Log of what of Keira Medina has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Last Writing

Hey guys....

Today I bring upon you all more information from what I learned today and how this blog is going to be my last blog in Techie Youth this summer. I had learned a lot from being here so today I just wanted to express some inspirational words to all of those that are reading.

Being in this program this summer made me realize that you can do anything you want if you choose to do that. No one pushes you to do something you don't wanna do nor like doing. If the people you love around you are pushing you into something you like doing and are good at, then that says something.

Do not just jump into a career because the money is high. Jump into the career because money is good and you are enjoying yourself while you are doing your job. Each job needs a positive/ change to occur towards the world. You can be that change in any way you want as long as it is positive towards yourself and others.

I thank you, for reading, truly.... goodbye fellow youth..


Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Being A Writer




And guys... today was a long day but we still made it here. I continued on the arts behind writing and the overall steps that the average person has to take to become a writer in this generation. I learned some new terms at techie youth within this field today. I never really saw writing as a job at first to a certain extent. My personal opinion was that it can work yes but you would have to be really passionate about writing and have strong work consistently. Now as I am gaining more knowledge through techie youth about writing as a career, I see it as any other job because that is what it is.

No one has the same definition for a job worldwide but everyone should know this. Anything can be turned into a job or can make profit whether it be big or small. The only thing that makes it a job is if you or you and your team are passionate about what you guys are doing each day to make the profit you want for your lifestyle. No one starts their journey the same, just like a character in a actual story. You are the person in control of your real life story and the ones you create or whatever you create for your audience/ customer!

I hope I moved you into the sense whereas you can be anything you want to be. I know that sounds vague but it is true. Always think before you do anything serious as well. Watch after your stuff and be protective over it because you have every right to as a artist, writer, whatever you want to b.

Have a joyful day guys, we will finish this tomorrow.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

The Wonders behind Writing

Hey guys!

I am back to continue our talk from yesterday. So yesterday I spoke on how art is actually a career people can uptake in order to be successful. Another form of art i focused more into today is writing.

Today I got to break down and see how and what goes into publishing any form of literature. There are two options when it comes to publishing any form of literature though. The two ways I saw today was self publishing and having an actual publishing team.

Based off of these two formats, the profits compared to each other are very different. For example, if you are doing the traditional way by having people help you, you only get to claim 10-12% of your earnings.

See now when it comes to publishing your own stuff though, you can earn up to 40-60% of savings/ earnings from your book being sold.

Now even though self publishing does sound like a good option since you are making more profit, it an actually be harder. It would only be harder because in all reality there is no one there supporting you within your book cover designs, contracts, etc. When you publish something on your own, you have to advertise yourself.

On the other hand, even though with a team you earn less of your own profit but, you get to spread your book into further locations which can then lead up to a allocation of funds that come from your book.

At the end though, everyone has their own idea and route they want to take whether it be with the support or no support. Anything can be a career like I always say, just have to be passionate about it. See you tomorrow guys! We will continue to chat about careers that are typically overlooked in the career community.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

The Arts in Techie Youth

Hey guys!

So yesterday I spoke on the arts and how we as a community are typically overlooked in the career world. Like I said, this is because people don’t view are creativity as a career. When you have to use your imagination in this community, it is not considered legit.

So i’m order to avoid these types of claims, we have to take our work more serious. We have to create more boundaries around our art in order to actually make a legit good profit.

Boundaries meaning that you have to secure your own art by having it priced for what it’s actually worth. For example, like entrepreneurship, you have to have either yourself in order or your own team to create a safe protection around your artwork.

Even though the arts is not seen as a career, no one can deny what you yourself are passionate in nor what you see is a job and worth your time.

You have to be persistent and push your art since everyone’s art is different and serves their own purpose. If you want people to be inspired by your art and you want people to view it… THEN PUSH IT!

The only way you’re gonna get somewhere is if you make the changes and decisions, not if someone else does those responsibilities for you and your brand.

Your brand is your brand for a reason and you need to be proud about that.

I hope my fellow artists understand, much love, see you soon! Thanks

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Arts as a Career within Techie Youth

Hi Guys I am back today. We focused on the arts and selling your art in Techie Youth today. I myself am I passionate person for the arts. Now you may wonder, what do I mean whenever I say "the arts". Well for everyone, there is a different definition of the arts. Within art you have to be open minded and this is why people have different definitions for the term. Typically worldwide though, the arts are overlooked and not seen as actual careers that people can actually make good profit from. In all reality though, art is everything people love or view everyday. For example, my definition of the arts is considered the bare minimum to past the maximum which is inevitable. Some examples are;

This is because everyone ideas are different. The arts is a career. It is an amazing career as long as it is maintained and supported with other side hustles. The more you have under your belt, the more you will gain around you. SO if you are interested in making the arts for a career then go for it, just supply yourself and make sure there are always plan B's. Until tomorrow, more on ART!

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Smarter decisions

Hey guys, today was a reflection Friday for me in my case. I gathered together some key advice I learned today for you guys.

Today I realized that a lot of your life is the way it is because;

1) you're not making the efforts to make you where you are in your progressive growth

2) you're rushing what shall come to you with time

3) you are not changing your actions that are getting you stuck in the same position

As a human, everyone has their own ways of living life and their own goals. Today I realized that if you truly want change, you really have to go get it yourself. No one is going to hold your hand through life. Every second you think about hat someone else has, you're taking away the opportunities from yourself by wasting time.

In order to get through things like this, there are multiple things you can do such as;

In the end, the success you want and are going to get comes from whatever efforts you put into your life. Stay encouraged and believe in yourself guys! Till next week

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Following Logistics

Hey Everyone!

Today I studied more into the logistics of entrepreneurship. Now you may ask, what do you mean logistics?

Within entrepreneurship you have to follow certain rules in; branding, partnerships, logos for your brand, and so much more.

Entrepreneurship is meant for you to grow your own business or to invest with someone into a business. This comes with a lot of freedom but... in order to get where you want to go, you have to follow basic logistical rules in the entrepreneurship system in order to grow a large company like Tesla.

Now like I said, you have to follow the rules. This is also because if you have the same idea or logo or anything as a company, there are many outcomes to this issue;

and the list goes on within this industry.

Therefore like I said, before entering this industry, think about what your passion is and make sure your plan is set so things can run as smooth as possible. But also try to make the best dals as possible safely at the same time.

Hope you learned some today, catch back tomorrow!

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

The Truth Within Entrepreneurship


I am back with more tips learned today that really opened my eyes. Today I revolved around communications since I typically am aiming for working in a employment society where communication is key.

As you grow older, you have to always keep in mind how you are speaking to people as a whole within; body language, verbal speaking, sign language, etc.

With communication, you are allowed to grow your company wider then the average company that starts with no connections or any platform. Platform as in no revenue models, no executive summaries, low in employers, and no interests towards supporting consumers in the market.


In order to be more successful in a sense, you have to enjoy what you do for a living. You have to like your job because when you do, you open up more and share/ contribute your ideas to help the company grow for themselves and their consumers at the same time to make a equilibrium balance.

Continuing, there are many parts that go into how your success even grows.

For instance, if you do not have a target audience, little to no progress will be made.

If you do not have the 2/3; a passion, tech, or idea, you will have more trouble having a sturdy business.

In order to avoid the hassle when starting your first business, try to make as many connections as possible with people who HAVE those passions, tech, and idea you are looking for to target more audiences in the consumer community.

At the end, communication always is shown to be key. Signing off until next time, stay active folks!

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Techie Youth Entrepreneur Learning


Hello! I am a youth employee within the Techie Youth Entrepreneurship class. Today I focused on entrepreneurship but mainly on the ethics behind most information about revenues and sales/ profit within your business. So lets get right into it!

First Entrepreneur Tip:

One of the many things I learned today within

entrepreneurship is that everything takes time and requires certain materials for YOUR definition of success

For example, within the ethics of entrepreneurship, people have to all start out with revenue models within their start up. This allows your business or businesses you're running to have a more sensible structure and order all around.

Second Tip:

Another thing about entrepreneurship is that with revenues, they are typically calculated as;

total revenue = number of products/ units sold X the cost of the products/ unit

Final tip!:

Lastly another tool I had learned is that it is

understandable for a company to start with low prices to attract customers but!.. DO NOT KEEP THE PRICES TOO LOW. In this case I mean you can keep prices that low but remember to place sales or deals on those products to secretly up in competition since more is being sold. Also, remember your worth!

I hoped I was able to inform you on some things that evolve within the entrepreneurship world. Until next time!