Log of what of Matthew Rozario has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

3D printing, tinkercad, and blender

3D printers have quite the range for a business to help make money through selling 3D printed items. Though be careful about copyrights as it can really lead to some serious consequences if not careful enough. One way to market is to simply have good presentations and upload them on various 3D printing websites. Some items that sell in the 3D printing market are nerf gun accessories, cosplay clothing and accessories, customized shoes, statues or figurines, architect modeling, jewelry & ornaments, movie-grade props, vases and plant pots, retro raspberry pi cases, bespoke pc cases, cellphone covers, robotic kits, various drones and rc planes and accessories, toys, customized ear buds, and what ever the current trend is. Places to sell 3D prints would be on Thingiverse, Etsy, Fiverr, Amazon. Thought its not a reliable main source of income it is definitely a worthy side business to do. And learned some things about tinkercad and its modeling type of many different objects and a little bit about blender.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Cryptocurrency and that coins

What is Cryptocurrency? It is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses crypt9ography to secure and verify transactions, as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular digital currency. Crypto works on not relying on government guarantees, instead on decentralized technology that are called blockchain underpins. Crypto also only exist in the internet. Blockchains typically function as proof-of-work (PoW) or proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithms. There is a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency because the industry’s newness. And the value of cryptocurrency is also driven by scarcity. The main crypto that blew up would be bitcoin and all other coins that function like bitcoin are called altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin and such, otherwise those that don’t function as transactional and rather something to just hold onto act as tokens which is where purchasing in the stock market affects its price. Now in crypto there is something called a shitcoin. A shitcoin is basically a cryptocurrency that will someday be totally worthless. These are a part of the pump and dump scams that leave some very rich from early action and leave many in the dust later on.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Stock Market beginner information

A stock is a security that represents a fractional ownership in a company. When buying a small piece of the company it’s called a share. Stocks are bought through a stock market exchange. Companies issuing a stock can help raise money to pay off debts, products launch, or expand their operations. Recommended to spread around the investor’s money in many different places of the stock market instead at one company which has the potential to ruin and take all of your money. The ways to make money in stocks is if the price of the stock goes up during the time you own it and sell it for more than you paid for it or through dividends that are regular payments to shareholders, not all stocks but those that do, do it on a quarterly basis. There are two different types of stocks, common stocks vs preferred stocks. One of the biggest differences is the dividends where in common it’s not guaranteed, and it varies but with preferred its typically fixed. And the other difference is that common stock those people have voting rights that are proportional to their ownership level whereas preferred do not have any voting rights. Now there are two types of people that get stocks those are trading vs. investing; traders buy and sell stocks for short term profit where investors buy and hold stocks for the long term and typically do better in the log term. There are 4 types of orders, those being market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. Market order is an order to buy or sell a security immediately. This type of order guarantees that the order will be executed. A limit order is to buy or sell a security at a specific price or better. A stop order is to buy or sell when price reaches a specified price.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Email marketing, and Augmented reality, and filters

Why should businesses look at snap chat filters? Its simply because filters in of it self on snap chat is a key feature that have people on snapchat in the first place. And when looking for filter business filters through the process of geo filters have the ability to spread word of your business and the better the filter looks the more possibility for it to spread around and branch out to other users. There are also some ways to make money on Instagram, these are to promote affiliate links, sell physical and digital products, publish sponsored posts, become a brand ambassador, create visual content for sale, provide social media marketing services, write captions for businesses, and make Instagram stories masks and filters, and find freelance clients. And to not forget that find your niche before trying these methods and the more authentic the better, built trust and provide amazing customer service. Some places to create augmented reality for Instagram would be through meta spark and spark AR and it will take time to get good and master it. Email marketing can be used for branding, engagement, acquisition, retention, direct sales, reactivation, generating traffic, and getting referrals making it versatile, thought it can help with profit, its main purpose to is help move the customers from one state of the “value journey” to the next. There are 3 methods of well-executed email marketing, they are transactional, relational, and promotional. Within transactional are order confirmations, purchase receipts, shipping notices, account creation, returns, support tickets, and password reminders. Relational have new subscriber welcome, gated content, newsletters, webinars, surveys, social update, contest announcements, referral requests. Promotional have as a first promotional content, new gated content, sale announcement, new products, and trial offers.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Stock photos, gaming assets and mobile programming

What are stock photos? Stock photos are a valuable tool for media creators of all kinds. But they can’t be used whenever and have rules and regulations for how to use them. Stock photos are images created by photographers that are available for use by others. There is no limits on genre or style and they are cataloged and made available by a stock image agency. And stock images have the reputation for being “stocky” which means the images look staged and unnatural and the subjects are actors created a scene that’s directed to them. You can find these and use them for textbooks and instruction manuals. But now a days photography websites are moving away from the staged and unnatural style. There are benefits for stock photos, they help save time and money by just searching and downloading and skipping the process of contracting a staff photographer. There may be subscriptions or royalty fees but its far cheaper and easier than hiring a professional photographer every time. There are different uses for stock photos, them being editorial use and commercial use. Some of the ethics of using stock photos would be to never pass these images off as your own photos which is unethical and illegal too. And the other ethical problem is if one uses stock photos to create composite or digital collages/images which then adds to the question how much you must add creativity to the piece to call it your own. There are ways to sell your work, them being to sell the photos are prints or artwork, merchandise, sell it off as stock photos, sell it to magazines, take photos at local events and sell them, work with businesses and bloggers, and photo editing and retouching services to name a few. Some stock photography trends are modern aging, diy projects, nature, wanderlust, environment, perfect imperfection, mindfulness, healthy food, home offices, moving images, drone photography, and vintage editing to name a few. Some top skills to look in a mobile app developers would be knowing multiple programming languages, diversity of languages in different systems, information security, creativity, analysis, and communication. What are game assets? Some assets are characters, objects, environments, vehicles, HUD, Icons, Ai, Special effects, networking, physics, background music, and sound effects.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Figuring out how to start and do podcasts

How to start a podcast: The first step to do is plan a podcast, first thing is first, choose a topic that is on a particular topic or niche but can speak about for many episodes but not something so broad that it doesn’t appeal to your potential audience. Once you’re popular you can branch out and find different topics. An optional part of your podcast is to find a co-host that can basically help yourself have a easier time to start podcasting and have a naturally more engaging conversation and help with maintaining the podcast in general. And you can help keep each other in check for the schedule of podcasts. Choosing a name is important as well and choose to have a broader name or just a name of the ones you’re cohost with as it can help in the future broaden your topics if need be. The next step is formatting your podcast in terms of length and style to your own choosing and stick to the format of your own choosing. Now in terms of preparation, create cover art, get a professional intro, choose intro music, get a microphone, and podcast guests.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

What are digital good and how to be profitable with it.

What is a digital good? Digital goods are virtual products that you can’t feel, carry, or package, they are also referred to as digital products, service, electronic good/service or E-good or E-service. And defining a digital good is also important as it can determine what taxes are paid on it. Every state has its own version of a digital good. And different countries have different ideas on digital good but essentially all share a same view of it being electronically to the customer. Some examples are E-books, images, movies, downloadable or streaming music, cloud-based software just to name a few. Well now the question is how to sell digital products and what products are profitable. The first step is finding what you want to sell these would just be educational products, licenses to use your digital assets, membership sites, digital templates and tools, music or art, services. Build an online store, use an app to make the selling easy and then market them off using influence marketing, social ads, or lead magnets. What’s magazine writing? Well, it can be discussed into two categories, journalism and commentary. And most magazine have built their reputations on well-researched longform journalism. There are 6 types of magazine articles are longform investigative pieces, character profiles, commentary, criticism, humor, and fiction. Some things that magazine writers do, they develop sources, pitch stories to editors, interview subjects, follow up with sources, research, write, and submit a first draft, and revise. How to write a journal article is to get to know the journal you want to submit to and to keep your message focused, and to create a logical framework. Another digital good would be an E-Book, a few steps to begin with is to write a book worth buying is also a topic that you’re very passionate about. Create your Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account to ger your e-book out into the world. Format the eBook properly and then upload it into your account. And choose a launch date build hype and publish it.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Time management, and review for previous quizzes

Tips on how to schedule one’s day. First thing is to make a schedule and in order to do so, obtaining a planner is a start, once done organize one’s tasks and prioritize tasks in terms of importance. Schedule times for each task so you don’t overspend time on any single task. And even then, add additional times for tasks so you don’t under-estimate how long it would take to finish one. And keep spaces in the schedule for breaks or finishing lower priority items during the week. Times to apply order to chaos. Collect all the things that have your attention that is affecting you or needs to be done. Look at the process and see if it’s actionable and if so, decide on the next action, if not put it on hold. And keep things organized. Once done review it frequently and update it to regain control and focus. And then engage with it and simply do it and trust the system. Some productivity tips and tricks: once again have everything scheduled and focus on only those. Then turn off notifications from social media and news to keep you focused. Do at least one thing that if you feel that you made progress would help you feel better at the end of the day. Set up a reward for getting tasks done, something small or big but that give you something to look forward to. Make plans at the end of the day to give yourself something to look forward to and thus attempt to finish you schedule in a timely manner. A huge one is to take breaks and schedule and take small breaks on the hour and can help you be more focused. You can also do something unrelated to your to-do list so it can give your brain a break and can help refresh it. Don’t use the delete key especially when doing the first draft and rather kick things out at the end so work can be done initially. Don’t multitask because we aren’t built on that mentally and just turn off distractions. Now the last is a little bit of an investment which is documenting your processes which is slow in the beginning, but it could help either train staff or go through the process faster.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Cover Letter/Linkedin and Pinterest and WeChat

If you’re asked for a retainer upfront it is technically a scam. If tactics of scarcity and urgency is sometimes likely a scam such as an opportunity that came up now that doesn’t allow like process of thought, something too good to be true. There is a big upfront payment when people are scamming you. Learned how to make a cover letter and the importance of it. Cover letters is a way to get the reader’s attention on you as a whole and thus giving you a better opportunity to impress and work forward to getting the job. Tips would be not to use it a boilerplate cover letter and customize your cover letter to each individual or application otherwise if realized there is no motivation and puts you a step behind. Find a direct contact and email your cover to them to show that you put in the effort to find the person and if finding a direct contact fails then just address to the hiring team. Get straight to the point and explain the position you’re applying for. Then explain as what skills you bring and what you can deliver within the position. And don’t forget to put in some personality otherwise it’ll just seem monotone and uninteresting. Learned a little bit of Linkedin but no experience and solid picture is why it's empty, also worked on my resume and submitted that as well.


Some popular niches on Pinterest are home décor, art, travel, DIY and home improvement, design, technology, and quotes each having millions of followers and being the biggest interests/niches on the platform. Pinterest is a social network where ideas are represented by a pin that is an image that is searched and saved by Pinterest users and can link back to websites which is how Pinterest can help drive traffic and sales. And the Pinterest audience is most females aged 25-54 and are generally ready to make purchases through the site. Some ways to increase Pinterest followers is through being active and engaging, following competitors’ followers, being search bar friendly, using hashtags and utilize what tools are available.

WeChat is a China based multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app that was released in 2011 and have about 1 billion monthly active users. WeChat has many features other than messaging and videocalls, creating interest groups, having advertising options and making an online payment system. Though since WeChat is mainly controlled by China, not all topics would be permitted to discuss in the app itself and learning to navigate through it safely is a must. There is also a WeChat official account called OA that once given clearance for one can promote products and post one’s own content.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Learning about making a bank account and crypto

A checking account is a bank account that allows easy access to your money. Comparing a checking account to a savings account, it has few limits on withdrawals but little or no interest and can make direct payments with it. And it has an overdraft service where banks can cover the fees that exceed your available limit but will charge fees for this service. There are different types of checking accounts, them being the basic, free, online-only, interest, and a reward account(s). Some payment companies like PayPal are “PSP”s otherwise known as payment service providers and basically issue you a separate account to use theirs. So you can technically make a free account but there will be a charge for a percentage of each transaction for their platform. The other type is a true merchant account which is a dedicated bank account that is used to deposit money from credit card transactions. How do crypto wallets work? Well compared to physical wallet that have physical cash, crypto doesn’t really hold the actual coins whereas you get the ownership of keys in what is known as a blockchain in which you can access with your private keys, these becoming your digital signature. And when trading or sending over, it just the ownership that changes. Hot wallets are a type of crypto wallets that are mainly connected to the internet and can be used on just about any device such as your desktop, mobile, and the website itself. And cold storage wallets are most of the time never connected to the internet which makes them very secure and hard to hack but are hard to access because of the lack of internet connection.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Entrepreneurship and daily assessment from Tuesday the 12th

What is entrepreneurship? There are 2 types, one of them being small medium enterprise entrepreneurship that are focused on local markets that are usually service markets for local opportunities. They tend to mostly serve a need and their growth is generally a linear growth that ends up capping out. The other type of entrepreneurship is innovation driven enterprise entrepreneurship that looks for the global markets. It requires more cash and usually starts with a negative cash flow in the beginning that then has the potential to take off and grow exponentially. There are 3 ways to think about starting a company. One is through technology that is a solution looking for a market called a technology push. The second type of company would be a market pull idea that knows of a problem and looks for a solution. 3rd type would be those that have the passion to be an entrepreneur, but it must migrate to something of either a technology side or idea. Single necessary condition for a business is a paying customer. Start with a customer and build the business backwards from that. Innovation equals to invention*commercialization. Innovation generates value for the world whereas invention is an idea made into product but it’s not cheap to do thus commercialization helps bring the money required for it. Hard skills are concrete skills that are specific to the job and are required for you to do the work. Whereas soft skills are interpersonal skill or people skills that can be used in everyday life i.e., communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Hard skills are learned through school, training, or previous work experience. And are easier to measure through the previous experience, certification, and achievements. Both hard and soft skills will be required to get your job.

Daily Assessment Tuesday, July 12th

There are a few steps to become hired, create a resume and cover-letter and send it into the hiring manger or employer. If resume is successful, you will get into an interview process. Some tips for job interviews: Practice interviews, be engaging, arrive with questions, Opportunities for advancement or additional duties, having a notebook, send thank you notes (24 hours), dress for the part, behavioral interview questions, and see the interview for what it is (2 parties that have things to exchange), and finally be on time. If the interview goes well, you will be given an offer letter and often they call you back in to discuss the offer. Also read all terms to know what you’re getting into. Currently there are phone and zoom video interviews. Be an active listener, know who will be contacting you, do your research and look over the description, be professional and consider you salary expectations.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Onboarding process

Sorry I needed to leave after work immediately and forgot to submit my assessment.

How to onboard remote workers, providing crystal-clear messages in the job description and the company website. And on top of that look for remote culture compatibility, as to see how a person uses the remote work tools and how they work on tasks and such, so having a good interview can’t be everything. And to offer remote work, outlining the work logistics and expectations are a must to find the right candidate and prevent “surprises” from stopping them to joining your team. Once onboarded try to get the new employee excited for their job and create an accessible thread for them to communicate to others about their questions on the first few days, always deliver important information so they don’t feel outside the loop and help them set up their workspaces by helping with key equipment. How to be productive at home. Big point is to take breaks in between and using the pomodoro technique, which is when you choose a task, work on it for 25 minutes, put a check mark on a sheet of paper after the 25 minutes are up, take 5 min breaks, and after every pomodoro sprint take a longer break and work through the day until its over. Some steps to setting and achieving goals at work, getting a clarity on your team’s structure. Focus on what you can control and have a plan for the rest and think about your career path in the long run including beyond immediate tasks and think of the big picture. Schedule periodic check-ins and ask for support if you need and track your accomplishments. There are many scams online through email call and such and they can all be reported and to not trust a source at first glance until you verify it yourself.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

stress and mentors

Don’t let other’s words control your own actions and choose yourself to not be angry and be happy, can help a lot of ways with an area of stress, and their words have power only as much as you allow them to. Lower your own expectations so it’d be harder to disappoint yourself and a lot easier to uplift yourself as you hit your goals. Basically, don’t set yourself up for disappointment. And set goals that could help better yourself and hopefully help those around you. Finding a positive role model can help with your life in terms of finding inspiration and improving oneself, the goal isn’t to be like them but to look to them for inspiration and motivation. Though the thing is that role models can’t always communicate back depending on who you choose to be yours, but mentors on the other hand are people that offer to help teach or give advice and they have a direct affect in terms of your skills and outlook on life and career. They are very useful and a resource that one should capitalize on. But in order to do so, be prepared when you meet them and don’t expect them to spoon-feed you knowledge or hold your hand all the way and a show of respect is a must. Ask about why you want the objects that you want. Make sure your motivations are in the right place. Get objects for the right reason.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Financial, Physical, And Mental Management

Resale value: There are some items that when taken a good look at have a high resale value years down the road, some of these being camera lenses, high end watches that are authentic, classic cars as they are rare, and a lot of real estate. Things that are valued at rarity and usefulness. Though its not always buying the newest available item and saving it for later since those tend to have poor depreciation, but rather used items that can potentially be flipped like houses or maybe even cars to get a high resale out of. One thing to keep in mind is that electronics, brand new cars, and most electronics are considered poor purchases since the money that u invest in it will be lost as time goes on. Either use or popular demand for products depreciate the current items that you have making them wasteful purchases and tend to drain out of your income especially cars. There are 2 main ways to decrease unnecessary spending and those would be to pay less and purchase less. Avoid trying to purchase on credit as that means you’re overextending you budget or spending beyond your means and should look at it more critically to avoid financial disasters. Unless it’s a necessity, there are very few reasons why you should depend on credit purchases. Now another thing is that if you have extra funds, you should look to invest those funds to essentially make more money back, but don’t risk more money than you are ready to lose. The more liquid an investment is, the better as you can extract the money faster and even sometimes make an instant gain. Cryptocurrency is one where you can invest and sell anytime making it extremely liquid, stock markets are another thought not as liquid since it has specific hours of function and trading. Another topic would be under the topic of health and its correlation with productivity. Since productivity is dependent on the physical and mental well-being as a factor it is crucial to check up on these and attempt to keep it fit and healthy to put in a good effort. Some things people can do on their own with out help is keeping a healthy sleep schedule which can positively affect our mental and attention. Moving and exercising are big ones that help the body flow and allows oxygen and nutrients to flow through our body and into our cells. But don’t forget that hydrating is also key while moving. Meditating is a great way to take an outlook at your current situation and bring forth a clearer mind. Take breaks from electronics, staring at a screen all day is not it.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022


To begin skyrocketing in TikTok followers you must define your own niche. Find the audience you want to reach. You can also capitalize on trends that are going on recently and giving your own spin on it. Remember to caption your content that can create engagement for the viewers. Another part is the timing of content and use trending sounds. And tend to go live to your audience. And be quite consistent in uploading content. And use a good chunk of hashtags to bring your content out especially to the for you page. And the last idea would be thinking outside the app for editing, ideas, and enhance your content. Popular theme pages: Cooking, beauty, comedy, dancing, and fitness. And most hashtags in popular niches have TikTok in front of it. Can also do infeed ads to make some profit.

70% adults in the U.S. use Facebook. Before starting a group define your audience, the group’s purpose, have the resources needed to run it. To grow Facebook groups, make exclusive content for your group members, incentives, promote your group in other groups while following their terms to not do promotional spam, giveaways. Goal of a group would be about 10,000 members but it is monetizable at around half of that. Affiliate marketing with eBay, Rakuten, and Amazon as well as running ads on your group. Content should be posted regularly.

Gross what u make, net is what you keep, Total vs Remaining amount. Making a personal budget: Calculate your income after gathering the financial paperwork to see where you stand currently. Once getting the total, input in the monthly expenses that are necessities, and determine whether they are fixed or variable to figure out the estimated range it could possibly be. Now total up your income and expenses and compare them to each other, adjust where needed in case expenses tend to come out more than income. But as time goes on, circumstances change so make edits to it as well, it’s a rough overview of your budget but it doesn’t have to be final and can constantly change, just make sure it’s what you want.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Twitter and LinkedIN

Twitter is a real-time information sharing network that shares instantly and can connect with people around the world. And it’s a message that consists of 280 characters with the usage of images, links, and videos. Along with having a lot of traffic from young adults and having a quarter of the adults in the USA use twitter. Recommended to follow a range of people that aligns with you cause to your own competitors and engage with them in increase growth. Some posting strategies are like gifs/memes and posting breaking news. Things to remember when posting are eye catching images, video content is more engage, hashtags, and activate your DMs. In order to grow your twitter following, you have to know why you want to do it in the first place, the next would be putting out good content towards your niche and engage with other people content such as commenting or retweeting. Other way could just be botting and forcefully increasing your following. Just like Instagram you can use affiliate marketing on twitter using your profile and doing shoutouts in tweets from time to time, but unlike Instagram, in my opinion you don’t have to sacrifice your own content at all since the main gist of tweets is speaking your mind, just don’t overdo it.

In work, to boost morale, don’t be cheap in the office and rewarding employees with. And appliances and furnishing.

Making a Profile in LinkedIN: Have profile picture that sends good vibes that’s recent and high quality photos. Having an appropriate headliner, mainly being your job title. Have a “what I can do for you oriented” profile summary with problems that you’ve solved. Have your work experience short and to the point. Show of your recommendations. And finally put our your contact details.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Intro To Earning Money Online - Pros, Cons, and guide to be a instagram social influencer.

I learned that there are many avenues to earning money online, especially through jobs that are heavily technological-based like web design, marketing, being a social influencer having deals with companies, and giving out shoutouts. Though one thing that stood out was the cons of working at home, such as overworking yourself, it's also difficult to set boundaries at one home for fun and work so it's also a mental thing as well, and the lack of social interaction thus leading to an awkward way of finding oneself in the company if it's not entirely focused on remote work essentially making you feel like you're cut off and, which can take a toll on the mental and just getting the employees together in the first place. But if one could overcome those cons then working from home provides an abundance of benefits. Another thing I learned today was the term "profitable niches" of being a social influencer, mainly going through Instagram but finding niches that cater to an interest a group of people has can help in the start of a following and creating a community. Once creating a community big enough, they should seek to become an affiliate with big brands to create sort of like a business and promote products related to their niche pick with their own connection link with such brand allowing them to get a commission from the purchase through said link. And create a way for other businesses to get into contact with you allowing for more generation of cash flow. But don't sacrifice your original content to run ads for the business as it could definitely lead to your following dying out and having less engagement as it's simply an ad page. And the niches that run the best to start off with are areas of Health, Financial Advice, Luxury, Travel, and finally Beuty. And lastly, learned a little about editing photos within the Instagram app and on adobe photoshop and lightroom which can really impact/attract outside audiences towards your posts which then again can lead to a following and use that to make revenue from shoutouts, being an amazon affiliate, or brand affiliate or doing your own drop ships.