Log of what of Michael Onysko has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Best Editing Softwares for Starting off as a Video Editor - Learning with Techie Youth

When you are trying to dive into the field of video editing it can be very intimidating when you see the price that some programs are offering. An example being the price of Adobe Premiere being an approximate amount of $252 a year and you cannot buy the software to permanently keep it, or another example being Final Cut Pro X or DaVinci Resolve Studio for $299 each. These prices make it very difficult especially for a new editor who may have little money to want to invest in a good editing software. Instead they may choose to go for a free option, nothing is wrong with going for a free video editing software especially when starting off, knowing which ones specifically to get is key. The most disappointing thing that can occur is when you spend time searching for an editing software and doing research just to download the program and find out in the end that there is either a limit on exporting video length, length limit to editing a video or huge watermark blocking your video. In case you don't know what a watermark is, it basically is a tag or print of the editing software's logo on screen, on your video. It advertises the editing software by displaying the name of the company that you may have used.

Some of the best FREE software's are Hitflim Express, Shotcut, Lightworks, DaVinci Resolve and VSDC. I mentioned before that DaVinci Resolve Studio costs $299 but this software does have a free version that has a lot of features making it still a viable option. For starters DaVinci resolve does not have a water mark and you are able to use a lot of the professional features such as Professional color grading, compositing and many more. By upgrading to a paid version of DaVinci Resolve Studio you get access to everything you had before plus a few extra features. Making the program worth the while if you are either using a free or paid version. Moving on to the other editing softwares, I am going to keep the information about them short since each of these softwares are very similar, they just have different user interface or design but they serve the same purpose. The best way to find out which program is for you is through research and direct experience, feel free to download these programs try them out and if they don't work out just delete them. The only thing to keep in mind is being careful that you download the software from the official websites so you don't accidentally download the wrong program. The benefits of Hitfilm Express are that it has a variety of tools and is considered one of the most powerful programs. VSDC is extremely easy to navigate, the only downside is that it is the only program on this list that is Windows only, the rest are both on Mac and PC. The benefits of Lightworks is that it is an easy transition from the most basic video editors and Shotcut runs the smoothest on all systems and is the best if you have a less powerful computer. Out of all these 5 softwares, Hitfilm Express, DaVinci Resolve and Shotcut are the most popular among beginning video editors. Overall, these programs for video editing are strong contenders for if you decide to become a more serious video editor and move on from basic softwares such as Apple iMovie or the Windows Video Editor, looking to take your video editing to the next level.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Important Aspects of Video Editing - Learning with Techie Youth

If you are looking to become a video editor in the film industry, one of the best ways to learn how to become a better editor is watching films and paying attention to all the edits that these editors have made. Paying attention to techniques will allow you to become more aware of the industry standards and what is expected of film video editors. Then after watching these films you can use them as reference points or as examples when you are attempting to create your own work. Important things to look out for when watching these films and the edits that were made are the types of cuts used, the color grading and the sound. These 3 factors are very important that allows the film to better deliver the story and keep the audience entertained.

Starting off with cuts in movies there are many purposes for cuts, such as switching perspectives or changing scenes. One type of cut is cutting on action, where you cut from one perspective in one scene to another while a character is still in motion. Another type is cross cutting where in a scene it cuts from one scene to another to show the drama or emotion, such as getting both perspectives of a phone call or the inside of a characters mind. Jump cuts are specific cuts to show that time is passing, skipping ahead, frequently used in montages. Match cuts, cut from one similar shot to the other, being a method of switching scenes. Dissolves are when one shot is blended into another to show passage of time and are also used in montages. Smash cuts are abrupt transitions in scenes and the Iris cut is a stylistic choice used to transition scenes or used in a scene. Another type is a wipe, where it looks like on the screen the scene is literally being wiped away as a transition to the next. The Invisible cut are cuts that transition sometimes using darkness to give the impression that the scene was done in one take and hiding that an actual cut took place. There are also the J and L cuts, they got their names because of the way they look on the track in a video editing software. A J cut is where the audio for the next scene starts playing before the onscreen image/scenery changes while an L cut is where the audio from the previous scene continues playing in the new scene. These are a few of the many types of cuts that video editors use and knowing these types and being able to recognize them is key to allow you to know when each cut is appropriate or how professional video editors incorporate these in films.

Color grading and saturation is another important aspect of film that video editors have to handle as well. Some of many color grading tools are Brightness and Contrast, White Balance, Three-Way Color Corrector, Fast Color Corrector, Unsharp Mask and Sharpening tools, Curves and Color match. The best way to get familiar with these tools is to play around with them and get used to their purpose through direct experience. Keep in mind that many editors that do color grading may believe that their image/scene coloring looks really well when in reality it doesn't look that great if another person were to look at it. That is why, as I mentioned earlier, watching films and paying attention to color grading will give you examples as to how color grading should look like. You should notice that many films follow similar or the same color grading because that is the typical standard and quality in Hollywood films. Adding on, sound and audio are very important to films as they provide another method for emotion to be drawn out from the audience. Just as important visuals are to a film, the same applies to sound, many people in fact won't mind having a worse quality images if they have good sound quality to listen to in a film. I'm not saying that bad film/image quality is a good thing but it is one thing to note about the importance of sound/audio quality. Making sure audio is blended together well, this including dialogue, background music, ambient sounds, allows for the film to be more entertaining towards the audience and give the feeling that the film is more realistic.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Reselling Items for a Profit and What to Consider when starting a career in Video Editing - Learning with Techie Youth

I've always knew about going to garage sales and buying items for a really cheap price and then reselling them on sites like Ebay to make more of a profit. The thing is I've never really see this done in action or what the mindset you should have when you are trying to find items to make a profit off of. After watching videos from GaryVee I learned the efficient ways that this entrepreneur makes a profit from garage sales. When you are trying to make money this way always look for town wide garage sales because then you are able to go to multiple garage sales and buy multiple items all in one day. Thus, when you buy items for cheap you are able to make a profit afterwards when you sell on Ebay. An example being buying mugs people may not want anymore for 50 cents and then reselling them for 10 dollars on Ebay. By physically going to these sales you are able to get a better price for items as opposed to online for many reasons. Being in person you are able to use more negotiation tactics when you are trying to determine a price. Not only that, the people selling items in garage sales have the intention of getting rid of the item, placing you at an advantage since the people wanting to get rid of the items can sometimes be desperate enough or willing to go for a lower price. You as the buyer are more likely to be at a winning position since the owners have a need to get rid of the items and you are providing a solution to them. Some good items that are worth buying to flip for a profit can be mugs, stuffed animals, vintage signs or any other vintage items such as backpacks for example. Knowing what you are looking for is key and doing some research on sites like Ebay beforehand for products similar to what you may find or have found can get you a better idea on whether the item is worth buying or not. One thing to note is that if you start looking up prices while at the garage sale depending on the sellers they can get mad at you or ask you to leave or even up the price if they find out the product they're selling is worth more than what they're offering before you buy it.

Today I also began the unit on video editing, this career has definitely not only gained popularity but as well demand for editors increased as more users are creating content on social media platforms such as TikTok or Youtube. You can either be a video editor as a free lancer or be on a staff team, each with it's own benefits. The benefits of being a freelance video editor is that you are your own boss, you can make your own schedule, pick which projects you work on and your own rates. The negatives to being a freelance video editor is that you may have inconsistencies on some days where you need to do work, some with more and other days with less work. Not only that but you need to be able to have a good brand to get yourself attention as an editor and get people willing to pay you for work. With this in mind, when you are a hired editor or work for a person/company you are more likely to have a stable job and stable pay as a result. Thus, there is more of a chance you can't choose your own schedule, be selective on the projects you have to work on and less of a chance you work at home (if you want to work at home as opposed to an office). Regardless of which type of video editor you aim to be, both have a few things in common. This being that you need to communicate with the video creator/director to make sure you meet the expectations of them or achieve the image that the director wants with their video. Another thing is considering what you will use for video editing. What I mean by this is the computer you use, you need a computer with a powerful processor and an SSD to save yourself from frustrations when attempting to edit videos or exporting them once finished. This doesn't mean that you need to get an extremely expensive computer, there are plenty of budget computers/laptops with specifications that fit to your needs. You just need to be mindful about which computer you are going to use since if you try to be cheap on what device you use, you could lose a lot of time from rendering or the increased length of time needed to do a task is costing you money that could've been spent on other projects. Other expenses to consider for video editing are buying editing software such as Adobe Premiere, any filming equipment, headphones, a microphone may be needed, and costs for stock footage/images if ever needed for a project.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

The Realities of Earning Money with Surveys and Working in Human-powered mechanical micro-gig work - Learning with Techie Youth

Today I began the Immediate Income extracurricular unit because the title had caught my attention. I wanted to find more about how I can earn this claimed to be immediate income. Once I clicked the link and saw the very first topic being surveys I was more curious about how to earn money through this method. I've heard and seen people using surveys to make money but I wasn't really sure how much they made or if it's even a live able income. In reality taking surveys is to just make quick cash whether it be you want to buy yourself something cheap, get a quick cheap meal, etc... The bottom line is, is that you cannot use survey websites to pay for things such as rent or more expensive stuff since it's not possible to make that much money. Every time you fill out a survey you can make a few cents depending on the length of the survey. Not every website you go to, to make money even lets you do surveys continuously, some may even have limits it depends on the policies of the website. Some examples of survey websites are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, SurveySavvy, Qmee and many more. A suggestion I read regarding survey websites is to sign up for multiple websites and do as many surveys in each website until you reach the limit (if you're serious about making a little extra cash from these websites). Another method to making money online which I personally think is better is doing things like research studies where you are being paid to perform or do something. Although it may require more work, you are guaranteed to make at least some money, since you can see the amount being offered to do the research study beforehand. Some websites for research studies include Respondent and Prolific.

Another method I learned today about earning money online is through something called Human-powered mechanical micro-gig work. The name may sound very complicated but it is instead a very simple concept. It is basically when you do random online-tasks and you get paid to do these tasks. Also referred to as "micro gigs", you make a small amount of money for performing these tasks. Generally it is recommended that due to how little is actually made on these tasks that this kind of work is better for countries where the US dollar has a higher value than local currency. Two websites you can register to do this work on is Amazon Mechanical Turk and Clickworker. Although you can't earn that much money doing small tasks online it is still another option if surveys or research studies don't work out for you.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Making Money with Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter - Learning with Techie Youth

I've always heard of Pinterest and people using it, whether it be for business or different interests. However, I didn't really understand what this social media platform is or how it's used for. After today, I learned at Techie Youth how valuable Pinterest can be for not only making money but just exploring your interests or getting ideas. What I mean by this is that due to the style of bulletin boards with Pinterest, it makes it very easy to explore different things such as wallpapers, recipes, or even getting ideas from other pieces of art or exploring different technology for example. With this you are quickly exposed to different topics within your specific niche. The same way that you are exploring your interests, applies to other people as well when they are on Pinterest. Meaning that you are able to profit off of people exploring different categories within niches. A few of the most popular niches on the platform being technology, fitness, health and traveling. I recommend that you settle for a specific niche on Pinterest and create content based off of it, to pull in users towards your profile. Once you have enough content on your bulletin board and produce a general theme then you can start thinking about making a profit. Similar to other social media platforms you can make money though affiliate links on Pinterest and as well through putting out sponsored content related to your niche. Another method you can do once you have a higher following is putting out advertisements on your page, once a brand or company trusts you or you have high traffic on your page then you are more likely to make advertisement deals to make a profit.

As discussed with Pinterest, on Snapchat and Twitter you are able to do the same as well. Once you build up your following on these platforms you are able to start doing affiliate marketing, promoting sponsored content or putting out advertisements. In Snapchat you have more flexibility when it comes to making money compared to other platforms. For example on Snapchat you can create advertisements that are in different formats such as Snap Ads which are full screen video/images ads encouraging users to swipe up to either leave snapchat to go to a website or install another app. Other formats for advertisements include story ads that are a collection of multiple snaps, collection ads that feature multiple products in an advertisement, there are also ads that are through filters or AR lenses (augmented reality lenses). Ultimately, Snapchat allows you to be very flexible and creative with the ads you want to create. The one problem to Snapchat is that through the app itself many users only use it among friends instead of using 'discovery' pages or 'explore' pages looking for new content. Meaning that you may need to use other platforms outside of Snapchat to promote your Snapchat and get users to add you for your content/advertisements to appear to your audience. Another thing I wanted to add was that you in Snapchat you can make money by creating AR lenses/filters. You can sell these filters you create for a profit especially if it becomes popular.

One thing you need to keep in mind about social media across all platforms is that you don't want to be overly promoting your content. Making it seem like you are only interacting with users or creating content for the purpose of getting money. You need to appear as that you want to interact with the community because advertisements and trying to sell your products can become annoying to your audience and cause them to as a result leave or lose interest. Thus, this can hurt your sales whether it be for affiliate marketing or your own products. Try your best to be interactive with users on any platform, even in small things such as receiving and applying feedback to show that you care about the community you have created.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Common Themes Across Social Media and What WeChat is - Learning with Techie Youth

Today at Techie Youth I continued to learn about various social media platforms, this included the platforms of Facebook, TikTok and WeChat. When you are trying to make money from these social media platforms there are very similar methods for which you can do so. Similar to Instagram on TikTok and Facebook once you have a following you can set up an affiliate link whether it be in your profile for TikTok or through your Facebook profile or group. Not only that, but as well on Facebook and TikTok you can promote sponsored content or advertisements to help promote your own page and allow you to grow. The same goes the other way as well, you can be paid to promote various products if you are a large enough creator to do so and get deals from these various companies. On Facebook you can form groups and these groups can either be public (not as recommended), private but visible to when searching or a 'secret' group (a private group where it also can't be searched for in Facebook). The reason a public group isn't recommended especially when you are starting off is that due to the fact that anyone can join it, increases the chances that spammers will join the groups and spam the chat. Thus, making moderation more difficult to keep the group together and keeping the group usable in general. By having a private group you are able to control who joins and ensure that there will be less conflict in the group. When you have a group or community formed you are then able to make money whether it be through advertisements, affiliate links or even selling your own products. Due to the large user base in Facebook it is possible to make a lot of money through sales if the product is appealing enough.

Speaking of a social media platform with a large user base, another popular platform is WeChat. Although this platform is not as well known in the United States it is very popular in Asia, specifically China. WeChat is not only a communications platform but is referred to as a 'Super App' since there are many mini programs in WeChat. This includes programs such as banking (if you link a Chinese Bank Account), taxi rides, hotels and even donating to charity. There are many programs inside this one big platform making it very ideal when trying to advertise a business, however, there are a lot of regulations by the Chinese government that you need to be made aware of since there are prerequisites when trying to establish an online business. Many people don't even use cash when making a payment at a store instead they scan the barcodes from their WeChat application or use Alipay. Meaning that due to the large influence of WeChat brings more opportunities to be able to advertise your business and keep your content interactive with its' users, similar to what Nike or Pepsi have done in the past.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Creating and Making Money from a Niche Instagram Page - Learning with Techie Youth

Asides from Niche Informational websites you can also make money by creating an Instagram page involving a particular niche. They key difference between an Instagram page and an actual website is that with an Instagram page you are directly more involved with other people in this community you are creating or have created. If you are trying to make money through an affiliate link or selling products on Instagram, you are more involved with potential customers and you have to make sure you are constantly active on your Instagram page. Utilizing analytics and statistics could bring in more people towards your page, making your time worth more. In order to access Instagram analytics you need to create a business account or turn your personal account into a business account so then you can have access to these resources to help expand your page. When creating content on your page I recommend sticking to one particular theme that each of your photos or videos have. Making your page stand out and more recognizable among other pages in this particular niche. Doing a competitor analysis is always good in any field to see what your competition is doing right so you can improve. This can be things such as seeing what hashtags your competitors are using, how active they are on their stories, how they utilize reels, whether or not they use the live feature on Instagram and many more. Ultimately in the end you want to reach the goal of being the 'gate' to your community and people can use hashtags specifically related to your page which as a result would drive in traffic.

There are many ways to take content creation to the next level but before discussing these concepts it's important to note one concept. Although, Instagram and TikTok typically overlap with content moving from one platform to another, an Instagram video with a TikTok watermark is less likely to get promoted by the Instagram algorithm. It's important to keep this in mind in order to be able to promote your content as efficiently as you can and bring in potential advertisements to your page or clients willing to pay for shoutouts, once your page starts building up traction. You can take your content creation to the next level not with just improving your physical equipment but as well through computer software. Investing in softwares such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Filmora you can edit photos to make them look more colorful and vibrant or edit them to fit the theme of your page. The more professional and appealing photos/videos look like the more likely you will bring in more traffic to your page and secure professional relationships with other Instagram pages/businesses. There are many tutorials on the internet to get familiar with the software, with visual presentations for you to better understand how to edit your content. Investing your time in video and photo editing could pay off in the end by just improving the overall quality and impression your Instagram page gives.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

The Realities of Selling Art - Learning with Techie Youth

We are long past the days of using art galleries to be able to promote your art to other people. You can become very successful at selling art through the utilization of social media to your advantage. As I have previously mentioned before, you should focus on only a few social media platforms where you have a strong presence in. With this being said if you use multiple platforms it doesn't mean you should be pushing forward the same type of content on all of the platforms. This is due to the type of content that is available on the platform, such as comparing TikTok vs. Instagram, both have the option of sharing videos but you wouldn't be trying to send an Instagram post on TikTok as the algorithm on TikTok wouldn't promote it. Adding on, if you want to make sales for your art you shouldn't constantly be trying to push people to buy your art. Instead, try to be friendly towards your customers and instead of telling, show who you are through your art and make your art seem appealing towards the users on the platform. After all, you don't have a business unless you have a paying customer. When you are first starting off your art business you need to make sure you stick to one target audience and have one art style or type. If you attempt to do multiple styles of art you need to make sure you are able to keep up with producing all of these products and able to ship them out in a timely manner to keep your customers. Another thing you have to consider about your art business is how you plan on shipping out your art. I'd recommend checking your local post office on the rates for different weight categories for different products since the higher the weight of the product the more you have to pay for shipping and you may need to adjust your prices based on this. Always keep track of production costs, hours spent making the artwork, shipping prices and extra money for yourself to make a profit and allow to have a live able income.

Like many other businesses it is very hard when you are first starting off. As an artist you have to realize that on the business aspect there are going to be times you are going to fail. It's a natural process that happens frequently and it's all about how you take away the lessons from these failures. After watching videos from experienced artists, I saw that many artists at the beginning don't make a lot of money from art and it requires a lot of patience for the business to build up. Attracting customers from social media is a great way to expand your art but getting that attention in the first place is very difficult.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Continuing my Niche Website - Learning with Techie Youth

Today I started to do more progress on my niche website since yesterday it took a few hours for my web host service Host Gator to connect to my domain I created on Dynadot. I didn't want to start working on the website itself before I knew my SSL certificate was running well and that users would be redirected to an "https" link of my website instead of "http". I decided to pick a niche related to fitness in the gym since currently that is one of my interests and what I have been focusing on. Even after watching videos and articles about Niche websites there was still so much to learn when I began to set up the actual website. I was using the website WordPress to make the process of building the website simpler and I underestimated how long the actual process would take or the difficulty. There was still so much to go through on the websites dash board and so many technicalities I had to set up. At the time of writing this I still have work to do on my website. Albeit I have done many of the technical aspects of making sure the website is up and running, now I can begin to shift my focus towards the content creation aspect of the website. Thankfully I had the resources provided by Techie Youth since I knew where to go when I had an issue. I kept referring to videos and articles about utilizing WordPress, speeding the process up. This direct experience of creating a website helped to ingrain the process in my mind. In the future if I ever wanted to set up a website I can now refer to my own experience and speed up the process. After re-watching some videos I decided to use a starter template from WordPress to make setting up the theme of the website easier. I was originally going to go with a theme I found in WordPress' galleries but I quickly learned that the theme didn't look like the preview since there was a lot to set up. Due to the fact that I was a beginner I stuck with a starter template to not only speed up the process but just make it easier to getting used to WordPress and editing the website. I can confidently say I went from a newbie of this software to more skilled but definitely not a professional since there is a lot to learn and work on. With this in mind if you are considering building your own website I recommend using a starter template to get familiar with the website. Another thing I wanted to address is that to not be afraid of starting your website off. I remember a few hours ago I was afraid of buying a website and working on it due to fear of failure. But after getting more comfortable I am glad I started this journey since experience will teach you lessons that are more valuable and more likely to stick with you compared to just spectating on the sidelines. Not everyone likes hands on learning but the money that I spent on building this website not only adds motivation but I feel it being paid off with what I am learning the more I work on the website. Becoming more technological savvy gives you an insight on how these companies start their businesses and the benefits of having a website if you choose to pursue entrepreneurship in the future.

Another thing that I also learned at Techie Youth is that you don't just have to create a Niche Informational Website to make money online. There are plenty of other methods to make money but of course it takes time and investment. Some methods include writing an E-Book, selling a membership course, becoming a free lance writer and many more. With this in mind I wanted to bring up the point that you may see these methods of making money over the internet whether it be on social media or other websites. You shouldn't right away shut down or push away the idea of making money through these methods. You truly won't know if this kind of money making career is for you unless you try, even with failures there is something for you to always take away and apply on your next adventure. It may seem like these career types take a lot of effort which is the case but it can help to make passive income. Since in reality there is no such thing as passive income instead you need to contribute work to reach to the point where your hard work can start to earn you money with passive income. You still need to be active with these methods of making money but with the large amount of work in the beginning, it lessens the workload towards the end.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Personal Experience of Starting a Niche Website and Introduction to Selling Art

Today I wrapped up the unit on building a Niche Informational Website. With this I began to build my own website and bought the necessary things needed to begin a website. Right off the bat I already learned something necessary that I feel every person attempting to establish a nice website should know, it is to be patient. It takes time to connect your domain to your web hosting service. At first it feels kind of stressful because you just spent some money to set up this website and you may think that it didn't work or something messed up along the way. You just need to stay calm and wait for the process to finish and then start working on your website when everything with the technicalities is handled. Instead of trying to do everything at once I recommend working at one thing at a time to ensure that your site is secure, user friendly, and is of course working properly and works fast.

Moving along I began the unit about selling art today and I learned that you don't need to be an artist to make money off of art online. With the permission of the artist you can sell the artwork on their behalf, however, this money will be split up with percentages going towards the artist, some to the website (if you are selling on sites like Etsy) and then of course you the seller. Now if you are an artist making art, you need to have some skills of being a business person. You need to make sure you can profit off of making your art and consider how long it took you to make the art work. Networking is very key as with all other businesses, when attempting to sell a piece of artwork to a business always bring up the benefits the piece brings towards the business. This can be things such as a better environment for the business, conversation starters and allows for the business to show to clients that they are supportive of art. Regardless of the kind of art you are selling you need to make sure you have a strategy to market it. This can be using social media strategically and only focusing on a few instead of trying to do multiple platforms and finding yourself not having enough time to work on all of them. Make sure you know what art you want to sell, how you are going to sell it and where you are gonna sell it. Planning is key before you start spending money on resources to sell your art when you don't have a sufficient method to get customers.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Ways to profit from a Niche Website - Learning with Techie Youth

You set your website up and bought everything needed to have a running site. The question is now what do you do from here. Currently you are at a loss since you spent money to start up the site. Unless you found a niche that is perfect with little competition and high traffic, it is likely that you are going to be at a loss for a while. However don't worry, the start up costs for a website aren't that large. I was looking at the resources I learned from Techie Youth and began to play around with websites to estimate an approximate amount that a niche website would cost to start up. The cost ranged from as low as $40 to around $100 or $150, but don't worry the higher up prices are including extra add ons from the services such as Host Gator that are not necessary. At this point we know that a niche website could expect to start making money at around the 6 month mark when the Google search engine indexed your site and trusts it. The question is how does your niche site make money if you're not actually selling any goods. There are two main methods briefly mentioned before you can make money through affiliate marketing and through advertisements. In this blog I am going to dive deeper into specifically how and which services are good to start off with.

A good way to do affiliate marketing for your niche website is through doing product reviews that pertain to your topic. Let's take an Amazon product for example, you write a review explaining the pros and cons of it, then at the end or at the beginning, however you like, you attach an amazon affiliate link for the product. To get an affiliate link you sign up for Amazon Associates and then whenever someone clicks on the link and buys the product on Amazon you get a small commission for doing so. The benefits of using Amazon Associates is that it is very beginner friendly and there are a variety of products sold. The main con from using Amazon Associates is that different products from different categories have different commission rates, meaning that before you should check what the commission percent would be for some products, as it may be higher on other sites. Some other websites for affiliate marketing are Awin, Shareasale, CJ Affiliate and many more. Each service has positives and negatives for using it, such as for example different minimum payout requirements, on Amazon Associates the minimum payout requirement is $10 while on Awin it is a minimum $20 payout. I recommend checking out each individually as some cater better to different topics or niches.

Advertisements are another way to make money on your niche website. Each ad service has their own special requirements when applying for them to advertise on your website but there are a few things you should keep in mind that are universal across all of these services. You are less likely to have advertisement companies willing to advertise on your site when your topic involves a controversy. Also key words such as 'guns' on your website will lower your ranking on the Google search engine and advertisement companies will not want do deal with your website. With this in mind a few great advertisement services are Google Adsense, Adthrive, and Ezoic. With your small niche website you are most likely going to have to start off with Adsense due to the low requirements, as a result, you will be making a lot less money than with other services. People will see a larger increase in income when switching to services like Adthrive or Ezoic. The problem is each of these have a requirement for how many average visitors are on your site, with Adthrive being suitable for websites that get more than 100,000 visitors. Ultimately, earning money on your niche website is all about patience and the content you put into the website. If you write great quality articles about a niche and are patient (many website owners tend to sell right around 4-6 month range due to impatience) then you will be able to have a successful website earning you passive income.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

What a Niche Website is and What you need when setting one up - Learning with Techie Youth

A niche website is a website that focuses on a small particular interest. You as the creator of the website write articles about the topic, it should be something you have an interest in or are passionate about to make it more interesting for yourself when researching. In order to establish a successful niche website you need to write at least 30 quality articles and you shouldn't be spamming these articles to just to try to expand the website. Instead, these articles should solve problems or questions that people may have about the subject to attract more users toward the website. A good pace for writing the articles is completing the 30 articles in a month or a little bit over. Don't be alarmed if your website doesn't get any traffic for the first 6 months of it just sitting there. Without any social media advertising you can get your website to gain traffic through the Google search engine ranking system. It takes around 6 months for Google to index your website and to 'trust' it so then for it to be recommended to other users that may be searching for the topic you wrote about. Once your website starts getting traffic at around the 6 Months mark it will usually be an exponential growth and could reach as much as 7,000 visitors at the 8 month mark. If your website is getting 30,000 visitors after operating for a year then it is doing very well. This kind of website can make money through either affiliate links such as sending Amazon links that are connected to you so you make a small commission whenever someone clicks on it and buys the product or even advertisements. Both can bring in passive income revenue to the website, you don't have to do much after you write the 30 articles, you can let the website just sit. However, beware of items or topics that have a short relevance such as the latest technology devices, they can get outdated quickly meaning your articles will as well.

When trying to research or find a particular topic/theme for a niche website there are a few resources you can use. Google trends shows you the trending search results and you can find what are some popular things people are searching or what search terms have relevance and some traffic. Also when you search for a topic scroll all the way down on Google and you will find related search items that could be used as articles since those are typical questions that people may have about the topic. Try your best to narrow down your niche topic to more specifics since the broader your topic is, the more likely it will have to compete with already well established websites, decreasing your chance of success or establishing authority over in the search engine.

There are a few things you need when setting up a website. The first being you need to buy a domain which is basically the URL to access your website. A good company I recommend which I'm going to be using is Dynadot, they charge $8.99 a year to keep the domain running and they have free WHOIS protection. WHOIS protection is very critical since when you open a domain people can search on Whois for information about your domain, this includes finding out your real name, address and overall private information. WHOIS protection helps to keep your website protected and information private when running the website. When trying to buy a domain some popular domain companies are GoDaddy and Domain.com, however, these companies are on the more expensive side and use specific tactics trying to get you to pay more for their services such as auto renew by default on, which is not the case with Dynadot. You are basically paying more for the brand with these two services. Next your website needs web hosting which is basically the equivalent of buying or renting space for a store on the internet. A good website for web hosting is host gator to get your website up and running. Another thing your website needs is an SSL certificate, whenever you go on a website and you see that it says it's not secure is because it doesn't have an SSL certificate. This factor alone causes 80% of people to click off the website since people want to stay away from hackers or scams. This can also be noticed when your website URL is http vs https, the s shows that you have the security. Also an SSL certificate will put your website higher up in the rankings on the Google search engine. Many domain companies provide an SSL certificate for your website, you just need to check and see. When creating the website you can also use Wordpress to find themes and create the website itself, and you can use this website publish it for more users. The best part about the website is that it is free and some premium features can be bought with different themes. Around 30% of internet websites had used Wordpress making it have a big influence over the internet and an excellent way to promote your website.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Trading Commodities - Learning with Techie Youth

Another method of trading in the stock market and expanding your investment portfolio is trading commodities. Commodities are physical assets that physically have a worth such as raw materials used by people. There are two categories for commodities, there are soft commodities and hard commodities. Soft Commodities include assets such as wheat, cotton, coffee, sugar, cocoa and any other agricultural products. While Hard Commodities include assets such as gold, silver, rubber, oil and any other natural items that require to be extracted through methods such as mining. When you trade with commodities you don't have to actually trade the physical assets or have to store them somewhere. Instead, traders trade the contracts for the commodities. The commodity market uses trading derivatives such as futures, options, and forward contracts. With this being said, because you are dealing with natural resources when trading the commodity market may require more information or research before you make an investment in a trade. This involves not only checking political and financial news but as well it could be news related to the environment impacting harvests for soft and hard commodities. The environment could very well cause an asset to become very scarce due to difficulties of obtaining it.

Three great markets for commodity trading are the Chicago Board of Trades (CBOT), Chicago Merchantile Exchange, and the NYSE Liffe. Now before you start trading commodities I learned that there are a few great tips every trader should know. The first tip is that commodities will typically have strong cyclical trends. What this means is that if you look into past data of prices of commodities the prices fluctuate based on the season and patterns of investors. This is due to the natural change of seasons affecting the sale and exchange of commodities at different times of the year. Another tip is that every commodity has different volatility which can be used to your advantage when seeking for a profit. Keeping this in mind I also read and think it's a good idea to stick to one division or market when trading commodities. What I mean by this is that if you are a good gold or coffee trader and make the most profit there. It is the best to specialize or stick to those markets, it could even be only 1 market since if you don't do this you are only making trading harder for yourself. One last tip when trading with commodities is that commodities and the USD (United States Dollar) have a negative correlation meaning that if the USD increased in value then gold or crude oil will decrease in value, the same is true for the reverse. Ultimately, trading commodities requires a lot of research like other trades in the stock market and you need to be open to learning and keeping an open mind to become a better trader. There is always room to grow as a trader and you need to acknowledge that even after having some experience there is still more to learn which is what sets apart the traders that succeed and those that fail or lose their wealth. When trading always keep in mind that any loss has the potential to wipe out months of building up profit or wealth and you need to be careful when investing large amounts of capital.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

More Advanced Concepts About Trading Options - Learning with Techie Youth

When trading Options there is something known as "the Greeks" which you need to be familiar with. There are 4 symbols in "the Greeks", Delta, Theta, Gamma and Vega. The purpose of these symbols are to measure the risk factors with options. Starting off with Delta, the purpose of it is to reduce the directional risk involved with price movements in an asset. Reducing the directional risk allows for isolation of volatility changes for a trader. Theta is known as the rate of decline for the value of an option during a period of time. It is usually written as a negative number to portray how much the option will lose its value up until the expiration date. Gamma in simple terms is the rate of change for an option's delta, known as the first derivative. Gamma is the highest when an option is "at the money" and is at its lowest when it is "further away from the money". Finally the last symbol is Vega, it measures the options price value relative to the changes in the implied volatility of an asset. Longer options have a positive Vega while shorter options have a negative Vega. When trading Options and reading graphs these symbols are essential to understanding where your Option stands and helps to minimize risk and allow for an easier way to get profit.

There are a few beginner strategies when it comes to trading Options that I learned that are great when starting off. The following strategies have the names of: Selling Put Spreads, Selling Iron Condors and Covered Calls.

To Sell a Put Spread you need to first Sell a Put, then buy a Put at a Lower Strike Price with the same quantity and expiration date. With this you make money when the stock price remains above the sold put with time passing and loses money when the stock price falls. The main benefit to performing this beginner strategy is that it allows you to gain bullish experience to stocks with little risk and there is a potential to profit even when the stock price falls.

The second strategy is Selling Iron Condors, you do this by selling a Put then you buy another Put at a Lower strike Price, then you sell a call and Buy another Call at a Higher Strike Price. With this method you make money when the stock price remains between the range created from your sold options with time passing. However, the trade loses money when the stock price moves drastically in either direction. The reason this is a good beginner strategy is that you can make a profit without regards to the direction of the stock, allowing you to be very aggressive or calm with the trade as you like.

The third beginner strategy is Covered Calls, you perform this trade by buying 100 Shares of Stock and then you sell a Call Option (1 Call Option every 100 shares). This method makes you money when the stock price increases or stays flat with time passing. The trade loses money when the stock price falls, however if the shares only fall slightly you can still make money. This is a great strategy for long stock investments due to reducing risks on said investments and providing the potential for profit when the stock stays flat or decreases slightly.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

The Basics of Options and How Trading Them Works - Learning with Techie Youth

In the Stock Market you may have heard of trading options but people like myself included didn't really know what they were until recently. An Option is a contract that gives you the right (but you don't have to) to buy or sell 100 shares of an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a specific date. It belongs to a group of securities known as derivatives. A derivative is an asset with a price that depends on an investment such as a bond or a stock. Every Option has a strike price, an expiration date, and a premium. A strike price is the price you anticipate of a stock around the expiration date. The expiration date is self explanatory, you can't hold the contract forever meaning that you only have a certain amount of time to hold onto options before you can't execute the contract, this can be a few months to years depends on the type of contract you make and the type of trader you are. The premium is the fee you pay for an option when you enter a contract, typically priced per share you are paying a premium of 100 shares of stock.

There are two types of options you can do, Call Options and Put Options, depending on which one you pick depicts how you will trade. Call Options allow whoever does the contract to buy shares of a stock at the strike price they set before. People buy call options when they expect the stock to increase in price. Meaning when the investor buys at the strike price they can then sell at the current price of the stock to make a profit. It is best to buy at a strike price with a low price to achieve a greater profit when the stock goes up in value, if it does. A Put Option is the reverse of a Call Option, you use Put Options when you expect the price of a stock to decrease. You buy an option with a high strike price, therefore when the stock prices falls below your strike price you can sell this to achieve a profit.

Another thing about options is that although the expiration date exists you don't necessarily have to wait out until that expiration date. Depending on the type of trader you are, you can either trade options in the long term or short term. With this in mind it can be seen that stocks and options have a lot of similarities and connections between one another. It is best to always be mindful when trading both stocks and options. Although you created a contract and don't necessarily have to act on it with options keep in mind you did invest money to create the contract. Meaning that if your prediction for the option doesn't go as you anticipated you can lose all your money that you had used for the premium. When calculating a profit from Options you take the amount earned from selling the 100 shares of a stock subtracted by the premium of the options to get your net profit. If you don't act on your options or the price of the stock aren't as you anticipated then you can lose money that was used for the Options premium.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

How Earning Money with Forex Works and What REITs is - Learning with Techie Youth

Forex is a global electronic market where traders go to trade different currencies. The are many types of currencies people trade, but usually there are only main big currencies being traded. This includes currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and many more. Currencies are usually being traded in pairs such as EUR/USD or USD/CAD. What this means is that you are using the current currency you own to buy or convert it into a different countries currency hence why Forex trading is usually in pairs. The first currency in the pair is the base currency, where you are selling it to buy the second currency in the pair, which is known as a quote. To make more of a profit traders typically use lots, which have 100,000 units of a currency, meaning that this can be an example of $100,000 to actually make some profit. This is so since currency typically doesn't move up and down in value as much so the percent changes are quite small unless investing larger amounts of money. You don't have to have large amounts of money to invest in Forex but you can use leverage from brokers to do so. Most traders do a 1:20 leverage ratio or 1:100, meaning that for a 1:100 leverage every $1,000 you can trade up to $100,000 in value. However, when starting out as a beginner your leverage shouldn't be that high since you can easily make a mistake or lose larger sums of money.

When you trade Forex you will see all currencies except the Japanese Yen have 4 decimal places, and the last decimal place is called a 'pip'. This is what is used to help calculate profit or losses. Investors will watch these pips rise or fall to make a move when trading. The higher the pip amount the higher your growth could be or lose when trying to buy or sell currency. There are 4 types of Forex traders, Scalpers, Day Traders, Swing Traders, and Position Traders. A Scalp Trader is someone that typically looks for 5-10 pips per trade, they trade in durations of seconds-minutes and typically use the scale on their charts as M1 and M15 to get the difference of currency in small periods of time. A day trader trades with 20-40 pips per trade and they have their trades within a day hence what the name of the trader implies, their charts usually use M15, H1, or H4 to look at trends throughout the day. Swing traders look for 50-150 pips per trade, they have a trade duration for less than a week and aswell use charts of H1 and H4. Lastly there are Position Traders where their target for trades are 500-1000 pips per trade and they can trade from weeks to months and use the chart scale of D1 (Daily Candles), or W1.

Another way of investing your money is through something called REITs. REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts where you invest in real estate without actually having to manage the property or be hands on with it. REITs are similar to stocks being traded on the stock market where a REITs company has to give out 90% of its net income to its share holders in the form of dividends. The benefits of REITs is that you are able to make passive income and dive into the world of real estate without having to manage a property or be as hands on. The REITs company handles the real estate and you gain some of the profit off of the company making money from lease or rent. Another benefit of REIT is the liquidity since you can directly sell it if you made a mistake and they typically outperform other investments. There are some cons to investing in REIT, you have to pay income taxes from the dividends you do earn which already is not that much, house property or markets can decline. REITs also have limited growth since the company has to follow the mandatory requirement and give out 90% of its income it leaves very little income that can be invested back into the business to better develop the properties.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Basics of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, and How to trade Crypto/Forex - Learning with Techie Youth

To put it very simply a cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used to exchange. The purpose of cryptocurrency is to help decentralize the money system so that the government isn't in control of your money. You may hear the phrase, block chain technology, which is basically what cryptocurrency use to work, it is a decentralized system unlike a bank where a distributed network of computers run this system. Cryptocurrencies live only on the internet and you can have what is called a hot storage and cold storage for your cryptocurrency. A hot storage is typically something like a phone wallet app where it is connected to the internet and is used frequently. This type of storage is more prone to being exploited by hackers. While a cold storage is crypto stored on a usb drive for example where it isn't connected to the internet and less likely to be accessed by hackers. Cryptocurrency forms through a process called mining where computers will attempt to solve complex mathematical problems to earn coins. A currency like Bitcoin is designed so when someone successfully mines a Bitcoin it is significantly more difficult to solve the next hash or mathematical problem to earn another coin.

Going more in depth about Blockchain technology, as the name implies it is a chain of blocks that contain data. Blockchain doesn't involve a central server and solves the double records problem, once something is recorded in Blockchain it is very difficult to change what is inside the block. Due to the security of Blockchain it is used for the transfer of money, property, contracts and many more. The benefits of Blockchains is that it doesn't require a 3rd party to help facilitate this like a bank or the government, making transactions very smooth and quick. What makes Blockchains very secure are the hashes that are stored in each. Each Block except the very first block contains the hashes of previous blocks and its own hash, meaning for the Blockchain to stay connected the hash of the previous block has to match with what the block ahead of it has stored for what the previous hash should be. With this in mind if a hacker tried to change data in one block then all the next blocks are invalid since the hash of the hacked block doesn't match the correct hash that the block ahead of it has stored. This type of data storage is different from a database, which stores data in tables, making Blockchain a favorable form of data storage allowing for the creation of things such as smart contracts.

A smart contract is an automatic agreement between the person that created the contract and the recipient. Smart contracts use blockchain technology for faster security and data storage. Making it faster and easier to create contracts to things such as lease or rent without having the need of a 3rd party like a lawyer to facilitate the transaction. One both parties agree to the conditions of the contract then each will receive what the contract says the will receive. An example I read was like when both parties agree the funds for a security deposit and first month's rent will be automatically sent to the landlord and automatically the code to the door will be sent to the other person. If any party fails to agree to the contract then it doesn't go into effect and if someone sent money then they will receive it back. Due to the nature of Blockchain technology once a smart contract is agreed upon it is recorded into a block or blocks making it very easy to see the history of the transaction and extremely difficult to change what happened or the data stored.

Before you start investing large amounts of money into Cryptocurrency, Stocks, and Forex it's best to learn how to invest. I think the best way of learning how to responsibly invest is through experience, you can do this by playing an app called the Trading Game where you can play and experience what it's like trading stocks/forex. This will help you develop the skills and practice you need to move onto the real deal. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency as a beginner I think starting off with Coinbase is a good idea. They have very user friendly software for beginners and will allow you to start investing some real money into crypto. Make sure that when you invest you are investing an amount of money you are comfortable losing and keep in mind losing money is a potential outcome. Once you know the basics of investing you can either begin to increase the amount you invest and also switch to different platforms such as Coinbase Pro. With Coinbase Pro you will get more features allowing you to invest more technically and invest in different ways. Slowly building your way up to more riskier and more expensive trading methods would be the best to not only get experience but minimize the beginning risks as opposed to losing large sums of money straight off the bat.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Basics of Stocks - Learning with Techie Youth

Nowadays especially on social media people are very open about trading on the stock market. An example being the GameStop and AMC craze on the stock market a while back. Today at Techie Youth I learned specifically what a stock is and how the stock market works in order to trade with less risk. A stock is a fractional ownership of a company, shareholders are people that own stocks of a company meaning that they own a piece of it. Meaning that the stock market is a place of exchange for shares of a company. Stock prices fluctuate based on how many people own shares, meaning how much money was given to the company. The more people sell a stock the less a stock is worth, and the more people buy a stock the more it is worth. Stocks follow the concepts of supply and demand, the meaning of a stock price is the amount to own a share of the company. Changes in the stock market can impact how much money is made in return. There are two terms when referring to the stock market, a bear market and a bull market. A bear market is when stock prices in the stock market are expected to fall while a bull market is when stock prices are expected to rise. When you own stocks you have what is called an investment portfolio which is a collection of all the stocks/investments that you have. It is best to have a variety of different investments in your portfolio, preferably stocks from different sectors (ex: technology, energy). The reason being is that in case you start losing money in a sector you don't end up losing all of your money. It is important to know that the stock market isn't always profitable and you can lose a lot of money randomly since it is very difficult to predict. There's always a risk of investment which is the uncertainty or degree that which you could lose money and this risk can be lowered by investing in multiple stocks.

When it comes to actually investing you need to make sure before you begin to invest that you know how to read a stock market graph. At first it can be very intimidating when looking at a graph but it's very simple when you break it down. Usually you'll either have graphs that look like a bar or a candle, the top of the bar/candle represents the highest amount the stock price was going during that time. While the bottom usually represents the lowest the stock was being sold at in that time interval. The x-axis is usually the time which can either be in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and so on. The y-axis represents the various prices of the stock that it could've been at. Commonly you'll see stocks either red or green but the colors can vary depending on the broker website. Red or something similar usually means that the stock is lower compared to the previous day. While green means the opposite, it means that the stock is at a higher price compared to the previous day or time period. To be able to invest in the stock market you can use brokers such as Robinhood which make investing very easy and these brokers do ask for your private information such as social security number. So be careful where you send your information to and that the broker is reliable or well known. Also beware of 'pump and dump schemes', where people will try to create artificial demand on a small stock typically cryptocurrency and get more people to buy the stock. Once the demand has grown the scammers will quickly sell the stock or known as 'dump' where the scammers get the benefits of the stock while those that were tricked into buying the stock lose money.

There are many types of orders you can do on the stock market, which is just how you buy or sell stocks. These include a market order (buying or selling immediately), a limit order is used to buy a stock when it reaches a specific price or lower, a stop order is when a stock reaches a specified price it becomes a market order and it buys or sells the stock, there are many more orders and I recommend reading more in depth about each one to see which method is for you. There are many ways to order stocks and make money this way, however, be careful of short selling. Short selling is when you have money and borrow stocks from another person then you sell it in hopes of the stock going down in price later on for you to buy and have a profit and return the borrowed stocks. If things don't go the way planned you can actually go in debt and be forced to pay back the borrowed stocks with your own assets.

The hours for the stock market here in the United States are from 9:30am - 4:00pm (Eastern Time), both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock market are in New York City. You can do after market and before market hour stock trading but there are a few key differences. This includes factors such as less people in the market meaning that it may be more difficult to buy or sell at market prices, prices can increase or decrease after hours but they won't apply to when the market opens up again. Overall, it is more risky when attempting to trade after hours. This doesn't apply to cryptocurrencies which can be bought and sold 24/7.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Leadership in an Entrepreneurship - Learning With Techie Youth

It is very important when running a business that you portray yourself as a strong leader. This means that you shouldn't show yourself as being tired in front of the employees through yawning or let other people know in a business meeting that something is wrong with you such as you having a headache. It's not only not very motivating to your employees but also potential clients or customers may not want to do business with you. Just from appearance people could think that you have a weak leadership and that the company is eventually going to collapse. In order for your employees to stay motivated you need to make sure you're pushing them to their best, motivating them and making sure they feel important. When giving someone a task make sure you tell them the reason for doing it since usually they'll end up doing it because they're being paid but it can hurt morale in the long term. Also you should try to have a consistent leadership style, examples include being a good cop or bad cop. By being consistent employees know what they can expect from you when it comes to work. If you switched up your management style then it could leave employees confused or make it less pleasant to work in that environment.

There are many strategies when it comes to leadership but today during Techie Youth, one particular strategy really stuck with me. This being the power of silence when talking with someone. Nowadays a lot of people don't like sitting in silence whether it be because it is awkward or they feel uncomfortable. Meaning that if you are just silent and let the other person do the talking. It could leave you in better positions for negotiation. Unknowingly the more the person talks, the more they could end up sharing about themselves that could be used as leverage when trying to negotiate something. Because you yourself were quiet the whole time, the other person really doesn't have much to use as leverage in a negotiation leaving you with the advantage.

When running a business and dealing with employees, you need to know the difference between being fired, terminated and being laid off. Up until this point I didn't know there was a difference between these 3 with being fired is the worse. When an employee is fired it means that they violated company rules or policies, such as starting a fight with another worker, stealing company property and many more. It's best to not mention you've been fired at a place and you do this by saying you didn't work in that place at all when applying for a job. Being terminated is when either you voluntarily leave the job or the company doesn't need you working there anymore or has a better replacement. While being laid off usually means that the company may be downsizing and can't afford or doesn't need your job position currently.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Costs of Starting Up a Business - Learning with Techie Youth

Unless you're rich it's not the best idea to start a business using your own money or a worse idea is using credit to fund your startup. If you use credit on your start up not only will you just max out your credit cards which is bad for your credit score but it pushes you towards tight deadlines where you have to make money to make the payments and you're going to be stuck if you have to pay back this debt if the startup failed. It is best to seek funds from friends/family, angel investors and venture capitalists. Angel investors are usually individual people that had startups before that succeeded and now years later are investing money into new startups and expect a multiplied return from the few that succeed. A venture capitalist is usually a company or group of people that give money towards promising new businesses expecting a percentage of stake for the company and usually give more than $1 million. Before you go ask these people for any types of funding it's important that you sit down and calculate the actual costs of the startup. You don't want to ask over or under the amount of funding you need, also you need to be very transparent when it comes to where the funding goes. With this being said you need to consider things such as office space rental or warehouse space for where your business will be working. Commercial rental space is usually charged annually with a certain amount of price per square foot that is available, prices can range depending on the place, an example being such as $30 per square foot. You pay the amount that you end up using based on the square footage.

Besides from obvious expenses such as rent, salaries, or costs to manufacture the product and service. You also need to consider the expenses from things such as amenities or cleaning supplies. After watching some videos I also agree that you shouldn't be cheap on things such as office supplies or cleaning supplies. This will only lower the morale of the workers such as if you buy 1ply toilet paper the working experience for employees won't be as enjoyable. By being cheap you think that you will save yourself a few extra dollars on costs but it could end up costing you more if productivity declines as a result of the work environment that the employees are not comfortable in. However, the same applies in the other direction when it comes to setting up your business. When you first set up your business don't go overboard when trying to buy supplies or furniture, doing things such as gold plating which isn't necessary. Don't buy desks or computers for 10 employees when you only have 3 currently working with you. Instead build up your business as it goes on slowly expanding it such as getting 2 desks and 2 computers at a time. As opposed as to waiting for all 10 items to come in for delivery then starting your business which only delays when you can open the office for work. Calculating how much it costs when the office isn't being used for work can make you be more productive about how you spend your time. For example by calculating monthly rent or daily costs of running the office compared to how much money is being made could help you be more productive when trying to make a profit.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

CoFounders, Partnership in Business, Business Entity Formalities, Deeper Dive into Executive Summaries- Learning With Techie Youth

It's not always the best idea to start off a business alone, there's only so much you can do without needing the help of other people. With this, when starting a business it's best to start with at least another CoFounder or sometimes have a trio. However, don't hire your best friend or someone close to you as a CoFounder just because you know them or like them. Instead CoFounders should be able to fill in the roles that you are unable to, complement your weaknesses not overlap your strengths. Commonly a trio of CoFounders has a 'Hustler', a 'Hacker' and a 'Hipster'. The role of a Hustler is to actively make sure the company is making money, this person is usually the CEO and they help to ensure the team is running smoothly and is trying to sell the product. The Hacker designs the actual product and develops it to ensure that it is available for use for customers. The role of a Hipster is to create design and marketing for the company to help for branding and marketing. With this trio each has their own job and able to complement the weaknesses for what the company would lack without them. Picking the right CoFounders is very important, some entrepreneurs call it as a marriage since you're committing to working with the person/people for many years and have to endure a lot of hardships. This includes disagreements, risks or challenges the business goes through. Ultimately, you and your CoFounders have to be able to work really well together for the business to succeed and be prepared for the challenges to come.

Besides from picking the right CoFounders when starting a business you also need to have valuable partnerships. Networking and connecting with other companies is very useful since you bring something of use to that company they could help you expand yours. Whether it be selling your products in a new untapped market, more recognition or even just getting discounts on supplies for manufacturing your products.

Once you have your business idea prepared you need to set it up as a business entity. This can be in the format of a sole proprietor, C-Corp, B-Corp, LLC (Limited Liability Company), S-Corp and others. Each has their own specifics when involving taxes and assets, it's best to do careful research on each to see which is the right one for your business. Typically the main purpose of filing your business is not only for taxes but as well that you can then open a bank account on the company name and can write checks using the company name instead of using your own name. There are many benefits to filing as a Corporation instead of a Sole Proprietor. The reason being is that your company is considered as its own entity meaning that the company will individually be taxed and your own income will be individually taxed. If your company were to ever have to face a lawsuit against your Corporation your personal assets are less likely at risk of being taken away. Only company assets would be affected in the law suit as opposed to a Sole proprietor. When filing your company you need to get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) in order for your business to be able to have an income. You can file for one for free on the IRS website, usually if you have to pay a fee to file an EIN that means you're not on the official IRS website, so you need to be careful.

When you are seeking out for potential investors in the company it's very important that you have a business model and as well as an executive summary. There are very specific things you should include in an executive summary since the purpose is to get the interest of the potential investor. The executive summary is like 'the text on the back of a book', giving you a brief summary about your company to make the potential investor interested but also not miss out on important details. In order to have an effective executive summary you should include information such as the company's mission statement, information about the company's owners, outline of the business model, target market, your competitive analysis (what sets you apart from the competition or what you improved upon). Adding on you can include strategies, financial status or projections, make sure you have research on the market and make sure you avoid cliche and use tone that represents your company. When you have a business model it is easier to write the executive summary last as it summarizes this model and is usually 1-2 pages. Make sure you outline what you are asking the investor and what it is going to be used for. Sometimes it's a good idea to put weaknesses at the very end to show that you are aware of them and have contingency plans in case something goes wrong.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

What Not AND What to Do When Starting a Business - Learning With Techie Youth

The number one piece of advice that people commonly share or do is not telling others their business ideas. The fear of someone stealing your idea is an irrational fear and this shouldn't be the reason you don't share your business idea. The reason being is because when you share information about your business before starting to work on it you hear more opinions about it. This feedback you receive can help you edit or change parts of your product before the launch. Not only that but the more people that know about your idea your customer amount only grows since more people could be interested in what you have to offer. This can also apply in the other direction, by sharing your business idea some people can give good reasons on why it may not workout or if it already exists and you didn't know about it before hand. This being said you can gain a lot from sharing information about your business idea. People think of business ideas all the time and if you're scared of sharing your idea it may be because it is very simple or easy to replicate. It is all a matter of who markets the idea/product first and able to deliver it effectively.

When starting off a business it is best to make a business model to see if it is viable. Nowadays you don't need a long 30 page packet talking about your business plan and predictions. Instead, you can create an executive summary where it is around a paragraph length discussing the key important information about your business and how it is going to work. Doing so will allow you to easily share information about your business and allow yourself to hear more opinions from other people. It is best to figure out the flaws of your business early on and it is best to fail earlier. If your business fails it's better that it fails faster than later on so then you have more time to work on a new business or create something else. Adding on the faster you fail the less money was wasted on that business idea. Sometimes if a business idea dies or is not viable don't try to revive it or 'marry' to the idea. It is best to move on and save your resources/money for something. You're not always going to get an idea that will be successful right off the bat or have a perfect track record of businesses. Many entrepreneurs have businesses ideas that failed and it's all about what you take away from these experiences and what you learn. To minimize the risks of failure for a business you have to consider that people buy products to solve a problem they have or at least improve it. Meaning that when you create a product you need to see why people would buy it or why it's beneficial for someone to invest their money. Don't just try to create a product to solve a problem that only you think is important. Try to make a product that could solve an issue for multiple groups of people to make it the most viable. To figure this out you can just talk to communities about issues they are facing or issues you may be dealing with in general.

You should always make a profit model or have multiple profit models to create contingency plans in case of an unexpected expense. In short terms a profit model is how you plan to make money for the company. This could be through things such as selling products, having a subscription or a 'Freemium' service. A Freemium service is where you offer a free version of your service that may be limited and a paid version. There are both positives and negatives to using this kinds of service. Spotify was very successful in doing this by having a free system with ads and a premium service with no ads and more features made it more favorable to pay for their subscription. Don't always try to stick to one profit model due to the fact that if something goes wrong it will be harder to find other streams of income in the moment. As opposed to having other multiple profit models with lower income but being more consistent will help bring in profit. When running a business you always want to get to the break-even point which is when the profits of the business equal to the costs. Past this point you start to bring in revenue for the company which can be used to put money into other resources to expand the business. Always have plans for contingency since you won't always be able to predict what may occur with your revenue. Typically, subscription based profit models are easier to estimate income as opposed to just selling products.

Speaking of contingency plans always have an exit strategy in case something goes wrong with your business. Always be prepared if something goes wrong with your business. Some options for an exit strategy are IPO, strategic acquisition, and management buyout. An IPO is when you sell a portion of your company to public markets, you and your team will remain working but you will have to face some regulations coming from the stock market. Also investors will more likely scrutinize your quarterly performances. A strategic acquisition is when another company purchases your company and it continues to operate under that company. In this scenario either workers will remain or be laid off depending on how the company that bought it wants to run. Of course with this option you will have less control over decisions compared to when the business was yours before. The third option is a management buyout where you sell the company to the next generation of managers where they will continue to work on the company and control it from there. Having an exit strategy is a great way to not lose any money in case a business fails and it may take time to develop an exit strategy but you shouldn't ignore it or not develop it. These are just some of many things that you should do when running a business since running an entrepreneurship is risky, complex but yields a high reward if done right.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Key Factors of Achieving a Higher Income and Starting an Entrepreneurship - Learning with Techie Youth

Many people want to become rich and say that will be a millionaire at this age. However, many people not only do not have a plan to do this but also aren't ready or able to live the lifestyle needed to achieve this income. As GaryVee had said, in order to become rich and be able to build something you need to be comfortable with the life style and the process. You need to be ready to live the way you are for many years before you are successfully able to build your wealth. This includes things such as buying older cars since they won't lose as much value compared to a new car where after 2 years most lose 50% of their value. As well as other things such as not buying expensive jewelry or shoes for a bit. By eliminating unnecessary expenses including expensive maintenance from these expensive items you are allowing yourself more resources to invest back into whatever you are doing. This is a difficult process to do meaning you shouldn't care what other people say about you or judge you for what you're doing. The same applies that you shouldn't be jealous or envious of other people questioning your own journey. That will only waste more time since you are spending extra time on social media or dreaming about their position and comparing it to yours. Adding on when you are trying to achieve this high income you have to consider the factor as to why you are doing it. What is the purpose of you trying to get rich, commonly people will say to buy expensive items or cars. By doing so will cause you to spend more money irrationally and you end up paying more for depreciated items that could hurt your finances. As opposed to for example using money to travel cheaply to get more experiences and more opportunities. When you are trying to become rich and build wealth you still have to be responsible with it when you accumulate this wealth.

Entrepreneurship is a great way of making a money, by starting a business you are in control of everything (at least for a period). There are two types of businesses when it comes to entrepreneurship, there are SME (Small Medium Entrepreneurship) and IDE (Innovation Driven Enterprise). The difference between the two is that an SME are more smaller businesses catering to local markets these are usually family owned businesses. While an IDE are larger businesses catering towards global markets and require more money. A graph for the cash flow of an SME is that it is linear with an increase while the cash flow for the start up of an IDE is first a decline to the negatives in expenses for the owner. With time the IDE eventually starts increasing its cash flow exponentially.

When starting an entrepreneurship you have 3 ways to start it. You can either start it in the technology industry, have an idea or have a passion. Having a passion for an entrepreneurship is good but sometimes not enough so a lot of the times passion and technology when starting an entrepreneurship goes together. While having an idea is a great way to start a unique business, something that doesn't exist or is useful.

When trying to start up a business it's best to first debunk very common myths that surround Entrepreneurs. The myths that only people that are smart, high achieving, individualists, born as entrepreneurs, and start off disciplined are the only types of people that can be entrepreneurs are false. Usually entrepreneurs work together as a team and have passion to help lift their start up. Entrepreneurs are made through work experience and although entrepreneurship is risky it doesn't mean the risks can't be lowered. Adding on, entrepreneurs don't necessarily start off disciplined it takes time to achieve self discipline. The charisma that entrepreneurs have is something as well learned and achieved. Bottom line is that to become an entrepreneur you need to be dedicated and passionate to learn and grow. Facing obstacles is apart of the journey and you need to be ready for this or else the business will fail.

The factors needed when starting up an Entrepreneurship are Knowledge, Capability, Connections with other people, Financial Assets, Name Recognition (how well your name is known), Past Work Experience, Passion and Commitment. All of these factors affect how successful your business will be and are each individually important. Usually a business starts off as a passion for something and then it will either branch off as an idea or as technology.

Once you have a foundation for a start up your business is not a business until you have a paying customer willing to buy your product. Until you get a paying customer you don't have a business. Your success of the business depends on how well you can get customers to buy or use your product.

Ways to successfully get customers are to look for a Beachhead market for your product. A beachhead market is a market with the ideal conditions for your product to sell and thrive in. Selecting a beachhead market could be a gut feeling but there are several factors that could make that specific market favorable. These factors include well paying customers, ready access to customer set, you have a compelling value proposition, you have a whole product ready to sell, consider your competition, the leverage that this market could give (potential access to other markets), and personal alignment (how this aligns with your passion). Ultimately, these are the factors/tips when you are considering how to start off your entrepreneurship and allow it to grow. Many entrepreneurships argue the biggest challenge of a business is starting it, but there are also challenges along the way and many entrepreneurs say without passion it is easy to fail as a business. Passion is what keeps entrepreneurs going in their ideas and without it you won't have as much commitment to push through rough times. So if you want to start a business the first step is to make sure you have the passion towards that field.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Health and Productivity, Stress Management, Role Models vs Mentors - Learning with Techie Youth

Moving along from time management a lot of people tend to use the excuse that they don't have time to workout or do physical activity such as going to the gym. However, at this point it is known that many people just don't put these activities as a priority. Taking care of both your physical and mental health are great investments for the long term with not just how you feel about your life but as well how productive you really are.

Some ways to improve your physical health are by going to the gym, subscribing to any health clubs or doing at home workouts. There are many free and paid ways to become more fit and by doing so there is as well a multitude of difficulties in said routines. The benefits to exercising are that not only will you less likely be susceptible to getting sick but being health boosts your mental health and your feelings. Physical activity can help release hormones such as serotonin or dopamine which makes you feel good after workouts. Not only that your metabolism will speed up when exercising due to an increased demand of energy causing you to feel more energetic throughout the day. Besides from physical activity you also need to make sure you are getting the proper amount of sleep everyday and nutrition. If you eat highly processed foods such as junk food you are going to end up feeling more worse since these high sugary foods will cause you to have a sugar crash. Resulting in you feeling more tired throughout the day and in a worse mood. When you start eating more whole foods you are less likely to crash and more likely to feel better throughout the day since you are eating more fulfilling food.

Some ways to take care of your mental health are to sometimes just let them out to someone trustworthy and comfortable. Share how you feel and talk it out whether it be a family member, friend or even a therapist. Not only that but by doing your favorite things or volunteering are some of many ways to help clear your mind.

Stress management is another way to have a healthy mental health. When you are in a stressed situation it is best to calm yourself down such as breathing in and out slowly. But, don't start panicking it will only make your stress worse and more difficult to handle. Instead try to think about what is stressing you out and think about what you can and can't control. By doing this you are saving yourself from being stressed about things that are unlikely to happen at all. Adding on, when you are either outside or in a work environment you shouldn't let what other people say about you get the best of you. I learned from Techie Youth today that being angry about something is your own choice. You choose to be angry based on what you received from that other person. If you stop and try to for example smile for 10 seconds in the mirror you won't be angry anymore but the feeling of unhappiness will still be there. Things like this help to control our emotions, they may still be there but in a way that you are able to control them. Controlling your emotions and stress are one of the first steps in becoming a successful leader. Just like how you receive words from other people applies the same to them as well. Speech is very powerful and you need to be careful about what you say or how you say it. Since you should surround yourself in an environment full of positive people where you are most comfortable in. With this both you and these other people can benefit and only grow. Compared to being in a negative environment and constantly being put down or judged for example, hindering your growth.

Great ways to continue your growth whether it be in a profession or business are to have a role model or a mentor or even both. The difference between a role model and a mentor is it could be how personal the relationship is. A role model is someone you look up to and admire for all their hard work. This person could be someone close to you or a celebrity that doesn't know you. The point being is that they give you motivation to continue to work hard and try to be like them or better, strive to do what you want to. While a mentor is someone who you are closer to in a specific profession. You meet with them frequently and they don't just 'feed' you knowledge. They help guide you and work together to help grow. Mentorships are usually an informal relationship and being a mentee (person being mentored) you also have to put in work to contribute to this relationship. There are many great programs such as SCORE Mentors, IET Mentorship and many more that help connect people with mentors in their profession to better develop their professional career. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic it has become more acceptable to ask a mentor over email or video meetings. With this being said when you ask for a mentor by email you need to make sure you catch their attention with the subject line. Additionally, when writing your email it's best to keep it short, right to the point and make sure before asking for mentorship to introduce yourself, your background and skills and why you are asking this specific person. Asking in person for a mentorship follows a similar format except you are communicating verbally. When you go up to ask someone for an mentorship you don't straight up ask them for them to become your mentor. Instead you have to first speak of your background, your goals and introduce yourself. Give your mentor a reason as to why they should spend their time mentoring you so it doesn't up as them wasting their own time. You should practice your elevator pitch to your mentor beforehand so when the time comes to walk up to that person and ask, you aren't scrambling for words on what to say to them.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Personal Finance and Time Management - Learning with Techie Youth

Today at Techie Youth I learned a lot of concepts involving personal finance. Starting off with the basics is the difference between Gross and Net Income. Gross income is the amount of money you make before any expenses are deducted the amount earned from working or taxes. While Net income is the amount of money leftover after tax deductions and any other expenses related to work. It's important to know the difference and keep track of your Net income since this is can be used to determine your budgeting. If you take the time to see your cost of living by going through old bank statements, any bills/subscriptions and miscellaneous expenses. This will allow you to know how much money you typically spend per month. With this information you can then start setting up budgets and manage your expenses more wisely. If you create yourself a budget you can really see how much money you have left over from your living expenses if any in the first place. Allowing you to change your money habits and cause you to want to save more money and have excess left over. It's always a good idea to have excess money since then it can be used to gain other sources of income. Once you have organized your personal finances and begin to save yourself some money there are some other things you should be doing. This including creating a retirement fund early on by putting 5%-15% of your paycheck right away into this even in your early 20's since it's best to start saving now as opposed to not having money when you are old and retired. Additionally, your excess money should be used to create any emergency funds you may need and it should always be ready for use. This amount could vary depending on your income but I would try to have around $2,500 in case there is any emergency or an unexpected expense comes up. With this being said, by splitting your paycheck up it will help improve your quality of life and become more financially independent. It is always a better idea to have money leftover as opposed to constantly spending it and living on paycheck to paycheck.

Focusing more on financial freedom another important thing that I had learned today was how some millionaires claim to save '100% of their income'. At first it didn't sound realistic until you begin to hear their explanation and what they really mean. It is always best to have multiple sources of income not just only getting income from your day job, other sources could include side hustles such as stocks, real estate, reselling, etc.. With this in mind these side hustles could as a result cover your daily living expenses and even in the best circumstances leave money left over. As a result the money coming from your primary job remains untouched and could directly be put into savings and with this cycle allowing you to grow your savings and become financially independent in case of you losing your job for example.

Some brief specific examples of investments for your money include the following. Investing into the stock market and a variety of companies (it's not the safest option to put all your money on one company). Investing in cryptocurrencies as they are unpredictable and can go up and down in a day. These examples are called liquid assets where you can easily sell them for money and have a changing value. Other investments can be things such as antiques or collectibles that go up in value (although you will need a buyer or wait a while). Gold investments are other ways to liquidate your assets since the value of Gold can be used as savings or storing money as opposed to actually money due to problems such as inflation. Speaking of inflation or problems with your countries currency you could also use Forex (Foreign Exchange Market), change the currency of your money to a country with more value and then eventually changing it back whenever you want to or money in your country for instance becomes more valuable.

Moving along we all have heard or used the phrase that we don't have time to do a task or do something. The reality is that, that certain task that we claim to not have time for is actually just not a priority to get done. If something is a priority and needs to get done we will find ways to get it done whether it be postponing other less important tasks or finding ways to being more productive. It's possible to get done with all of your tasks in a day it's about how you go about doing it and how you spend your time. In order to be hyper productive there are a few simple things you can do when going about your day. Firstly, in the morning you can plan out your day and make a reasonable schedule that isn't tight and don't underestimate how long it takes to do a task. When getting down to do work you need to remove any distractions whether it be your phone, notifications, social media, etc... You need to make sure that those things are either turned off or away from you. Allowing you to put all your focus on the task at hand. Not only that but spending less time on your phone, watching television, playing video games, are just a few of many activities that take up a lot of time that people can decrease the amount of time spent or stop doing to allow yourself more time in the day. Instead focus on better habits that allow you to grow and be on the lookout for new opportunities whether it be going out or learning over the internet. Strategizing your day and planning out could make you realize how much time you spend unnecessarily and allow you to become more self aware about how you spend your time and how much it's really worth.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Working in a Remote Worksite, Scams and Networking - Learning with Techie Youth

Remote and in person office worksites have a lot of similarities at the same time as having a lot of differences. The obvious differences being your location, how you work, mobility and the different team work with a team. While some similarities that often times aren't as acknowledged are that in both situations in order for both teams to thrive you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. It is important for Remote worksites to take the extra step of communication whether it be through cleverly created platforms such as Doodle, Slack or Miro. Allowing communication between workers to be easier and better planning for meetings instead of slow response times if you were to just use regular email. Not only that but as well in Remote worksites you don't have what a normal office workspace has. Which is office small talk whether it be at the notorious water cooler or just gestures in general since it is all virtual. Meaning that it is important to implement this in meetings or host virtual events for better socialization. This helps to tie in on Remote Onboarding when someone first starts working in a remote worksite. It is important to make sure that this new worker will feel welcome at the company and not feel alone or isolate with no one to talk to. Sending things such as welcome kits or making Q&A's for questions the new worker may have whether it be pertaining to the company or facts about other veteran workers make it easier for this new worker to open up and feel excited with better morale to work. Since sometimes they could be feeling sad or anger from closing up with a previous company they worked at where they may have had friends. With this it will allow easier planning for meetings and overall teamwork with everyone feeling included.

Another topic that I am glad was covered that pertains to working remote or being 'nomadic' is the concept of going paperless. After watching a Ted Talk about why this speaker chose to go paperless really opened my eyes on the importance of it. Although having a physical copy of paper could provide extra security or the feeling of paper is nice in a book. Lots of resources are constantly wasted such as water, electricity and trees to create paper that sometimes isn't even read. Combined with the fact that online documents provide easier storage or access to files in an organized matter make it all the more favorable.

Continuing on I knew of this concept before I feel that it's great that it is being addressed. This applies to both online and in person worksites and this being with how to deal with a 'nasty' supervisor. It's important for workers to be able to stand up for themselves respectfully and professionally by knowing when to say 'no' and talking with their supervisors/co workers goes a long way. By doing so both parties can have a more comfortable work experience where you aren't forced to do something you are not really able to or is uncomfortable to do so.

Even before getting into a remote worksite or applying for one there are many unknown hidden dangers that you need to be careful of. This being scams that claim to give you 'unlimited earning potential', promoting you to high ranking positions in an industry you have no experience in or giving you money at an unreasonably high amount compared to the average a worker is paid for. To avoid getting scammed, there are many red flags you need to look out for such as having to pay up front expenses for a job, getting your information such as Social Security number asked early and suspicious heavy discounts on courses. Another thing you could do to avoid getting scammed is talking to clients of said company or employees or even searching up the company name and entering scam on google to see if anything related appears in your google search. These are all a few methods to help combat the many ways scammers attempt to steal money from people.

The final thing I learned today at Techie Youth was the importance of networking. You may always be hearing people telling you how important networking is and that you should do it but many don't know how to effectively make these connections and keep them. First things first is that you need to not be selfish when it comes to making connections. Ensuring that both parties could benefit from this and make it meaningful. Adding on you should not only be networking when you need something but need to constantly be networking to make it the least selfish as possible and to not give yourself a bad reputation. Continuing on the fear of awkwardness or walking up to a random person will always be there you just need to relate to something to start a conversation to get the worth of your time. It's fascinating that around 85% of people get job positions through networking making it worth even more to network as much as possible and smartly.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Resume, Cover Letter, Public Image, Mastering the Job Interview and Deeper Dive into Remote Worksites - Learning With Techie Youth

Today at Techie Youth I learned a few very important job prerequisites. I spent some time focusing on changing the order around for information on my resume. It is very interesting that a resume only gets a few seconds of attention. Meaning that I have to make the most of it, thus, I put some of my work experience at the very beginning.

Also before today I didn't really know what a cover letter was or the fact that they even existed. Thanks to Techie Youth I was able to create a sample cover letter I could always refer to if I ever needed one for a job opportunity. With this I am more knowledgeable on how the job application process works and what really goes through a recruiters mind when they are considering applicants.

I feel like Public Image is very important and a lot of teenagers nowadays don't really care about it. I took some time today to ensure that my social media was appropriate and there wasn't anything really immature or bad. Things that would throw off job recruiters. Prior to Techie Youth I was already somewhat careful about it and I'm glad I got a chance to review it again.

Moving on, I feel like one of the most important if not the most important things I learned today was better handling the job interview. When you walk into the interview you have to think of the interviewers as the customers and you are on a sale call. You are trying to pitch your sale which in this case is you being hired. You need to show to the interviewers why they should hire you and what makes you stand out. This being said you shouldn't try to pitch yourself based on ideas such as liking stuff or what you're passionate about. Instead you should try to do things such as dollarize yourself. Show to the company the savings or earnings you could potentially bring being a worker for the company. Such as saying you can create a new system that will stop computer servers from shutting down saving thousands of dollars that would've been lost with productivity not being consistent. Not only that but you need to leave a good lasting impression at the interview. You need to do this by doing your homework about the Company, know their issues and basic information since they could ask you about it. Adding on, you need to stay attentive in the meeting, showing your paying attention, taking notes, proper attire, do not get distracted and make sure you give thoughtful responses. Always ask questions at the end of the interview or follow up to show that you are strongly interested in this position and write emails afterward thanking the interviewers for their time. All of these factors start to add up as the interviewers get an idea of what you are like and whether you are a good candidate to work in their office.

Aside from the job interview today at Techie Youth I as well dived deeper into remote worksites after landing the job. Remote worksites can sometimes even be just as productive as office jobs with the right steps. This includes limiting your distractions whether it be in your environment or on your device. Also staying in touch with your team constantly whether it be emails or meetings or messaging are key ways to make sure everyone knows what the task is at hand. Not only that but in a remote worksite you should try to further develop your relationship with your co-workers whether it be organizing virtual meetings to socialize or going out to meet up in substitute of office parties are a few of many ways to further enhance the remote work site experience.

Ultimately, as I continue my learning in Techie Youth I have more of an insight over how the job process really works on both the applicants and the companies' side. Allowing me to become a stronger employee and applicant in the coming future.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Realities of Traveling/Remote Worksite and How Getting Paid Works/LinkedIn - Learning with Techie Youth

There's a common myth that you need to have a lot of money or be rich to travel the world. In reality, that's not the case at all. Today I learned at Techie Youth that it's actually quite the opposite. You can easily travel the world at a lower cost and be able to try new experiences without worrying much about expenses with alternatives. This includes using popular websites such as Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, etc... These are all alternatives in case you are running low on travel funds. Many people that desire to travel the world will use resources such as Social Media or try to bargain with people at Hostels. For example, providing volunteer work in exchange for a room or doing low paying jobs for a certain amount of time to have enough to replenish funds. Not only that but you can as well be a travel blogger and expand your social media to get revenue from these popular sites.

Adding on, traveling the world and remote jobs typically overlap. As popularly shown there are many benefits to working online such as picking your own schedule, being able to work any where, not having to commute to a physical workplace and having a business with people all around the world. However, people don't really address the consequences or difficulties of remote work as often. For example, in order to stay motivated you need to have the discipline to do so. I was watching a video and the example used really made me understand the effects of working at home. By working in the space as you typically have fun in it is harder for your brain to shift and focus. This made me realize on why it's easier for me to procrastinate on school assignments. The same computer that I use to play video games I as well use to do home work. With this it's very easy to get distracted or side tracked with the amount of distractions around me not even including my computer itself. Additionally, a common image of a remote worksite is that people get to work on the beach and have a drink with them enjoying their day. While in reality this isn't the case since in order to do work people need to be in a place where they stay focused whether it be an office room or a library. I also feel like the physical boundaries of going to work are very important for you when realizing when it's time to start work and not to. As I sit here typing this at home it really struck me. You could end up working the whole day if you lose track of time since you're most likely working at home and not commuting anywhere. Making it easy to lose track of time whether it be because of a break or catching up, as portrayed in a video your work day schedule can easily go from a 9-5 to 9-6 for example. Ultimately, remote worksites and in person work sites both bring challenges and I'd say the best to find out which is for you is to learn through experience to see what it is like. One person may think a remote worksite is the best for them while another believes it is a nightmare.

Besides from Traveling and Remote Worksites, I as well learned about the other side for card transactions. I feel like a lot of teens are fairly educated or at least familiar with what checking accounts and savings accounts are. However, accepting these bank accounts/cards is something business owners typically have to deal with. It's interesting to see that there are multiple companies to help you receive money from transactions. But there isn't one universal company that is the best. Companies such as Paypal, Stripe or Square are frequently used and are popular options. They're known as payment service providers. They have their benefits such as being very easy to use and easy to apply to be able to use them. However, they usually have higher percentages of fees compared to establishing your own merchant account and operating your own card processing. They're mainly better if you sell in lower volumes and the risks to using these payment services are factors such as random account freezing. Many Paypal, Square or Stripe accounts are frozen whether it be for own company fraud protection or due to suspicion of randomly increased high volume are factors as to why these aren't as favorable of an option. Compared to if you establish your own merchant account then you will have less likely of a chance for your account to freeze and be able to manage payment processing yourself. Although this method requires more registration and information some business owners find this more worth being that they as well may have lower percentage fees for sales in the long run.

Finishing off the day I spent some time fixing and making my LinkedIn profile look more professional with a better profile picture. Once I feel like my LinkedIn profile has everything that represents me I'll definitely want to focus on my resume and how to enhance it to make it better.