Log of what of Nayma Zahan has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

8/12/2022- Web Design & Google Analytics

Today, I learned about web design. I have a bit of experience with web design and very much enjoy the process of it. I like designing and find it fun, but also like to code a bit as well. Web design is a perfect mash between these two as I can use HTML and CSS to design the interface of a website. I like making websites aesthetically pleasing for the viewer and easily readable for those with visual impairments. It was interesting to learn how to get clients for freelance work. I also learned about Google Analytics which I find to be a very useful tool for those beginning an online business. I learned that Google Analytics allows one to identify patterns and trends in how users engage with their website. This can be done through analyzing data, monitoring, visualizing, etc.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

8/11/2022- Databases & WordPress

Today I learned about databases, specifically about SQL. I learned that a database is used to store the data from one's website. The difference between a relational database and a non-relational database is that a relational databases store rows and columns like a spreadsheet while non relational databases store data using a storage model. I learned the basics of SQL by watching the tutorials. I learned how to create a table, make rows, edit rows, and delete rows. I found it quite interesting to store data this way. The Khan Academy tutorials were very easy to understand and made certain topics clear. In addition, I learned about WordPress which is the most popular content management system used to maintain websites. This allows people to have a user-friendly interface to add and edit content on the website. I liked learning about the basics of WordPress because it reminded me of design, which I love to do. I also enjoyed the video that provided free themes to use which I find very helpful. I have completed and submitted my design for the "Creating Mobile Apps" assignment as well.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

8/10/2022- Website Administration

Today, I learned how to make a website accessible for all. I learned what a domain name is, which is a string that is associated with an IP address. I learned how to host a website by selecting a hosting provider and a hosting plan. I also learned the basics of SSL which is a protocol meant to provide communications security over a computer network. I also reviewed the version control section. Version control is used to manage files on one's website, which helps to manage the history of changes made to a file so that they can never be lost or deleted. I learned about SVN which is one example of a software that maintains files. To add on, I am completing my "Creating Mobile Apps" assignment.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

8/9/2022- Different roles for web developers

Today, I learned about the many different roles for web developers. I learned what the difference between a web designer and web developer is. A web designer is one who designs the layout of the website using languages like HTML and CSS. A web developer is one who controls the back-end of the site, allowing certain things to actually function, like pressing a button to lead to another page. I also learned about many other roles like data architect, system administrator, product manager, and project manager. I was mainly interested in the product manager role. I like the idea of being in a profession where one is in charger of the development of a certain product. I am interested in the field of UX, therefore this path was particularly captivating to me. I like that product management is a mix of UX, tech, and business in one. I also continued to work on my "Creating Mobile Apps" assignment.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

8/8/2022- Web Development

Today, I learned about web development. I learned that HTML is the standard markup language for the way that documents are displayed on a website. HTML is commonly used with CSS. CSS is a style sheet language used for aesthetic purposes. I learned that these languages are also used alongside with Javascript, which is the back-end language for websites. From these videos, I learned about the basics of HTML and CSS. The Khan Academy tutorials helped me to understand how to make the text bold, italicized, bigger, etc. and how to add pictures to a web page. I learned how to add color as well. Javascript was a bit challenging to understand. The Khan Academy tutorials however, helped to break down the language and explain what each line of code means. I also continued to work on my creating mobile apps project where I am completing the designs of how the Techie Youth website would look in app form. I tried to make the designs cohesive and appealing.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

8/5/2022- Mentors and Traveling

Today I continued to work on my mobile app for the creating mobile apps assignment. I am designing how the layout will be with skills I've learned in graphic design classes. I also learned about the difference between a mentor and a role model. I read that a mentor is a professional role who give guidance to those who ask for it. On the other hand, a role model can be anyone, like one's mom or a celebrity. They may not always know that they are someone's role model, but are often seen as someone that the person looks up to. I also learned what a digital nomad is. A digital nomad is one who travels from country to country, doing work remotely. I leaned that some jobs that can do this would be web developers, bloggers, social media marketers, and tutors. There are many ways to minimize the cost of traveling. You can offer in-home pet care in exchange for a free place to stay, volunteer in exchange for a free place, and couchsurf.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

8/2/2022- Interviews

Today, I learned about the do's and dont's of a job interview. I learned how to keep my professionalism, even for an interview conducted remotely. I learned that it is important to show that you are listening by asking relevant questions and showing it by nodding your head and keeping eye contact. I also learned that networking and connecting with people before the interview can be beneficial, as well as researching about the company. This will show your interest in the company and that you really care to be a part of their team. To add on, it's important to remain productivity by taking breaks, making a schedule, being organized, and eliminating distractions. For Zoom meetings, it's important to turn off ur mic when not speaking, keeping your camera on, and having a professional look (not in pajamas and having a clean background). Overall, I learned about the interview process and worked more on my "Creating Mobile Apps" assignment where I am designing an app to showcase Techie Youth's mission.

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

7/29/2022 - Social Media

Today, I have learned more about how to write a resume and cover letter. A resume provides an overall background of what your skills are, experience, and general information. A cover letter on the other hand is more of why you would be a perfect fit for a job, and how the job correlates with your qualities and interests. I also did the social media assignment that allowed me to see more information about Techie Youth when I was following their pages. I could see that Techie Youth really strives to help underprivileged kids to get a better education in the technology field. I think that is amazing because all students should be able to have equal chances at having a brighter future.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

7/28/2022- Monetizing apps

Today I learned about monetizing apps. This means having people using your app through means of advertisements and promotions. I learned how to keep users engaged.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

7/27/2022- Apple iOS development

I learned about how to use HTML and CSS for the visual effects on an app. I also learned about Javascript which is more of the backend code for apps and websites.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Techie Youth - How to Earn Money Online

I learned about the general basics of this program and how to navigate through the course. I learned about how work is done remotely and if this is a right fit for me or not. I also learned about payments and how employees are paid after receiving a job offer.