Log of what of Wafiyya Abubakar has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Oct. 13, 2022

Identifying positive role model and mentor

At techie youth I learned that throughout education and carrier journey its important to have someone to look up to.

The main quantities to consider while identifying a role model are:

Inspirational: being inspired by the person and their achievements.

Positive ethics: respecting the person's moral and beliefs and consider their values important.

Role models are also mentors who offer to teach or give help advice and support to those less experienced.

Tue. Oct. 11, 2022

Stress management

At techieyouth I learned its normal to be stressed out or depressed when working remotely. But it's not conducive to my mental health there are many techniques to break out of this feeling.

Offering to go shopping or errand for someone who is home bound due to mobility.

Baby sit for children of my family members or help them with their homework.

Help serve food at a community kitchen.

Visiting someone elderly or handicapped who may be lonely and bored.

Mon. Oct. 10, 2022

Health and productivity

At techieyouth I learned that poor health can limit my productivity, my physical and mental wellbeing is an essential factor affecting my willingness to work and completing my assinged tasks.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve my desire to work and hence my productivity and professional success.

Fri. Oct. 7, 2022

Time management

At techieyouth I learned that time management is the ability to use one's time effectively or productively.

Here is some of the most important skills that will help you manage your time better



Goal setting



Stress management

Wed. Oct. 5, 2022

Financial awareness and financial management

At techieyouth I learned how to manage my expenses and knowing what I actually earn every day here are some ways for me to manage my finances:

1 Net income: to estimate my net salary I need to also account for the cost of transportation to and from work as well as other necessary expenses incurred for my job.

2 Costs of living: if I work remotely I might consider to relocate to a location with lower cost of living while earning an income online.

3 Budgeting: this is one of the best ways to improve my financial management skills following a budget will also keep me out of debt.

Tue. Oct. 4, 2022

Networking with other people

At techieyouth I learned the importance of networking with other people to have personal connections that will advance my career. Here are some right way to network online and how to ensure that I create a lasting connection with people:

1 constantly networking and engaging others genuinely.

2 build relationship first and avoid going straight for a request.

3 follow up with my network regularly and keep in touch.

4 adding connections regardless of there title.

5 help where I can.

Mon. Oct. 3, 2022

Successfully working a remote job

At techieyouth I learned that there are many steps involved in successfully working a remote job some of them includes:

* onboarding process : this is a fundamental part of getting to work at a company as it teaches the new employee all the necessary step to working at a company.

* remote team collaboration: learning how to build a strong relationship with virtual coworkers.

* productivity: to understand how to reach higher productivity while working from home .

* communication: is the key remote to workers as almost all communication is online.

Sun. Oct. 2, 2022

Mastering the job interview and getting hired

At techie youth I learned that having a good interview will leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and put me near the top of the list to get the job. Here are some ways I can learn to master the job interview:

1 research the company and interviewer

2 practice my answers to common interview questions.

3 research the job description.

4 recruit a friend to practice answering questions.

5 preparing a list of references

6 be prepared with examples of my work

7 prepare smart questions for my interviewers.

8 bringing my resume copies.

Sat. Oct. 1, 2022

Searching for remote employment opportunities

There are several steps in finding a remote job which includes:

Finding remote job: I need to know where and how to find a remote job.

Applying for remote job: that means creating a well thought remote job cover letter and resume.

Interviewing for remote; means preparing for an interview.

Knowing that not all jobs are equal; some remote job are not 100% remotely so before applying I must read the job description carefully.

Fri. Sep. 30, 2022

Social media

I learned that creating a social media account on all the major platforms to establish the public image of my self that I wish to portray to the world.

Thu. Sep. 29, 2022

Public image

I learned that from my public image I need a professional headshot: that is making sure I have a professional photo on my online networks and websites so employers can see me.

Online portfolio: employers would like to find out how much of my work and accomplishment can be found online.

The size of my digital footprint employers also want to know how I present myself and interact with others online.

Character and behaviour: employers would like to know how I fit in with their country.

Wed. Sep. 28, 2022

Prerequisites to getting employed

I learned that as a job seeker I am expected to have a LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter

A LinkedIn is a social network focused on professional career development where I can post my work and education information and network with others.

Resume is one of the fundamental components of attaining the job I am applying for and it is often what decides whether I get an interview or not

Cover letter it is what precedes a resume and is a form of professional communication.

Tue. Sep. 27, 2022

How to get paid using a checking account

A checking account is a bank account that allows easy access to your money. You can make purchase by using your debit card, checks, or account information.

A checking account is also a deposit account which you can use to hold or withdraw money.

Types of checking account

A basic checking account

Online checking account

Free checking account

Before opening a checking account there are some few items that will be needed

Mon. Sep. 26, 2022

Fundamentals of working remotely


I want to share with you what I learned today at techie youth:

The fundamentals of working remotely

By working remotely you require your own sense of discipline.

* Good internet access

* A reasonable quite working environment away from any form of distractions.

* The self control to work independently

* Some work will require the use of webcam, headphones, laptops or desktops.

Wed. Sep. 21, 2022

Techie youth reasons and motivation to work remotely


What I learned today at TECHIE YOUTH: reasons and motivation to work remotely.

First of foremost, REMOTE JOB are work that can be done any where in the world, it could be at home, private office or any other place.

A REMOTE EMPLOYEE: is a person who works remotely from home.

There many reasons to work remotely some of them include:

(1) No commute, no competition between you and your co-workers.

(2) Availability of time, you will be able to schedule your own time of work.

(3) the availability to work independently.

(4) while working remotely you don't need to bother about mobility as long as there is a decent wifi connection.

(5) By working remotely you have the benefit of checking on your health status at any time.