Log of what of Leo Xie has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Finishing up the AI Unit

There wasn't much that I learned today since I mostly spent the day continuing on the Kaggle work. I started the day by working on Kaggle for an hour before I took a break from it and read some articles. I finished the AI technical skills section where I learned more about NLP and robotics. I watched a video about the basics of NLP and read an article about the difference between NLP, AI and machine learning. There was a guided project after that, but after half way through, the site said I couldn't continue unless I upgraded membership, so I decided to just skip what was left. I read another article afterwards that explained the how artificial intelligence affects robotics and how robotics have improved quality of life in the world. That was the end of the AI technical skills section so I moved onto the Creating an AI business section. Some of the information in this section was already covered previously but I did learn about big data and internet of things. This section also touched a bit on neural analytics in business and the several cases where it would be used. When I finished reading all the articles in this section I decided to go back to my Kaggle which I spent another 30 minutes on.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

The Beginning of AI

Today I continued on where I left off yesterday on the Stocks, Crypto, and other types of online trading unit. Afterwards I moved onto a new unit, Artificial Intelligence. I started the unit by watching some videos and reading some articles regarding AI and they're role in certain jobs. I also learned about some machine-learning algorithms as well as model-based reasoning. After all that, I moved on to learn about AI technical skills. I spent about half an hour learning about the basics of Python and how to use programming language. I read a few articles about machine learning, in which, I learned about the fundamentals of AI systems. The unit prompted me to pick a Kaggle competition where I would submit my own algorithm. I spent about 45 minutes or so working on said algorithm before I took a break from it and continued with the rest of the unit. I read an article and watched a video about neural networks, which talked about deep learning.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Learning Trade Strategies

Today I spent most of the day watching a series of videos about trade strategies. The videos were pretty long so there was a lot of information to process. They began by defining some key terms such as options, strike price, lot size, expiry, etc. which was just a review since I learned all these yesterday. Then the videos began listing some options trading strategies and explained how each one is used and provided examples of them being used. Some of the strategies were selling put spread, long call strategy, covered call writing, etc. Along with providing numerous amounts of strategies to use, they also gave new vocabulary that I didn't learn prior. These terms included ITM Call/Put Option, ATM Option, OTM Call/Put Option, Theta, Delta, Gamma, etc. Some moments during the video was difficult to understand so I had to replay certain moments in order to process it all. After watching all the videos in the series, I moved on to read an article about how to pick the right option. The main takeaway was that finding the right option is crucial for maximizing success. It provided steps for finding the right one, which included checking the volatility, weighing the risks and rewards, establish parameters, etc.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Reviewing the options

I began today's session by completing one of the assignments regarding stocks. After completing it, I moved on to learning about stock options. There was a three hour long video that I had to watch regarding options, which took up a majority of today's work. From that video, I learned what options were(the right to buy and sell stocks for a set price at a future date) and how option trading works. I learned about the two basic types of options: puts and calls. Call options allow you to purchase stock shares at a predetermined price before a certain date and puts allow you to sell stock shares at a predetermined price before a certain date. The video provided some key vocabulary to be remembered such as strike price, premium, etc. After watching the video I read a few articles about the difference between options and stocks. The main takeaways from those articles were that stocks are shares in a company while options are the right to purchase and sell those shares at a fixed price. The articles also suggested that beginners should stick with stocks since options have many more risks involved. After reading through those articles, I ended the day by watching one last video where I was taught step-by-step how to use the Robinhood app.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

My start in trading

Today I started the stocks, cryptocurrencies and other types of online trading unit. I began by watching a video of Warren Buffet describing the basics of investing. The key takeaways from that video were to invest by facts, to only buy stocks that you understand, to take the chance on great opportunities when you see one, don't sell unless the business changes fundamentally, and to buy at a price below intrinsic value. Then I learned what stocks are and the several types of stocks available. I learned about the different ways to sell and purchase stocks and how each method has its own uses. This section also described how to read the stock charts and explained when it's best to trade. After finishing the stocks sections, I moved onto the crypto segment of the unit. There I learned about the basics of cryptocurrencies and some examples of crypto: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. I finished off the day by reading on other types of trade markets.