Log of what of Shyheme Stinson has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

What I learned this Thursday 🙂

Learning about what it takes and what I would I have to do to manage social medias for personal use and company’s . Scheduling meetings for company’s through Google calendar . Even learned about new FaceTiming / virtual meeting apps including Bluejeans / Google hangouts . I already knew about Zoom and Skype but it’s interesting to know how much Covid has impacted people to make apps for company meetings even for remote uses . I need to re-learn some of the material for life quality on some of the other topics to get a better score but I understand the concept of the lessons and I enjoy the videos with Eric it makes learning more fun . Especially when he travels to unique locations like China and Tokyo .

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Todays Lessons

I Learned what virtual assistance roles they have and the available income for each position. Salary could start from 20$ an hour to 40 $ an hour pretty good pay to live off of for a remote job . I also tried to apply to some virtual assistance jobs i can get with having no experience & rewatched some videos and re took a quiz on quality of life and time management helps me refresh my memory on things like what it takes to be successful and how to spend my time wisely and again prioritize on what’s more important .Still not done with the day yet but that’s pretty much where my time is being out today .

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Virtual Assistance

My daily report for today : I have learned what it takes to be a remote online virtual assistant . What that basically means is you get to be a personal helper for business owners or people with too much time to control certain parts of there life / businesses. They have Jobs that where you can maintain somebody’s social media , answer phone calls and be a directory service / Customer service for people who need help searching for things etc . Getting experience to obtain one of these jobs is where my focus will be this week . Everything seems like something interesting I wanna try so I like to keep my options open . Not saying it will be easy but I like a challenge .

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022

Resume Building / Remote job search

This week my main focus has been on resume building and learning more ways to make an income off of my business, getting customers, getting money making a website . I learned that you can make money off a niche website off of just writing 30 useful articles for people to use . After that you would just have to wait but its an income that you don’t have to Work hard for all you have to do is put in the bare minimum of work and the site basically runs itself. Obviously those articles have to be relevant to what people need and want to know the questions too in this current day and age. Like some thing most people search about or need to know the info for that's the key to making a successful niche website. I also learned how to build a résumé custom to every job that I applied for. Using keywords on a résumé to get the employees attention and using skills that I have learned related to that job that would make me a better fit for the position. Also being more persistent and motivated helps you have a higher chance at getting the job even if you have to learn the skills through training some Employers rather a motivated employee other than Somebody who doesn’t show the initiative or passion to wanna work.

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

Creating a Business website/App

So I know last week I was looking forward to making a website and starting my own business. As far as the business website / App goes it’s a lot harder than expected to code and get a website started than I would of thought .Although I wasn’t able to follow through I have prepared my products and business logo and I do have a way to ship the product Via UPS / FedEx etc. What my plan is and I already started doing this is making a instagram and getting my idea out on the media and starting off slow before taking it mainstream . I have a better chance of making clients and At least making some quick money doing that first . I was thinking about paying somebody to make the website . I have a lot of ideas in the process but honestly still brainstorming. What I was learning this week was how to make a website/ App . Also learned how to talk to people who have common interest to try to get business proposals and open up windows and opportunities in the long run . Hopefully I’ll have more to update about next week till than .

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Time Management/ Quality of life

I Learned that more people spend most of there time sleeping or procrastinating on stuff they would’ve got done had they put in more effort and prioritized . I thought that issue was mainly a personal thing for me . Seeing that there’s other people who feel the same way makes things feel alittle better in the long run . Time is money and if I’m not using my time sparingly and smart I won’t have all the fun and happy things I’ll want in life . I can’t be worried about fun and pleasure until I prioritize on the things I need that’s going to help me in the long run . This week I learned the Quality of life and Time management. I also learned about entrepreneurship and starting a business/Website to fast track business ideas I had . Next Week I will be trying to startup my first website . Till Next week

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Stocks and cryptocurrency

I have Learned this week at techie youth that Stock trading is the biggest way to invest your money today . Buying stocks is basically owning a percentage of a company and profiting on putting money into the business it’s like a loan . If the business does good you get double back sometimes triple what u put in . Investors roll the dice with a lot of investments but most skillful investors know when to invest in the stock market and what company is going to rise and grow more and more . I Learned that Stocks and Cryptocurrencies is the best way to invest your money .I would like to keep learning on this .