🇵🇭 Feeding HUNDREDS of KIDS in Manila's POOREST area! Techie Youth helping Tondo Happy Land BRGY105

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Fri. Nov. 25, 2022 3:50pm

Tondo HappyLand in Manila (Barangay 105) is among the most-impoverished regions of the Philippines. Kids and adults in this region commonly eat Pagpag, discarded food scavenged from the garbage that is then battered and fried; hunger and malnutrition is a major problem in Happy Land (yes, that really is the official nickname of the BRGY 105 region of Tondo!) Techie Youth has sponsored this initiative to provide food to hundreds of kids living there, purchased directly from local vendors. This was an initial pilot program to validate how much impact we can make; we are now exploring projects that provide long-term results - you can support this project at
Special HUGE thank you to @KryptoTrekker for making this happen!
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