A Tour of WeChat - China's Super-App

Nanjing Marketing Group

Mon. Jul. 13, 2020 4:48pm

WeChat is a must-have in China, no matter if you do marketing, business, or you travel in the country.

It started as a messaging app, but now WeChat has 1.15 billion monthly active users and combines social media, e-commerce, payments and more. This video will help you get to know WeChat from the perspective of a regular user.

Things that users can do on WeChat:
- Chat with friends via private messages (with no read notifications, yes!)
- Send red envelopes to friends.
- See friends' updates on WeChat Moments (feels a bit like Instagram).
- Scan QR codes for making friends, making payments, following accounts, everything!
- Follow many brand accounts, which kind-of feels like receiving their email newsletter.
- Chat with brands, without giving brands the ability to spam them back.
- Have group chats with up to 500 users.
- Pay for things online and offline.
- Split bills with friends.
- Hail a ride, buy movie tickets, pay bills, get a hotel, etc.
- Sign up for loyalty programs.
- Use mini-apps that extend functionality further (without the need to install a separate app).
- Check short videos (kind-of like Tik Tok).

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