Log of what of Khalima Howard has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Last day at techie youth

So, if you guys are not aware, today is my last day here at techie youth. There have obviously been ups and downs but nonetheless I still enjoyed the experience. I've learned things here that I haven't even learned in school. Which reminds me of something, I think techie youth should also add units about college, how to get scholarships, hand to get and keep good credit, all about banks and loans, owning credit and/or debit cards, etc. I feel like that would be really helpful to lots of people who are in techie youth. Of course teaching youth ways to make money online/in person is helpful, but it's also helpful to teach them how to manage, save, and invest in it, like with the stock unit. It was nice to learn about stocks even though sometimes I find them confusing.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Finding it kinda har with some of these quizzes - what I learned at techie youth

So the more I continue to do over mini units so I can passes the test the more I'm realizing a few things. First, there are things I've missed the read time I read an article or watched a video. Just goes to show that some things can really pass by the eye. Second, I'm just so confused on one of the quizzes because I get the answers directly from all the articles, like in it article it will say the answer or something close to it but when I pick it in the quiz it ends up being wrong and I honestly don't know whats up with that. I'm quite happy though that I've been able to pass tests that I failed the first time cause it means I'm really looking back to see what I missed.I've also realized that becoming a product manager is not for me at all. I mean I basically failed every test dealing with that unit except for like 2. I find it very hard to understand those quizzes on product manager and now I know that's something I'll never pursue.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Fixing my scores - what I did at techie youth

Today I took the time to try and pass all of my quizzes. I had to do over that specific unit, nonetheless, I fixed two of my failed quizzes and turned them into passing. I still have more I have to turn into passing, however some of them I feel as if I just don't get it. I find some of it difficult to answer the questions. hence why I keep failing, but clearly there's something I'm not closely looking at when reading articles or watching videos.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Learning how to sell art online - what i learned at techie youth

So today I watched many videos about how to sell art online, how to boost your art online and get people to buy it, who to work with and how to promote your art. Out of all videos I liked the one with the girl from dallas texas talking about things you should and shouldn't do when it comes to promoting art. I liked her video best because I felt it had the most information that I could go off of and the background of her video was also nice and added to the video. I also retook some of my test hoping to get a higher score and I decided that I should continue to see if I can improve on it, although i've passed most of them.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

What I learned at techie youth

This has to be rushed at the moment and is going to be short since I have somewhere that I need to be. Today I learned about where I can sell my art and what those websites have to offer. That unit was quite long and I didn't even finish it yet with all the links being given. Moving on to a different topic, Y'all keep sending me emails about how my "needs revision" needs to be fixed when I been fixed it. Y'all would know this since I replied to every email you sent me. I already fixed my needs revision weeks ago so I'm not understanding the problem. I'm not repeating myself no more, I sent emails explaining how I fixed it, so if y'all are not reading my emails but keep sending emails about the same thing then fine by me. However I will be getting paid for the 5 hours I sit here taking quizzes, reading articles and watching videos along with my assignments.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Selling art online - what I learned at techie youth

Today I did my writing blog but I wrote in my google docs for now, until I'm sure where to put it or do the blog then that is my blog. Besides that. I have started the unit selling art online, which is pretty interesting to say the least. I've always liked art. I've never been one that's super into it, but I considered it a hobby. Everything I've learned so far I already knew. However it was very interesting to learn about how to ship orders since I always thought about having a mini business and I always wondered how it would work, and it seems pretty complicated.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Data entry and blog writing - what I learned at techie youth

So this time I have heard of data entry, but I never heard it often, probably once or twice. I knew it involved inputting data but I didn't really know where. I just assumed it was like collecting data than handing it off to the owner of a company, similar to a data analysis. I also liked how in the beginning of the mini unit it stated a caution about how you could get scammed, which I honestly had no idea about. Nonetheless, I learned that data entry is (from the article) the act of transcribing some form of information into another medium, usually through input into a computer program. In my own terms, someone taking updated data into a computer. I am also currently working on the blog about techie youth for my writing assignment. I'm not exactly sure how to do it exactly. I mean I'm assuming for creating a website? I'm not sure.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Grant writing and fundraising - what I learned at techie youth

As I stated yesterday, I had no idea what grant writing was. I of course new what fundraising was but I never payed attention to the actual process. Back to grant writing, I learned that a grant writer does research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or certain people receive grant funding. In one of the articles I read, a grant writer who goes by Segler was asked many questions about his job. One question that stood out to me was "What main tasks does your job involve?" I picked this question as the most interesting question since I had no idea what a grant writer was nor what they do. To this question, he answered, "Most of my work involves crafting a proposal-so, doing research and speaking with the clients, producing illustrations, and writing and designing the proposal." He also states that most of his working includes seeking new clients. I also found out that writers get paid around 69,200 (expected income). Another article also talked about how to become a grant writer, which would require you to fully understand the information you would need for for your proposal, while also keeping in mind that many other companies are also competing for that same grant. Finally, I took understanding to what beginner grant makers shouldn't do, which is always helpful. The article stated things such as "Not completely understanding the application," or "Not proofreading and having spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

The importance of backlinks - what I learned to day at techie youth

Before this,I had no idea what a backlink even was. If someone were to ask me I would have had no clue. However, I learned that backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. I also learned that it can be used for many reasons like to boost your website. While watching a video I also understand that backlinks are important because they help google and other search engines determine which page of yours could rank the highest. I also remember that using key words for certain things can give you a certain amount of backlinks. I also remember seeing a video about good customer service and how to write a good support email. I feel like good customer service is always needed, as it's important to give respect and talk with professionally while still keeping the tone light so it doesn't come off as too serious.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Tips on becoming a blogger - what I learned at techie youth

Today I learned about tips to becoming a successful blogger, what do to and what not to do. I also learned about topics that give you high income and topics that don't. It only sucks that's even a thing because people should be able to do what they love and gain money for it but what sells will sell. I also hadn't realized that tumbler could be considered a blog website. I've always heard about tumbler and even read a few things on it, but it was mostly popular around 2014-2016 I believe. I also had no idea about textbroker. Getting paid to write (based on what I have to write) seems amazing. I've always been good at writing and I even used to wrote short stories all the time. I would even write 12 page research essays about a certain topic when I was in AP. I love finding out about new things that could help me in my life from techie youth.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Blogging and writing for your own website - what I learned at techie youth

So today I finished "Books, published, and self-published", started and finished "Copy writing", and started "Blogging and writing for your own website." Before starting the mini unit about copy write I had no idea that I had a different than what I thought. I figured it would talk about copy writing other peoples work and how much trouble someone could get in trouble for that. I didn't except to find out that copy writing is a business move to push a costumer closer to buying whatever product is being pushed. I learned that when copy writing, it should also be on a emotional level with the customer to ave them so connected to the product. I can see why companies would pay nicely for copy writing because it pushes sales up for them and if more people feel connected to buy a product that they'll gain more money. I also didn't realize that a blog was like reading a article. When I was younger and I would see blogs in kids movies it always looked so different. Like writing a post everyday about a topic but also having it look really decorated and eye catching. Of course I shouldn't still think like that, but realizing it now I've read tons of blogs.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Writing for magazines - what I learned at techie youth

Today at techie youth I learned exactly what a writer for a magazine does, tips, getting it publishes, how much they make, etc. While reading an article about how to get published (with a traditional publishing house) I had no idea that so much went into it. Yes I figure it would take time considering that publishing anything would take time, but maybe because I read it in a article it felt so long. While watching the video for "writing for magazines: top tips by freelance writer linda formichelli and editor laura pepper wu - the writer lifestyle from 30 days books" Linda Formichelli said in the process you have to be prepare yourself for being rejected from many many people. Not everything you submit is going to get it. She said that starting out she got rejected by (not sure if she said exactly or over) 500 people. I'm not even sure if I would continue getting rejected by that many people because it would start to make you feel like your work is not good enough. Also while reading the article by Nick Hopwood, I really like how he presented his wording. When asking questions like "is it for everyone?" he'd put "yes. it's for everyone" then explain why. However, in the next paragraph he'd go "No. It's mot for everyone." and explain why. I really adored the way he explained it because it was so straight forward. Like yes, you could do this, but also no you cant do this." He does this throughout the entire article and it caught my eye. I also took the time to redo my some texts. While I passed some I still failed others, so I will continue to review my failed tests so I can get a better score, however I'm just having a hard time with certain topics like data analyst or video editing. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean I wont still try.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Magazines and journals - what I learned at techie youth

So far, reading about becoming a journalist for magazines isn't to far off from one of my interest. I love writing, mostly when it comes to displaying my creativity. I've learned that magazine writers develop sources, interview people (which I had no idea they did), and research, write and submit a first draft. I figured that they would submit a first draft, which makes sense because they always want to make sure that whatever their submitting for people to see is their finest work. I've also learned about 15 steps for a magazine writer like studying your target, find story ideas, start small, find sources, write a first draft and rewrite after that (I can't really remember the rest of the steps). Nonetheless, it was still cool to know about. However I think if I was to do something like this, it would be like a side job because I'm not the type of person to write about someone else, I'm the type of person who they'll be writing about. Still, I love writing and wouldn't mind putting my skills to the test. I will also add that while I was on the mini unit "Magazines and journals" when I pressed the "read this article to learn about the basic of magazine writing" It said page not found which I can only assume it's been deleted. This has also happened before when I pressed a link to watch a video and the video was not available to me because it had been deleted or it was now private. I plan to continue the unit about writing since it's something I can take interest in, even if it's not 100%. (Sorry I had to go back and fix some spelling eras since I type too fast sometimes I miss what I put.)

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Confused and upset/video editing changes the way you see things - what I learned at Techie youth

So I logged in at 8 today as I been doing for the past 3 weeks and I pressed on the unit about video editing to continue what I was learning. I spent all 5 hours learning, reading and watching just for me to get check my performance and see that it says I was on for 1 hour and then I have three hours of inactivity? This is very upsetting to me because it makes it look like I did absolutely nothing when I am 100% on here everyday from 8am to 1pm. Now, the way the video editing course is setup is like slides, I'm sure you know. So it's not typically laid out like the other courses. It also lead me off of techie youth to watch videos that were actually on youtube when normally I can watch the video and still be on techie youth, not to mention all the tabs I have open from videos and articles while working. I hope there is an understanding that I have showed my ability to work everyday nor have I ever missed a day or failed to complete all my hours so there shouldn't be any question to believe I'm lying when I haven't showed this behavior before and I never will. So when I do my time sheet I will be putting in 5 hours for today because that's exactly what I did. To prevent this from happening again I will no longer focus on video editing and I will instead pick something else. Nonetheless, I will continue on with what I learned with what I learned today. First, I have heard of final cut pro and but I've never used it. However I have used adobe but not in the way that it was displayed. I've used it for online when I used to do digital art. Of course I never had pro but I still made use of what I could use. Watching videos about the editing process made me very confused if I'm being honest because I've seen it before but I myself have never done something like that nor have I used software like it. Whenever I was editing videos I would use capcut and I would only use that for little videos like edits of people or stuff like that. I did enjoy watching the video "How to make a cinematic short film (live editing bts). I liked how easy it was to understand the process of how he made the video, how he used real life sounds to use it in the song that the music producer made, and the way his editing scenery all around him made the experience seem much more surreal. I really admire how editing can really change the tone of the video based on how it's edited. Using jump cuts can really add to the intensity vs without it things can seem calmer and slower. For example when he used jump cuts to add in multiple clips made it seem forceful but the music in the back also made it seem exciting, almost like your waiting for that right moment to come, and as he switches it and removes the jump cuts and shows a single clips, everything seems to slow down and if the video was explaining "This is what goes on but lets slow down for a moment and really see what goes on."

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

In the mind of editors - what I learned at techie youth

I really enjoyed what I learned today for many reasons. If I haven't stated this before I do have a huge interest in acting/directing (making short stories that I can turn into short films). So being able to see what goes into making a movie is so interesting to me because I feel as if most people (including myself) don't realize how much editing makes the movie. Of course acting, costumes, props, and scenery add to it but when watching the video about cuts and transitions 101 I never realized that different frames and cuts really shaped the movie. I mean I was shocked to see how much the tone could change when using the same scene but changing the way its produced. I also never realized that leaving a scene on for a certain about of time allows the watchers to really connect and feel what were seeing. I learned so much today about professional editing that I can use in the future. I really liked when I watched each explanation as to what each of the cut scenes were called and how it impacted the movie because it made me think about all the times I've seen those used in certain movies. The art of movie making is truly interesting, and even though I rather be acting a movie, I wouldn't mind being behind the scenes. To create is to have an idea (which i'm always full of) so this has inspired me to start working on a short film that I will create, write, direct, act, and (maybe) edit. Of course that will take a long time but I'm always one to act on my creative flow no matter it be singing, art, dance, fashion, etc.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

My idea to techie youth/mini product manager/how to make money on the side - what I learned at techie youth

Today I learned about how to make more money on the side even if it can't be your main income. Honestly, I'm doing something similar now. Hence why I pressed the unit, I wanted to see what would be offered for me to learn. I feel as if it's easy and hard at the same time to make money on the side. Doing online surveys is always once but they give very little money. However, I have a proposition. I use apps like "Fetch Rewards" and "Ibotta" although I'm pretty new to it. I have not finished the unit so I'm not sure if that was mentioned. Regardless, it's always good to make extra money when you have time on your hands. Although watching a video a guy did say he took a survey for about 2 hours and didn't even receive other 5 dollars. Nonetheless, for about 30 dollars doing things like that he made (rounded) 400. Which to me, is very impressive considering it was only 30 days that he set for himself.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

From communication skills to kay product management - what I learned at techie youth

Today was kind of a slow day for me, regardless I took some information by surprise. I didn't know how important it was for product managers to know and understand about analytics. It's interesting because while reading that article about "Everything a product manager needs to know about analytics" I read things about Cohorts, Metrics, and data points. If I'm being honest I still don't even understand what all that means in a deeper sense. For example, If I had to be a product manager for a day and they told me to tell them about data analytics I'd be so confused. I seriously didn't know that being a product manager required so much effort and understanding of data. Which I why when I first started reading about product manager I compared it to a business analyst. I'm glad I can even say that and compare the two because before techie youth I hadn't even heard about it. In the last article I was able to read called "The art of communication: 7 Tiny Tweaks That Deliver Big Impact" and in that article it stated that 50% of the most important skill you need to have at your job or your day-to-day basis. I highly agree with that because I've always said communication is key. My parents have this phrase where they say "A closed mouth doesn't get fed." Which is pretty self explanatory but when you don't say or talk about something people won't know what you're thinking. This even applies to most situations in life.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Wow product managers must really be busy - what I learned at techie youth

Reading multiple articles to day about product management was a lot of information to take it. I had no idea so much work could go into it, although I should've guessed. I'm starting to realize that before I started techie youth didn't realize how much work goes into certain things. For example, I didn't think that product managers would create s survey to ask their customers about their thoughts. I only assumed they would ask their co-workers, similar to a business analyst. They also use lots of tools to help them such as Wireframes and Backlog grooming. Before today I hadn't heard of any of that and I probably wouldn't have. I also dipped my toes for the crash course in video editing. Since I often think about doing YouTube I thought it would have good information. However, once I saw the videos talking about directors for movies and the tone of the movie I instantly became very interested. Not because I want to be a director, but because I want to be an actress. However, I also so find directing interesting as I created, directed, and acted in a scene I created in middle school for me and my friends. I would be amazing if there was a course here on acting, preforming arts, singing, dance, theater, etc.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Product management - what I learned at techie yotuh

I started off today by retaking tests that I previously failed. While I did do better on about 2 of them, the others were still pretty confusing. For example, the last quiz I took before I started writing this about product management I failed. I honestly think this is because I had to read about 4 long articles and normally I'm amazing at reading but because I wasn't interested in some of them it began to get boring, and I started reading without really obtaining information. However, that doesn't mean I don't remember anything at all. I do remember reading about how to conduct a great costumer survey. For example, a negative strategy is asking costumers questions about age or gender without giving them the option not to might make them uncomfortable. I agree with this because even when being on a website and they ask for my name and age it's like "Why do you need it?". However a positive strategy is making yes/no questions. It's easier for people to answer directly without having to type or text anything. I also agree with this because it speeds up the process and it's great for people with a short attention span.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Creating my executive summmary and learning abour product management - what i learned at techie youth

So, today I created my executive summary. At first, I didn't really have an idea prompt. However, I remember that when I was in middle school I mad a (very weak) business plan on the type of clothes I was gonna sell, the sizes, return policies, what design it would have and that audience it would target, etc. I wanted to start a small business of course I never got around to doing it. So, I decided to use that but with upgrades. Even though it's pretty sloppy writing, I always thought I would have my small business alone. I also learned about product managers. If I'm being honest, when I first heard about it I didn't even know that project managers even exist. It reminded me of business analyst but with much more work. Product mangers have to research, setting product vision, communicating vision to stakeholders, developing strategic plans, and creating an maintaining product roadmap. When i saw what I had to do about "making or adding" improvements to techie youth, I would like to do that considering I've told myself "Why don't they have this," or "I wish they had this." etc.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Creating a website and how certain sets on skills can influnce ur business _what i learned at techie youth

If I'm being honest I've never heard about the website wix. However, when I watched the videos about it I was very interested. I thought it might have been boring to learn about but when I saw how good it was I was shocked. However it does seem like lots of work to create your own website. Nonetheless, wix is amazing for helping you create a website and they have so many options to pick from. If or when I decide ti create a website I will run to wix. I also wanted to talk about the video of getting people to like you. A phrase I heard was "If you want people to like you, you have to like them the way they are. I'm not sure how much i agree with that however because in all honestly you don't have to like everyone and not everyone is gonna like you. I personally don't care about getting people to like me because if you don't that sounds like a their problem. However, from a business aspect I can completely understand. Let's say a cupcake business has an amazing investor looking to invest in her bakery. She meets up with the investor and they talk about the future her business. The more she talks to him the more she realizes that he's quite rude and tries to belittle her into giving him most of the shares of her company. However there's an amazing way for her to boosts her company, she continues to put a smile on her face and accept the way he is without talking about it. Of course she probably shouldn't with him at all but sometimes sacrifices. Completely unrelated to what I learned, but the reason why I didn't other social media links is because I don't have social media. I prefer not to have social media because the effects it has on me.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Another day filled with information on owning a business - what I learned at techie youth

Out of all the things I learned today, Learning about an executive summary's I feel was the most important. I say this not only because I have a assignment on it, but because I feel like it will benefit me in the outside world. I learned that a executive summary should include lots of things like information about the company's owners and an implementation plan for bringing the business into the real world. If I remember correctly, I believe an article said that business owners have a 30% chance more of success if they have a executive summary. I'm sure by the next day I will have begin writing my executive summary which might take me a while considering that lots of information need to be stored in it and I also believe (if I'm not mistaken) that it needs to be five paragraphs. Overall though, the more I learn about this unit the more I realized how hard it is to own and run a businesses.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Bringing your idea into fruition - what I earned at techie youth

Wow, I 100% pertained so much information about how to bring your idea into your greatest passion. All the videos I watched were very informational. To me it seems pretty hard to start your own business. I mean sure, at first glance it seems like "Okay, this is something I think could work, I could make a business out of this, I'll become rich." Oh no, it is so much more than that. So much time, so much effort, so much motivation and so much failure. It seems to me that most people's businesses don't take off like they think it will. Of course, that's why it should be a passion. Something you truly care about and would like to share with the world, not because you'll get rich. Even then, it seems like once a business fails it's time to move on because you'll just waste your time on it when u could spend more time creating another idea. I'll have to disagree though (that's what i understood from a video). If it's a passion then it's something you should never give up on. If the first one failed, improve it, make it better. There's no reason to leave behind what you want to do. I think that's problem in this world. Teaching people to give up on the things and passions they love so much because there's no real reasons to continue doing what you love when working a 9 to 5 will keep you alive. Nonetheless, even with after everything I learned, I still have a hope of mine that someday I'll own my own clothing line. I have more than one passion but that doesn't include this topic. Furthermore, everything I learned today was a massive eye opener for me. I learned about profit models, sales and marketing, and my most favorite, value proposition. It really made me realize how important the front cover words for your advertisement. I like understanding things that I didn't take into consideration before. Plus, since it's a topic I'm interested in, it counts more.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

My life can be improved in so many ways - what I learned at techie youth

I learned a lot about ways I can improve my life. If I'm being honest, since the first time I started I got lost in the videos and articles I was reading about and lost track on time. I think this is because I needed to hear some of these things, I needed some type of push to make me realize their always room for change. I also learned about ways to improve anxiety which is perfect for me because I've had anxiety all my life. So, since one of the topics was about smart ways to save money (even from yesterday) I decided to make a lost of wants and needs. I also made a list of what I would buy and how much that would cost me. I naturally liked to be organized, however when it came to saving money I was never the best at it. I'm also meditating much more since it helps with being stressed. Although I already knew about the amazing impacts it has on the human mind. Productivity in something I have not started on yet however as the days go buy I'm sure I will. Things take to to complete, rushing will only disorient it.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Understanding how I can have better life Quality - what I learned at techie youth today

So today as I was scrolling through the main page look for the topic I last left on, I didn't realize that a crash course about how to improve your life in many different ways was even here. I actually found this topic much more interesting than all the other topics. Maybe because this is something I can actually apply to my life and can help improve certain things in my life. The one that stuck out to me the most was time management. Since it's something that I've always struggled with. Especially when I was in High school, specifically in my AP English. I would have plenty of time to do my research paper and my presentation but would always begin to start when I had a few days left. While I got my work done it didn't make any sense to me that I would even wait so long to get my work done, but that's only because I was so lazy in doing my work and had so much time to do it, that in my head I felt as if I could wait as long as I wanted because as long as I got my work done then it wouldn't matter. Recently I haven't actually had a reason to change that about myself, after watching many videos today about the quality of life, saving money, creating a schedule for myself, etc, I think I should really try to improve certain things in my life that can easily be fixed. I'm glad I had the chance to be motivated by such informational videos, and I glad to continue this for the next day. Hopefully I'll look back on this at the future and realized how much improvements I've mad to my life.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Data analyst and Data scientist

Today at techie youth I learned about the core differences between a data analyst an data scientist. To summarize the between the two, they both focus on designing and have to maintain a database while using that information in different ways, but still applies to benefit the company. Data analyst look through data and identify trends. They figure out what business decisions cane be made based off of what the showcase of data explains. Data scientists are best at interpreting data but take a more mathematical approach.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

All about being a music producer - What I learned today at Techie Youth

Today in Techie Youth, I've learned lots of information about being in the music industry as a music producer, what it's like, the pros and cons, and the different types of jobs you can get with a music business degree. I've also watched videos based on peoples personal experience about making their own music/beat and what the process is like. I've also learned the responsibilities of a music producer. Before reading an article about it I only assumed music producers just made beats for artist that wanted to work with them and worked with them on the song. However, I've learned that music producers actually rearranging compositions or suggesting changes to the lyrics, managing project budgets, handling contracts and negotiations, etc. I've also learned about different types of chords however it displayed it as if I was playing piano. I was shown music sheets when watching the videos. I was a bit confused though since I cant read music sheets but overall I think I have a better understanding of the concept much more had I not watched the video and read the articles. However, Towards the end I did feel like it was getting a bit much for me as I decided to move along to Business and data analyst. I find it quiet interesting and will continue to learn more about it, although based on what I've read so far it seems to me that business analyst would interest me far more.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Yes it's true, stock is hard to understand but not impossible - what i learned today at Techie Youth

I apologize for delivering my blog so late. While doing my crash course on stock investments, I received the message about giving in our linkedin profile, our resume and our cover letter. Even though I already had a resume, I decided to write another after everything I have learned so far through Techie Youth. Again, please excuse my tardiness as I will learn to write my blog on time. Now moving forward, today I have learned lots of information about stock investments, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, etc. I learned about the 7 principles on how to invest for beginners explained by Warren Buffett. I learned about the difference between common stock and preferred stock as well as the other stock categories. I also really appreciate the quizlet cards as i gained a better understanding about what certain words in stock mean. Although I am still quite confused on how to read stick charts, I did learn more about it.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Being happy with your life - what i learned at Techie Youth

I apologized for writing this so late. I originally asked for help from the little circle on the bottom

right (other support employees from techie youth) however they confused me a bit more. Regardless, I have learned a lot today through all the videos I’ve watched and articles I’ve read. If I was to put down everything I learned this would be an essay, so I’ll be talking about key things I learned that really stuck with me. In the video about being happy with your life made by the founder of techie youth I was actually very pleased to hear what he had to say. He made very valid points about doing what you love instead working in a job that’ll make you miserable. He stated that based on how much you like your job is how much effort you put into it, and I highly agree with that. People won’t give their best attitude in a workplace they don’t enjoy. I was also shocked when he made a comparison about “the woman who gets to work right on time and leaves right on time vs the man who gets to work early and stays overtime”. Both get their work done but when he asked which one would get Promoted I would’ve assumed the man because he stayed overtime doing work however it was actually the woman because it meant since she could leave on time because she had finished her work in a timely manner. It really made me think about my time management skills and how I can improve on mine. I also learned a lot about resumes and how I can fix and improve mine to its highest potential. There were even don’ts that I learned not to put on a résumé that I actually have on mine. I am very grateful to have learned about that so now I can fix my résumé. I also learned about credit cards, debit cards, saving accounts, how to write a check etc. I learned about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Even though I’m not sure of being an entrepreneur is for me I greatly appreciate her learning about it and would like to take time to know more.