Nonprofit's Elevator Pitch Tutorial: 9 Mistakes to Avoid!

Wed. Jul. 18, 2018 5:34pm

When people begin working on an elevator pitch for nonprofits, they often start by measuring how much time they may have with a listener. A frequently cited measure of time is 118 seconds—this is the length of an average elevator ride in New York City.

While your elevator pitch may very well never take place in an actual elevator, you can use this timeframe as a foundation from which to create a narrative that:

Conveys your nonprofit’s mission
Helps increase your fundraising success
Encourages listeners to take action

Whether it’s a pre-planned pitch to someone you expect to meet, or an out-of-the-blue conversation, you must be prepared to strike while the iron is hot. And you’ve only got a small window of time to get your point across.

To learn more head over to my blog post:

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