Log of what of Viny Li has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

8/11 - Last Day and It Was Totally Worth It!

Today, I spent most of my time on the Quality Assurance section and I realized that I never got to explore this section before. I first watched a video explaining what quality assurance was and I learned that QA is the process of determining whether a product or service meets its required requirements to be able to develop and manufacture its reliable products. Then I read a website titled, "Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)" where I was first introduced to what STLC was. STLC is a sequence of different activities performed during the software testing process. There are 6 phases of STLC: requirement analysis, test planning, test case development, test environment setup, test execution, and test closure. After learning about all the different phases and its requirements, I think that test execution is the most critical phase in the STLC because it is the actual process of executing the close and comparing the expected results to the actual results.

Then I learned about Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing, which both are two types of testing that plays a key role in the success of a project. I have never heard of those two terms before, but I learned that smoke testing is done to make sure that the build received from from the development team is testable or not. Sanity testing is done during the release phase to check for the main functionalities of the application without going deeper. It is done at the "release level" where because there are time constraints, you can't test every single part of the build, so sanity testing basically only checks the main functionalities to save time. Then I watched some videos that showed how to code for a specific function in Python. I learned how to structure a test with Arrange, Act, and Assert with Pytest. Again, I have never learned Python before and there were completely new terms. Arrange is basically the setup of any variables or conditions your test needs. Act is to execute the code you want to test. Assert is to check that the code behaves the way you expect it to. I also learned how to create a Pytest fixture which helps reduce boilerplate code in the tests and make them more readable. I then watched another video that taught e how to create a factory pytest fixture and I thought that the idea of using a factory function to turn the future more dynamic was really cool and creative. Then I watched a video from Google titled, "Accessibility Testing - Totally Tooling Tips" which I was excited to learn from because working at Google has been my dream job. In the video, Abby and Rob discuss their work about accessibility testing and some of the most important considerations when making edits to the design of their website for improved accessibility. The video provided great insights and it was just cool to see a Google team code his way through his program. Accessibility is a great deal in modern technology as every company wants to make sure everyone, even people with disabilities, have 100% access to their website for whatever they need it.

Overall, my last day with Techie Youth was amazing. Techie Youth never fails to amaze me with the vast amounts of information they have about basically anything. I was able to learn great things that I probably wouldn't have learned in a few more years, or even learn at all! Thank you so much Techie Youth!!

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

8/10 - Diving Deeper

As I have explored bits and bits of every topic on Techie Youth, today I decided to revisit the topics that I am most interested in. I decided to spend the majority of my time in the Web Development section. It was cool to learn about all the different job roles for people with web development skills such as front-end developer, back-end developer, web architect, system administrator, quality assurance Engineer, and a lot more. From the first video that I watched titled, "Frontend VS Backend", I learned that developers work on different sides of a website. Front end focuses on the visual elements or the product that interacts with the user, and back end focuses on the part of the product (website or app) that the users can't see, such as the structures that helps the product function properly. My impression of web development was that there was one, or group of people working on it altogether, doing front end and back end, but it was actually split between two roles. But it still could be accomplished by one talented person! I then watched a video that explained the difference between a web designer and a web developer, which came out to be confusing for me because I thought that those were essentially the same thing. But, I learned the difference is that a web designer focuses on developing the layout, usability, and visual appearance for a website to make sure everything looks nice and organized. A web developer focuses on building and maintaining the core structure of the website and focuses more on programming. I really liked the video because the host was very encouraging and enthusiastic about what he was talking about. However, one shocking thing I learned was that web designers don't have to know how to code. I was shocked because I thought that they do? By exploring different web development roles, I was able to learn some new terminology that I did not know before. I learned about system administrators who are responsible for managing, troubleshooting and updating hardware and software assets to make sure that they are operated correctly. A quality assurance(QA) Engineer is responsible for finding and fixing bugs in a product or program before its launch. They're needed in many industries and it is a pretty well-paying job.

Overall, although I had a short day today, I really enjoyed spending my time learning about web development and the different roles and career paths that one can be in this industry. As someone who enjoys coding and creating things, web development is something that I have considered as a future career and just learning about all the different branches and roles gave be a better insight of this industry. There is just so much content to review which is good, and all the contents, videos, websites, or articles, are all so informative.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

8/9 - Fundraising, Digital Marketing, AI and More!

Today I logged onto Techie Youth and started my day by reading a website titled, "Non-Profit Basics: What is Fundraising?" which covered the basic overview of non-profit fundraising. Before today, I thought that fundraising was basically just donating to a good cause, but I guess there is a lot more behind this act. I learned that fundraising is more about building long-term relationships with individual donors. I also learned something called cold fundraising which is raising money from people who don't already know and support the organization, but the best way is to pursue warm fundraising where you reach out to people you already have a relationship with. This gives you a higher chance of successfully raising money from them. I thought fundraising was like a hobby or an extracurricular people do in their free time, but I learned today that you can actually make a career out of this! One should have at least a bachelor's degree paired with strong communication and organization skills who organize events and campaigns to raise money and other kinds of donations for their specific organization. Their annual salary is approximately $60,660.

Afterwards, I focused more on the advertising section and watched a video titled, "Types of Advertising Appeals & Great Examples of Top Brands Using Them | How Leading Brands Use Ads" which discusses what makes a consumer choose one brand over the other and the different advertising appeals that the company uses to catch their audiences. I learned that there advertising appeals can be broken down into two main categories, emotional and rational. Of course, emotional appeals are like targeting the youth if they really want something that is popular with a current trend, or a popularity appeal, or a personal appeal. It mainly deals with emotions and the audience just wants to have that product. Rational appeals are more involving with scarcity, and statistics. It was also very nice to learn about digital marketing, something that I didn't really think much about, but has such a big influence on the products that I buy and am interested in. I was able to recall a time when I saw this cleanser on social media and I kept seeing it, and finally decided to check it out and I brought it! I guess in a way, digital marketing was happening since I was able to learn about the company through their social media presence.

After exploring around Techie Youth more, I ended up at the Aritifical Intelligence section, again (I previously explored around a little). I really enjoyed the video, "9 Most Advanced AI Robots - Humanoid & Industrial Robots" because as someone aspiring to work with robots in the future, this video taught me the various types of robot that humans already made that are so advanced. The video showed 9 most advanced Humanoid, Industrial and Serve robots that are changing the way people do things and live. Some of the robots that were featured were: Digit, Pepper, Atlas, Spot, HRP-5P and Aquanaut. The robot that caught my eye the most was Spot because it is a robot dog and his whole appearance is just so cool to me. I learned that Spot was designed for industrial uses such as carrying goods through a warehouse and inspecting remote sights that humans will have a hard time having access too. I apsire to be a mechanical engineer and seeing Spot today really made me want to create something as cool and functional like the robot dog.

Overall, today I did skip around between different sections, but I also learned a lot of new facts and tips that I didn't know before. There is just so much to cover in Techie Youth and its a always a new adventure everyday!

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

8/8 - The Best Place To Learn

First day back at work! I have to say, Techie Youth can be a little overwhelming at times because there is just SO much information! When am I going to get through all of them? I would really like to watch as much videos and read as much readings/websites and learn as much as I can with my limited time. Today, I focused on business and product management. I learned that a product manager are responsible for searching. gathering, handling and prioritizing customer needs and wants. They are the leaders on the team that helps their team make strategic decisions to bring it to production and to make sure it stays. It was interesting to learn about this because I really didn't know about it before. I then watched a 30 minute video titled "20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes by Dave Wascha" where Janna Bastow, Co-Founder of Mind the Product and Co-Founder and CEO of ProdPad, shares her own stories of dealing with people, and how she handles the toughest part of the job. It was an inspirational lecture to listen to and yes, people are unpredictable and they do have strong opinions and unconsciousness bias, but leaders in this field have to learn to hand and deal with people no matter how difficult they are to understand. i agree with this. Then I mainy spent the day reading articles and other blogs, such as "Customer Satisfaction Surveys: A Comprehensive Guide' where it talks about customer satisfaction is really important as it is one way for brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive marketplace. It was interesting to know that today, the brands with the best customer experience usually wins because I did not know about this.

Overall, my experience today was very chill. I learned about production and management and that was a first for me. I don't think anyone would have taught it to me besides Techie Youth. I then went back an dive deeper into the niches for websites and more technological concepts like WordPress, SSL Certificate (HTTPS), and just mainly a lot of WordPress themes. Even though I have only created one website in my life so far, I do envison myself creating more and I do think learning about WordPress would be beneficial in the long run. Therefore I wanted to go back and revisit it during my time with Techie Youth today. :)

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

8/4 Blog - I am LOVING Techie Youth!

Today is my third day on Techie Youth and I just can't believe how resourceful this is! It has hyperlinks where it takes you to different other websites, it has informative videos, and it has all the information you could possibly need to know! Thanks Techie Youth!! I started off the day by watching "Arduino Tutorial 1: Setting Up and Programming the Arduino for Absolute Beginners". For someone who is interested in building and assembling robots, I quite enjoyed this video. It was interesting to just see how the host put the pieces together to create a final project at the end. Then I watched a few more Arduino tutorials, and they were also great. Today, I explored something different, I started the Music section. I've always been curious as to how the music industry works and how a song is produced, and by watching 5-6 videos, I saw how the process worked. It was really cool to see how metal covers are recorded and what types of the process it has to go through. It was very very interesting! I then learned how musicians are about to make a living selling beats online and that nowadays, musicians don't need millions of followers to be successful and to make a profit because current trends and websites make it easier to spread music around. I've always been curious about how music is produced online, on a computer, and by watching a few videos, I was also able to learn about this too! It was just amazing to see the audio, backtracks, BGM and all other sounds that go into a song stacked up and next to each other. Maybe one day I can make my own song...?! Then I watched some videos about music theory, and it was a bit confusing for me. I guess music theory just isn't my thing! But I don't think music at all is my strong point because I've watched other videos, such DAW for beginners, Audacity for beginners, GarageBand for beginners, and just getting started in music production and although it was definitely cool and interesting to learn about all these new concepts and a whole new industry, it was a little difficult for me to follow along. Then I switched to Web Development and I enjoyed this section better, guess I'm just a more techie person. I watched videos on HTML and CSS and it was very fun. Although I have experience in HTML and CSS, it was still a nice review session for a few hours. Overall, today was another great day with Techie Youth!