accounts start at USD 200

The basics of Forex

It is quoted in currency pairs and each currency is given a three-lettered code. The most common currency that is traded is Euros, US bill, Pounds, Yen, Franc, Aus dollar, Canadian dollar, and New Zealand dollar.

Types of forex trades


Target/ 5-10 pips per trade

Trade duration/ seconds-minutes

Charts/ M1 and M5

swing trader

Target/ 50-150 pips per trade

Trade duration/ less than a week

charts/ H1 and H4

Day traders

Target/ 20-40 pips per trade

Trade duration/ within a day

charts/ M15 and H1, H4

Position traders

Target/500-1000 per trade

Trade duration/ weeks to months

Charts/ D1, W1

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Trading Cryptocurrencies and stocks + taxes


>Traded 24/7 with no concepts of after-hour trades. It can be purchased in fractions of a coin and allows any price for investing. Cryptocurrencies require certain fees to be for each currency sale. Also, cryptocurrencies hold a higher risk of losing assets because some of them are unregulated, have no company, and always changing rapidly in value than most stocks. Cryptocurrencies are virtual objects that you own.


> Purchased in full share increments but at times allowed to purchase in partial shares. Trading stock is mostly free while cryptocurrencies are full of fees. Stocks use stock certificates while crypto uses coins. When you own a stock you are a holder of a company.

Cryptocurrency Taxes

Calculate your crypto gains and loses

>Capital gain and lose= value at the time of value - cost basis

Complete IRS form 8949

>Description of property sold/date original required/ date sold of property/ fair market value/ cost basis purchasing.

Include your totals from 8949 on for schedule D

>total net gain or net loss

Include any crypto income

Complete the rest of your tax return

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Blockchains Tech


A blockchain is a chain of blocks that contains information intended to timestamp digital documents, It also solves the problem of double records without a central server.

Blockchains are safe to use for transfers of money, property, contracts, etc without a third party like the Government or Bank. Bitcoin and blockchain seem to go hand in hand although a blockchain is not a bitcoin it is better explained as the technology behind a bitcoin. You can have a blockchain without a bitcoin but you can't have a bitcoin without a blockchain because blockchains are also used to keep track of the owner's digital tokens.

The first block of the chain is referred to as Genesis then each new chain is linked to the previous block. Each block consists of Data, a unique hash, and the hash of the previous block. A hash identifies a block and its contents are always unique so if the block changes then so will the hash. This also helps as a defense when hackers try to change a block. Another strategy is the distributed P2P network when a node in other words a computer enters the network it will get a copy of the blockchain and when the user tries to add a block it needs to be verified by all the other nodes before being accepted so hackers can't disrupt the chain.

How does blockchain technology work

transaction requested>Broadcast transaction> validate transaction>add to chain

Public vs Private blockchain

Public blockchains are visible to everyone to see and interact with doing things such as verification and adding a block.

Private blockchains are also visible for everyone to see but only specific allowances usually in a single organization are allowed to verify and add blocks.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022


Cryptocurrencies are virtual money with their own exchange rate with no physical copies such as bills or coins, everything is transferred electronically. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency to work as the medium of exchange and uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions. Crypto doesn't use central banks which means the government also has no control over your money, instead, they use blockchains to underpin the process of currencies. Blockchains are formed through the process of mining where you solve complex mathematical problems to earn coins. Users can purchase currencies from brokers and store and spend using encrypted wallets. Two types of cryptos are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and alt-coins, then you have Tokens that are programmable assets that exist within a blockchain. Tokens are built on an existing blockchain that enables the formulation and execution of unique smart contracts, they are also used as a way to represent units of value such as money, coins, digital assets, and electricity. Bitcoins blockchain is a database of transactions secured by encryption and peers. Blockchains consist of blocks that store data about transactions. Each block contains information from the one before so it can not be altered.

To access your Bitcoins you will need to use your wallet and keys


This is when Bitcoins are assigned to an owner through transactions and the owner receives a number that is personal which will be your private key. Wallets have your public address in that will be your Public key


are software applications used to view your balance and send or receive coins, the wallet interfaces with the bitcoin network and locates your bitcoins. A custodial wallet is where a trusted entity holds your keys for you, while a non-custodial wallet is run directly by you and you have fully responsibility over your keys.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Finding a good mentor

Finding the right mentor

>Know whether your goals are long-term or short

>What type of person do you look up to?

>Whose job would you like to have?

>Do thorough research on your desired mentor

>Use your network to get in touch with people

Sponsors vs Mentors

Sponsors can give you a job, a raise, or a promotion they are usually short-term advisers. Mentors provide advice and can not give you a job, raise, or promotion but they work with you long-term around 4 to 6 months and possibly more.

When contacting a mentor...

>Have an elevator pitch

>mention how you know about them and the works you are familiar with them that made you reach out to them

>make your subject line worthy of emailing

>Ask in person or over zoom

> keep it simple and short these are most likely busy people

>Make sure your intentions come off clear and respectfully

>Remember to end off with a Thank You for their time

To be a good mentee, meet consistently by a schedule like once a week or a month.

Set a clear agenda before the meeting so your mentor knows what to aspect. Be open to feedback they are mentoring you to help you. Take notes they know what they're doing. Decide on an end date. Remember they are your mentors, not a therapist.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Time management

Time management is one of the things people always seem to need help with and I am here to help. The basic skills you will need to succeed in time management are organization skills, prioritizing, goal-setting, communication, stress management, and of course planning for time management. You will need to know what you want and learn the skills to reach your goal. To start off you want to schedule your whole day whatever is not on there don't do it. If you plan out your day you can keep track of all your tasks for the day and plan to have spare time for yourself. The best way to keep track of your task is to get a calendar or planner digital/Physical whatever seems more convenient to you. Also, for your daily task, it's easier to separate them into different categories and color codes you can separate them by the amount of time or where they take place and deadlines anyway that seems to make sense to you. Then prioritize the task you take on first whether they need to be done by a specific time or not. Another tip for managing time is to cut off any distractions like notifications humans can not really multitask we think we can but we are just quickly switching from one thing to another and it is not really helpful. When planning your time make sure you also have time to rest and do things you enjoy after completing a few tasks and in between those tasks give yourself a reward. It is also completely okay to ask for help and give tasks to others that are fully capable of it so you don't have to spend unnecessary time all day that can be completed by someone else who has the time. If a task seems too demanding don't procrastinate try breaking it down piece by piece don't try to perfect it as soon as possible just go with the flow and if you have to go back to perfect it do it at the end. Having to complete tasks can take a toll on the body so try to stay healthy when you can that's why it is important to schedule downtime in the day.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Networking for connections

Networking needs to be consistent when you are trying to expand your businesses. Learn to put on a smile and be able to go up to people and start a conversation and make connections because when you build actual genuine networking connections you are setting yourself up to succeed with potential connections of connections. These connections shouldn't just be chronically online where you share likes on social media but actually interacting through zoom meetings or in real life. In order to find connections try networking at events where business people tend to go like standard professional meetings and conventions or casual places like bars, cafes, clubs, yoga classes, parties, sports events, and online. Though make sure to be genuine don't get into the habit of only contacting people when you need something and can never offer anything back to benefit the person, it seems too one-sided and unbeneficial to work with you. Remember, it is also lovely to connect with anyone not just someone with a high position because you will never know who they know or work for.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Watch out for scams

Since jobs such as working from home are on the rise, you still need to be on the lookout for scams when applying for such jobs. The red flags one needs to look out for are employers promising a higher salary than is necessary for the occupation. If you don't know the average salary look it up and if it is too good to be true then it is most likely a scam. Also, if a company expects upfront expenses, search up any company or person that contacts you with the word scam attached to it. Specifically, when the company offers online courses you have to pay for them, which could result in them promising things like a high position with no actual experience. Which would allow them to take the money you paid for the course and run with no guarantee of any job at all. Also, you want to remember to read the fine print and scan for any fees that you might need to pay. A few other major red flags are being offered a job without contact or qualifications this is sketchy work how are you supposed to be updated with no contact information or highering an employee for such high pay without knowing if they are qualified enough. Be wary of people who ask for your social security number or too much personal information about you that can lead to someone potentially stealing your identity it is normal for employers to ask for your social after you've been hired, but any earlier is definitely suspicious. This final red flag should be the most obvious, which is selling dream in an Ad that screams quick money! or anything along those lines are potential scam.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Online meetings

As a host of an online meeting, you want to make sure you've prepared your meeting well, so your coworkers or employees felt they had participated in necessary work, not something that felt like it could've been an email. One of the first steps to having a successful meeting is knowing how your technology works. If you do not practice working in online apps you can waste time by figuring things out for the first time when the meeting is in place potentially losing focus from the attendees. Make sure to do a test run a few minutes before a meeting in case you have to redirect somewhere else. It is also crucial to plan out what you will be talking about at the meeting so you are completely organized and do not make the meeting longer than necessary. It helps to have a beginning and endtime to be respectful of people's time so you can track your pace for how long you've been talking and whether are you getting through a steady pace. If it is your first time hosting a meeting start with smaller groups to practice filled with active attendees to make the experience better for everyone. To create a friendly and welcoming environment introduce everyone in the meeting which will lead people to be active in discussions because they feel they are allowed to. It is also great to set some rules or agreements when doing these meetings, let everyone know what you aspect from everyone as a whole during this meeting like screens off or on or active discussions and questions. If you want to keep people productive try giving everyone tasks to complete through the meetings and switch the roles up from time to time. Everything also doesn't have to be work-related you can take a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting to catch up with each other or have a little friendly conversation before settling down to take notes and start the meeting. To be helpful to others you can record meetings for people who had missed any meetings or post review meeting notes at the end of an online meeting to refresh people's minds after sitting through a lecture with maybe a million ideas running through their heads forgetting the important goal of the meeting that was held earlier

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Tips for working at home

When working from home, you want to ensure that anywhere you work is quiet, distraction-free, and comfortable. There are plenty of options when working remotely you can find a lovely cafe to sit in, stay in the comfort of your home, or find a public workspace near you where other people are also online. Working independently can get lonely sometimes so be sure to reach out to your other coworkers, it's the best way to get to know and be comfortable with them when doing a joint project. An effective plan is to set up a zoom meeting where you can introduce yourselves and communicate any information and work as you would in the office as freely as you wanted. When communicating with your fellow coworkers make sure to set reasonable boundaries respectfully, this also applies when you are sending emails or texts be sure to check your grammar, clarity, and tone it's easy for one to get the wrong impression from the text. Furthermore, don't make assumptions contact other employees if in doubt don't assume someone else is going to take care of something discuss with each other any deadlines, workplaces, or group work that needs to have completed a task before moving on to the next.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Online Interviews

Phone and Zoom Interview tips

Always confirm your interview time so you are prepared for the call.

If it is absolutely necessary reschedule ahead of time.

Research the company to show your interest in the company.

Figure out who is going to be interviewing you.

Be an active listener.

Smile it will make your tone of voice sound friendly.

Have a resume and portfolio on hand in case they reference it even if you emailed it to them.

prepare notes asking questions and how you qualify for the position.

Speak clearly

Be conversational friendly yet professional.

Dress professionally to boost confidence, for zoom wear solid colors no funky patterns.

Find a quiet environment.

Eliminate distractions in the background like the noise from the TV.

Talk to the camera and make sure the camera is at eye level.

Have a good internet connection.

sit on a comfy chair.

Have good lighting in the back or front of you.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Interview Prep

First, to get an interview you need to send in your resume and cover letter. Then, someone in the company should call you in for an interview, they will check in with you to get a date, so make sure you get an interview as soon as possible before someone else takes your spot. Before any interview, be certain of the company you're interviewing for because they might not only ask you questions about yourself but about your interest in their company. Furthermore, you want to understand what the company is looking for in employees, and also recommend meeting the requirement of skills they look for in their employees. One recommended way to discover this is by emailing employees to gain this information. Then, you want to go on the website and get information on the employees who have higher positions in the company. Always be on the lookout for any recent news surrounding the company this can help with preparing a more detailed interview. Also, be sure to check the company's culture and values to get a feel of the company before you join. There are even websites that allow you to get details about a company from the inside a website popular as Glassdoor. There is also a better chance of passing your interview if you can connect with your interviewer beforehand getting to know them can leave a better impression.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Resume and More


More pleasing to be in chronological order and clearer.

Start with achievements with an accomplishment verb like maintained, influenced, utilized, etc.

The list of skills should be relevant to the company you are applying for.

List activities like leadership positions and memberships.

Any interesting job

Don't use I

make your resume a PDF, print a few, and if you email add it as an attachment.

If you have no work experience list the schools you've attended including GPA, class rank, or rewards

Cover letter

Introduction to yourself.

Let your personality and style shine but also know your audience.

Find the hiring manager information to personalize each cover letter but if you can't make it out to the hiring team.

Start the letter about what captivated you about their mission.

leave a good impression.

Explain what you bring to the company.

No cliches or redundant statements.

Have a CTA call to action in a way the reader can continue to connect with you.

If no experience, use soft skills that you know then you can learn hard skills!

Include your passion and what makes you the best fit.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How You Carry Yourself on Social Media is Important

In today's world, social media has tremendously influenced the youth and elders of this generation, it continues to take over how people think and acts with unlimited either good or bad influences. Even though the media has helped us achieve many good deeds, unfortunately, it couldn't stop people from the negative influences. Having access to the media means you can always express the way you feel and think with just a tweet or meme but sometimes people ruin themselves with a tweet or meme they had posted about 5 years ago. This leads me to the topic of a digital footprint, it is not easy to erase all the damage you might've caused on the internet so when you decide to post things be careful and ask yourself questions like...

If my future boss were to see this would they still hire me?

Does this send a wrong message about the type of person I am?

Does this post target a group of people's identities?

In cancel culture, we see a lot of people get called out for things they had said in the past that don't make them seem like good people, and if people think that way it's easy to assume your future boss or the ivy league college will too. This will cause you to lose big opportunities because of your online presence affects people negatively which makes people believe you are not a good person and no one wants someone like that on their team.

In summary stay respectful of other people whether race, beliefs, nationalities, and sexual orientation.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Investor Risk

Short selling is the most common high-risk trading strategy type for investors. What it means to be shorting a stock is earning money by betting on a stock price to decline though stocks can never decline past zero, there is no limit to how high they can increase. The danger of short stocking relies upon gaining a large value in stock and you will lose double of your investment, you will have to owe a difference and possibly risk going into debt. It is safe not to experiment with different types of trades because it can lead to unfortunate circumstances. A short sale can also be explained as a transaction where the seller doesn't own the stock but borrows it or money for it from a broker-dealer or a margin transaction that puts a portion of cash and receives a loan for the rest of the deal. If you are unable to pay for what you owe directly you will have to sell other assets or worst case scenario file for bankruptcy.

Market Risk

Inflation risk of your money not growing fast enough to exceed the increase in loss.

Marketability risk

Relates to how liquid investment is, you are restricted from selling your investment when you want to so that will make your target selling point not worth much.

Currency translation risk

When trading foreign stocks you must be concerned with fluctuations between the values of your local currency and the currency in the foreign country.

Opportunity risk

balancing trade-offs this risk makes you miss other opportunities while your money is tied up in another position.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

About Stock Trades

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq are the most common stock trades. Nasdaq is also an online global marketplace for trading and buying securities, holding the world's first electronic exchange title.

After-hour trading occurs after the market closes allowing investors to buy and sell securities outside regular trading hours. Where potential buyers and sellers are matched by electronic communication networks known as (ECNs). The slots for those hours are divided into three sessions

Pre-market from 4 am to 9:30 am ET

Regular market 9:30 am to 4 pm ET

After hours 4 pm to 8 pm ET

Why Invest or trade during after-hours?

companies release quarterly earnings reports after the market.

People are willing to accept less than ideal prices after hours rather than leaving overnight and suffering a bigger loss the next day.

After-hours markets benefit investors and traders though there are risks.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Some Stock Market Terms

Starting with the basics terms that I feel are helpful to understand the key fundaments in learning stocks.

Buy- Is to take a position or buy a share in a company

Sell- To get rid of shares you purchased or achieve a goal or simply cut your losses

Bid- What you are willing to pay for a stock

Dividend- a portion of a company's that is paid to shareholders on a quarterly basis

Exchange- A place different investments are traded

Orders in the stock market and what they mean.

A market order- To buy or sell a security immediately. Guaranteed order execution but not guaranteed an execution price.

A limit order- To buy or sell a security at a specific price or better. Only to be executed at the limit price or lower, a sell limit only executed at the limit price or higher.

Limit- allows a limit to the maximum price you pay or the minimum price that you are willing to pay when buying or selling.

A stop order(stop-loss order)- is an order to buy or sell a stock when the price reaches a specified price and the stop price becomes a market price.

All or None(AON)- when buying a big amount of a company's stock you can pay multiple individual checks but this allows you to have one single transaction or nothing.

Fill or Kill (FOK)- must be filled immediately or it will be canceled.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Bitcoins and Stokes

Bitcoins are for stocks you buy for cheap and sell for more. Although it may seem simple to involve yourself in bitcoins, you need to understand the risk of losing money. It is better to only put in money you can afford to lose because of the chance you will not get it back. In stocks, there are no limits on earnings. In typical successful investments, you can earn up to %10 in profit, and if you choose to reinvest your earnings for every 8 successful stocks your original money will double. Many stocks have increased in value times 10 or more but there are many who lose all value.

Trading Stocks

A sharer is someone who buys a company's stock they will usually purchase a small piece of that company.

Investors strategically purchase stocks they believe will go up improving their investment.

When you own a stock in a company you are called a shareholder. Public corporations sell their stock through the stock market exchange which they mostly used to pay off debt, launch products, or expansion, and investors who invest look to grow money and outdo inflation.

Shareholders make money when stock prices rise to earn dividends (dividends are regular payments to shareholders but not all stocks pay dividends) when a company distributes earnings and shareholders can vote at shareholding meetings.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Secrets to Sales

Today I began wrapping up the unit Entrepreneurship. Most of the videos informed me about sales, like what to sell to be successful and how to sell to a potential investor. One of the tips for sales that the CEO shared was selling benefits instead of features. He mentioned that some people think they're selling benefits but in reality, it just features. Benefits are supposed to leave a positive impact on your customers making them feel good about buying this product, but features are what you add to the product or the service. When selling a product to the media you want to also make sure the product is being presented well, this is where you might look for a photographer, it needs to look good if you want to attract a buyer's attention. For a bonus of selling a product, you could add an upsell for buying that item you can throw in a bundle deal. When pitching your sales to an investor it's better for you to have a mutual contact, so whenever you send an email you can write down that mutual contact name and the investor would be tempted to look at it. It is best if you only wrote them up to 2 sentences about who referred you and how can you benefit the person you are emailing then wait for them to get back to you to follow up. One of the other important things about business is knowing how to negotiate, one of the biggest things is not to be hungry because if they know you are hungry they will assume you will take any deal and you don't want them to take advantage of your business. The best thing you want to do is make sure to call their bluffs and pretend you don't need it so badly. It is also smart to be on the lookout for any vulnerability your investors might have in order for you to get an upper hand because you know their weaknesses.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Learning to Finance and more

Finding investors for your start up

In order to start a company, it will be money-consuming whether it's out of pocket or from an investor. For start-ups, you can pay out of pocket but be cautious because this will not be a good idea if you don't have the money to support a company. It is also not a good idea to use credit to start a business because you aren't granted to get the money back and you don't want to mess with your credit scores. The best options are to find investors willing to support you, like an angel investor who is a person with money looking to help people start their business or a venture capital worker who works under a company looking to make money off of new business by investing or maybe you have relations with someone who is rich looking to invest.

How to sell a pitch

Having a team investors feel more comfortable relying on a team of two. Also, show good an excellent work dynamic between you too, you should have great teamwork and be committed to what you're selling. It is also important to have a balanced team someone who knows business. Plan out everything, you need to be prepared for any questions these potential investors throw at you, you want to show you know what your talking about by making concrete plans.


Calculate your estimated venture costs, profit margin, and timelines for spending. Try dividing up your expenses like rent, website hosting fees, insurance, phone bills, pre-customers/pre sale expenses, and arbitrary costs to avoid spending an unnecessary amount of money.

Minimum Viable Product / MVP

make your customers want to use the product

Hint at future produce

learn from feedback

If the business is not doing well but you have gotten feedback, it is okay to pivot and change your original product to match up with customer feedback.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Partnership, Business Entity, and Branding

Partnership is an important part of business because lots of business uses others to help with things in their company that they can't do by themselves. It is okay to not do everything by yourself just because you are the owner of a company, every entrepreneur should know when to ask for help. But then every partnership should be beneficial to both parties in order to have a good partnership. Usually, company owners have partnerships with people who help their business's thrive like suppliers, marketers, distributors, and legal partners and in return they will get profit from the business there partners. In order to get to this place you will need a proper Executive summary this will let potential investors know the details of your business and your plan to make it, as it should be very informative it shouldn't go on for more than 2 pages max. Next, we have business entity, one or more people that conduct business activities, sole proprietor is one owner who runs and own a company they don't work alone but if the company gotten sued the sole proprietor is at risk of losing the personal assets. Then, we have partnerships, partnerships are usually charged a higher fee when filling in business. Next, corporations the money a business owns will go to the Corp. but the money they take from the business is your income, one upside to having your company under a corporation is being sued will not affect ones personal assets. Branding is very important for designing your business to start you need a domain name to go for the website of your business make sure to double check that you hadn't accidentally stole someone else's to avoid trademark infringement. Make sure to set up a company email. Slogan's need to be a short and simple catchphrase. A companies logo should be unique and original to identify your brand. Letterheads and Business cards are the most formal and original form of branding your company it's like a short way to paint the picture of your company using a card and a page of paper.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Identifying what the customers and market want

One of the biggest things I had to focus on today was learning how to set your business up for success. In doing this, you will need to be passionate about something for starters. Find what you love and make money off of It. Then you will need to pick an audience and run with it. Your audience is the people you want to buy your product that have a problem in needs to be fixed, these people will be a part of a category like age, status, class, or family you are trying to appeal to. Also, you never want to confuse your audience by having too many audiences in one market, keep it to a max of one audience per project if you have so much you want to sell to solve many types of problems to people. Next, you need to ask yourself what value I bring to the table with my product? to do this you need this thing called a value proposition. A value proposition is explaining why people should invest in your product and what makes you better than all the other companies who sell the same thing. Although, you might have a lot to say it's better to keep it short but informative, where people can get the gist right away and understand what your company does and who it targets. This also brings me to the next topic, competition, sure competition might sound a bit intimidating but a business needs competitors to thrive. When you have competitors you have people who you can learn from and approve their business by taking their weaknesses and making them your strengths, which will lead you to gain the upper hand in customer satisfaction. Of course, you can not plagiarize others' work but you can always improve and grow your company by learning and observing others.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Lesson in Entrepreneurship with Techie Youth

It is not easy to have a successful business, but anyone can be an Entrepreneur as long as one has an idea and can profit from it. Techie Youth introduced me to the 3-step plan for starting a company. First, Tech is important in the advanced world we live in now with so many apps being used to make money for many companies we use in our everyday lives, within tech there also holds many technicians who help run these companies so they can grow and expand as we see today. Second, the idea, your idea should be something that holds value to many people in the world, it should aim to solve a problem that can be useful for the many demographics of people who need help living in a world where their issues have not yet been solved. Lastly, passion, Passion is important to have because building a business is very time-consuming and money draining, if you don't believe in your idea you will not be motivated to pursue your idea to the fullest extinct then you would have made trouble for yourselves for a project you didn't believe in or truly care for. Even though these are great starters for building your business the hard part isn't truly over there is still more you need to consider like, Are you capable? Do you truly know how to make your product? Do you even know what subjects you need to know for your idea to be successful? How well do you know the market you're trying to find a way in? Do you have any connections? Do you have the money? Any work experience in this field? Are you committed? These are serious questions one has to ask themselves before jumping into the world of business and remember it's more than just having a cool or useful idea you need to know what you're getting yourself into. I also learned that sharing your business ideas isn't bad as the media makes it out to be, you have to be able to share your ideas with others to get support or important feedback your business is supposed to appeal to people and if you don't share it with people how will you know if your business will take off. Usually, people tell you to keep your ideas a secret in case it gets stolen but it is unhelpful if you are catering to human audiences.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Learning the basics of getting paid at Techie Youth.

Today I started my first day at Techie Youth with an introduction to money and the new technology surrounding it. Although I wasn't as successful as I wished, I learned many new things about money I heard on the internet. For instance, apps like Paypal and many other apps like it. Beginning to take a deep dive into cryptocurrency and what that is all about, and why It seems so fascinating to adults all over the world rich or poor. While understanding the downside of cryptocurrency and the uncertainty digital coins can cause. I also understand the dangers of being paid in cash by a job, in summary, it can cause many problems for you since big sums of money look very suspicious to most, which can also make the work you do for your employer grow concerns. Every day technology seems to find its way to controlling everything, while also making things easier like managing our wallets, which makes it even more important to know the technological advances that people have been continuously upgrading on.