Log of what of Susan Zhao has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Day 15 : Providing Services

Today, I was focusing on the unit for providing services jobs. It tells me about the jobs where you can learn the skills quickly and then make some money off those skills. I learned that no matter what the job, the basic requirements are a quiet home environment, high-speed internet connection, landline phone, up to date computer, and basic computer skills. I was learning specifically about online tutoring. I can have a flexible schedule and can have my rate from 10 to 40 dollars an hour and up to 100 dollars per hour. They said it’s helpful to have a certification in a subject and the certifications usually only takes about 3 to 10 weeks to complete. I also learned about teaching on zoom, which is nice as I already know how to used the app. I think tutoring seems like a feasible side job that I can do while I am still studying.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Day 14: Becoming A Writer

I learned that being a writer as a profession is hard and not the best paying job. You need to be able to write fast and with good quality. I was learning tips on how to write for magazines. One thing I learned is that you should know how to write query letters which are like sales letter. Also, to keep practicing writing and learning at the same time. Don’t just keep learning and not write. You have to keep writing pitches, whether there will be feedback or not and learned from them. Also, it’s ok if you don’t have any published articles if you have an amazing query letter. Or one can volunteer write first. I think being able to write a lot and fast with great quality is important for any type of writer. I feel like I am okay at writing but don’t have the speed to write a lot. I will feel blocked by my own writing instead. So maybe writing is not for me.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Day 13: Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Being a talent recruiter, you find employees for companies. If the companies hired the person you found, you will get a commission. A downside is that usually the money can only be received if the worker work at least 3 months. Also, one has to be very tolerant to rude remarks. I learn that the responsibilities of a recruiter includes meeting hiring manager, sourcing candidates and prescreening them, conduct reference and background checks, and participating in employee onboarding. Recruiters usually also are ambitious, extroverted, energetic, and confident. There are some that work in an office setting while others work from home. The internal receptors are from a specific organization and is paid with a specific salary. On the other hand, external recruiters are independent and can help many different companies. Also, I learned one of the best way for recruiters to find employees is to write a compelling job description. I think this job is nice for some people but not really for me. I’m not that persuasive or an extrovert.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Day 12: Blockchain Short Summary

I learned a lot about blockchain today. Specifically, how cryptocurrency is supported by blockchain technology and how they lead to the creation of smart contacts. People invest in blockchain technology in other applications too including business models.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Day 11: Reading Bar Charts for Stocks

Today I learned about trading stocks. Stock trading are usually done from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Foreign stocks can be bought or sell through a broker. Stock charts are planning tools that can help me decide whether it’s a good time to buy or sell those stocks. I learned how to read bar charts. There are green and red vertical bars in a bar chart, and the ends of the bars represent the highest and lowest prices of the stock. You can adjust the time intervals to see longer term trends and specific buy and sell times. The x-axis will have the time and the y-axis will have the price. The line in the middle of the bars will be the closing price or the current price. At the bottom of the chart, there will be a volume graph, showing how many shares were bought. Knowing how to read the charts are really important in buying stocks, especially when to buy it. This knowledge will be helpful for me if I do decide to buy stocks.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Day 9: Business Analyst

Today I learned about what a business analyst do. Business analysts are people who help create solutions for stakeholders. They will create data models, diagrams, and write out the requirements so that they can create a solution for a problem. Basically, they give advice on the best way to solve a problem for a business. I learned that it’s not limited to only one task and that there are many different types of tasks to do. For instance, they can manage a project, analyst a business needs, and also do quality testing. I also learned that there are two types of analysts, internal analyst and external analyst. An internal analyst is someone who is from the company and will stay in the company even after they finished a job. An external analyst is someone who is being contracted to work for a business and is not part of the business. So they will leave the company once their work is done. It was interesting to learn about this type of job.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Day 8: Cofounders and Investors

Today I learned more about the different parts of starting an entrepreneurship, specially the importance of finding the right people to work with, the investors and the cofounders. I learned that cofounders are like having a marriage life as you will be working with them all the time, for a long time. So you have to make sure that you work well with them and that there is a good dynamic. A good balanced group of cofounders include a hacker, hustler, and hipster. The hacker is the developer, the hustler is the marker person, and the hipster is the designer. This type of group makes it so that everyone has a role that they are good in and the start up will be balanced. Investors are also people who will be with you till the end of the business. So it is also importance for there to be a good dynamic between the founders and investors. If an investor already invested in a field that is the same as your business, that investor wouldn’t invest in your business. So when finding an investor, make sure there is no conflict of interest while looking through their portfolio. There should be more than two and no greater than four business partners as it is frowned upon to have more than four or just one person. In conclusion, networking and finding the right people to work with you and invest in you are actually very important for a start up.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Day 7: Customer and the Market

Today, I was mostly continuing learning about entrepreneurship. I was focusing on the topic of customer and the market. The customer is the person that is going to pay for my business and the marker is the type of person or company that will want the product. Jeff Bezos gave a great advice which is to obsessed over the customers. He believes that if we obsessed over the customers’ needs and wants, then there is less chance of an error being made. I think that is an interesting way to think and there is some truth behind that idea. Also, a value proposition is the reason why the clients will pay the prices a product has. There will always be competition in whatever section the business is going to be in, and a good value proposition will let one take market-share from other companies. Also, another common thing small businesses do is exit strategy where they build up their business and then sell it to a bigger business. This lets one earn money even as he is leaving the business. I really like learning the so many niches of starting an entrepreneurship.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Day 6: Launching New Business Plan

Today, I learned mostly about how to start a new business and the things that go into it. One of the main things I learned is that there should not be any maybes in a business. There can be if though, where if this happened, then this will happen. It’s like plan B and Cs. So it is very important to have contingency plans or alternative plans in case one way doesn't work over another. To make sure a start up is going to be a success, I need to make sure I have all the right resources and make sure to do research on other people in the same sector. It’s very likely that there are people out there who already have a similar idea as you. But if no one has done it before, it could be risky too as there might be an important reason why no one has done something before. So if I do want to create a start up, I definitely need to research more into other start ups or companies in the same sector I will be trying to build in. Another thing I learned today is that it’s okay to walk away when an idea doesn’t work.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

5th Day: Improving Well-Being

Today I continued to learn more about how to improve my well being as that is very important to lead a healthy life. I learned about how to manage my stress, how to find good mentors and role models, and how there are other jobs out there such as a jet setter life. What I learn about managing my stress is that I shouldn't let other people control what I do and that I shouldn't make my expectations too high. Also, that it is a choice to be sad and that I am the one that will decide if I am going to make a situation into a good one or a bad one. I also learned that having a good mentor is necessary as they can help you if you ever need help. It is also important that the mentor is a positive one where you can learn good habits and not bad ones. Furthermore, there are people who love the 9-5 jobs while others who are more free and prefer a lifestyle where they can travel. So learning about the jet setter life where one can be a social influencer is interesting. As this life combines work with freedom to create. I like learning about the different types of jobs out there.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

4th Day: Well-Being and Being a Leader

Today, I learned about how to take care of my well-being. Well-being is something that is really not emphasized as much in schools. I have always known it is important to sleep well and eat well to take care of my mental health. It’s hard though when I am feeling lazy or depressed during some days. I also learned about the reasons why exercise is important and can make someone happy because of the serotonin released. Other things I watched about today were how to be a good leader and how one shouldn’t multitask. In the past, I thought being able to multitask is cool because one is able to do things faster. So it’s surprising to learn that multitasking is actually lowering the productivity of a person. Also, I realized I have a lot of things to work on in order to be a good leader. For instance, when I talk, I include a lot of ums and uhs, which is not good. I also fidget a lot, moving my legs, which shows weakness. These are all things I will work on from now on.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

3rd Day- Interviews for Remote Jobs

Today I continued to learn more about remote job opportunities. I think the most important things I learned today was about having interviews for remote jobs. I watched many videos and read many articles from different people talking about the best lighting, how you should be dressing, etc. For instance, ideal lighting is near a window or directly under a bright light, not just one lamp only lighting up half the face. One video even talked about how guys shouldn't be afraid to wear make up if it helps the face look better in the video. It's important to dressed well and looked as professional as one would be in the office. Also, I realized a bad habit I have while watching a video about eye contact. With online calls, my eyes tend to strayed to myself. I need to learned to look at the camera or the person himself as eye contact is very important. Also, I should always have my resume with me and have questions prepared for them. I like the article where it compared the person being interviewed a cereal on the shelf. That's because to the employers, we are someone they are buying so they can get profit in a way. It really makes me realized how important it is to make yourself known why your are the best fit for a company. Furthermore, I really like learning about the doodle app. Not only does it seems to work well for business groups, it seems useful for friend groups too. The information I learned today were all very helpful.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

2nd Day- Resume and LinkedIn

Today, I learned mostly about what a good resume should be like and how to use LinkedIn. I learned that in the resume, the word "I" shouldn't appeared a lot. Also, it is better to have a professional picture that makes you look more capable than likable. One should also use more "you" in the resume and cover picture. I also learned about posting information on LinkedIn and making it stand out compared to the rest of the other people. It is interesting to learned as I have an account but have never use it before.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

First Day of Techie Youth

Today was the first day, so I started out watching the introduction video. The energy was amazing and it woke me up instantly. He taught me some important lessons such as following what I believe and want instead of basing off what others will think of me. There were suggestions of how dropping college is ok if you have a good plan planned out for the future. Then I started on the first unit. I learned about the benefits of working remotely. I really like how this person said distributive instead of remote as then everyone will have some equal say in the company. It is pretty cool if you imagine there being people from all over the world, living different cultures, come together to work on something. I also like the idea of having my own time and space. Play my music however loud I want, eat smelly food, decide when to work. Other things I learned about today were about how to get paid. From checking accounts to using apps such as Paypal or Square, some of these were common knowledge while other information was new to me. Today was a very educational first day.