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Mission of Techie Youth

Techie Youth's mission is to create economic opportunities for at-risk youth, teens in foster care and low-income individuals facing challenging life situations, by utilizing technology-skills training to establish financial self-sufficiency and long-term career stability. Our emphasis is on redirecting the life-path of youth and young-adults who are on a track towards homelessness or incarceration.

Our methods provide each participant with opportunity & attention; this is our core ideology that is implemented by every Techie Youth staff member.

Specifically, we provide youth with a highly-tailored accelerated education in computer-technologies, hands-on training and individualized coaching to guide them towards a lucrative technology-driven career, and empower them to become financially self-sustaining career professionals.


How You Can Help

Sponsor saving a child


Sponsor saving a child

Save the lives of three kids


Save the lives of three kids

Fashionable Functional Branded Gift Sponsorship


Fashionable Functional Branded Gift Sponsorship

Laptop-backpacks gifted to 150-200 students, branded with your logo or message; students will commute all around NYC with these bags.
Patron for Teens in Foster Care


Patron for Teens in Foster Care

Recruitment of all the teenagers in a foster care group home (orphanage for older youth) into the Techie Youth program.
Tech Enabler


Tech Enabler

Give a laptop as a gift to the next 100-students who graduate Techie Youth to help them start their new tech-sector career. A decal with your logo or message will be affixed to each laptop.
Gracious Honoring


Gracious Honoring

Formal classroom naming and dedication to a person or organization of your choosing for a semester-term. Includes signage and usage of the name-moniker among all staff and students.
Spreading Kindness<br />by Expanding Impact


Spreading Kindness
by Expanding Impact

Sponsor expansion to the city of your choice.
Champion of<br />Techie Youth Plus+


Champion of
Techie Youth Plus+

Help 40-60 TY++ "beyond youth" adult participants in dire-need situations get a new start on life through a career in high-tech.
Benefactor of a<br />Techie Youth NYC Semester


Benefactor of a
Techie Youth NYC Semester

Help 150-200 foster kids and at-risk youth become financially self-sufficient technology professionals.
Open your heart and help a foster child

Open your heart and give as much as you can to help foster children who need you.

They have no one else

Please donate now!

We greatly appreciate the generous support from:

  • Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist
  • Adam Winkel, Jane Street Capital
  • Joanne & Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
  • Signature Bank
  • ...and many other donors whom we are forever grateful for your support of Techie Youth!
Gilt Groupe

We welcome in-kind donations of:
- Functioning laptops, tablets and electronics
- Any items potentially useful in our classrooms
- Tickets to sports, music or entertainment events or activities to enrich the lives of our students
- Bicycles, electric scooters and other modes of transportation that can be gifted to our students
- Have something else?

Please email to discuss how you can contribute to this rewarding initiative :)

We can arrange local pick-up for items that are in large-bulk quantities. Smaller quantities will need to be delivered or shipped to us (please contact us before sending anything!)

Techie Youth logoTechie Youth is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit registered charity of NYC
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