💯 Elevator Pitch FUNdamentals & Mastery in 7-Minutes! [Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, New York City]

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Wed. Jul. 01, 2020 4:00pm

Learn about 60-Second Elevator Pitching in just 7-minutes! Do you think you could close a sale in under a minute if you got into an elevator with a client or strategic contact? This accelerated learning video will teach you the basics and give you strategies to master the elevator pitch, so you will always be ready - siempre listo!
In this video you will learn what an elevator pitch is, what constitutes a successful "pitch" and how to elevator-pitch aggressively, like a boss! We will discuss the principles of ABS (Always Be Selling), Seimpre Listo (Always Ready,) front loading and sales techniques such as "saving your ammo", setting them up to knock them down, asking for the sale and more.
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Filmed in Battery Park City, Manhattan New York City

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