Log of what of Louis Feng has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Final Day at Techie Youth

Today is my last day in Techie Youth and I learned about creating some important documents that I will have to use for applying for jobs in the future. For example, writing a good resume is important, and adding all the related experience, skills, and education on it. Techie Youth has taught me a lot throughout this summer and I learned a variety of skills and learned about multiple jobs that I was at first not interested in. One unit I really liked learning about was the stock and investing unit. In fact, I began to start investing in ETFs and stocks to start my journey in investing.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Revising Assignments & Finishing Product Management

Today in Techie Youth, I learned a lot by completing the product management unit. I ended up writing a new service proposal/plan for Techie Youth that was essentially creating a support group for the youth to go to. Then I revised some of my assignments from the web development and niche website unit. In my niche website, I also discuss web development but talk more specifically about resources to get started in it. This is because I have a large interest in it and hopefully being able to do it as a career as I grow older. Then in the web development unit, I completed a website that outlined Techie Youth's mission and other things that they provide for at-risk youth.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Finishing Stock Review & Product Management

Today in Techie Youth, I finished up a youtube video reviewing the stocks that I had previously made predictions for. Some of the stocks include META, AMC, and DIS. I was pretty shocked because while not completely accurate, most of my predictions were correct in that they would either rise or drop in value. The next unit I went to was product management. Currently, I learned about the differences between product management and project management and each of their roles in the workplace. Reading articles about product management is interesting because it seems like a job I would go for as well.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Selling Digital Art

Today I learned about selling digital art. While I didn't go through that much of the material yet because I was completing assignments for other units, I learned a fair amount about the beginning processes necessary to sell your own art. I learned about the things necessary needed to sell art digitally. For example, as I was watching an illustrator packaging her art to get it ready to be sold, I saw that you needed to know the process of packing it, adding thank you notes, and more. In some of the other videos, I learned about things to know as you start selling art like not being discouraged just starting and keep working on improving your shop.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Facebook Ads

Today in Techie Youth, I learned mostly about Facebook ads. When I first began learning about these ads, and about ads in general, I never realized how important they are when you are trying to bring exposure to your company as well as views. However, after reviewing the process and how many views one can get to their online store, I see the value of investing in ads. Specifically Facebook ads are ads that I see very often as they appear all over Facebook and are always targeting a niche set of individuals. I know that the computer sometimes tracks things you are looking at and uses that information to give you relevant ads, and because of this, ads are very beneficial in bringing in more people to possibly buy a product from your store.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Digital Assets - Copyright & Crypto

Today in Techie Youth, I learned from the "selling digital goods" unit. I learned about crypto and copyright. In the crypto section, I learned about how to set up crypto and what it is. It's a form of investment that is a form of currency that exists digitally. I watched the video on how to set up a coinbase account and followed it. Then in the copyright unit, I learned about the importance of copyright and its uses when selling a digital good or any good in general. By copyrighting a product, it protects the creator and the original credit from being misused by other individuals. This is incredibly important as it helps a lot for legal reasons.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Finishing Niche Websites & Excel

Today in Techie Youth, I finished learning about what goes into making money with a niche website. It was good to know that the way you bring traffic to your site is very important and there are multiple ways to help increase that traffic. For example, I learned that search engines have a way to pick out keywords from websites to rank them in terms of relevance. Therefore, it is important to put keywords over your niche website to make it more relevant to the public. In the digital assets unit, I learned how to use excel more efficiently and it was helpful.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Niche Websites

Today in Techie Youth, I explored the niche websites unit and found out about websites that cater to a specific community/group. These websites are good for getting attraction from specifically the people in that community that is looking for the niche that you are putting out on your website. However, there are some downsides to them, such as not being able to get much attraction to your website if the niche is too specific. Making a niche website is a good way to actually sell and promote your own products because the people that visit your site are there to look for those types of products, and not others who accidentally stumble upon your niche website.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Music Production Unit

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about music production. In the beginning, I took a look at how a weekly schedule is for a music producer and saw the many different things that they do. After that, I started learning about the different types of roles one can have in music production. For example, there is the producer, who assists the artist in producing a new song/project, and the audio engineer, who uses their equipment to record and make a mix of sounds. I also learned about software that can be used to produce music and make beats. In the videos I watched they made beats by using digital drums, keyboards, and more.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Social Media Platforms

Today I learned about all the different social media platforms used today to communicate with others, create an organization/group, or create personal branding. I use some of these social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok, and I've seen from posts that people are able to become large influencers through these apps and create a personal branding out of themselves. However, obviously, these are not the only type of posts I have seen. On social media, I see news, marketing posts, entertainment videos, and much more. In relevance to creating remote money, advertising is done a lot on social media apps like Instagram. By creating exposure for your company and products through the app more people are willing to come to your website and buy from it.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Data Analysts and Business Analysts

Today one thing I learned about in Techie Youth was about Analysts. Specifically data and business analysts. At first, I was confused about what the difference was, and their own individual roles in a company. However, after reading some articles and material, I learned that they are different. Data analysts are very good at interpreting data and suggesting solutions and improvements from the technical side of the company to the board which makes the decisions. They act as problem solvers and help the company solve issues that could be noticed by identifying data. In addition, business analysts kind of does the same. However, they work more with the business structure and find ways to solve problems through financial and structural means.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Data Visualization and Machine Learning

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about machine learning and within the unit, I learned a lot about how to visualize the given data and create new data. Using python, I was able to graph a table of data by using APIs and other libraries that allowed me to predict what the following data could be. In one exercise I attempted to predict the following income of a work day given the initial earnings of a company as time passed. Another topic I found interesting was the way that robotics can be brought into companies to help earn money and make jobs easier. For example, in a video, there were robots moving around the warehouse boxes which eliminated the need for employees.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Web Development Advertising

Today in Techie Youth, I learned more in-depth about web development and the coding languages that go into it. For example, there is javascript, java, python, PHP, and other things used to create a website. I watched a crash course on PHP, Java, and Python, and they were all very different but held similar concepts in the way that coding works. I also watched a lot of videos that showed how to get their first job in selling websites. Most people said that experience is very important and so is effort. You need to make the effort to go out and advertise your service to secure a job. Some ways to advertise are google ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

MongoDB and MySQL

Today in Techie Youth, I returned to the web development unit and learned more about databases. Specifically, I took a crash course in MongoDB and MySQL. I learned about the difference between each as one is a relational structured database while the other is a non-relational structured database. I liked learning about MongoDB because I have some prior experience with it but not a lot, so it was interesting to learn more in-depth about it. As the given videos were playing, I followed along and made sure to take notes on the different functions that each MySQL and MongoDB provide.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Exploring Writing

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about the different types of ways you can earn a living by writing. From publishing your own books to posting blogs, I learned that there are multiple ways to express your own thoughts on the internet and earn money from it. Specifically today, I learned about blogging and publishing magazines, journals, and books. In the process of publishing something, such as a journal, there are many steps as it is either academic or scientific and needs to be peer-reviewed because it is being exposed to the public and false information is bad. Another instance of publishing would be a magazine article where a collection of interesting news and other topics are posted. Blogging is a bit different as it is done also mainly on the internet but has more of a personal touch to it. For example, personal blogs express the blogger's experiences, feelings, and much more because it pertains to the author.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Further Into Web Development - Hosting and Roles/Jobs

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about the many different roles you can have as a web developer or something similar to one. For example, there are front-end, back-end developers, web architects, and much more. These jobs all specialize in certain fields in the tech industry that relate to websites. Back-end developers focus on creating code for the things "behind" the website, whereas product managers manage the creation of a technical product. Another topic I learned about today was hosting websites. There are many sites that allow you to host your website, but they usually come with a payment plan to maintain the website for a period of time. One would be Host Gator.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Web Development

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about web development. I learned how to set up Microsoft Visual Studio Code and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As I watched the videos I tried to understand the purposes of each element of web development. There was a guide in one of the videos that I found very helpful because it gave a lot of helpful tips to people who wanted to start learning web development. I also learned more in depth about the stuff that goes into the whole development process of a website, back-end, and front-end.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Investments and Trading Options

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about trading options and an investment called REIT, which stands for real estate investment trusts. These are similar to stocks in that they can be purchased in the market and have a correlation with specific real estate property. REIT allows individuals to own and finance properties like stocks. They also have their own risks and advantages. For example, REITS pay out dividends to owners and that can help bring in more money. Also, I learned that trading option is a lot more technical than simply looking at a graph and predicting. There are many patterns and things to look out for when making a call or selling a put on a stock.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Stocks and Investments

Today in Techie Youth I learned about stocks, cryptocurrency, and other forms of investments. With stocks, you are able to buy a share of the company which is essentially a percentage of the company. This stock correlates to how well the company does in terms of overall value. Therefore, as the company brings in more customers and becomes larger, the more value the single stock holds. Unlike stocks, there is cryptocurrency that is held by a blockchain, a network that ensures that data is kept securely. Crypto is much more volatile while stocks can be as well. It runs on a 24/7 market and is much more unpredictable than stocks because they are not correlated to a company. There are many different kinds of crypto like bitcoin, Ethereum, and more

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Tech Products That Could be Sold

Today in Techie Youth, I looked further into the technological and art crafts. In one of the recent videos I watched, the video went into depth about how to create print crafts that could be sold online. In the video from obtaining the materials necessary to making the actual craft, I learned that there was a step by step process to do make the craft and actually go through with selling it on the market. Also, in the technology crafts, such as digital art learned a lot about multiple online art software that one could use to illustrate with like Krita and GIMP.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Finishing Digital Printing and Looking Into Digital Illustrating

Tody in Techie Youth, I finished up the tutorials for digital printing and started the digital illustration unit. In the unit, I learned about how to utilize Adobe Illustration. From sketching to making shapes and manipulating them, you are able to illustrate something visually on Adobe Illustration. There are also other software for drawing, such as LibreCad.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Digital Modeling Softwares

Today in Techie Youth, I learned a lot about different 3D modeling software and their specific applications to help create 3D models. It's fascinating to look at all the different applications that each software provides because some of them serve various purposes than others. To name a couple of features that I was interested in was being able to switch from not only a 3D view with the modeling but a 2D view in AutoCad. I was also interested in how physics and model movement were possible in SolidWorks, which is the one I'm am still currently watching the videos for.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Digital Printing

Today I learned a lot in the digital crafting industry. Most of the videos I watched today were part of tutorials for ThinkerCad and Blender, two 3D modeling softwares, that helps with digital printing and modeling. I followed the tutorials and went along with the instructions from the video as I was changing the model in Blender. I am quite excited to learn more about Blender specifically because it has to do with game development and that has always been an interesting field I wanted to learn more about. I learned mostly the basics, such as movement, changing objects, and shortcuts.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Learning about Customers

Today in Techie Youth, I learned about what it takes to bring in customers for a new start-up. I learned about MVP, a minimum viable product, which is essentially a product is a product with enough aspects and features to bring in customers. I also learned about what it takes to bring in customers. To bring in customers and keep your business in a good state, you need to put time and commitment into the business. Not only do you need to put in the time, but make the effort to expand your business. By connecting with others, advertising, and getting your branding out to the public will help the start-up expand and develop.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Thinking about a Start-Up

Today in Techie Youth, I learned a lot of information on what you should know before starting a startup/company. These include having a profit model plan as well as finding co-owners and getting a logo. These are only some of the few things I learned today, but overall I gained a better grasp on the things you first have to sort out in order to really start a start-up. One unit I was interested in today was the "Logo" unit. While creating a logo for the business seems self-explanatory, there was a lot more information to know so you are not scammed. In the unit, I also learned and utilized Wix. Wix provided free ways to get free logos that would suit your preference and even allowed you to make a website. I will definitely take a further look into it as it seems super helpful and well developed.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Learning About Starting A Business

Today in Techie Youth, I learned a lot about business related topics, such as creating my own business/start-up. When I was younger I have had aspirations to make my own company, but looking into it more, it seemed like something that was much harder than I had anticipated. However, after looking over the articles, videos, and other material today, I see that while making a start-up is very hard and a time commitment, if I put the effort in I can do it too. In school I learned a lot about starting a business as well as becoming an entrepreneur, so with the combined knowledge I now have, I believe that I can start a side business if I wanted to and build it up. Even though I am going to continue on my current path right now, I will keep in mind that I could form a business if I figure out a good market idea.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Having a Positive Mindset!

Today in Techie Youth, I learned a lot about what I could do to keep a positive mindset. From simply exercising to mental exercises and sleeping early, there are multiple ways to keep me healthy. While it is important to focus on work, I learned that my health is just as important. Maintaining good health helps in many areas from having a positive mindset and going forward in life. In one of the videos, I watched I realized the importance of time as well. Throughout one day we are only given 24 hours, some of which are taken by sleep, but others are taken by nothing. By effectively employing time management skills and being productive, I can feel like I'm doing a lot more each day and it will pay out in the end.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Developing My Career

Today in Techie Youth, I was introduced to a lot of new information from having a positive mindset in doing the things you have a passion for to career development. I was very interested in the career development introduction as I learned to put my self out there by realizing it's important to connect with others, develop networks, and more. From creating my first cover letter example today, I was also very interested in learning about the financial aspects of making money remotely. From all the videos and articles, I was able to learn that there are a lot more opportunities to earn money remotely than I had initially thought. This inspires me to possibly start making money on the side remotely with one of the options mentioned to keep a financial position while working on what I'm passionate about. I hope the next few units also teach me as much as today.