⏰=💰 How to Maximize the VALUE OF YOUR TIME! 🤑 What's Your Time Really Worth? Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Leadership, LIKE A BOSS!

Wed. Jul. 15, 2020 5:00pm

Are you getting the most out of your 24-hours each day? Can you estimate the value of what your time is worth? You probably think so, but most people grossly-overestimate the value of their own time, and don't maximize how you use this limited daily resource. We will discuss how to accurately calculate the monetary-value of your time, and what you can do to increase it's value. You only live once, time is the most-irreplaceable resource that human's have - in this video we will discuss the genuine value of your time, how you can make money when you would otherwise be killing time, how to learn to sleep faster 😜, how to calculate your true net hourly-rate, how to increase the value of your time along with your productivity as well as techniques to use money to get things done quicker.
Filmed by the #Sega Center in #Akihabara #Tokyo #Japan
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