🔥 CRYSTAL WATERS sending 100% PURE LOVE to Techie Youth students! Gypsy Woman - She's Homeless

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Fri. May. 08, 2020 1:37am

Crystal Waters is sending love to our homeless youth and all the young-people at Techie Youth who are learning how to be financially-independent with computer-tech skills. Crystal studied computer science at Howard University prior to becoming a legendary house and dance music singer and songwriter. Crystal Waters created many #1 hit songs including Gypsy Woman - She's Homeless, 100% Pure Love and Destination Calabria. Billboard magazine ranked her as one of the most successful dance artists of all-time. Crystal has won 6 ASCAP Songwriter Awards, 3 American Music Award nominations, an MTV Video Music Award, 4 Billboard Music Awards and A DOZEN Billboard Dance Chart hits that reached the No. 1 spot!