Log of what of QueenTaijai Moorer has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Digital Goods- Trading Intangibles

I learned that from digital goods trading Intangibles is important to think and realize what are the domains or what is the both expense towards the purchase of an product as to the annual cost if not sold out. If you have an small financial risk or problem to buy the domains for it's purpose and you could restock or resell them again instead, But change the product prices, have discounts and sells on the products so you could have customers or anybody purchase your product. The domains could move slow asset , but it's very uncommon take months or years go by to find domain buyers.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Writing- Blogging & Writing For Your Own Website

Today I learned that you can create your own text- content for your blog/ website or any other content rich internet destination requires to be passion and have dedication by creating your own blog by it. You have to understand what is blog all about or how bloggers get their money/ followers and subscribe up more?. Learn the difference types of blogs and how can you apply to blogs and learn the basics blogging. Blogging haves the various free popular platforms that's available to your blogging for your hosting. And please also how much money can bloggers make and earn in a day, week, months or a year. Learn different ways how to earn and make your own money from blogging, You got to have the creation and passion to what you be talking about in your blogs. You need details based on what's going on and what's happening in your blog when you explain and have a lot of details based on what's going on while you blogging about it.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Intro- How To Get Paid

Today I learn that when I get job I will need a place for my place for employment to send or who I suppose send my money to, Basically meaning to open an bank account debit or credit card, and always make sure you have checking and savings account for your money and investments based on how much you made from the product. Make sure you know how to use debit card or bank account and how you use the debit card to hold your money from the product and investments you did and how you save from then, The checking account enables you to deposit your check or your job check as well and bank accounts always do check based payments meaning that people give or send you money from your product they order, you could write checks to other people that do investments and business with you as well. This is the main important rule always know how to a check neat or correctly if not they going to think the check is a fraud or error. Be care how to write a check carefully.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Digital Goods- Business Models

Today I learned Doing business with models are or be familiarize myself to know what is a business model are. Models are or used for digital or goods to have sales or product to have your business going. You want to have a lot customers, partners, mangers, and other business want to publish your product so everyone could buy and share your products to the world and the people wants to know about product and how much the product is worth to spend.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Digital goods - Digital Assets

I learned that digital goods some times they have good product, some times they don't have good product, they teach you how to build your product and your good that you want sell all over the countries. You want your business to explore so everyone could buy it and share it with their friends, explain how the products works and what the product provides.