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Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

how to sell work online?

he corporate art market offers immense opportunities for entrepreneurial artists. This avenue has the potential for artists to gain visibility, grow their business, and sell high-dollar art.

But, how do you approach businesses, especially large corporations, and pitch your artwork to them? The thought of it can be extremely daunting.

It doesn’t have to be. Here’s a breakdown of how to approach and sell your art to organizations.

Why Consider the Corporate Market?

Having your art in a boardroom, waiting room, or hotel lobby where people are coming and going is a good way to gain exposure to new audiences. These people may not attend a local gallery opening, but while they are stuck in a meeting or waiting for a client, your piece could catch their eye.

Companies also benefit from having fine art as a talking piece and showcase of their support for the arts. Businesses thrive and enrich their communities when they make connections with the local art market.

Where to Start?

A common misconception about the corporate art market is that you need to be selling to Fortune 500 companies. In fact, thinking locally is a good approach. Look around your city and take note of institutions you frequent that maintain art collections. Inquire if there’s someone in charge of selecting the featured art, and get in touch with the relevant parties.

Depending on the size of the organization, you’ll likely be put in touch with either the owner or curator. Also, consider upping your networking game to get on the radar of local architects and interior designers. Many establishments like to feature local artists, so don’t hesitate to send that introductory email.

One word of caution — make sure to approach these transactions from a business-to-business standpoint. It may be tempting, but don’t accept any deals or trades that aren’t commensurate with the value of your work.

Professionalism is Key

If you’re working directly with a business, showing them that you have a professional approach to sales is essential. This will reassure them that your artwork will be delivered as expected, as well as preventing them from trying to take advantage of you.

Before you approach a prospective corporate client, make sure your website is up to date and that your inventory is current. Businesses often need to see extensive details about pieces, including size, availability, and cost breakdowns for originals and prints.

Using an inventory management system like Artwork Archive makes this step a lot easier and helps make sure you come to the table prepared with all the information needed to make a purchase.

The art business experts at ArtsyShark suggest that you anticipate additional questions and have the answers at your fingertips. Questions about maintenance, hanging, or custom alterations should be priced out and given the forethought to avoid holding up a sale.

Sell to the Right Audience

The art hanging in a pediatrician’s office is likely pretty different than what you’ll find at a local boutique or clothing store. When strategizing prospect

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Stocks - i learned this at techie youth

There are different types of stocks Common stock and preferred stock. Common stock is when you own a share in the company’s profits as well as the right to vote. And a preferred stock typically pays investors a fixed dividend. When wondering what type of stock you should invest in let's see the pros and cons of common stock. The pros are Voting rights and the potential for higher long-term growth. On the other hand, the cons are dividends are often lower variable and guaranteed, more likely to lose the investment.

With preferred stock the pros are Dividends are typically higher, fixed, and guaranteed.

Share price experiences less volatility. Preferred shareholders are more likely to recover at least part of their investment in case of bankruptcy. And the cons are Lower long-term growth potential.No voting rights in most cases.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

magazines and journals - i learned this from techie youth

the difference between a magazine and a journal. Journal articles are typically longer, contain lots of statistics and charts, and require more writing time than magazine articles. On the other hand, magazine articles include a broad range of possible topics that have trivial, silly, and purely for entertainment, journal articles are typically academic, research-focused, or for scholarly purposes.

There are different types of magazines for example Longform investigative pieces. These tend to be assiduously researched, contain numerous citations and sources, and have lengthy word counts.

Character profiles were these types of magazines that paint Criticism. These pieces tend to be either reviews or critical commentary. portraits of a wide array of subjects like politicians, athletes, musicians, actors, social activists, authors, and more.

Commentary pieces are more common in magazines that deal with current events.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Obtaining funding - I learned this at techie youth

Today at techie youth I learned about obtaining funding. When starting a business you need to know how much money you need in order to start up your company that will have customers and having a income.

When starting a business I would need to think about the development, figure out how much the inventory going to cost.

Another is Human Resources this means hiring people. How much you are paying them a year.

Now is rent when renting sometimes the landlord would waive the first month. The con about this your lease is your obligation you can’t just break it and not pay rent.

You always need to budget how much money you’re spending. You shouldn’t be afraid to not stop your business because you don’t want to break your lease you need financial flexibility when doing this and to have enough money.

There are utilities that you need when renting you have to pay for heating and air conditioning only if the place you are renting doesn’t already have that.

Consumables can be really expensive when having a lot of employees. Consumables can be toilet paper, ink, cups and etc.

You need someone to refill the supplies daily.

Another thing when starting up you need insurance for your business if someone wanted to sue you you will not be a liability just incase that happens.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Exit strategies- I learned this at techie youth

Today I learned Exit strategies and how important they are when having your own company. What is exit strategies? A exit strategy is a plan of how the company could reach its end.

What type of exit strategies options are there ? One of them are an IPO what this does is you sell a portion of your company in the public markets.

Another option is A strategic acquisition What this one is another company will buy your business but the only thing is you’ll lose operating control. And there is also management buy out where you can recapitalize and sell the company to the next generation of managers it is known as a management buyout.

How would you know what type of exit strategies

Another type of ex is soft landing exit, this is after the startup has been going on for some time and usually after substantial investor funds have been consumed but insufficient traction and market penetration have occurred they would start looking for a soft landing.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Profit model - I learned this a techie youth

A profit modeling refers to a company that aims to make the business profitable and viable. There are 4 types of profit models for reference production model , Rental model , advertising model, and commission model.

In order to start your business you need a profit model how much money your going to make that year ? and how much you will spend? If you don’t have a profit model don’t start a business.

But there are multiple ways to profit off a business like long tail what that is market and when you give someone access to share market and people pay you to use the market.

When finding a profit model you have to think how are you going to achieve this amount of money. You have to plan some possibilities because if you don’t your business will fail.

The business idea is to hang multiple profit models in every business you have. If one doesn’t work you have another one .

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How to become a entrepreneur ?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur yes being your own boss seems all cool and all but there is a lot of these I never knew until now. What’s is a entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs pop up in all types of industries and many backgrounds. Depending on what you want to do it can be build on personal brands or a physical product like for reference a car or a phone. Anyone can be an entrepreneur with just the right tools to have a successful business.

A business isn’t a business if it doesn’t receive paying customers to support the business you can have an idea and passion but without paying customers it is not a business.

What is entrepreneurship? The process of discovering new ways of combining resources. There is two types of entrepreneurship one of the is (SME) small medium enterprise entrepreneurship and another entrepreneurship is ( IDE) innovation driven entrepreneurship. There difference between the two is SME focus on local markets and commonly service business. On the other hand IDE main focus is global markets with this they require more money because they lose main then gain it back 2 times more. Share holder and has a brunch of other people apart of the team.

When starting up your own company it if you want it to become successful attract hard working people either join a group that you respect and want to learn from or build your own company and gather successful people in your company.

If the people in your company is hardworking and talented will determine how successful you will be. The money you are investing in put it into the product rather then promoting it.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

what is a niche? - learned this a Techie Youth today

What are niche websites? Niche websites are targeted marketing strategies aimed at small and well defined portions of the population. You were probably wondering how do you find your niche? You discover your niche by going on google Trends and typing in the idea you have for your business for reference to apple juice and you can see how people feel about the apple juice and add another option in the search bar. there are pros and cons to having a niche business because when looking at google trends be careful because it could be early in the stage.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

how to make a great linkedin profile - i learned this at techie youth today!