Photo editing tutorial - Top 5 tips before you start editing photos

Ed Gregory

Tue. May. 10, 2016 12:00pm

In this Photo Editing tutorial Ed Gregory talks about the things you should think about before you start editing. Photo editing for beginners. When editing photos it is important to get a few things prepared before you even begin to edit photos. photo editing basics

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1. What is the story / feeling of the file edited photo
2. Photo editing style
3. Who, what and where is the photos for
4. What is the fastest photo editing process
5. Only edit the best photos.

If you think about all of these photo editing technique points before you begin then you photo editing techniques will be a lot better. This is a Pre photo editing trial to help you understand how to edit photos.
Basic photoshop tutorial for beginner. Adobe Photoshop CC editing techniques. Adobe Lightroom editing tutorials.

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