Log of what of Michael Lojano has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

IA Intelligence

What I learned today was that it’s essential to have networking when doing inventions as you can get people to notice your work and hopefully get your product to become a reality for everyone. What I also learned is that you need to have a huge driving force to have lots of dedication for a skill you might want to learn.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Budgeting and increase happiness

Today I learned that when you begin living on your own it is very essential that you plan out what you should spend on and how much you should spend on each item as it is important you have a backup if the worst we’re to happen to you. There are websites that you can use in order to track your spending and help you begin to plan out how much you buy items. I also learned that if you need a mentor to help with your business or for guidance you must respect them and be prepared for any questions and make sure you are willing to commit for anything as it will show dedication but you also have to remember to start out, state your reliability/skills and what you will dedicate. Also making sure you live a life that’s happy is essential as your mental health is very important and a very important thing for this is to begin exercising as this will allow for you to get better memory, happy chemicals released and better concentration which I will start doing as I have low confidence and want to see a huge improvement in this aspect

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

First steps on saving

What I learned today was there are websites you can use when you want to travel if you want to save money. You can search up some plane ticket discounts if there are any. Another thing you can do when traveling to save money is to call hotels in the area you’ll be staying at and ask if there are any discounts available and that will “force” them to look to see if there are any available. Another thing I learned was when using paypal all you have to do to connect with your account is to log in and put your bank number info and whenever people will give you money it goes through the bank account. I also learned that cryptocurrency is very dangerous way to get paid as there’s high chance you could lose all that money very quickly and can be a waste of time and the perfect way to get money is through a check from your job where you are guaranteed interest in your bank and a safe way to not lose money.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Virtual assistant: The good and the bad

What I learned today was the skills needed to be a virtual assistant which means that you need to make good decisions and be good at responding to any problems in a quick matter. Also working on your communications skills is key as there will be moments in which you will deal with people that can be aggressive or can be nice and keeping your cool is very important in the professional world and shows you’re able to handle more bigger situations

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Making money online the easy way

I learned that there can be ways to make money online by the way that surveys Can be used to help the statistics that data researchers will use and you will be paid for answering simple questions. Another thing to keep in mind is that writing will also be a way to make money as writing articles for people to be interested in them and gaining more viewers from them and can continue writing way you’ll like that can gain you a sort of “fan base”

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

IA Intelligence info

What I learned today was that data entry was a part of IA intelligence, in the way which we put info into spreadsheets and how there needs to be learning of python for lots of this info. IA can be very useful in the tech I did try as it is one of the most highest paying jobs that are in demand and just lots of dedication for the skill Can take you very far in your future. Also the different services that are available are abundant as you can help create robots for the better and even more

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

How to grab your consumers attention

Im order to grab the peoples attention,learn the significance that each person/ the general public has on the apps that they use. Pinterest is used for ideas and inspiration on styles. Another thing is that fundraising is very essential as well to raise money for those that need it but it’s very hard to grab people’s attention on your goals and what you believe will help raise a certain amount of money. That is why you should promote your fundraiser online with hashtags that are popular so many people can see it and make sure to state your explanation short and precise so people will be interested in it.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Network organization skills

There are different ways to reach out to people with a platform. One of them could be tiktok which has vast amount of people now on the app with many viewers and can help make a difference. Another one is Instagram as nowadays it’s one of the most popular apps there are with people seeing everyone else’s stories and posts. No matter what social media platform you decide to create make sure to create an account with a goal/ the topic being something to reach out and inform one of something important to you.

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

Niche based sites

I learned that we need to know what people are interested nowadays because this can lead to great profits as people will be going to your site and informing themselves with your information that you want to provide. When we say “Niche” it basically means in a specific category of the topic such as Ice cream is the topic and “Vanilla Ice cream” is the niche it is. No matter what you decide to focus on in your website make sure to do your research so you aren’t spreading lies and be completely unbiased and truthful

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Information sites

A bit of what I learned today is what exactly are assets which are the small profits or debts that one person had based on what they are hoping to invest in based on property sharing they have. I also learned that drawing people to sites is determined on specificity as being too broad can not allow people to visit the website you created. If you want people to visit your site then make sure that it will be shown through ads which you will be in charge of paying for but while it can be a small waste it can lead to huge positive effects

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Online currency

Today I learned about blockchain and how it’s like Bitcoin but more secretive in which people can invest online for “non existing” money and is very different from stocks. It’s in a way similar to Bitcoin as the form of buying and seeking is completely online and nothing about it is physical. What we have to keep in mind with this is this can be dangerous as some of them may not be very strong currencies and practically useless while others and very useful

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

More on stocks

Today I learned about investments and the fact that there’s some stocks where you should amd shouldn’t invest in. If the stock isn’t popular then you should not really buy it as it won’t have much future for you to profit and if you do decide to invest make sure to do lots of research on the trend you notice on the stocks whether they increased or decreased

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

A deep dive on stocks

Today I learned that stocks are shares of a company that you have and whether the company loses or gains will affect you in your investment. Also stocks can affect whether you flourish or not and have to make sacrifices to see good results. There’s a term called buy low sell high which means that you have to wait till you can buy stocks of a company when you think it’s an ideal price and then wait to see if the company makes a huge profit or not. Usually in investments there will be a seasonal pay that the company will give you depending on what you sign up for.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Creating a product

Today I learned the importance of creating a product that people will need for their own convenience. Today I created a hand sanitizer dispenser. I didn’t have a mason jar for the product so I had to improvise and used a sugar dispenser instead, I used a soap squirter and put it inside the sugar dispenser top, but before that I put the hand sanitizer first and when I tried it out, it worked. Overall in this unit I learned that creating a product requires lots of innovation, and creativity. I also learned that there needs to be profit in order for your business to be successful and starting off will be hard as you may lose some money but that’s the sacrifice you have to make for your business to fly off

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

3D art making

I learned to create different types of designs through Solidworks such as a perfume bottle which is one of the things I never thought of creating and learning how to create bodies. The way in which it’s done is intriguing as I focus on the inner portions of the shapes and really able to invidious what I’m gonna make and how to do it. Another thing I learned was creating was a curving pipe and what we really want to keep in mind is the measurements as it being too big or too small won’t make it look realistic and how other shapes play a huge role in its creation. Then I used AUTOcAd and watched the ideas given and were basic and straightforward to the point it required much more lines and a type of precision. When the creation is done it comes out in 3-D for one to view and see how the creation turned out.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Selling or reusing items

Today I learned how we can help package the products to customers by measuring the length, width and height of our package and then picking the package that’s a little bit bigger than your item. Ship it to either the biggest shipping companies in the country which are fed ex USPS or UPS with the info sticker of the item. Another thing I learned was the many different items that can be made with household items such as a hand sanitizer dispenser by using a mason jar or using an old keyboard as a place to hold pencils and other items. Also using old computer cases as a place to put your pet in as a bed. These ways show me how we can recycle electronics that no longer work without having to damage the environment.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Business methods of seeking product

If you want to 3-D print items but you can’t afford a 3-D printer due to the cost being around 2k-3k, you can find places where they’re willing to help you out with whatever you have in mind. This includes MakerSpace NYC which allows for low costs to make whatever you have in mind and have a discount for students as well. I looked into Raspberry Pi products and what intrigued me was the different inventions people have made with electronics such as a computer powered light bulb and much more. There was also ways to create games online through Inkscape such as a balloon popper game or a wire game and could be a site where people can play what you created. I also saw different ways in which business designs were created an never really thought how creative and helpful they were, from design bleaching pants or shirts that people find cool to showing me how to make a logo in case I want to make a shirt taught me that there are people out there that are there for you and whenever you need help they can assists you ( also how YouTube can be used to find anything you want)

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

More into 3-D printing and much more items

3-D printing is usually easier to make when it’s smaller item of one color and simple. A website that’s free Called tinker and intrigued me as it was very easy to follow the directions and navigate what I would want to make. I learned how to split item size into half of it as some 3-D printing machines are too small to be able to make big items. Shapes of various sorts and even a small “bear” like shape can be made with this website. It’ll be interesting to make things such as a cup or maybe a small toy like shape for children with this creation. There are also ways to use diy tools to start a business such as making a bath bomb or rope “cup” like shape to hold items into place. Making sure to get a quote of what the item you’ll want to sell is important to see how much profit you can make off of this.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Part 1 of selling computer designed objects

A few first tips on getting started is having a good mentality and also learning that you may waste a handful of money on what you wanna sell/ the product you are hoping to create. Also realize that the item you are planning to sell will have to be original and something people will want to buy and is being talked about widely that people need. A good first place to start is knowing where you’ll want to sell the item and can consider Etsy and eBay which are free places to sell. Or you can consider online stores which cost money such as Wix or Shopify. If you plan on selling online in general, you’ll have to make new orders and update the items in your “store” and design more items and send them out and repeat. One popular way to create items that are original and sort of easy is through 3-D printing which allows for different items being made depending on the file/ your creation. I personally after reading the article, feel very strongly on selling nerf gun accessories as it seems very simple compared to what other items are made in 3-d printers. It allows for a good percentage of profit for one and its something that is popular.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Digital goods a way to get free money

Today I focused on what digital goods are and how people are able to earn money on it. One of the first things we have to keep in mind with digital goods is the sale taxes that are involved with this. Each country state and regions rules apply differently and putting taxes on different items is important or you’ll be breaking the rules. The different variety of digital goods that can be sold are music, clothes, or downloads,etc. What we have to keep in mind is making sure you’re making a profit with what the consumers are buying and have to come out with more money than you lose. We can use an app to sell the digital goods mainly clothes and it seems of such. Also it costs very little to do e-commerce and is a form of passive income that you can be doing while you focus on other things.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

How to become an entrepreneur

The first step in becoming an entrepreneur is knowing that what you are getting yourself into is something you want and something that you’re willing to continue focusing on in the next 6 years. You’ll also have to work harder than ever for your business and remember that the amount of work you put into your business in a year is based on how many hours you spend time on it and can get twice the amount of work done if you decide to focus on this. Also remember that anyone can become a entrepreneur and isn’t something that only family members who are entrepreneur can teach their family. You need to be disciplined and be responsible for your choices as you’re running a business that can either succeed or fail. Also try to be multi skilled at different areas because this will help you be very useful in different scenarios. Also to save money you can try to learn different things that are very easy to learn or get access to such as fixing your computer or changing oil to your gas and would be highly recommended if your salary is low.