Swagbucks Review 2021: Is the App Legit or a Scam? 🕵️‍♂️


Thu. Dec. 05, 2019 9:15am

Making money from home in your spare time sounds amazing! But is Swagbucks legit or a total scam? Today I’m sharing our Swagbucks App Review with you to determine if it is safe to use, worth your time, and if money can actually be made.

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1️⃣ Is Swagbucks Safe? (0:46)

Since its start in 2010, Swagbucks has paid out $388,000,000 in cash and free gift cards to its millions of users. Swagbucks’ reputation is well known in the online sphere with appearances in publications such as Reader’s Digest and more. All that is to say that they actually pay out their users, and have a great reputation!

2️⃣ Is Swagbucks Legit? (1:08)

At first glance, it could sound like Swagbucks is a scam. Making money in your spare time…? But there is proof that Swagbucks is a legit company. The opinions of customers is really what speaks to a company’s legitimacy. They get a 4-star rating with a trust score of 8.3 out of 10. And the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives its parent company a B+ rating.

3️⃣ How Does Swagbucks Work? (1:57)

The Swagbucks rewards program is pretty straightforward. First you sign up for a free Swagbucks account. You can check out the link in the description box for a link to sign up and get a free $10 bonus. Once you’re a member, you earn rewards points when you take surveys, play games, watch videos, use Swagbucks’ search engine, and shop online. You can cash out your points (also known as Swagbucks) for PayPal cash or gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Target, or dozens of other retailers.


There Are 7 Different Ways To Earn With Swagbucks:

1. Take Swagbucks surveys (2:47)

One of the more popular ways to make money with Swagbucks is through paid online surveys. Brands rely on on companies like Swagbucks to get feedback from consumers. When you take a survey, those companies pay Swagbucks for your answers and Swagbucks passes some of their earnings onto you. The brand then uses the feedback from you and thousands of others to direct their marketing and advertising strategies.

2. Watch videos (4:06)

Now watching videos with Swagbucks isn’t the most lucrative way to make money. But if you find yourself consuming a lot of video content already, then it could be a good way to earn rewards for something you already do. You can choose from over ten categories of videos, including entertainment, fashion, health, food, travel and more. When you click on a category, you’ll find a playlist of videos you can watch and how many points that playlist is worth.

3. Get cash back (4:57)

Swagbucks shopping works similarly to Rakuten. When you shop through one of their links, Swagbucks receives a small commission. They pass on part of that commission to you in the form of cash back. For example, a deal of 5% cash back on Amazon means you’ll get 5 Swagbucks for every $1 you spend when you purchase through a Swagbucks link.

4. Use Swagbucks Search Engine (5:39)

This tool rewards users for searching the web with Yahoo powered by Swagbucks search feature. You can even install the Swagbucks Search Chrome extension to make the site your default search engine.

5. Play games (6:02)

For the gamers out there, you can also earn Swagbucks points! Swagbucks offers a handful of free games that you can play for points. You’ll just need to turn off any ad-blocking software and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Swagbucks offers a number of popular games including Bejeweled, Solitaire, Bingo, Angry Birds Champions, and Slots. For these games, you can earn points for each dollar you spend on in-app purchases.

6. Discover deals (6:34)

With Swagbucks Discover, you can earn Swagbucks by signing up for free trials, donating to charities, downloading mobile apps and more.

7. Buy discounted gift cards (7:08)

If you’re looking to buy gift cards, buying them on Swagbucks could be one of the easiest and most straight forward ways to earn with Swagbucks! When you click a link to buy gift cards on Swagbucks, you’ll be redirected to which is a Swagbucks-run site. From there, you can buy gift cards from dozens of retailers and earn up to 10% back in Swagbucks. Buying gift cards can be a great way to earn cash back on purchases you were going to make anyway.


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