Log of what of Nnenna Osita has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

The Digital Market

There's many ways to make money, but why just a traditional market when you can expand your business to the internet. What exactly is a digital market you ask? Well, different countries have different definitions of what is considered a digital market. In the USA, a digital market is "Any product that is transferred electronically to the customer", which means any online store is considered a digital market. If you were looking to sell a product and wanted to reach a larger audience, for example, people overseas, a digital market would be a great choice. Of course there would be greater challenges regarding shipping and handling, but there will also be greater profits. In addition, selling products digitally means low overhead costs, high profit margins, potential to automate, and flexible products. If this sounds convincing enough to start a digital market, some useful sites are Etsy for the crafty, SoundCloud for the musicians, and even for Netflix (if you can sign a deal) for the visual artists.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Not as Simple as Words

As someone who loves writing and according to my parents, talking, I have a way with words. But when it comes to making a business, having the right words isn’t so simple. If you’re considering being a published writer, you should consider whether you want to be a traditional published writer or self published writer. Being a self published writer does come with some challenges. Traditional published writers have larger teams and networks with experience in publishing books, however, traditional publish writers only tend to keep 10% of there profits, while self published authors keep about 70%. One considering a career in writing, networking is very important. That’s why it’s best to have a literary agent. Literary agents will not only improve you work, but connect you to publishing agencies. The best part is that literary agents don’t charge any fees and are free until they make their clients profits. Maybe it’s time I consider being an author.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

And Who Said Being an English Major Doesn't Pay Well?!

English had always been my favorite subject in High School. I love reading literary works from allegory novels to romance fiction and find writing works from poetry to short stories relaxing. I enjoy educating others on how powerful rhetoric is and believe language is one of the most powerful tools. But when it comes to language and writing, people steer away from it because of the belief there's no profit in being an English major or anything of those sorts. And said people aren't entirely wrong, for English is one of the most regretted majors in the U.S. but that shouldn't make people believe there's no money in being an English major. There are many roles in language and writing that aren't teachers that pay well. Authors, journalists, and magazine writers make profit from writing. Some authors make millions, journalists embark on adventures to get the best story and share it to the world, magazine writers get to work with high end companies like Vogue and People's Magazine. There are many, not just money making opportunities, but creative and networking opportunities that come with a career in language and writing. Careers that I think I will start looking into.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Fundraising like a Pro

The title is self explanatory, for in today's Techie Youth lessons, I learned about the skills required to properly fundraise, how to pitch a fundraiser, persuade donors, sites great for fundraising. In an era where people's attention spans get shorter and shorter, as stated by a video, one needs to have a perfect and brief elevator pitch that will have donors emptying their wallets. A great way to do this is by catching their attention with an interesting fact about what you're raising money for. Say your raising money to cover the cost of instruments for your schools band. A good way to start your pitch is with a fact about schools that don't have a lot of money to meet the extracurricular needs and talents and the students. Now that you struck your donors with a concern, give them a brief idea of what you're raising money for and how their donation will have a positive impact on your cause. When they have a good understanding of your cause make sure to share your information with them so they know how to contact you and how to donate. But say you don't have the time to go around raising money. Lucky for you, we're also in an era of technology. Kickstar, Indiegogo, Patreon, and GoFundMe and great ways for people to donate to your cause. But a lot of the things we see online are untrue. Many online donation sites raise money without giving donors a clear idea of just where the money is going. This cause people to not want to donate. To avoid this, build a website or a funding page that proves your cause, Have a roughly 2 minute video about what your raising money for, show your viewers just how the money will be used, and when you've raised enough, demonstrate to your donors that their money was put towards exactly what you said it was meant for. Using the band example, your two minute video should show the band students and the instruments that are either too rusty to use or barely have. Now that your donors. When your goal is accomplished, show your donors the new and improved instruments your school has and maybe even person a short musical number as a thank you for investing in your musical skills.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Creative Days

Today in Techie Youth was more of a creative day. For my assignment in Selling Art, I was tasked with making my own work of art and selling it on Etsy. I love painting, but did not have enough time to start a new work of art, so I decided to go with a painting I had started but never finished. The painting focused on the many bright colors in colored girls (their beauty, personality, and so on). Techie Youth's goal is to help high risk youth have career opportunities, and a majority of these high risk kids are youth of color. These kids are bright and talented, much like the girl I painted, and all they need is a chance to put those talents to use. After completing my painting and signing it with the Techie Youth logo, I attempted to sell it on Etsy, however, the application process was quite challenging, Requesting information I either didn't have or wished not to give. Instead of selling it on Etsy , I uploaded it in SVG format, but to my surprise, it ruined my painting. The bright purples, yellows, oranges, greens, browns, and blacks, turned to simply black and white. Completely ruining the meaning of my painting.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

The Art of Making Money Pt2

Today in Techie Youth, I continued my lesson on how to make money selling art. But instead of focusing on all the pros of selling art, I looked into the cons. Selling art online can come with scams, but it's quite simple to point out a scam. Scams will usually ask you to pay money to have your art make money. But does it make any sense to spend money trying to make money? Not really and not in this case. In addition, some people in that art business can be discouraging. For example art contests can be biased because judges and art prospectors will tell you that what you've created isn't art and isn't good enough. But art is your own vision and comes in many forms. No one can tell you their idea of what art isn't art. A great way to sell your forms of art that are bound to be appreciated and make you money are through sites like Etsy. An account I have currently made and plan to sell paintings of my own. It's time I start making money doing what I love.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

The Art of Making Money

From a young age, I have loved art. what started off as painting pointillism and making cardboard models turned into acrylic portraits and 3D prints. But never had considered profiting off my interest. There was a time it felt wrong, to make art just for money. But I was only viewing it wrong. I could make money just for art. There are many ways to sell art. If you're looking to go big into the art business, one should consider being a curator or gallerist, but for those starting off small, sites like Etsy are perfect for people to sell handmade works of art. For those who rather have their art on for display, galleries are a great route. And no, I don't mean the MET or MoMA, I mean through sites like Lewis Art Consulting and DSA Fine Arts. But for someone looking for a more "modern" approach for selling their art, social media is key. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest, notable for photos and art, are a great way to advertise your art and sell it to everyday users. Learning how to sell art demonstrates that one doesn't need to settle for a job they hate just to support themselves. There's always a way to make money doing what you love.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

The New Wolf of Wall Street

Today in Techie Youth I delved into a topic that is the most interesting to me: Stocks and Trading. Someone who has recently been interested in investing, I was overjoyed to start my lessons on the stock market, finance, investing, and trading. There are many things people can invest their money into. If not a Roth IRA or S&P 500, people can invest their money in the stock market, But, it is no simple task. The stock market is sometimes viewed as "gambling" for when stocks go down or businesses fail, one can lose their money. But this is something that mostly happens to someone who doesn't properly understand trading. Trading is all about trends. To understand if a share of a company, or a stock is worth buying, selling, or keeping, one needs to look at graphs like a candlestick chart to see what stocks are high in demand, have grown since they've opened, or closed with a value less than they opened with. People can learn how to read these types of charts and learn how to trade through Robinhood, TDAmeritrade, and ZacksTrade.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Being my Own Boss

I have finally completed the entrepreneurship section of Techie Youth. With that completed, I'm glad to say I've acquired much knowledge about being my own boss. I've learned the financial cost, how to hire and fire people, what legal work is required, how to invest and get people to invest in me, how to improve my company, how to appeal to my customers, how to make both business and probit models, how to brand and start my own website, how to succeed in sales, marketing, and advertisement, how to pitch myself through networking and executive summaries, and so much more. I'm on the road to becoming an entrepreneur and although I still don't have that billion dollar business idea just yet, it's bound to come.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Be the MVP in Your Bussiness

Today in Techie Youth I learned what it takes to start a business that can grow and excel. An MVP is someone who knows design thinking and being thoughtful of your customers and your targeted audience. You need to know their needs and find what benefits them.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Business if Booming!

Today I learned how to start up my own business. If you want to have a business, it is smart to have a website where people can learn about you and your business. Most people think to start a website you need to have computer skills like html, CSS, or java script, but anyone can create their own website with tools like Wix. Wix allows new business owners to start branding and drawing in customers. With a foundation for your business, one needs to think financially and figure out how to get the money to support their business. This is where investors come from. Investors can be wealthy people who are already invested in businesses that pair with yours, or wealthy family and friends. When looking for an investor, it's crucial to make sure that you believe in your business, aren't already investing in a business exactly like yours, and won't claim a large sum of their business for themselves (because remember, you're also trying to make profit). With money, you can rent a place to start your business. But renting a business is different from renting a home. When renting or buying a facility to operate your business, you're not paying your landlord per year, but per month, and for every square foot of space you're renting. Sounds pricey? It is. But it doesn't stop there, every business needs employees who need to be paid well. You need to have money to pay your employees, money in case some employees to sick leaves, money for a lawyer incase anything bad and legal were to happen to between you an employee, money to meet your employees needs in the office (such as breakfast, toiletries, etc.), money for custodial duties, money for the city to collect your company's trash, and so much more. Owning a business comes with a lot of hidden expenses you want to be prepared for. The last thing you want is for your business to fail, because not only do you lose money, but so do your investors. You want your business to be able to grow so big that you can sell shares of it for more money than what it was originally worth. You want your business to be known and thus be able to better network. You want a business that is booming!

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Entrepreneurship Pt2

This is Day 11 of Techie Youth and I have delved deeper into the world of entrepreneurship. By the advice of many notable entrepreneurs just as Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), being an entrepreneur requires three crucial steps: inventing, obsessing over the customer, and thinking long term. Every entrepreneur is an inventor because they make new things that people demand. But in order to meet the needs of the people, who have to obsess over them. Them being your customers. When you obsess over your customers, you can easily modify your invention (or idea) to meet your customers' growing wants. Meeting their needs ensures your company's success in the long run. But, running his business is no easy task. Sometimes, people need a cofounder. A cofounder can help you manage investing, trading, customers, employees, finances and much more. It's just like what they say, two is better than one.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Reflecting and Entrepreneurship

I have finally finished my prerequisites!!! After completing them, I reflected on things I've learned such as time management, stress management, money management, choosing a career, etc. With an understanding of how to manage myself, I can embark on my own career pursuits, for example: becoming an entrepreneur. After completing my prerequisites, I learned about how to be an entrepreneur. It doesn't just take a great idea, but marketing, networking, and proper financing. It takes hard work and much time, but anyone, given the opportunity and the connections can be an entrepreneur.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

STOP PROCRASTIATING!!! Day 8 of Techie Youth

We are all racing against time. No matter how much money we earn or how hard we work, time is something we can not control and slips away every fleeting moment. Because of this, it is best to make good use of time. Humans will spend most of their life working and sleeping, and in between that, will procrastinate and claim there's many things they can't accomplish because they don't have enough time. But the reality is, if not faced with unprecedented circumstances, when managed well, there is always enough time. We simply say we don't have the time for things we don't prioritize doing. Then let's change that habit and make everything we need and (or) want to do a priority. We can manage our time with planners and logging what needs to get done day after day. We can plan events for late in the day to keep us productive early in the day. We can silence our phones and delete those social media apps that consume time that could be put to good use. We can adopt hobbies and skills that we don't just enjoy but will pay us for our time. Time is valuable, and the last thing any of us want to do is waste it.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Be Your Own Manager- Day 7

Although my hours are strange, this is day 7 of Techie Youth, and in today's lesson, I learned how to live my best life!!

But what does that mean, I reviewed time and money management. Because you know what they say, time is money ;). Managing your money means having control of what your spending. For example, someone who is smart would money when buying a lavish car, wouldn't buy a new one. It's a great flex to say you bought a new car, but that very car will lose most of its value once driven off the lot. Instead that person would buy a used car. Even better, the person will buy an affordable car that performs just as good as an luxury car. Another way to manage money is through itemizing. It's important to itemize your wants and needs, this way one can see how much money they NEED to spend, how much money they have available for what they want. For example, paying your bills and loans is a must so you just list out how much money goes to each of those. Buying necessities like food, water, and clothes also a must and should be listed out by cost. You should deduct these cost from your salary (after taxes) to see how much you are left with. With your remaining money, it's best that not all it is wastefully spent and some of it goes to savings or even better, INVESTMENTS.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Respect Yourself and Others! Day 5 of Techie Youth

Today was quite an interesting lesson that reviewed many topics, one being about going paperless which made little to no sense to me, but if one stood out, it had to be respect.

Sometimes, when it comes to jobs, we , the workers, tend to lose respect for ourselves. New workers fall under the impression that they must simply accept everything, good and bad the company are working for offers them in fear of losing their job. Because of this, a lot of workers go underpaid and over worked. But in order to respect ourselves, we must know our worth. You are worth more than just a dollar sign. If a company refuses to use some of their own money to meet your simple needs such as offering you free water, food, or work supplies, that company is stingy and isn't worth your time. If your willing to put in overtime to get a projects done before or by the deadline, companies should appreciate that and show said appreciation.

But, respect goes both ways. If there's one person you don't want to be, it's the employee that always bad mouths the boss. Instead of getting work done and making a passionate effort to improve in their career, the bad mouther only complains. And they don't just complain about their boss, but other employees too. Bad mouthing employees, create hostile and unwelcoming environments that don't let companies progress. When you start a new job and begin working for a new company, try to get to know your coworkers. Have meetings with them when you're not busy and build a professional relationship with them. Cooperation makes great teamwork, and when it comes to a job, team work makes a dream work!!

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Are You Ready for Your Interview? Part 2

Todays lessons' were no different from yesterday, for I acquired new skills to improve my performance during an interview.

If I was to have a virtual interview, a zoom interview to be more specific, the key thing I must remember is to mute my mic. I can't stress it enough!!! MUTE YOUR MIC!!! But since my mic is muted, I still must prove I'm actively listening and can properly respond to my hiring manager. Like an in person interview, simple gestures like nodding appropriately and smiling demonstrates to your hiring manager that your paying attention. During the interview, one can face tricky questions that if answered poorly will cost you the job. These questions typically revolve around salary and how well you know the company. But one must remember that their job isn't just a number and they are aren't just applying for the pay, That doesn't mean work for less than what you're worth, but do your research and find a range of pay people in the field your applying to typically get paid. In addition to research, it is VERY important to do your research on the company before the day of your interview. This makes it easier to answer questions like where you see your in the future, what you have to offer to said company, and why you picked said company. This will also let your hiring manager know that you put in an extra effort to better understand their company but your also prepared to learn much more.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Are You Ready for Your Interview? Day 3 of Techie Youth

Today I had to delete my twitter account that I haven't touched since I was 11, because if I didn't, I think I would have lost my chances for many job interviews.

Todays lessons revolved around public image and nailing an interview. Before you apply for a job, one most remember that employers with almost always do a back ground check on you. For this reason, you need to make sure your social media accounts are either private or presentable and you have a clean digital footprint. What you post, if public, should represent not just you but the company you work for and who you associate yourself with. Once you know that your social profile is clean and spot on, its time to present yourself in person and online.

One can have an interview over the phone or in person. And even though one may sound like a greater advantage than the other (I'm talking about over the phone), every interview you need to be prepared for in the same way. Before starting your interview, one should practice answering questions the hiring manager may ask. One should also memorize questions they can ask the hiring manager once the interview is over. It is also important to know what is appropriate to say and ask during an interview, especially regarding salaries, why you want to work there, and why you left your previous job. Once you are confident about what t o say, one must remember to look and act confident (and not cocky). Dress professionally or uppy-casual, and arrive to your interview early (15 minutes early as recommend) because its a great first impression. And while you're at it, come up with an elevator pitch. Grab your employers attention and eliminate the rest of the competition.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Secure That Job! Day 2 of Techie Youth

Today's lessons were mostly focused around LinkedIn, resumes, and cover letters but I started off with learning about banking.

Banking can be done in many ways. In person, online, and even crypto. Websites like Square and PayPal offer new entrepreneurs a great way to start off banking for their business. One can write checks, make deposits, withdrawals, and endorsements. These online banks also offer a variety of retail stores to buy from like Nike, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Shein. Crypto is also on the rise when it comes to banking. Crypto currency, although some may view it as risky, can help one grow their money by investing in stocks like Tesla and Apple. Some stores, like Chipotle, even accept crypto currency.

Aside from banking, securing a job is very important as well. A great way to find a job is by networking. A popular networking app is LinkedIn and is can be viewed as the social media of business. With LinkedIn, people can upload their resumes and meet people in different fields of study and skill looking for a job. But someone looking for a job through LinkedIn should have a cover letter in addition to their resume. While a resume is a brief summary your education, work experience, and valuable skills, your cover letter should be like a brag sheet of you and what you have to offer t the job you are apply for. How can the education, work experience, and skills come into play and put to use in your new?

Banking and networking is key to a successful career and more importantly, a successful life. Till next time at Techie Youth.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

How to earn money online!!

Techie Youth Day 1

Today on Techie Youth, I took courses at my own pace acquiring skills and learning new thigs in subjects ranging from management, leadership, lifestyles, and banking. Since 2015, Techie Youth has been teaching young individual like me how to follow our passions a live a "jet setter lifestyle". I learned how working remotely, or what some people refer to it as "distributive working" help me with time management, leave me more stress free, give me time to adopt new hobbies and side careers, and many more benefits. And with time management, I learned leadership and how to know my worth when it comes to my work environment. I need to find work environments that don't just pay me and treat me for what I'm worth but are ethical as well. In addition to this, I learned about different kinds of banking with a variety of banks such as Capitol One, Square, Chime, Pay Pal, Zelle, Varo, and Stripe (online banks that are very effective that I never even heard of). With online banking, I can open checking and savings accounts, write checks, make deposits, send money, write endorsements, and all from the comfort of my home or where ever in the world I chose to be. But it doesn't stop there. I've picked upped tips and tricks to being self employed online. I could be an influencer and promote myself on social media apps like Instagram and TikTok and trade with drop shipping. With technology, there are many money making opportunities.