SoundBridge DAW Tutorial For Beginners (FREE DAW)

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Wed. Jul. 11, 2018 2:00pm

This SoundBridge DAW tutorial for beginners will teach you how to use this software. This is one of the best free DAWs and for good a reason. Although this is a walkthrough, it can be a good SoundBridge review too. This software was previously called Lumit and comes with stock VST plugin effects and a beginner-friendly user interface.

The DAW:
The Blog:

Interview with Founder/CEO of SoundBridge:

To use your plugins, the DAW needs to be installed with the same bit version. ex: if you have 32-bit plugins, install the 32-bit DAW.

To have the plugins show up, go to preferences on the transport bar and under VST, navigate to and set the folder that holds your plugins. After that go to the plugin picker and press full rescan/find new. You should now be able to find your plugins under VST2 & VST3.


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