What is a WYSIWYG Editor?

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Sat. Jan. 21, 2017 3:08pm

What is a WYSIWYG Editor?

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hello my name is James Martinez company all things digital we are a long island web development and marketing I wanted to talk you guys today about common question get asked with many of new clients when I'm talking making the website for them often what WYSIWYG editor they don't always pronounce it that way but end result same they're curious they've heard maybe spoke other companies who explained can edit their own using felt uncomfortable saying well really know this one those situations where it's tough developers or out mind realize potential client doesn't means even though in our industry kind standard word your may not yourself be searching answer right now because at day you're doing business whatever medical field retail contractor lingo wig part so anyways stands see basically use do time Microsoft email program click on some text then hit boulder underline nowadays websites have got its built-in such as WordPress looking build I’m going show how easy update widget beginner video covers two bases work so, go back help which TD wider calm draft post by seeing live anyway, makes up ok open link tab okay webpage blog posts pages texts pretty if section here tools couple let's change color we're great there green made us next pronounced bolded double-click B what's bolt selected bold that's clothes did actually visual side want look behind scenes say looks little different here's was first paragraph there's extra cold front says HTML code computers need sort value tells hex codes hashtag f combination letters numbers span style telling internet browser safari Firefox god forbid explorer needs base pay attention special closes / before done has strong gets closed mold just changes used page locally updated server override refresh ahead didn't come exactly let me again local computer put web's lot back-and-forth WordPress, make either publisher save preview bolted undo explaining seems like close double remove unbolt gone edited seconds beautiful database-driven site file hundreds files upload download overwrite craziness literally login saw interested learning more current technologies feel free touch York dot-com via were leave comment below appreciate love subscribe thank hope explain until keep

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